Walter Spackman had hit the jackpot as far as he was concerned. Martha, his grouchy old personal assistant had finally retired at the ripe old age of 67 and he had just hired a much younger new assistant, Victoria Anderson. For a horny old lech like Walter, Victoria was a dream come true. Not only was she the most beautiful creature he’d ever laid eyes on, complete with long peroxide-blonde hair, huge tits and a killer body, she was also the dumbest, most naïve bimbo he’d ever met.

Twenty three year old Victoria was married, but if Walter had been married to such an impressionable young beauty like her, he would never let her out of the bedroom. During the job interview Walter had been constantly squeezing his ever-present rubber stress-ball, afraid that if he stopped he wouldn’t be able to help himself from leaping across the interview table and giving the voluptuous blonde a thorough rogering. Her sexy innocence drove him crazy, every lewd comment he made going right over her head. When he purposely threw his stress-ball on the ground and Victoria bent at the waist to retrieve it for him, the view of her spectacular ass in her tight skirt had almost caused him to blow his load.

That interview had been last Thursday and now on Monday afternoon he was almost at the end of his first day being assisted by the beautiful and sexy Victoria Anderson. Walter had definitely made the most of it. He had called Victoria into his office at least twice an hour to pick up spilled objects or retrieve files from the lowest drawers in his cabinets. Victoria had worn black trousers on her first day and although he didn’t get much of a look at her spectacularly long and sleek legs, the trousers fit like a second skin and her beautifully rounded ass looked amazing in them whenever she bent over and presented it towards him.

Victoria wore a relatively low cut purple top, it’s plunging V-shaped neckline displaying a good portion of her impressively large tits and impossibly deep cleavage. If he had to compare her breast size he would put it somewhere in the Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra Baywatch kind of range. Definitely more than a handful for anyone who was lucky enough to get their hands on those impressive jugs.

As well as having her bend over whenever the opportunity presented itself, Walter also made a point of standing over her as she worked at her desk. Leaning over her shoulder a number of times to point out things on her computer screen and also get a brilliant view down into her mind-boggling cleavage.

Despite all his not-so-subtle leering, Victoria seemed completely oblivious to her new boss’s lecherous attentions. Walter however was absolutely crazy with lust, constantly squeezing his stress-ball for all he was worth. At this rate he would probably need a new one before the week was out.

At about 4.30pm Walter could take it no longer and decided he would head home and let off some steam with a good long masturbation session in honour of his lovely new personal assistant.

As he walked past Victoria’s desk he saw that she was bent over, rifling through one of her drawers, her lovely round ass pushed out towards him. After his day of restraint he could no longer resist. As he moved past her he reached out and patted one of the firm round globes of her buttocks, his whole body tingling as he finally laid a hand on her perfect bottom, her tight fitting black pants doing nothing to disguise the glorious softness of her ass.

“Oh Mr Spackman!” yelped Victoria in surprise at the pat, jerking herself upright and spinning around to face him, a look of shock covering her beautiful features.

“Just a little pat for a job well done,” Walter assured her, doing his best to look nonchalant. Inside he was fighting the urge to give her big tits a great big squeeze through her top.

“Oh, okay,” replied Victoria, she looked a little confused and concerned, obviously not too happy with being touched by her dirty old boss.

“Don’t worry Victoria, think of us like a sports team and think of me like a coach. A little pat to congratulate you is perfectly normal,” inside he was very worried now. His impulsive action could get him in a whole world of trouble if Victoria complained about sexual harassment.

“Oh,” replied Victoria, appearing appeased by his reply. “Well if you put it like that, then thank you.”

“Great,” Walter replied, grinning widely. He couldn’t believe he gotten away with it. Victoria certainly wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. “Well I’m off home, I’ll see you tomorrow morning.”

“Okay Mr Spackman.”

Walter reached around and gave her another quick pat on the butt and then he hurried headed for the door. The memory of the way her lovely round butt cheek had felt against his palm would certain fuel his fantasies tonight.


Day two went equally well as far as Walter was concerned. Victoria had worn a pair of charcoal grey slacks and a black blouse. He’d greeted her with a pat on the ass, gently touching first one buttock then the other with his right hand as he walked past. Victoria hadn’t even blinked at the treatment.

Once again throughout the day his stress-ball got another thorough workout as Walter did his best to get plenty of viewing time on Victoria’s ass and cleavage, as well as several more pats on her perfect ass. As the hours went by the pats got a little harder, and by the time he headed off at 5pm, he gave her a firm slap on the bottom before slipping out the door on his way home.


By Wednesday Walter decided he wanted to push his luck and see if he could have a little more fun with Victoria and take full advantage of her slow wits and naïve nature.

He waited until around morning tea time before calling Victoria into his office.

