Phase 3: ❤️ My Fiances Secret Night Out with her Bull

This is a true story of how i became cuckolded to my fiance and the man who came to train, dominate & own her over ten years. I hope you enjoy reading.

My Fiance had been cuckolding me for some time now. She had a regular Bull who she met for sex and training as a submissive, and she was meeting men he set her up with for new experiences or specific training. She was also meeting men he had approved who she knew from our local bars and work etc. My Fiance had continued to reinforce her desire for me to become not only pussy free but also “gay” in a sexual sense. She was bringing it up every time i was given a hand milking, once every month by this point on orders from her Bull. Her Bull was overseeing all of our sexual activity and i came through hand milking, or being vibrated with a small bullet in my metal chastity cage they had got me. He was not physically there but i came when he decided and my Fiance gladly bowed to his wishes. I loved how aroused she became when he “interfered” with our relationship or changed things.

My Fiance was my first real girlfriend and sexual partner. When we got together she had previously had 28 different sexual partners, she was 22 at the time. Due to my lack of confidence and resistance to sex, preferring bringing her off orally or with my hands. She had taken her 29th different man while in a relationship with me, before i had managed to penetrate her, who it turned out was the man who would become her Bull. He had not used a condom with her which was a little annoying as i was only allowed to try with condoms on. Due to my lack of being able to stay hard in condoms to penetrate my Fiance she had also taken her 30th man, also bareback and i eventually using Viagra had become her 31st sexual partner. Only to hear her tearful disappointment during and after the sex, with regard to my penis size, sexual technique and stamina. This had been the beginning of our cuckolding not only for the adventurous side of it but the necessity for my Fiance to be satisfied as she deserved and desired.

I had not seen my fiance with another man properly yet. I had seen photos of her with other men she brought home from her meetings or times with her Bull. I had even seen a few videos of her with her Bull, as he penetrated her while she spoke to me into the camera. I had seen her suck a mans cock outside our local bar from a distance but she did not know i had seen that. That was one of the most incredible sights i had seen of her up to that point.

I had stumbled across her walking home from a friends house, passing our local i looked over and saw someone giving a man a blowjob right outside the front doors under the lights. It was late so there were few streetlights on. I was able to walk round the corner and up the hill in the darkness without passing the pub itself. I thought it was quite sexy to see a man getting his cock sucked by a slut like that. She must not even care if anyone sees her, and anyone still in the pub must all be able to see from the windows, as this girl was no more than a meter away from them, lit up like a she had a spotlight was on her. As i got to walking up the hill i got a better view as i was able to cross the road where there was a wall i could stand behind and look over, quite close to them but hidden. The pub was at the bottom of the hill and the grounds were dug out of the hillside, so i was able to move into the alley way that ran around the side and back of the pub on the high ground, so i had a good view down on them both outside in the tabled area of the pub.

As i looked down i realised it was my fiances Bull, or at that time, the man who my fiance had cheated on me with 3 times. I had a terrible feeling of dread as i looked down with horror to see my fiance was sucking his long cock like a nodding dog, her hands on his thighs holding his jeans with his fly open and her sliding it down her throat from tip to balls. I went into overheating mode, flushed with emotions and confusion. This was only shortly after i had started to go out with her and not yet fully got to the cuckolding stage. I knew she had cheated for her needs and my lack of ability and size, but i was still confused about how i felt so humiliated by it all, but so turned on. I was unable to realise then that it was the humiliation that turned me on and the subsequent embarrassment at my turn on in such unmanly situations. But there i was once again, so turned on but also so embarrassed and humiliated that i was so aroused by my fiance being with other men.

I was just up the tight little alley way in complete darkness so i stood and watched fairly confidant i would not be seen. It was about 2am at this point and they pub was clearly having a lock in, which they did a lot if there were a few regulars in there late. I had been watching for a couple of minutes by now and my fiance had been sucking and wanking her Bulls cock and talking to him with him replying to her and holding her head from time to time. Then suddenly a man and a woman walked out of the pub. I was worried for my fiance and my heart started to race like crazy. The couple just walked past and stopped and i could see the woman say something to my fiance, she had her Bulls cock in her hand and said something back to the woman. I realised they were laughing and the woman was finding whatever she said to her quite funny. Then the couple walked off up the road giggling.

