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Sadly, this is a very true story. It was sent to me by a lass that is now, a nurse in north America, where she moved to too escape these folk as soon as she was able
Anne-Marrie (as we know from part 1) had been coached from an innocent young virgin to a used young lady, still a virgin technically but no longer the innocent, unable though because of the trap she had fallen into to tell anyone and wrapped in the shame of the web she was in, unable to do anything but be swept along by this evil shopkeeper. Who are we to judge, we may well have walked this path ourselves, if we were not who we are and had friends we could confide in. this lass had none at that time, she was easy meat! She had slowly found herself accepting if not even enjoying being defiled, it had become her norm, her one brush with sexual excitement and she went with the flow.
“OK, well by now anal was the new normal, every weekend. Dressed in lingerie, dressed in school-uniform, sodomised by the bosses’ cock.”
“I learnt every detail of that dirty old mattress, he took me on it so often either on all fours, sometimes him spooning into me on my side, or face down a few times bent over the table-end.”
“Often, I would be spanked, I was conditioned to masturbate myself while being taken in my bottom, or to pull my bum cheeks apart when ordered”
“A new routine emerged. I would undress, dress in whatever he wanted me to wear that weekend and he would then make me masturbate as I read out from my masturbation diary. He learnt all my inner fantasies about pop stars and boys, even some girls, and click, click, click, he would photograph me dressed up and rubbing myself till I came. After I had orgasmed and sucked my fingers clean, I would then be made to assume a position and he would take a few more snaps – click, click – before buggering me, roughly pulling my knickers down, but rarely off. (even to this day, this arrangement makes me wet, just like wearing stockings or a school uniform) Then we would spit in my arse, work my own juices into it with his fingers and then bugger me, grunting and panting and verbally abusing me, ordering me to wank myself as he called me a schoolgirl slut or an anal whore. He would make me finger myself till I came.
I felt so dirty, so ashamed at the beginning. So, well I suppose, owned. It felt so wrong and yet he made me cum to it and I loved to cum, it was a release, much more than when I masturbated alone. He would never wear a condom. I would feel his spunk like hot molten metal deep in my arse, shooting up into my bowels. After the fucking, he would always take a photo of my ravaged bottom, often making me put a finger in to feel his leaking sperm. Click it would go Click, click.
After fucking I was also taught and conditioned to clean his cock, tasting his cum mixed with my own anal slime. I would have to suck it till it was spotless again to the clicking of his shutter.
A few months of that passed and I was as trained as a dog. Undress straight away. Put on whatever he wanted. masturbate as I told him my fantasies. Adopt a position to be sodomized in. then have my sore bum photographed before sucking him clean. I was so conditioned that even in my pop star masturbation fantasies, boy band members would call me whore or slut
After a few months of this he told me he had shown the pictures of me to some of his friends and that they wanted to photograph me themselves that next Sunday, I wasn’t happy, but I felt I needed to do as I was commanded. he had put photos of me around the mattress and on it and made me look at them as he fucked my arse and I felt so ashamed that other men had seen these pictures of me, my spanked bottom, my body. Pics of my bum with chocolate bars in it, pens in it. His cock in it. Sperm leaking from it. Sperm of my breasts, my face. My bum cheeks. Pictures of me in school uniform, pictures of me in stockings and garter belt, pictures of me with knickers or his cock in my mouth I hated the thought of other men seeing those photos. I felt even worse about them seeing them and then actually seeing me. But by this point, I knew I no longer had any control what so ever, and in a strange way I welcomed his control.
The following week, he put the photos around me again as he took me and told me to bring school uniform next Sunday. One of his friends wanted to photograph me in it.
So that next Sunday, I did the work as normal, though this time he did not make me undress and dress up, he just buggered me in my normal work clothes, a jumper and skirt, which he flipped up and as usual my knickers were down my thighs.
A while later a friend of his knocked at back of shop. He let this friend in. A fat old man called Tony. He must have been 60. He was really gross and obese. He repulsed me from the moment I was introduced. Tony had a big bag. He took out a camera and a portable light, so I knew then what was going to happen. The boss told me to take my orders from Tony and do everything for him I would normally do. I didn’t know it at time, but this was me being pimped out for the very first time. I wanted to cry as. Tony set up his light and camera and then ordered me to slowly strip. Click, Click, Click, more shutter noises. I had to pose in my bra, panties and socks. Click, Click, Click. He commented on my body. He felt me all over, my breasts, pulling on my nipples, touching my sex with a finger. Saying my tits were small, my cunny was tight as fuck and how beautiful it all was. Stroking my arse. Laughing telling me for him today, it was to be the main event.
