I was Bi from an early age and played with another girl at school. One day we were kissing in the gym when we were caught by 2 prefects. They said they would tell on us unless we got them some photos of us in the nude. The other girl called their bluff and said no way. I said I would try, even though I had no idea how. I knew my uncle had a polaroid camera and asked if I could borrow it but he said no….and then asked why I needed it. I told him the storey and said I was frightened they would tell on us. He said he still wouldn’t lend me the camera but would take some photos for me to take to the 2 prefects. He told me to get my sexiest underwear and come to his house the next morning. I duly turned up next morning feeling very apprehensive but also a bit excited. He told me to get into my gear while he got the camera. I stripped and put on my see thru bra and brief pants and walked into his lounge. He said wow young lady you have developed very well and I could feel his eyes burn into me standing there all but naked!!!!! He took some test shots to get the setting and help me relax. As he fired of more polaroids I was feeling sexier and sexier……this was me, naked in front of my 40+ fat uncle, showing my body and loving it. It was obvious he was getting excited and started sweating. We got through a couple of packs of polaroid films and he said OK that’s it. He showed me the photos and I said thank you and went to take them, but he pulled them away and said not so fast young lady, what do I get for these? I said I didn’t think her would want anything. He said how naive I was. I said I had no money and he said who said I wanted money and smiled. I stood there wondering what he was going to say next. I didn’t have to wait long. He said, unless you want me to show these to mum & dad, he was going to get his cock out and I was going to suck it for him. He put the photos down, unzipped his trousers and eased out his rather large semi erect wet cock. OK he said now clean uncle up. I knelt on the floor in front of him and leaned forward towards his cock…..no he said, take hold of it with your hand and pull the foreskin back first, then suck it. I pulled the foreskin back and it revealed a leaky bell end covered in pre-cum . Leaned forward and cupped my lips around his shaft and licked the bell end with my tongue. He took hold of the back of my head and pulled it forward, forcing his cock down my throat, making me choke and gasp for air. I could feel his passion rise until he was fucking my mouth until I thought it would burst. The he suddenly stopped, withdrew his cock and told me to sit on the edge of the dinning table. I did as he said as he pushed my feet apart to spread my legs. He pushed me back so that I was laying on the table with my pussy exposed on the edge. He moved forward and very roughly pushed his by now very erect cock inside me to it’s full length. He rocked back and forward talking to me as he did. So what’s it like being fucked by your uncles old cock Kathy, is it good. I was by now getting very turned on and told him it was fantastic uncle Stan. He leant forward and played with my 17 year old pert breasts with the by now erect nipples. He told me to tell him when I was ready to cum so that he could withdraw so as not to make me pregnant. My passion went into overdrive and I said oh now uncle Stan, now. He withdrew his cock and wanked hard and as we orgasmed together he shot spunk all over my belly and tits. I felt my pussy leaking juices. He collapsed on top of me and I could hardly breath. He took a couple of deep breaths and got off of me and went off to the bathroom. I followed him in and he was already under the shower, I stepped in beside him and we stood under the shower stream letting it wash us clean of spunk and pussy juices. He lowered his lips to mine and we kissed. As he left he gave me the photos and said, this doesn’t end her young lady, I said it had better not uncle Stan. We continued to meet for amazing sex for many years to come!!!!!!!! These are some of the photos he took that day….enjoy!!! Sorry for the poor quality but they are old polaroids that have beed scanned in!!A stolen kiss lead to so much more!!A stolen kiss lead to so much more!! 2A stolen kiss lead to so much more!! 3

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