“Is something wrong Mr Spackman?” she asked cheerily as she entered his office to see Walter sitting at his desk looking very upset and stressed about something.

“Yes, something’s very wrong. Have you seen my stress-ball?” he asked her anxiously.

Victoria frowned, she had noticed that the balding executive almost always had the blue rubber ball in his hand, squeezing it repeatedly to keep himself calm and collected. “Umm…” she murmured thoughtfully, “no I haven’t. Do you want me to have a look around and see if I can find it for you.”

“Yes please Victoria, it’s very important that I lay my hands on it, I can’t focus without it and my work is very important.”

“Of course,” said Victoria, she would hate to think that he couldn’t do his work on account of losing the ball.

For the next half hour Victoria searched high and low, checking every inch of both Walter’s office and her desk and filing area just outside. As she searched, even getting on her hands and knees to check under desks and cabinets, Walter followed her around, taking every opportunity to either stare at her ass or look down her top, depending on the position of her body as she hunted for his stress-ball. What Victoria wasn’t aware was that Walter’s stress-ball wasn’t even in the office. He’d actually taken it home with him last night and purposely left it on his kitchen table.

“There’s no sign of it at all Mr Spackman,” announced Victoria at last, sighing in defeat.

They had returned to his office and Victoria was sitting in a chair beside him, a position he often had her sit when she was doing dictation. He got a kick out of the way her bosom jiggled in her blouse when she tried to write extra quickly.

“This is a big problem,” Walter said, his voice very stern. “Without the ball I won’t be able to work.”

“Is there anything I can do?” asked Victoria anxiously.

Walter sighed and looked her up and down, his gaze finally coming to rest on her expansive bosom. Victoria was wearing a tight fitting white blouse that stretched taut across her chest, the buttons almost threatening to pop free. The material of the blouse was ever-so-slightly transparent and Walter could make out the material of a lacy bra beneath.

“Yes, perhaps you can help me,” he replied, thoughtfully eyeing her bust.

Victoria didn’t appear to notice that he was talking to her chest rather than her face. “Great, what can I do?” she asked eager to please her new boss.

“Well I need something round and soft, something very squeezable to keep my hands busy and focus my thoughts. My stress-ball was perfect, but perhaps you can provide me with an alternative.” He gestured vaguely in her direction.

“Sure, what do you need Mr Spackman?” Victoria asked him.

“Your breasts,” Walter replied, licking his lips in eager anticipation.

“My breasts?” repeated Victoria in surprise. Her hands rose up to unconsciously cover her chest.

“Yes, they’re perfect!” said Walter with great enthusiasm. “They look like a nice healthy handful and I’m sure they’re firm, yet squeezable.”

“You want to use my breasts as a,” Victoria swallowed, “as a stress-ball?”

“Yes, yes!” agreed Walter. “They’re the perfect solution. You don’t mind do you Victoria?”

His stunning blonde secretary hesitated, frowning as she tried to think through what he had just suggested.

“You said you’d help,” he reminded her. “After all, your job as my personal assistant is to provide me with a full support service. It’s not like I’ll be feeling you up or anything, it’s just for stress relief.”

“Um,” Victoria still wasn’t sure what she should do. “Okay Mr Spackman,” she said finally, after all it was very job.

“Wonderful!” Walter said happily. He immediately reached out with his right hand and grabbed hold of one of her large round boobs, giving it a firm squeeze through her blouse and bra. “Very nice,” he said, “your breasts are perfect.”

Walter ran his hand over the generous expanse of Victoria’s left breast, letting the large round orb fill his hand. “Maybe a little bigger than my stress ball, but still perfect.”

He then started to squeeze, kneading the firm flesh of her ample bosom through her clothing, letting his fingers sink into the soft mound of her big tit. Walter hefted her left breast up in his palm, feeling the weight of it, and then resumed squeezing and groping, making sure to keep his attention focussed on just her left breast.

Victoria remained still as a statue, sitting silently in her chair as her boss squeezed and groped her breast. The busty blonde avoided any eye contact, the whole situation was making her feel rather uncomfortable, the idea of him using her tits as stress-balls made her feel like she was being used like an object.

Walter did his best to look thoughtful as he rolled her left tit around in his palm, feeling her nipple harden through her clothing as he played with her big breast. This was fantastic.

“Okay Victoria, I feel much better. More focussed,” he told her after about five or six minutes of fondling, decided he shouldn’t push her too far, especially right away. “You can head back to your desk and I’ll get on with my report.”

“Of course Mr Spackman,” Victoria nodded, standing up and quickly heading out of his office.


Just after lunch Walter asked Victoria to bring him a coffee, as she moved around beside him to place the coffee on his desk he reached around behind her and pinched her bottom.