Then I was made to put on school uniform Strangely, he made me put on stockings with the school uniform. stockings with the school uniform was unheard of at my school, believe me. Eugene, just said that he had told tony I was a good girl
Tony had me bend over the table. A familiar click, click. He came up behind me and pulled my knickers down my thighs and for me to start masturbating. Click, click, click! As I did, he seemed really excited that he could see moisture and made me feel really ashamed by commenting on it and discussing it with the boss. He even got some on his fingers and licked it. Then the boss made me cum by talking about fantasies I had told him, and Tony kept on click, click, clicking away, capturing my shame at cumming in front of him, a total stranger.
He took off his trousers and said: “I’m going to show you that second is best.” I was shocked, below his repulsive flabby drooping stomach was a huge erect penis. It was over an inch wide and at least eight inches long. I was repulsed, scared and horrified I did not think I could take it in my mouth, let alone anywhere else. I didn’t want to take it either, they had had pictures, but I knew I had to do what I was told. I was definite that it wouldn’t fit into my mouth and said so. He proved me wrong, so I stuck out my tongue, to form a long-wet runway for his cock as I had been taught, pulled my lips over my teeth and he entered my mouth, and let it glide deep into my mouth, filling it. He pushed in and out. The silence was terrible, making me alone with my shame, my boss watching me suck off a stranger, and loving it, the stranger starring down as he pushed in and out of my compliant mouth.
“Christ!” he shouted, “She can deep-throat” He then face-fucked me for a couple of minutes, quite hard. There, was silence from him and my boss as well as he took my mouth, then he shouted, “take some shots I’m going to blow!” Then he pulled out and came all over my face – in my eyes, and in my hair. Click, click, click, yet again that blessed camera I was relieved I didn`t have to swallow it all.
After, still sticky with his cum, I cleaned Tony’s cock as I had been taught to do, he made me bend over the table again, pull my knickers down to my thighs once more and masturbate as he took yet more picture`s
The bosses’ words broke the silence, “I told you so” he said, then Tony and my boss talked about me as if I wasn’t there Tony saying he wanted to rip the uniform. I was horrified at idea of ripping my uniform! My boss explaining it was my actual school uniform. This impressing Tony no end and they discussing buying a spare uniform just to rip. I was horrified at the very idea BUT, I was even more horrified at realisation that I would be seeing the terrible Tony again.
I was so used to my boss only coming once I didn’t know a man could do it more, I learnt I was wrong on that as well. Tony now had me on the mattress on all fours, he was soon well into my bottom, being longer he went deeper, his belly against my cheeks, he rode me longer and harder than my boss ever had, then to the accompaniment of that clicking camera, my bowel was filled as never, before. A feeling I couldn’t explain flowed through me and I knew as I came yet again with some certainty that I would never give up this strange part of my life, I was addicted.
Towards the end of my time working in the newsagent, I had left school, gone on to college and was not so naive. I knew now exactly what had been going on for three years. I had been abused and made a cheap whore. Taking extra £10 or £20 from the boss and his friends every time I posed for them and let them use my mouth, bum or tits.
I wanted it to stop, but there were two issues; 1 I feared if I tried to say anything against him, my reputation would be ruined and pictures and films would end up everywhere and 2, I had simply become addicted to the type of humiliation, the shame, the dirtiness and the control that I enjoyed handing over every Sunday.
Towards the end of it, 11 of his ‘friends’ had by then enjoyed my bottom, my mouth and other bits of my body They had made me give them a ‘tit-wank` or hand-jobs or would cum over my stockings or on my back or face… Many of them I had seen regularly. At the worst four men had used me at once, I hated those sessions. They’d all bring things for me to wear – spare school uniforms, different lingerie and I would get so sore. the boss was always in control, he kept the more sadistic ones in line, but I knew I had to do what they all wanted. I learnt about roleplay. Calling men ‘Daddy’ or Sir while they used me.
There was one man I called the Ripper. He used to like to rip clothes off me and take me very roughly. He liked it when I cried or when I sobbed. Once he was using me and the boss had to take a phone-call. Although he knew my cunt was out of bounds, he didn’t just rub me there, he finger-fucked me. I felt so violated and helpless, but I came! I hated it when he used me, I was always so sore afterwards and he always made me cum. You can see how that’s imprinted on me.