My fiance said something to her bull and then started to suck him again but a little faster and he held her head and fucked her mouth. I heard her gagging very faintly each time he pumped into her deeply. I was just staring shocked at her behaviour, knowing the people in the pub can definitely hear her now, they must all know whats going on or even be watching. Then her bull pulled his cock out and started to wank hard, my fiance pulled her tight, red halterneck top down and folded her bra down so her tits were out, the bra cups folded under her breasts so they were nice and pert. It was something i had done to her when we had been taking sex photos at times and playing. I loved how her little tits sat on her bra cups like that, but shes doing it there, right there in front of the window.

Then her bull began to stream cum all over her face and mouth, my fiance gasping and moaning loud enough for me to hear. He came streams of thick cum, i could see her face getting covered in it, she was cupping her tits with her hands and it was running off onto them. He fired off the last stream into her mouth and then drained the drops as she swallowed and showed him her empty mouth. Then he plunged back into her mouth and she put her head back, allowing him to step over her somewhat and grind into her throat. As he pulled out and backed off i could hear clapping and whooping, even a female voice shout my fiances name in celebration and encouragement.

I realised there must of been loads of people watching from the window with my fiance right outside knowing they were watching and servicing her Bull anyway. Then as the clapping subsided and the voice echoed my fiances name she turned to the window and blew a kiss and posed with a coy finger to her cum covered face. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, she then stood up and posed with her cum covered tits resting on her bra. Her bull went inside the pub and the outside spotlight went out. I could see her lit up from the lights inside the windows, but not as visible to the road or passers by as she was before. Suddenly i saw 2 or 3 flashes from cameras, my fiance still posing at the window looking like she was quite drunk. I moved back down the alley to get a view more of the window as i was side on to it. I saw more flashes and my fiance holding her tits and posing, and then licking the cum from them. Flash after flash was going off, until she sat on the table in front of the window and spread her legs with her tight red dress riding up around her waist. She put her hands between her legs and i knew immediately what she was going to do. She spread her pussy open and showed them her holding her gape. I got her to do it at home a lot, it really turned me on and she had hardly any labia, so she displayed a perfect gaped pussy parted and open. I loved taking photos of her doing it, but there she was drunk doing it for who knows who. Maybe she doesn’t know what shes doing, i thought. Maybe she thinks shes at home with me. She wouldn’t do this normally, whats happened to her i thought.

I then realised i was rock hard, but i felt like i had not got any bigger than my soft size, about 1.5″. I felt inside my underwear and i was indeed rock hard but still at my limp size. My face went red hot, confusion and humiliation running through me to the highest levels i had ever felt. Almost loosing my breath with the arousal and then shock of being hard and ye not erect, coupled with the emotion of seeing my fiance now no longer spreading herself, but masturbating to the window of flashing cameras and chants of her name. I began to get overwhelmed with it all and felt myself getting upset. Then I saw her begin the throws of orgasm, as she did when masturbating, legs widening and high heels twitching as her feet spasm, head thrown back and her curvy body jerking about on the table top with her one free hand supporting her weight. I wanted to masturbate myself, i could feel my self so turned on and ashamed, humiliated i had not stepped in and stopped it, or walked away angry, instead i was there in some kind of hell like heaven. As i saw my fiance getting off and camera flashes repeating i suddenly felt myself about to orgasm. I wasn’t even touching myself, i had not touched myself other than to see if i was hard, only to realise i was hard but had not grown an inch. I felt a rush run through me, i held onto the wall i was behind and to my shock and deep humiliation, i felt myself roll into orgasm and begin to shoot cum inside my underwear.

This was a new low point i said to myself right in that moment, semen pouring from my tiny hard cock into my underwear. Still unable to stop staring at my Fiance, legs spread, also having an orgasm herself to a window full of viewers, clearly drunk and being photographed and maybe even videoed on who knows how many phones or cameras. Cum all over her face and tits as she wanked herself off. As my orgasm faded i realised a lot of my friends may well be in there watching her. I looked on and saw her pick up a beer bottle and begin to insert it into her pussy. I couldn’t believe she was going on further, she pushed it in base first and with relative ease the next thing i saw was her remove her hand and lay back with just the neck of the bottle sticking out of her pussy, as she once again posed and blew kisses and flirted with the unknown viewers inside the pub.

