419 The Sod`s for discipline.

Now, I have a friend called Robert, a little chap and he`s got a wife named Annie and a daughter name of Kay, Annie is a middle age woman, A good looking solid built lady perhaps a little matronly, not badly shaped five eight or perhaps nine tall, her daughter I suspect around mid30`s, nicely shaped too not thin but neither of them overweight and about the same height.
Our Robert has a problem, Annie dresses to tease and she does it naturally and unashamedly despite having been told time and time again, by her loving husband that he hates it. She had laughed at my little friend, telling him that she would dress as she wanted and for him to go talk to someone who gave a dam about it.
With her daughter at her side she stood in the kitchen on the Thursday and both chuckled at the audacity of the man, ignoring him and carrying on discussing the Saturday dance. His answer, when he got a word in was to tell her if she did not do as asked, he would be forced discipline her and if necessary, her daughter.
She laughed outright at that and said that both she and her daughter loved him dearly; but that he was confusing his capabilities with his ambitions and that they, that`s her and Kay would be off out on Saturday night so get used to it.
Both went away arm in arm laughing…
They came down next morning to the sound of an empty house Robert was out at his work but had left a note leant against the kettle saying that; “I shall be late in tonight but you will be attending the pub with me tomorrow, [Saturday] evening, both of you, be properly dressed and ready to leave by 7 pm.
Should you decide to go to ignore me and go to the dance, YOU WILL BE PUNISHED and you will respect what I tell you in future YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
It was signed with love Robert and three large kisses.
Unfortunately our friend had joined the Society of the Downtrodden, known amongst us as the SOD`s!
We were formed for just such a situation, so when Robert explained things we the dozen available members were on call and were awaiting his call if the good ladies did not comply.
What the reaction to the note was we can only imagine but our man Robert was at the door at 7 pm sharp and the ladies had gone out. There was a note and it said “Do your worse Robert, your tea is at the chippy! It was signed Kay and there were a dozen kisses.
The two ladies got out of their taxi at just after midnight somewhat the worse for wear though by no means drunk.
They noted the family car was parked in the road which they thought a bit odd. Attempting to go indoors they found themselves in the arms of the two largest sods members, known as the first Reed and his assistant the second and third Reeds, a bag was quickly thrown over their heads, and in confusion and a trice they found themselves in the garage, the door closed and the light of a spotlight glaring in their eyes as soon as the sacks were removed. They were blinking at the light and in a confused state as the High Sod of Staffordshire, (his real name is Fred Finch and he`s a station porter but we use the correct society names to cause confusion,) first bade them be silent, then had one of the “Elder turves” read out the charges.
“You are charged Annie with failing to respect the instructions of your husband, and of leading your daughter to do the same.”
“You are further charged with attempting to humiliate said husband and to treat him with contempt.”
She began to laugh, “ok “she shouted “laugh over, let`s go get a drink!”
Without changing his facial expression the Elder Turf, added the charge of “failing to respect the Court of Sods! The penalty will be an extra 10 strokes”
She began again to laugh so he had the third Reed fit a ball gag to the lady, saying, “hold your tongue you silly wench, you will not be so happy within the hour”. Now that did get through to her and she stopped being so noisy instantly.
The daughter Kay now struck up with “you can`t do this, we will sue you over and over, you silly bastards now let us go!”
The third Reed again produced a ball gag and fitted it, this time without being told.
The Elder Turf turned to the girl and in his slow deep voice explained that we were all ‘at a meeting in Stoke’ at the moment our friends would swear to that and that we would be hard to sue if we were not here! “Now, you are to shut up and listen.”
Bulging eyes greeted that snippet and there was silence, while the ‘Senior Turf ‘read the charges to her that she had sided with her mother, against the head of the household and that she would be taught a lesson in manners and respect this night.
Both women; were now a lot quieter coming to terms with the fact that we were not k**ding and that they were to be disciplined as Robert had said.
The Grand Sod now asked Robert if he had given notice in writing that he would punish these women. He stepped forward and agreed that they had been warned verbally and in writing, even producing the crumpled note he had left and which Annie had thrown in the basket. Female Jaws would have dropped had they been able, but ball gags don’t let that happen, instead eyes were fixed on the Grand Sod as he pronounced sentence.