The final December of being the Sunday girl, the boss said we were going to do a christmas party for his friends Turned out to be four friends. Thus there were four changes of costume, and four cocks in bottom one after the other, and because it was four in two hours, they were rougher, all using me in turns as pairs… Boss filming and photographing and cumming in my mouth, So as one had me as his Christmas treat, making me dress as Daphne from Scooby Doo, when he fucked me in the bum, another would expect his cock sucked. Making it all worse, the boss as it was ‘Christmas’ didn’t make them wear condoms when they sodomized me. He had made his friends wear them but only when they buggered me after I started complaining about it, I was getting less naïve and I was terrified of diseases, all these men cumming in my bum filling my bowel. So there we were, the week before Christmas, I’m on all fours, dressed as a slutty Daphne from Scooby-doo with an obese man of 64 fucking my arse, holding my hip with one hand and pulling my hair like a horse’s rein, while other another old man took my mouth, the brutal, rough buggering pushing me onto his cock in my mouth time and time again.
One of them men watching said:” Look at that little whore earn her Christmas bonus!” I somehow managed to spit the cock out of my mouth and protest, saying “I wasn’t a whore!” That’s was when the boss said: “Anne-Marie you’ve been a whore since you first took an extra tenner and a mars bar. You’ve sold your arse for make-up and pocket money. Now suck his cock and rub yourself till you cum you WHORE”
The words really stung, all the men laughed at me, but I did as I was told. The man, fucking my mouth held my head and came filing my mouth. The worst of it was, I came too at that point, rubbing my cunt!
This in turn made the man in my arse spunk and I loved it, I was sobbing with shame. I felt so dirty, so controlled, so used. And it was lovely one of them said: “The whore likes her work” and they all laughed. I felt terrible knowing it was all true and it was also on film. I’d just proved that to them all by cumming. The two that had been watching flipped a coin to see who went first, The Ripper lost the toss, by the way he said: For the best, I should have known something was up, So with cum leaking from arse and dribbling down my chin, I had to change into some slutty lingerie a peep hole bra, G-string with fluffy rabbit tail on them, and black fish-net stockings, he was already hard and I was lubricated by the obese man’s cum in my bottom. He pulled the G-string aside and pushed his cock into my poor and violated bum-hole the obese man then made me suck his flaccid cock clean of his cum and the bitter taste of my bum. Ripper and the man who had come in my mouth watching, wanking, boss filming or clicking with camera There was a lot of name-calling and the obese man swap places with Ripper. Then the man who was sodomising me made me lie on my back on mattress and they held out my legs and took my arse in that position. The Ripper slapping my face with his cock and pinching my nipples through the bra, the man sodomising me was doing it hard and fast and he came in me grunting like a pig. Ripper, a mental sadist as well as a physical one, lent into my face and forced a kiss then said: “You are an anal whore Anne-Marie.” and then he sprayed his cum on the bra and my nipples They let me have a rest, I got a can of diet coke, while they were drinking beer.
During the little breather, that they allowed me, I knew in my heart I was going to get more action there even though I didn’t want it. I was already really, sore and felt very degraded.
They’d had me dressed as a cartoon character, as a cheap slut in the tackiest Ann Summers lingerie. already I was sticky from their cum, and a little bit cold despite the electric heaters in the storeroom. The boss told me that Mike, one of the men, had brought me a christmas present and to put them on. It was a pair of ivory stockings, lace hold-ups at top. He then said: Mike wants to see you put that in your arse while you wear the stockings and wank yourself, I’ve brought you one as well and threw over a black dildo. He then said: “So, chop, chop. Get to it.” Then men all laughed at me.
Well I protested. This was rare because I had been so conditioned. But the black dildo seemed huge to me, far too huge. But the boss was having none of it. As I put on the stockings, he told the men how I was now conditioned to being such a slut, such a whore, that I got wet from just wearing stockings. This was true and is to this day, but I hated them knowing it, As I put them on, the boss told me to get the dildo in, said my arse was so full of cum I didn’t need extra lube so if I wanted it, I best suck the dildo first It was so big, veined and just scared me to death I was sobbing a bit when I did it, So I fellated the dildo while I was video filmed and two camera when The boss said it was wet enough and if it wasn’t in my bottom in the next minute they would shove it up my virgin cunt So I got on all fours on that filthy mattress and worked it in It hurt like hell by 17 I had learnt the first inch of anal penetration was usually the most painful, usually the first inch hurts most but this hurt all the way I yelped in pain, I sobbed, I violated my own bottom with the black monster all to the whir of the video recorder the click of their cameras.
Sore spunk covered and deeply ashamed.

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