409 Dave`s reassuring hand holding pt2
They sat at the table she naked, he in PJ`s, coffee and a chip and egg meal, filling empty stomach`s, it was the Sunday evening and she had been sleeping all day after her overnight ordeal. He too had slept after masturbating a number of times watching the video and marvelling at her absorption of the pain she had endured. They were both wondering how to break the massive silence between them. In the end it was Gaye who spoke, “Well? Am I the biggest whore in the universe, or will you admit you enjoyed watching me used and screwed?” he looked up deep into her eyes, considered the question and then said quietly, “ you were amazing, sweetheart, and yes I found myself watching it over and over, unable to grasp what you found so enjoyable about being whipped, though it was most erotic, especially to me your husband as you were with another man and I suspect you found it just as erotic as I did and want to do it again, am I right?”
Her silent appraising nod, and her blush said it all. then she looked at him once more deep into his eyes and said she was sorry for being such a whore but she couldn’t help herself,…Dan had suggested she wanted more, said her body language had told him she wanted abusing …and this had proved he was … he began to speak but she held up her hand to stop him, then said, “ do you really object, is this all too much? I am your wife, yours…forever, regardless of Dan, and his games, I will always be yours, till death and all that.” She paused, “ but I need this…this use… this …oh I don’t know, these games, I need to be used humiliated, and you are not the one, your gentle, loving and my rock, but sometimes I need using and abusing, punishing… oh I don’t understand it but I do, I really do, can you forgive me?”
He kissed her, then after a moment said, “day to day, I hate it all, I want a wife , slippers, my fireside and to paint, but like you I have my demon’s, I can`t bring myself to hurt you as you want, though till yesterday I really didn’t know how much and it was an eye opener.” He paused, the silence loud, look, I couldn’t help watching you be abused over and over yesterday, I enjoyed it…and one bit got to me more than any of it, Oh, it all got me going its true but when you had the gag out and asked him to whip you for me, my god woman, it was just too much…thinking of me at a time like that!”
He stiffened at the memory, a tent in his PJ`s, then he reached across the breakfast bar and touched the still bruised and marked nipple of her right breast. It was a gentle gesture that plucked at her heartstrings. They stood and she led him into their very own playroom. “I am sore, bruised, and marked, and sex with you will I know be uncomfortable for me, but to prove I am yours, and always will be, please just take me, and hard, so I can prove it to you…
She lay down amongst the pillows, he knelt between her legs, surveying her ravished body, her marks easy to see, her breast spread flat, the red lines raw and the flesh bruised, he knew, it was her wish, he must, for her…
He lowered himself into her, no foreplay, no fitness, just balls deep in one and his mouth to her nipple, the damaged one, she drew breath obviously in discomfort as he sucked on the bruised nub. his nub now, the one she had sacrificed for him. his hips slowly stirring, beginning the dance she felt she owed him… His pace increased, the nipple soon lost he kissed her full on the lips, as his hips began to ram into her the stiff cock that was to fill her with his balls-worth, she was loose, perhaps she could feel little of his tool, that bastard Dan had opened her out, stretched her left her loose… tears fell, his balls sent their message and his hips stopped, the tool rammed as far in as he could manage, pump, pump, pump hot seed spewing into her, and she kissed him once again, though he realised it was probably faked, her numb and bruised guts not feeling him as she usually did, and she being too sore to go on.
An hour later, they lay in the big jacuzzi, soaking together, the hot water balm to her marks as he explained about his horrible night, his worry`s and his nightmares, that terrible longing for her return, and the waiting …but the wonderful reuniting and the excitement of that video. Her kisses reward enough.
Life burbled on his next canvas a commission of a galleon in full sail, taking his time, and the housework hers, that went on till the Thursday when Dan called, she was out hanging the laundry, so it was Dave who answered the phone, after the usual pleasantries, Dan asked if the marks had receded enough yet? he was told, yes, some had gone…. and had he watched the video? he was told yes again, finally, after having his curiosity sorted if only in short sentences, he asked if he could call that evening, he was told he could, and he rang off.
On her return from the wash-line, he told her Dan was coming that evening, and she seemed quite flustered. He went on with the painting and stopped at six for his meal as usual to find the place extra tidy and her in better clothes than that she normally did her housework in. “oh Dan`s coming, you’ve made an effort then!” he said. She grinned, the meal appeared, and they ate, then together they did the dishes and had just sat when the little car appeared. Dave answered the door, as expected it was Dan, Gaye on her tiptoes kissed him, and Dave fetched beers. A round of drinks were poured, but Dan stuck to pop as he was driving.
They sat to chat generally, avoiding the subject of sex to start with… Then Dan came to the point, looking at Gaye, who he waved to silence then said, “look Dave, lets come to the point of my visit, you said you have seen the video, you know what happened, and I`m here to ask you how you felt about it all, basically… was it too much for you to handle, or do you want to stop it now, as I warn you, it can only get more intense, these things do, I`m sure you realise… but it is a chance to fulfil our darkest fantasies Gaye`s and mine…and indeed `s too as I think she loves it now she`s really tried it” Gaye nodded absentmindedly as she sat watching her husband intensely, “but do you, that’s the question, I don’t want to split up a happy marriage or cause a rift or anything like that, not just for my fantasies, I assure you , I am happily married, and she knows and approves, so I am not after a partner, just a lover and a willing sub!”