As I watched her i could see just how drunk she was. She rarely passed out or got ill drinking and she could drink a lot. But i could see she was in the realms of drunk and not really thinking properly. She got terribly aroused when was was drinking, even more so if she had not had sex for a week or so. And she had even told me that since being with me she had been having less sex than she could remember since loosing her virginity. I stood there feeling like this was maybe even my fault, maybe i had created such frustration in her trying to remain faithful yet not being satisfied that this was the result.

As i watched her in the window light and the flashes of the cameras lighting her up, i could see her face in orgasms repeatedly. She was not pumping her pussy with the beer bottle and clearly enjoying it. I felt again shes getting the enjoyment of the sexual thrill and maybe even the feeling of being desired as she needs, but its coming at such a cost and its all down to my performance as a male. I found myself once again feeling so turned on but ashamed together. My cock was still hard and tiny even after i had shot a load without trying. It was aching and tingling and burning like a badge of shame. I didn’t know what to do. In stead of doing anything i just watched my fiance perform with a large beer bottle in front of at least one maybe three pub windows full of people. She began to gesture at the window as she fucked the bottle. A minute went by with my fiance looking like she was asking for something, still bottling her pussy. Then i saw one of my friends come out and talk to her. I once again was crushed with the realisation that the pub was still full and with our friends. He seemed to lean it to listen to what she was saying and moved around to the side of her. He turned to the window and posed doing a thumbs up sign, leaning in from the side over my fiances legs to be photographed with her pussy and the bottle sticking out.

As he leaned in again as if he was going to listen to her, my fiance reached up and began to kiss him holding him with her hand behind his head. I watched, heart racing and cock still hard and small in my cum filled underwear. Then he began to fuck her with the bottle as he kissed her. She stopped kissing him and rested on her elbows staring at her pussy as he pumped her with the bottle. I saw her orgasm once again as he started to play with her nipples. I knew that would drive her wild and then without warning, he pushed the bottle into her pussy to the neck and then pushed what looked like two or three fingers into my fiance ass. She doesn’t do anal, i thought to myself, but she took it and moaned loud enough i heard her joy clearly. More cheering and clapping started up inside the pub and the now expected never ending camera flashes continued. He was pulling her tits about, fingering her ass and she was cumming harder than i had ever seen her. She was writhing and moaning and gasping as he man handled her through orgasm after orgasm. The bottle neck poking out of her pussy glinting in the light and moving about as she bucked and rode his fingers. Then i saw what i had feared all the way through. He pulled down his trousers and began to fuck my fiance. But not in her pussy i could still see the bottle glinting as she was rocking back and forward. He was fucking her bareback in her ass, something my fiance said she had never done before and would not do with me, not even a finger.

I felt myself blowing hard again red faced, hot and so ashamed i was getting turned on by things so wrong. I felt like i was going to fall down so i grabbed the wall and steadied myself. I was cringing with shame and desire and confusion over why i was still hard but not any bigger than limp. Why i was watching this and not stopping my fiance humiliate herself like this. Again i could not move from the spot, watching her legs spread wide apart arms up behind her head and my friends fucking her ass while her pussy is full with a beer bottle still snugly fitted inside her. Flashing of cameras and cheering of her name over took me and seeing my good friend clearly ejaculating into my fiance was too much for me. He pulled out and backed away from her, i saw cum drip and then spurt from her ass onto the seat of the table the was laying on. Camera and cheers more frequent than ever, i unloaded again, without any touching or stimulation physically. Semen flowing into my underwear again as i saw my fiance laying there legs spread, a bottle still poking out of her pussy and cum running from her ass. I felt like i climaxed for about a minute as it all unfolded in front of me.

There i was id cum twice without my cock getting bigger than its limp size. I had not touched myself. And my fiance had sucked a mans cock, taken his cum all over her face, masturbated to a pub full of people with a bottle, and then been fucked in her ass and cum into anally for the first time ever, while they all watched and took photos and did goodness knows what else while watching her. I noticed now my fiance was just laying there on the bench, tits out, legs spread and pussy still with a bottle in it. She was slowly masturbating, rubbing her clit as she often did after sex for another slow orgasm. Then another man i did not know came out and had his cock in his hands as he got to her. He pulled the bottle out of her pussy and she flinched with a huge gasp of surprise. As she looked up getting her bearings this man was already inside her pussy and fucking her fast. She was still looking confused but started to moan and hold onto his jumper as he fucked her. Then one of her friends came out and started to try and pull the man away. He was still inside my fiance and pushing his weight against her to stop my fiances friend from pulling him away.

