(413) Dave`s reassuring hand holding pt5
Saturday arrived slowly, a quick call from Mary confirmed that they were home and would visit the next day, so it was late Sunday morning before the little car pulled up outside the Oast, greetings were exchanged like long lost friends and then they had coffee. Dan explained that he had sent the questionnaire, partly to try and gain some insight into their thinking and partly so he and Mary could plan for the next film.
This they now began planning with input from everyone, each of which seemed to want something different. The fact they wanted the films distributed was the first thing they agreed on, after that it was a mixture of thoughts. The needles thing was a favourite with everyone, Dave explained they had tried pee and anal, and though for them pee was ok, it was anal that Gaye had enjoyed most. So, it was decided to save that for another time, the final analysis for the next film would be ‘bondage’ ‘hot wax,’ needles and ‘riding the pony’ though the order could get changed,
another film would cover, ‘breast binding,’ ‘long bondage’ ‘Double penetration’ ‘Pussy whipping’, with a gang bang if necessary, to add spice!
the option of being marked if it was deemed appropriate, and as Gayle had never tried it Dan suggested perhaps both women would like to try a little bondage and asphyxia play just for an afternoons entertainment, perhaps with a little spanking thrown in as it just so happened he had a strap for that in his car !!!
Laughing the two women agreed though Gaye was a bit sceptical about the breath play never having even seen it and the atmosphere though always erotic, became instantly electric.
Both women declared they needed the toilet, and to go and get ready, the men adjourning to the playroom collecting what Dan deemed “the necessary items” on route, which included a couple of coffee tables, and a bag of ropes that just happened to be in his car boot along with a 3” wide belt and that whip!
Finally, like women do, after a few minutes wait they appeared, Gaye dressed in her own dressing gown and Mary in Dave`s under which was nothing but skin. They were made up including mascara, which Mary said enhanced any tears…and Dan loved the effect…! The heating being on, they were soon without the dressing gowns. Each lady compliantly laid flat on her frontage on their respective tables, heads overhanging the top ends and with knees on the floor. Each man securing the others wife till the two women were immobile. The men now undressed both sporting stiff errections; the two women parallel about four feet apart heads facing one another no doubt for moral support. Dan approach what he laughingly called his victim, Gaye, bidding his prodigy to follow his lead exactly, and placing his tool into Gaye`s mouth, then pushing forward till he reached her gag reflex. Dave followed suit, both women heads thrown back started to choke so in union the two men withdrew a little then thrust forward again as soon as their victim was re-composed. Slowly by this method each tool was introduced to the now open throats of the women, Dave spewing his seed into Mary, before he withdrew and was stroking the woman`s hair and soothing her when Dan to a red faced and near choking Gaye`s very real relief, finally released his fluid and withdrew so she could suck in that much needed air. The men lay on the beanbags the two women still secured, Mary her head back asking what was next, and Gaye head down still recovering, and obviously not happy about the last discipline She lay spluttering, and Dave knew that deep throat would not be on his menu as she obviously was not in favour of it.
When she did finally recover, she said she had not realised breathing would be difficult and had not filled her lungs before what she described as “that terrible stopper was plugged in!” and of course she couldn’t speak till “casanover here had finished”
She was asked if she was “Ok to continue?” and she nodded, Dave holding a bottle of water to her lips at her request. She took a drink, and then Dan, on his knees now, placed a plastic bag over his wife`s head taping the thing round her throat. Wide eyed Gay watched her friends measured breathing as the bag inflated and deflated, . Dave was given that whip Dan was so fond of, really a cat of nine tails, and told “to enjoy Marys arse” her eyes through the bag told him she was ready and had walked this path before. He raised the whip, it was the first time he had ever used one, and his first clumsy aim had the tails across her leg tops under her pert backside. Red tracks lay on pale skin and a very real gasp hit the inside of the bag. The second more accurate blow followed, this time on target, the magic cheeks wobbled, and a feeling ran through Dave of adrenaline, of joy, and power, that till that moment he had never before experienced. The arm raised and fell like a metronome, each stroke leaving painful red welts across Marys delightful backside and eliciting cry`s, of “ “no please… no more,” until Dan stepped in and stopped the job. By now the tears were flowing and the lack of oxygen was telling with the bound woman, who after all had said she was not keen on pain. Oxygen starvation had upped the feelings running through her body to the point of climax, and that in turn soon tipped her into u*********sness. Her head drooped as Dan tore the bag away letting her breath more easily. she was soon back with them. As Dan released her Dave was stood whip in hand realising that he had been carried away in the power of the moment and feeling a little embarrassed and cowed by the situation.
Dan grinning at him and saying, “That adrenaline rush is awesome is it not?” next time you will not lose control I will wager…!” Mary stood her hands on her marked backside tears and mascara running still on her cheeks, but realising Dave`s feelings she kissed him, and whispered that “she forgave him…”
They all turned to Gaye, still laid wide eyed in terror, silently watching, Dan laughed at her expression then speedily hooded her with a fresh bag and despite her protests ran tape around her neck. The bag began its inflating then clinging to her cheeks with every breath her eyes were wide with terror though in her mind she knew they wouldn’t let real harm come to her, would they?Mary knelt and took her friends clammy and still secure hand, it calmed her a little, though Dan now telling Dave, that “his wife`s arse needed that whip” had her full attention. Breathing alone was a trial the little air in the bag was being recycled, and her adrenaline lifting her heart rate had her ears thumping to every beat like a trip hammer. Her bemused husband offered the whip to Dan, who declined it saying he “wanted to watch and have his own wife this time,” and that he “will trust you now not to get carried away!” it was the grand gesture and moving ‘her’ table he had his wife kneel over it and kneeling himself , he mounted her rapidly, doggy fashion so they could both see the action.
Dave lifted the whip once more, his past inhibitions about hurting his wife, forgotten, the leather whistled through the air and with a soft ‘splat’ lay across the pale backside, causing Gaye to jerk sharply in her bindings and grunt a pained grunt. The bag inflated, and as it deflated with the intake of her next laboured breath the second lash struck. A long cry of “oh,” emitted from the bound woman, spurring Dan on with his conquest of his own wife, the moment was loaded, whoosh, splat followed by a scream that time, and again the cycle repeated, tears falling, mascara running, this time Dave was in control of himself, her breathing became heavy and just as he sensed she was about to pass out he ceased whipping her and mounted her tearing the bag to allow the air in just as he bottomed out. The end of the saga was predictable; Mary and Gaye both began to scream almost simultaneously, as the two men, fuelled by that most erotic of whippings, filled their respective partners. There followed that lull of contentment then as they released Gaye, for a moments enjoyment till the pain returned to those welts. Soothing cream supplied by Gaye and administered by Dan, while Dave made strong restorative tea, which soon had the women sat tentatively on beanbags and exchanging notes on the feelings and emotions of the afternoon, as most women would exchange knitting patterns or recipes. Dan and Dave discussing the next film, its location and so on and the day went back to what passed for normal in this household.

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