It had arrived, the point of no return, Dave `s mind screamed make your mind up my lad… he looked wildly at Gaye. She looked worried he could see she was worried that he would say he wanted it all to stop, her eyes implored him to say, for her the right thing. He swigged his beer, playing for time, then in a steady voice, his eyes never leaving hers he said, “Dan, I love my wife, I don’t want to lose her, and I would do anything for her… But I won`t lie either, that video turned me on like no other ever has, her offering herself to you, and remembering me even at the height of a sexual tryst, it was for me out of orbit, it was for me the finest token of her love she could ever give me!” he took another swig from his beer as if considering his options, then he continued,” ok the bottom line is as long as she wants to play, well, I have no objection`s but if she says enough…that`s it agreed? And as long as she`s not disfigured or whatever, that’s ok, but I would prefer most times to watch, first- hand, though the videos are a must every-time ok?”
Dan let out the breath he had been holding, and Gaye looked relived and took his hand kissing him tenderly, evidently, he had said the right thing.
Dave asked who was the camerawoman, as she was an exceptional film maker, though how she could have walked away without joining in had him foxed. Dan grinned and said it was his wife Mary, film was her hobby, and that he had been “reaping the benefits of that film all this week!” adding that she was outside waiting for him in the car. He was quickly scolded by Gaye and sent to “fetch the woman in and introduce her” which he soon did.
Mary if a little shy at first stood about 5ft 10, blonde, pretty though not big of breast, but tidy, dressed in a loose summer frock she smiled and shook hands, then excepted a strong drink which soon eased the tension and had her talking, and telling of her part in the set up. It was soon revealed that she, was not bothered by her husband`s sexual exploits, in fact she encouraged it, as she loved pornographic photography, making films was her thing, at home or at the club, though she said she wasn`t a non-sexual, occasionally she did get involved, but to her it was just an extra game and she enjoyed watching games more, especially Dan`s domination games, she had tried it but it wasn`t for her, as she hated pain for herself, rather like the way she expected Dave enjoyed the cuck side of the situation, and this way her Dan got his jollies and she had her films, she just loved to watch other women enjoy being punished!” Gaye asked, “Mary did she not like to share herself at all, during games, perhaps with Dans victims or even their husbands?” They all knew it was a loaded question. Grinning, Mary replied that “it was not unknown…” then added that, usually she left them to the screwing and went to bed, where she could hear but had the privacy to use her toys, it felt like she was intruding otherwise.
There was one of those awkward moments where no one knew what to say then to change the subject Gaye asked, “We have our own playroom, would you like to see it,” nods said that was perfect and after refreshing their glasses they moved to the playroom, Dave with bottle in hand. On the s**ttered cushions they sat. The conversation soon came round to her marks, Dan asking if she would be fit enough for the coming weekend, all eyes turning to Gaye who stood, by now a little unsteadily and fumbled with her dress zip, muttering “you judge, your my master…” Dave rising to help her, a tent forming in his trousers as he lifted the dress from her body. she had on just a scanty thong. The welts had eased though that right breast and one or two other spots hit by the tip of the lash, still had faint marks, and yellowing bruises were still under most of the skin all over her body. She herself then removed her only underclothing the better for Dan, and if the truth was told Mary, to see and more closely examine her still sore right nipple. Kneeling she presented the nub to Mary, who trying her best to look serious, carefully examined the marked tissue, declaring that “I think you could take another gentler weekend of mostly vanilla games, as long as it is just sex and you doesn’t use that whip you so love, and of course bearing in mind we are away for a fortnight after that as we`re going to visit our daughters place, so as you`re not going to be able to enjoy Dan for a day or two, but you will have chance to recover properly, and be in tip top condition before our next film together.”
Dave asked, “About films, do you ever show them to others?” Dan smiled, And Mary said that occasionally some have been shown at the film club” to what she called “discerning folk” she explained but they always, always, asked permission first, though there`s a big market out their if you wanted to go public!” Gaye`s answer was that “she… well we, we would have to think about that!” The conversation moved on Dave asking, “if he could be present?” to which Dan said grudgingly that, “well perhaps he would enjoy watching Gaye and trust him more if he was there, but with only one bedroom…” Gaye then suggested that they both came here, to us, we have this playroom, and it`s out of the way, so it would be perfect…” but Mary then said, “what about Buster, we can`t leave him all weekend and he`s not due at the kennel till Tuesday…” Dave asked “Buster?” “Yes, we have a great dane, he`s in love with Mary, he`s hers really, the big dozy sod sleeps most of the time, he was a stud dog at the kennels, but he`s retired now, though he`s still keen occasionally…” Dave said, “perhaps he could come as well if he is as quiet as you say, we wouldn`t mind” Gaye nodding and looked a little distant, but noted a glint in Marys eye that said that Buster may just be more than a pet. Gaye explained that “we nearly had a dog once ourselves, but I`m too idle to walk a big dog regularly, and so we didn’t bother in the end, though I have often wondered…!”Mary blushed, and understanding suddenly permeated Dave`s brain… but being no diplomat he quickly said, “Really… wow, well, Gaye thought about trying that k9 stuff once and I would love to see that!”
There followed, a moment of laughter, then the visitors said they must be going. The stay agreed and Dan saying they had to go or he would have loved to stay , he kissed Gaye`s damaged nipple helped his wife from the floor, only having come to see how Dave felt about things, the couple said their goodbyes and with Dan driving the couple were soon away home, it would prove they were sure to be a fun weekend.

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