As i watched i saw my fiance turn to her friend and then shout “leave him i want him” her friend shouted back using her name “your drunk, you don’t know what your doing” Then i heard my fiance again shout “yes i do, fuck off” Her friend threw her hands up in the air and the man carried on fucking my fiance to my absolute dismay. He leaned in and started to kiss her and she kissed him back and then began saying loudly “fucking cum into me go on you bastard” with that he groaned and roared and she bucked back and forth against him, and he indeed creamed a huge load of semen into her pussy as i watched. He pulled out and literally walked off up the road zipping up his fly, my fiance now looking confused sat up almost realising for the first time shes just been fucked by a stranger. She looked around and at that moment her Bull, appeared with her bag and jacket. He held out his arm and she took it. I was totally confused now at what was going on. They began to walk round to the car park, my fiance stumbling a little in the uneven surface in her heels and her Bull supporting her.

They came right up to the wall i was behind but were some distance lower in the car park below, stopping at what was clearly his car. My fiance began to pull up her dress sorting herself out. “not yet miss” he said to her. I could hear them quite clearly now, “over here i want you now” he said to her. I looked over and saw her move to him, he pushed her gently over the bonnet of his car from the side and slapped her bare ass a few times. She let out some muffled moans with his slaps. Then he pulled out his cock and pushed it into her. I couldn’t see which hole but i heard my fiance say “ohh my ass again” with a little bit of a moan as he went in. With his reply “you love it in your ass” and using her name. I was thinking no she doesn’t, she told me she hates it. Then she replied to him “I fucking love it up my ass Master” I again was overcome with shame and dismay and once again that feeling of emasculation and weakness that i had accepted her as non anal. Hearing her call him Master was another kick in the stomach, but at the same time i was so, so turned on seeing her like this. As he fucked her he started to say things to her which made her cum “I own your cunt and ass now” and using her name, “you do” she replied and rolled into about her 15th or 20th orgasm of the last 25 minutes i had been watching.

I started to wank myself now, i was still tiny no bigger than when limp, but i was hard. I had no idea why this was happening and had never heard of anything like it. I was humiliated beyond belief. Just using two fingers i was wanking my cock which was no bigger than a cocktail sausage but hard and erect. I could hear my fiance below me moaning and gasping, in time with the slap sounds of this large dicked man smashing into her ass cheeks. “what will you do for my cock” he said naming her again, “anything you want” she replied. “how far will you go to please my cock” he said using her name at the end of each question. She didn’t reply straight away, and he asked again “how far will you go for my cock” I was feeling my heart racing like mad now, trying furiously to cum but finding it hard wanking a less than 2″ nub trying to be quiet. He said her name again after getting no reply. She responded saying “ive humiliated myself in front of a pub full of my fiances friends, how much further can i go” At that point she seemed to make herself orgasm from hearing her own words. Her bull began to laugh a little and she got very self conscious, “whats the matter” she said to him as he was slowing his pace inside her. I could hear nervousness in her voice and embarrassment. He started to grunt and pulled her back on his cock with his hands round her waist from behind. He was quite tall and strong looking, but suddenly he was lifting her feet off the floor. She was face down on the car and he was ramming into her ass like she was a rag doll, her arms outstretched on the bonnet, clearly climaxing herself as he flooded her ass with cum. He seemed so strong lifting her off the floor to bring her ass to him balls deep.

After a minute or so he calmed and she did too. He pulled out and told her to stay. Then he pulled a camera out of his jacket and started to take photos of her. Cum dripping out of her as she posed once again. At that point i started to cum hard, shooting all over the wall in front of me and watching my fiance turn over and show off her used holes while he took photos. That was the point i was spent. I tidies myself up and got my underwear off so i was able to walk home. I looked over the wall to see my fiance kissing her Bull sitting on the bonnet of his car and inserting his once again hard cock into her pussy. I couldn’t keep watching and ran home confused and ashamed but more turned on than ever.

To be continued in ❤️ Phase 4 ❤️ My Fiances 50th Man

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