After having worked several months down in the San Antonio, Texas area, a woman whom had been stalking me on a frequent basis at a social media site finally convinced me that at least with a stalker, things would rarely ever be boring. Let me tell you folks, she wasn’t k**ding! Going on almost six years later, we are still together, and are still turning each other on when I come in off the road. Now if we could just find a few play-pals to keep her amused while I’m away at work for weeks on end.

One day, shortly after I’d moved up to “The Ozarks” from San Antonio, we started telling each other about our turn-ons and such. But before I could ever tell her about my fantasy to watch my lover being Blacked, giving herself bareback to a black man (or men) and being creampied, she starts telling me about her fantasy, which happens to be the same thing as what I’d like to see with my lover.

We’ve played around a bit with a guy that was somewhat bashful. She’d known him for years, but I’d not met him, and he’d never met me. He wanted to hook up with her, but as she was married (and loyal) to her previous husband, she would refused this other guy. Fortunately, she understands that if fucking somebody else is something that I approve of her doing (not that she needs my permission to do anything she wants), then in a twisted, messed up kind of way, she’s still being loyal to me, since I gain pleasure from knowing what a naughty little whore she’s been.

Since my reaction when she’d return home from Dude’s house (most times several hours later, and once not until 7am the next day) was always a very enthusiastic welcome to say the least, she looked forward to getting out a little more often. I’m certain that my not being jealous had something to do with her deciding such. But the fact that when she came home, I’d take her into my arms, and consume her in a lust-filled moment of passion, knowing this guy’s cum was still deep in her fuck-hole, that may have influenced her newfound freedom as well. With one exception, being the one time that when she returned home, there was no cum dripping from her pussy; because frankly, it was in her stomach! Kissing her, I’d noticed something about her mouth tasted different. Yep, my gal swallows.

So one day she gets the chance to hook up with a married guy, and sees him twice, both times while I watched, waiting patiently to reclaim my dame afterwards. Then on another occasion, we spend the night farther South in The Ozarks with a couple in their home, visiting with both he and she, but only the guy played. It was a good time until the next morning, when right in front of his lady, he’s clinging to mine. Something none except him enjoyed. Needless to say, we are no longer in touch with him. A couple years ago, my gal hooks up with another married guy, and really enjoyed herself. But in every situation, each of these guys were white.

Then about a year ago, that changed. She met a guy on a swingers website. He’s an unattached, good looking black guy. Like most folks that own a business, he hasn’t time at this point in his life for building his brand, and relationships both. So first time around, we get a hotel room not too far from his home in Tennessee, and invite him there. Now let me tell you, I watch a lot of porn, most all of which is white women (preferably slut-wives), fucking bareback, finishing with her bull cumming in her pussy. But rarely have I seen so much cum pumped into such a petite woman’s love-hole as that night.

My babe enjoyed that evening so much in-fact, that a few weeks later she had this guy wanting more so badly, that he drove over three hours to come visit my wife while I was at work, hundreds of miles away. Without letting me know her plans, she arranged this date with her first black guy (she’s yet to have a second one), and I had absolutely no clue until my phone started receiving text after text after text from her. Yes, it most certainly was her in the photos. But that wasn’t her taking the pictures. She was too busy sucking black dick to take photos. The only pics she took, were of him on top of her going to pound town. Needless to say, those ones were mostly a blur, as he wasn’t making love to her, but fucking her like the whore that I want her to be. So now we know that she likes being Blacked, and I’m not the least bit troubled by that. My job keeps me away from home most of the time, and we both therefore just fantasize about her finding a black lover (or lovers) to help keep her from feeling lonely when I’m away. Thus it only made sense that we find a few bulls that would love to plant their seed deep between her thighs on a regular or semi-regular basis. Any takers?

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