When living in Savannah, I started to think my sensual wife was cheating on me. I did not know who was the lucky bastard; but soon I was sure my sexy Ana was fucking another man…

So, one weekend she spent nursing a girlfriend out of town; I bought some surveillance equipment and installed it around the house.
Now I could make some monitoring of our house during the early afternoon hours, while I was at work. All I needed was my laptop.

Next Thursday morning, as I was getting ready to leave, I sensed my sweet wife was acting a bit nervous. Better I could say, she looked excited. I knew it would be the day chosen for cheating me.
The day before she had purchased some new lingerie outfit: a new black lace bra and a very tiny black thong. It was stranger to me.

After lunch, I turned on my laptop and began checking cameras. Everything looked fine; except for my wife. Ana was in our bedroom. She had enjoyed a shower and now she was naked in front of the mirror. After brushing her curly blond hair, she started putting on the new black sexy outfit. She looked gorgeous standing on a pair of black stilettos. She finally put on a sexy short black dress and finished her make-up.

I thought she would be going out; but then I saw a black van pulling at our driveway. It had some colorful logos on both sides. It belonged to the windows cleaner company…
A young black guy went out of the van and he walked to our door.

I watched as Ana opened and made small talk with this guy, offering him a cup of ice tea. He accepted and Anita poured a glass of red wine for herself.
Their conversation went on for more than fifteen minutes; I could see my wife was a bit nervous, as she emptied the bottle of wine.

Anita brought the conversation around to looks and being an older woman; but then he quickly took his opportunity to tell my sexy wife she looked amazing and how her husband was a lucky man…
Then my wife asked him if he felt lucky this afternoon.
He looked surprise about the question; but then Anita walked around the kitchen island to where he was sitting and she placed her soft hand onto his lap. She leaned on him and she asked the same question, if he was feeling lucky….
The young black man grabbed Ana by her neck and he kissed my wife’s red lips. She pulled away and he said she was so sexy…
One of his heavy hands grabbed my wife’s ass cheeks.
Ana suddenly dropped to her knees in front of this window cleaner.

I could just see her head slowly moving up and down. This caused my cock got hard in just few seconds. Then I could see his weapon. It was really a huge piece of black meat, thick, hard and sizing at least nine inches long…
I just kept watching the whole action.

After about five minutes of her enjoying this huge black cock; Ana stood up and the black guy pulled her towards him. He kissed my wife as his hands ran up her thighs hitching up her dress and exposing her nice round ass cheeks. He started unzipping her dress; but Ana told him to go upstairs. She took his hand and led him to the stairs …

I changed the monitor and could see them entering our bedroom.
I watched him standing right behind my wife and undoing her tight black dress. It fell into the floor. His hands cupped her nice round boobs and he then made her turn around.

He sucked her hardened nipples in his mouth as Anita moaned.
The black guy pushed her onto the bed and he stripped off.
His cock was fully erect and throbbing fiercely. He dropped to his knees between Ana’s spread thighs and I saw him grabbing her waist and pulling her towards him.
His fingers rubber her pussy lips through the black thong and he then pulled it aside. I could see now Ana’s labia glistening and wet.

She arched her back with joy and he buried his tongue in her cunt.
Ana let out a loud groan as he lapped at her swollen pink clit.
Then her legs started to shake and she came in orgasm…
The black guy pushed her further onto the bed and his naughty fingers entered her stretched open pussy lips. Soon he went faster and my sensual wife came again. This time her juices squirted out of her hot cunt over this black hand. She cries out in ecstasy …

He used her own juices to moisten the head of his massive cock.
Then he pulled Ana’s legs together to one side. I could see her face now. He then guided his throbbing cockhead to her wet pussy lips
As this thick his helmet entered her, Ana bit her lips.

The guy pushed slowly deeper and I saw Ana reaching out to these black hips, in an attempt to stop him from going even deeper. She claimed he was so big. But the black bastard inched a bit further into her delicate cunt, as he fingered her clit.
Still no fully buried in Ana’s cunt, he began to thrust slowly in and out. Soon his thrust become more vigorous and more of his cock entered Anita.

Her soft hands grasped at the bed sheets and her groans grew even louder. I knew she was feeling a bit pain…
But now he started slamming into her with the full weight of his young body, making Ana cry in both pain and pleasure. All of a sudden he pulled out and he lay on his back, telling Ana to ride him.

In shaky legs my wife did it and soon she lowered herself onto the magnificent hard black cock. She began moving back and forth.
As she rode on that monster thing, I could see this nigger bastard had reached out and one of his thick fingers was probing her very tight asshole. One finger slid in and out as Ana bounced on him…
I saw him pushing Ana off him onto the bed. She stood there with her face down buried in a pillow and the black guy got on top of her; making her sitting on her legs. His huge dick rested on Ana’s butt.

I thought she would not let him fuck in the ass; she was very tight.
But soon I watched him aim his thick cockhead to Ana’s dark rosebud. She lifted her hips a bit. Ana rose her head and she took a huge gulp of air as his dick went through her tight rosebud.
She tried to resist a bit; but he tried to go deeper. The bastard tried again and Ana twisted her body, so his dick came out of her ass…
He then gave up and pulled my wife into a doggie position, so he could fuck her cunt again. He began thrusting harder and harder enjoying my sensual Ana’s lustful screams as he filled up her cunt.

The black guy played with her clit again, making her scream out as she came once again. I could see her juices running down her thighs.
He kept thrusting harder, until his body tensed and then I was sure a massive load of burning cum splashed into Anita’s womb. He pulled off and Ana fell forward, trying to catch her breathe …

The black bastard laughed and he climbed off our marital bed.
He started to dress up again and I heard him clearly as he told my wife he would come back in two days, when her stretched cunt could be tight again for his black cock. He added that next time he would fuck her in the ass…

As he left, Ana stood there onto the bed. She reached out and took a little dildo from the night stand. I saw he spread her legs and shove this tiny dildo up her tight asshole…

Then I knew it was just the beginning…

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