I got out my smartphone and googled dating for over 40s, found a website, entered my details, paid the fee for a premium membership. The office phone rang.

“Hi Kevin Hardman

“Kevin. Angela Holloway is here to see you”

“Send her in Nancy.”

I put the phone down and a moment later Nancy came in with Angela. Nancy is my sexy secretary, a 70s throwback with big hair lowcut tops short skirts stockings and high heels. Nancy is a half tongan half European, long frizzy black hair large boobs and long legs. A very capable foul mouthed mature woman.

In contrast Angela is white young and sweet, wearing a blouse buttoned up to the collar covered by cardigan, a skirt to below her knees, and flat soled shoes. Her tall stick like figure with perky breasts.

Nancy and Angela sat down in the chairs across from my desk. Nancy had one leg crossed over the other giving me a good look at her thighs revealing the top of her stocking as her short skirt rode up her leg.

“Angela what do you have to offer to 89fm a hard rock radio station?” I asked looking at this straight laced k** who had just walked down the hallway passed the offices of production staff in jeans t-shirts and leather jackets cursing and swearing. After hours sex d**gs and rock n roll baby.

“Um I am currently at media school…. ” she droned

“Angela! What Kevin means is what is a straight laced girl like you doing here honey.” Nancy leaned forward her big braless tits nearly falling out the plunging neckline exposing a big brown nipple. Angela looked at the big brown breasts. Stared at them. Licked her lip.

“Yeah Ang do really think you would fit in at hard rock radio station. Sex d**gs and rock n roll rule babe” I watched her head turn to me. I now stood in front of my desk. Nancy the old tart was giving me a hard on with her heaving breasts and now she spread her legs revealing her trimmed pussy to Angela.

“I wanna try” Angela begged. Her arms reached out one hand went to my bulge the other on Nancy’s thigh.

“Get on your knees Angela ! Lick my pussy Ms Prissy” Nancy demanded as she spread her legs further apart. Nancy and I both expected her to run for the door and keep going. Nancy watched in disbelief as the Angela stood, removed her lemon cardigan, moved between Nancy’s spread legs, reached out and pulled the neckline down freeing her breasts. Her hands roughly grope Nancy’s tits.

“Oww” Nancy moans.

“Lift my skirt Nancy” instructs Angela becoming more confident. Nancy puts her hands on either side of Angela’s skirt and pulls the long skirt up to her hips.

“Fuck me ” says Nancy in surprise. A big strap on dildo hangs between her legs, at least a foot long maybe 15 inches.

“I intend doing just that. Suck it first though eh”

“Uh” Angela holds the shaft and steers the head inside the brown MILF cherry red lips. I am incredibly turned on the head of my cock now trying to poke through the waistband of my pants.

“Bzzz” my phone vibrates on my desk

“You have a message” appears on the screen. I open the message. IVANNAHUMPU wants to fuck. I hit the like button.

I look up Nancy is getting face fucked Angela holds two big fistfuls of Nancy’s black frizzy hair as her pelvic thrusts jam the big dildo down her throat. Gagging and choking can be heard.

“Open your throat up you horny cunt”

“uh oh uh ga ga ha”

“Get on the floor bitch I wanna titty fuck those big brown titties. “

Nancy looks to me for help. “He ain’t gonna help you Nancy! His white cock is as hard as a rock. He likes what he sees slut. Now get down on your back. Hurry bitch or I’ll put you down myself.”

With Nancy lying on her back I watch Angela straddle her stomach and rest the dildo between those big brown mountains.

“Use your hands and mouth Secretary slut.” Angela reaches in her handbag and pulls out a bottle. Squirts some all over those large boobs.

Bzz my phone goes again ” Wanna meet up. ” I text back ” Yeah . Where.”

” Town hall 10 mins ”

I walk out leaving my secretary now lying across the coffee table as Angela works the oil in to her ass crack. The big oily brown butt is contrasted by the long skinny white fingers that are disappearing in her asshole.

“Shut up slut your gonna take more than just my fingers! UNDERSTAND!

I nearly cum in my trousers as I go down in the lift. I walk with pace and purpose to the Town Hall. A mature sexy woman dressed in a little black dress stands in a recess. People are walking passed as she pulls me in to the shadows. Her hands unzip my trousers her hand goes in and gropes my hard prick pulling it out. She raises a leg to my waist and guides my cock to her wet box. She impales herself. Humping against me. Milking me. With all excitement I cum quickly.

“Hmmm could do better” she mumbles

However I didn’t get soft. The thrill of fucking on Queen street on a dark winters day hidden from the lights spurs me on. I start meeting her thrusts pushing her against the stone wall of the building. I feel her nuzzle in to my neck. My hands grab her ass and lift her off the ground she wraps her legs around my waist. If the pedestrians walking
by hadn’t figured out what we were doing. They do now.

“Put it in my ass ” she lifts her pelvis up as I stab my dick at her asshole. She reaches down and I feel my dick pressing against her sphincter. She humps my dick taking more of my shaft up her back door.

“I’m a back door girl”

We fuck for about a minute when I feel another hand on my chest.

“Excuse me but you two are under arrest for public indecency. Zip up before you turn around sir. Miss please lower your dress. ”

I was handcuffed and lead to the rear door of the police car. A policeman sat in the drivers seat. The policewoman sat on one side the mystery lady IVANNAHUMPU sat on my other side. Strangely no handcuffs on. The two woman then started laughing as they saw the stressed look on my face.

“Relax man ” said the police woman as she unbuckled then unzipped my pants. “Just checking for a concealed weapon.” Her hand caressed the bulge in my undies.

“Found one. Is it loaded?”

“Fuck I hope not he filled my pussy and ass with a shit load of cum Sarge.”

“Let’s see. “

Sarge lowered her mouth on to my shit aroma coated cock. Her head bobbed up and down as the police car drove up Wellesley street across Albert St over the hill to Victoria Park. At the Sale street intersection people stood at the lights looking in the parked car as a well dressed man received a blow job from a police woman.

The police radio squawked and the driver replied.

“Sarge Robbery”

“Fuck it I was looking forward to being mounted by a famous DJ.”

The police car pulled over by the old gasworks. “Right you two out. Get the fuck out.”

We clambered out on to the foot path. I stood with my trousers round my ankles and my hard cock streaked with red lipstick pointing straight out like a towel holder as the police car sped off. Siren ablaze and siren blaring.

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