A new friend at school
I was afternoon break and David had walked up to the small wood at the back of the playing fields. It was usually deserted up here and he often went there when he felt like being alone. As he walked through the trees he saw something out of the corner of his eye and stopped. There was the shape of a figure under the bushes on the other side of the small wood. He walked slowly forward and stood behind a large Oak tree. Another boy was standing there. His trousers were undone and he was rubbing his hard cock and feeling his balls. David watched the boy’s hand sliding up and down the thick shaft, he guessed he must be at least a year older than him, his cock was huge. He was strangely excited and felt his own cock getting hard in his trousers. He slid his hand into his pocket and let his fingers rest on it. Part of him wanted to get it out and wank too but he didn’t dare. He remained motionless watching as the other boy started rubbing himself harder. David watched as he arched his back thrusting his cock forward and shot a thick stream of cum into the air followed by another and another. The boy continued stroking his cock slowly milking the cum out of it and then ran his finger over the tip scooping the last drips off and brought it to his lips to lick clean. He stared as the boy quickly pulled his trousers up and fastened them, then hurried back to class.
David waited until he was sure the other boy was well out of sight before going back, willing the stiff bulge in his trousers to go down unsuccessfully. In the end he decided to keep his hand in his pocket and try to cover it or at least hold it in place.
The last two lessons drifted past without him paying any attention, images of the other boy wanking filled his mind and he could feel the wetness on his thigh of pre-cum leaking from the tip of his still hard cock straining against the material of his trousers. When the last bell finally went he avoided his classmates and hurried down to the toilets. He went into one of the cubicles and bolted the door. He undid his trousers and pulled them down over his knees folloed by his boxer shorts and sat down on the toilet seat leaning back feeling the cool air on his legs and balls. He pulled up his shirt and looked down at his cock, resisting the temptation to jerk it off as quickly as possible. He imagined being under the trees like this with the other boy and both wanking in front of each other. It was the first time that he’d seen another boy’s erection. He’d dared some of his friends to get there cocks out down in the woods at home, but they were younger and didn’t have erections, his stiff cock and new pubic hair had surprised them. He sat and thought about the other boy and wondered what it would be like masturbating with him. The sense of excitement was thrilling making his cock twitch. Feeling bold he lent forward and undid his shoes and took them off. He pulled his trousers and shorts over his ankles and stuffed the shorts into his bag then stood holding his shirt up rubbing his stiff cock slowly, he loved feeling exposed like this. This was a game that he’d been playing for a while now, daring himself to go out without underwear and play with his cock. It turned him on. He put his trousers back on and pulled them up carefully fastening the button so that his erection was held upright pulled tight against his stomach. He walked out into the corridor, checking that it was quiet and then out towards the back gate. He could feel the waistband pressing on the top of his cock with each step. Once out of the grounds he put his hand in his pocket and reached down to feel his balls and shaft as he walked along the road. As he turned the corner a woman was walking towards him with her dog. He kept his hand on his cock and tried to look calm and natural as they approached each other. She had short dark hair framing a pretty face and was wearing a loose white dress tied tight at the waist. He imagined what her body looked like underneath as they passed.
Now on the small path that lead down into the woods David stopped. It was usually quiet through here. He undid the zip on his trousers and pulled his cock out. It was still quite hard and he began to stroke it as he started walking again. This is was excited him – being outside knowing that he might be seen. The thought of being caught scared him, but at the same time was incredibly arousing. He wished there was an older person who felt the same about being naked and enjoying sex. He fantasized about friends’ mums and even his aunt, about cousins and anyone who would let him learn about sex. Snogging his girlfriend and feeling her tits was nice, but he wanted more than that, a lot more.
Once down amongst the small trees he stopped again and undid the button on the waistband of his trousers. He pulled them down over his thighs so that his cock and balls were exposed and stood there rubbing himself. He imagined a woman walking towards him, her blouse undone, smiling as her braless tits swung gently with each step as she approached.
Feeling the stirring in his balls he let go of his cock before he got to the point of no return and pulled his trousers back up leaving the flies undone with his balls and cock exposed. As he started walking again his erection bounced up and down and he let it brush against the tall plants on the edge of the narrow path.
At the bottom of the field the path turned into a wider track. He left his cock out as he went through the wooden gate, his hand in his blazer pocket ready to try and cover himself if needed. There was no one in sight but the feeling was exhilarating and he let the blazer fall open again and gently slid his fingers over the top of his cock feeling the swollen tip. As he walked he started pulling the skin back and forward until the hard shiny head was exposed. He let go and felt the air flowing around it as he walked.
It wasn’t far down into the heart of the wood and after crossing the stream he turned left off the main track. There would be no one down here apart from the occasional dog walker and they would stick to the main paths. In amongst the tall trees he went to the little glade he had discovered a while back and sat on the fallen log. Without waiting he lent forward and took of his shoes and socks. He sat back for a moment and undid his trousers again, this time determined to get them off. He stood and yanked them down, sliding them over his ankles and dropped them by his side. Sitting back down on the log he felt the rough bark on his bum and he spread his legs open wide naked from the waist down. His cock was twitching with excitement. He undid his school tie and threw it on top of his trousers then undid his shirt, now he was almost naked.
He lowered himself off of the log onto the mossy grass and lay back, his whole body feeling the dappled sunlight through the trees. It felt so good being naked outside like this.
So many thoughts were running through his mind, naked women, the boy at school, girls he knew – would they dare to be like this? A new thought entered his mind, he would have to take this game further. Before he could get cold feet he sat up and took off his blazer and shirt and stood up totally naked. He walked to the edge of the glade feeling the moss, leaves and sticks under his feet and from a point where he could see the main path he started to wank. “Let them see me, let them watch if they want to.” He thought as his cock responded excitedly. The path remained silent. After several minutes he decided to be more adventurous and walked off into the wood. This really did bring a whole new level into the game. How far would he go, leaving all of his clothes behind, no means of hiding or pretending? He walked through the trees deciding not to care and rubbed his cock. “Let them see it” he thought again.
Just being outside naked made him horny, it had done since he was a c***d and still in his teens the thought of others joining him to enjoy this was a secret that he desperately wanted to share.
There was no one insight. He lent back against a large Beech and started rubbing his cock furiously.
He wanted someone else to play with him, but they weren’t here so he wanked and finally shot his spunk high into the air.
He let the come dribble out of his cock as he walked back to find his clothes and scooped some up with his finger to clean it up and lick it it before dressing and walking home.

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