A few years ago, I went on a holiday to the Caribbean, alone. Far away from the stress, my boyfriend and the boring life at home. Nice hotel, nice people, nice food and very good weather !

The second last day of my holiday, a black and very good looking tourist guide invited me to come on a tour. He would show me the highlights of the island. Flattered, curious about the trip, but also a little naïve that I was, I agreed.

We had a fine day, the island had no secrets anymore for me, I thought. And, I even got a little present from him in the form of a bottle of Rum and a cigar.

At the evening we stopped at a local restaurant hidden in the jungle. After we had a good meal and a little bit maybe too much Rum, my new friend would show me his home, nearby the restaurant. I told him, that I would love to see his house and meet his parents, but that I had to be early in the hotel, after all it had been a long day and tomorrow in the morning I had a plane to catch.

We entered, the house seems to be empty, no parents ?
Suddenly he started to kiss me. Wow, that was not what I expected, I pushed the man away from me.
“Relax babe, he said, you only live once, hadn’t we had a good time today?”.
“Of course we had, let us keep it that waymmww…”, before I finished my sentence, he grabbed me, pushed me against the wall and started kissing me again in a French way, if you know what I mean. Many thoughts were going through my brain “Fuck, how far will he go, I hope not that he will F…” .
In the mean time, my pussy felt soaking wet, my nipples went rock hard.
Before I realized, he stuck his hand down my pants, and his fingers started playing with my clit.
Oh no, oh no, this is not happening.
I felt his massive cock rubbing against my body.
He pulled down my pants and he shoved his huge thing gently in me.
I heard my voice protesting, “no please, do not”, but my body was so hot and couldn’t resist this pumping cock.
Soon he ejaculated a big load of hot cum inside me.
Some of it dripped against my leg on the floor.
Then, suddenly ! The front door smashed open and about ten of his mates came in.
They roughly undressed me and fucked me like a****ls do, for hours….and hours, until I passed out.

The next morning, the hotel cleaning lady was waken me up, ”Miss, miss, you have a plane to catch, the bus to the airport is waiting”. I was naked on the bed, cumdrenched. My clothes everywhere. No time for a shower, I putted something on, took my suitcase and started running, afraid of coming too late.
I had a strange burning feeling in my pussy and my tits hurt a little.
I remembered vague that I was fucked by about ten guys.
I had not the time anymore, to go to the authorities and press charges against them.
Instead, I kept my adventure as a secret to the world.
On the airplane I doubt about it and thought by myself, that it couldn’t have been through at all. No, It can’t have been.
Back home, I found this little bottle and the cigar ???
(PS : When I was looking in the mirror I found myself a tattoo that wasn’t there before. Can I remove it ? … ???)

Veronique C. XXX Love You !
A few years ago

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