For the better part of a year, my wife and I carried on an MFM threesome with a younger man we had met online. He lived a little over six hundred miles from us, so meeting him took planning and travel.

Jason was a great lover for my wife, and with his bisexual side, he and I were able to work together to satisfy my wife every time we met. Other than incidental contact in satisfying my wife, Jason, and I had not ever had any contact one-on-one. My wife had always remained our full center of attention and focus in all our playtime.

About five years ago, we had made plans to see Jason for an extended weekend in Atlanta. He would drive to Atlanta, and we would drive to meet him there on a Thursday, and we would then spend until Sunday together. I had booked a Hotel on that was a prepaid, non-refundable deal for the entire duration of our mini-fuckcation. My wife was excited and looking forward to the trip for two months.

At the last minute, they had somebody quit at her job, and my wife had to pick up the schedule and would not be able to take time off. My wife reluctantly made the call to Jason on Monday evening. Jason was disappointed and took the new hard. He said he had been looking forward to seeing us but also to get away from his stress-filled life for a much-needed break. We offered to let him use the room, but he said it would not be the same to be alone and relented; maybe we could reschedule.

My wife told Jason not to worry that while she would be working that I would be joining him for the weekend since I had already paid for the lodging and had time off. I was hesitant initially, but the more I gave it some thought, the more I thought getting away and having some “guy-time” with another man might be fun. Of course, I was thinking of drinking and maybe shooting some pool or watching porn. So, our plan remained set, and I was going to meet Jason alone while my wife worked.

The drive up 75 to Atlanta was long and tedious, and I arrived at the motel exhausted and running late. My wimple six-hour trip had become ten hours. I came to find Jason already waiting on my arrival in his car outside. Once I checked us in at the Homewood Suites, Jason pulled a half-gallon bottle of Fireball from his luggage. He said he didn’t unpack it but didn’t know if we would need it or not as he placed the bottle into the freezer. I asked how he wanted to do the sleeping scenario since it was just us two guys, and we had a King room rented. Jason just laughed and said he was sure we would make it work, however.

I needed a drink, and so we grabbed an Uber to a TGIFridays down the street for dinner since we both were hungry. We lucked into a happy hour special, so our tall beers were two for one price. Between our appetizers and multiple rounds of 24-ounce beers, we both were stress-free and forgot all about being hungry. It was shortly after ten that evening when we arrived back to our room. Jason opened the Fireball bottle and poured us each a semi-full glass as we sat on the sofa with Tosh 2.0 on the television. For some reason, both Jason and I began sharing videocast to the tv of previous encounters with my wife. Despite being drunk, we both remained to pull up old video to showcase.

Neither of us paid any attention to the other. We had slipped out of our pants to our boxers and were pulling on our hard dicks as we continued watching. Between making trips to the bathroom and drinking over half the bottle of Fireball, it was soon after 2:00 AM. We made our way to turn out the room lights leaving the sheer curtain open as we got into the bed in the dark. Instead of falling off to sleep quickly, I was still stroking myself and could now see Jason playing with himself. The neon and street lights from the window made the room brightly illuminated.

In one sense, it was awkward laying a foot away from another man clad only in my boxers as we both played with ourselves. But, on the other hand, we had seen each other naked and touched each other many times. Without thinking, I rolled to my side, facing Jason as my left hand reached out to grasp his thick meaty cock. Without hesitation, I leaned up, pulling the sheet back and taking his dick into my mouth. I was sucking another man’s hard dick for the first time in my life. His dick filled my mouth as he slid his boxers down his hips and off his legs. As I sucked him, he reached over and took my dick into his large warm hand. Jason was moaning while as he moaned in pleasure, I felt his finger circle around my anus. This felt amazing, and I continued to suck his beautiful hard dick.

As I sucked the first man in my life, I could hear him moan and feel his finger probe my butt hole. I then heard him tell me how he wanted to be inside of me and has wanted to fuck me hard.

I ended up on my stomach over the bed with my underwear off. I can’t say the feeling of having a hard steel cock pressed inside my ass was like anything I had ever felt before. I begged for mercy as he thrust inside me from his position kneeling over me, but he was intent. My feelings of pain and suffering quickly changed to feelings of incredible pleasure as I was being hammered from behind. It did not take long before I heard Jason grunt that he was ready to cum and asking where I wanted him. I was in a dreamlike state as I grunted between breaths for him to cum inside me. I did not have to wait long before I could feel Jason’s dick twitching and pulsing inside me as he bathed my insides with his hot load of cum. My cheeks were burning from being spanked as Jason pounded me hard from behind, I was left half pushed off the mattress when he pulled out with a resounding thud.

I felt my hair being pulled upward as Jason kissed me deeply, and then I detected the pungent aroma of his dick before it impaled my mouth. I struggled, albeit briefly, as I began to suck Jason’s rigid, deflating shaft. Tasting his cum mixed with the distinct taste of my “man cunt” as he referred to it. I was sucking his rod, sucking his balls and licking his ass while I drifted off to slumber.

I woke slightly as my wife was now face timing with Jason, she had watched as he streamed the entire segment of my full degradation to her online. I was humiliated but also proud of taking my first cock. It was incredible. I relished the feeling and knew that tonight was only Thursday, and between tonight and Sunday, I would have many more opportunities to experience my new desires to feel Jason’s cock deep inside me. I fell off to sleep as my friend, and my wife laughed and chatted.

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