“Annie you will be suspended, and given ten strokes of the leather for the first charge, another ten for the second, and then ten that the Elder Sod gave you for contempt as is his right,.”
“Kay, you are here on a lesser charge so will receive just five strokes for the charge and a further five for the outburst.”
He then pointed at a high-back chair and told the ‘third Reed’ to secure the daughter so she can watch the sentence before receiving her own.
This was done, the reed locking her arms to the chair back.
The Grand Sod now turned to Annie and told her to “remove her clothes.” Which she refused; so the Reeds roughly removed her clothes one piece at a time, they revealed her white underclothes, contrasting strongly with her well tanned body, next her bra, suspenders and panties, to the delight of the remaining ‘Lesser Clods’, seated in a half circle under the floodlights. They left her unsupported stockings, wedding ring, and white high heeled shoes.
The subject stood her hands attempting to cover her modesty and her breasts from the Clods gaze.
The Reeds fitted cuffs to her wrists then hoisted her to her toes by a rope over the roof beam. She swung about a short axis, her shoes taking the strain as best she could. The humiliation of being suspended in the full gaze of the Clods was taking its toll when the Reed approached and fitted a bar from ankle to ankle holding open her body to the strokes she knew would soon come. Drool dribbled from the corners of her mouth as she awaited my arrival from the dark corner I had watched from.
As the executioner, [in the society I am known as ‘The Shears’] the most respected job in the society. ‘The Shears’ wears a hood, and carries a leather strop and a miniature pair of shears attached to his belt.
I approached the seat of the Grand Sod, bowed, then turned to my task, with the shears I removed a tuft of Annie`s pubic hair from the lush centre of her tuft, presenting it to the youngest Clod, then with the leather strop took my stance and administered the first stroke, the leather curled around her body with a slap, her eyes widened and there was a pained squeal. The second crossed her breasts leaving a pink line on the soft flesh.
The third wrapped itself round her left leg tearing the stockings and leaving a mark in an instant.
The next struck the other leg in the same way, the last of the five administered from the front wrapped itself through her legs and struck her in the back cleft on her puckered rear hole.
I stood back and waited for the initial sting of the strokes to have left the ladies body and for Robert to step forward and remove her gag.
She was asked if from now on she would behave correctly as a member`s wife. She spat at him, so the Grand Sod told me to disregard the last five strokes, the gag was replaced and the strokes retaken in the same places and in the same way.
At the end of the five she again had the gag removed and the same question asked, she did not spit and the Grand Sod nodded to me to continue.
Another five hard strokes.
This time to the same locations but in a different order, That was the first ten stroke`s.
The Reed counted and asked are you going to behave correctly yet?
There was silence, her jaw set she ignored the Reeds question.
He nodded to me and told me to lay it on.
Smack, that leather came in contact with her rump, smack again the other rump, crack; a line across her belly, another to her back and the last to her breasts. She was biting her lip perhaps to prevent her crying out, though I now think she was beginning to enjoy the sensations.
Again the question, she mewed would we stop if she agreed, she was told “no but the strokes would be half power.”
We began again as she did not answer, her stockings were in tatters, by the time the next five had finished and her backside was red rather than pink, she glowered at the Grand Sod with Robert at his side, not now in hate but in the hope of salvation.
The Grand Sod motioned to me to complete the next five on her breasts though he said “she must be made aware that the last five would be from the back into her most soft spot.”
The remaining blood drained from her face on hearing that and she began to beg, as smack the broad leather strap landed on her left breast, followed quickly by a second this time she squealed, two to the other breast turned a squeal to a moan and the final stroke hitting her left just above the nipple, she was at last promising to obey every word uttered by her husband, the Reed turned her to face Robert and I administered the last five from the rear the leather strap end curling through her legs and striking her sex with a loud sloppy sound proving that at least she was beginning to drip precum from her sex.
That sound was accompanied by a second and a third her breathing now deep and her climax beginning to peak despite her best efforts to stop her body giving her away.
Smack , one more her climax now on her regardless of her wishes… smack, she hung in her bonds her body drained, gasping that she was sorry and she loved Robert, that she would not underestimate him again, she was sorry. The Reeds cut her down sitting her in the next chair to her daughter whose eyes were showing sheer terror.
The Reed moved those wristlets to the girl undid the wrists from the chair then stood her before the Grand Sod, she had her gag removed to her obvious relief, she apologised to the Grand Sod and her father in the most humble terms, he excepted that saying he would allow her to forgo five of the strokes but for her to strip and quickly then we could all go home.

She was out of her outer clothes in a trice standing before the Reed in her black underclothes in seconds, she looked pleadingly at the Grand Sod then at her father, there was no relief in their eyes so with trembling hands she reached behind her and undid her bra.
Her firm breasts swung free as she stooped to push down her knickers’ and tights kicking them free of her ankles as the Reed bent to secure the spreader bar and his assistant attached her wrists to the rope.
She was quickly up and secured, I removed a section of her pubic hair and presented it to another clod. She hissed at me to get on and do what I had to. So I bowed as before then turned to her lovely body and struck the first blow to her pert right breast and erect nipple, which unlike her mother did not droop, she shook and squeaked loudly.
A second struck her left in just the same way, both left a red line on her younger skin. She shook and her scream was short and to the point. The Reed swung her to face me and she watched fascinated as the next stroke came at her secure body, striking between her legs and curling upwards to her buttock cleft her body shook tears running down her pretty face, the next curled round her belly leaving its print on her pale skin, the Reed turned her again she knew where the stroke would strike, she braced herself as it struck curling itself up to strike where I had removed the pubic tuft. Her scream was loud and lasted for some seconds while the Reeds released her from her bonds.
She fell into her father`s arms, promising to respect him more.
We collected our kit, the Grand Sod admonishing the women that if they did not respect our member we would return and leaving the family in a loving huddle we departed to our homes.

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