Victoria jumped in surprise and to the horror of both of them she dropped his coffee into his lap.

“Oh sorry Mr Spackman!” cried Victoria, immediately grabbing a handful of tissues from the box on Walter’s desk and starting to swab up the spilled coffee from the front of his pants.

Fortunately Walter liked his coffee with lots of milk so it wasn’t piping hot. Victoria bent over his lap and was wiping up the coffee, rubbing his thighs and crotch with the handful of tissues.

Walter’s thighs were stinging from the hot coffee but he decided to make the most of the situation. He sat back in his chair, spreading his legs wide for Victoria to wipe up the coffee.

“Get my crotch, it’s burning,” he told her. He reached out behind her and laid his hand gently on her ass, cupping her left buttock through the tight fitting black trousers she was wearing.

Victoria started to rub Walter’s crotch, right over his cock and balls. She didn’t even notice his hand on her ass.

“Unzip my pants, my underwear is wet as well,” Walter instructed, giving her tight ass a slight squeeze. He rubbed his hand over her ass to cup her right buttock and give that a squeeze as well.

Victoria didn’t think twice at his instruction, worried that she had badly burnt her boss. She reached up and unfastened his pants, exposing his soaking wet underwear. Without thinking about what she was doing Victoria grabbed another handful of tissues and reached inside the open front of Walter’s pants, rubbing his crotch through his wet underwear.

Victoria gasped as she realised Mr Spackman’s cock was erect inside his underwear. She froze, unsure what she should do in this suddenly awkward situation.

“Quick, get rubbing,” Walter urged her, giving her ass another squeeze, it felt delicious round and firm, she certainly kept herself in shape.

Victoria bit her lower lip anxiously and resumed rubbing his crotch. She could plainly feel the long hard shaft of Walter’s cock through the tissues as she rubbed over it’s length, doing her best to dry off his underwear. She gave his penis a half dozen wipes with the tissues and then more gently rubbed his testicles, not wanting to be over enthusiastic and hurt him.

“I think that’s the best I can do,” she said at last, withdrawing her hand from his crotch and tossing the clump of wet tissues into the bin beside his desk. Victoria was uncomfortably aware of the bulge between Walter’s thighs and averted her eyes from the open front of his pants.

“I guess that’ll have to do,” Walter said, obviously not happy about the spill. He gave her firm posterior a gentle pat.

“I’m so sorry about that Mr Spackman,” apologized Victoria, genuinely upset with herself. She prayed she hadn’t done any permanent damage.

“Can you please zip me up then,” he instructed her.

Victoria immediately obeyed, not even considering the notion that he was quite capable of doing up his own pants. It was a bit of a squeeze with his engorged genitals but she managed to fasten up the front of his pants, acutely aware of his hard erection as her fingers bumped against it.

“Good job,” announced Walter, giving her a slap on the ass when she was done, causing her to jump a little. “I’m in no state to keep working,” he said, gesturing down at the damp front of his trousers. “I’ll call it a day and see you in the morning.”

“Okay Mr Spackman,” said Victoria. “Sorry.”


As soon as Walter arrived on Thursday morning he called Victoria into his office.

“I’m terribly stressed today,” he told her. “I’ve got an important conference call at 9.30 so I need to be sharp as a razor this morning. Can you come around here so I can use your tits a moment?” he asked her, reaching up with his hands and making squeezing motions towards her as if he was going to honk on her tits.

“Of course Mr Spackman,” agreed Victoria. She was still feeling guilty after splashing coffee on him yesterday and wanted to please him as much as possible today.

Victoria moved around the desk and sat down in the chair beside him, turning her body towards him a little and arching her back to thrust her chest out towards him.

Walter was obviously very stressed today as he reached out with both hands and cupped both of Victoria’s heavy breasts in his palms.

“Oh that’s good!” he breathed in obvious relief, giving her ample tits a firm squeeze, sinking his fingers into her lovely big melons.

“These are much nicer to play with than my old stress-ball,” he said, massaging her tits through her blouse, squeezing the large orbs quite roughly. He groped and mauled at Victoria’s chest with obvious relish, rolling the large round spheres of her breasts around in his hands and even pinching at her nipples through her clothing.

“I think that perhaps you shouldn’t wear a bra tomorrow,” he suggested, lifting her tits up in his hands and pressing them together against each other, causing her cleavage to well up above the neckline of her blouse. “It’d make them feel smoother.”

“Okay Mr Spackman,” agreed Victoria. “If it would help I’ll leave the bra off tomorrow.”

“Good,” he said, smiling broadly as he groped harder on her huge knockers.

Walter played with Victoria’s tits for about ten minutes before he finally seemed to have had enough and sent her back out to her desk and he got on with his own work.

About fifteen minutes after that the conference call came through and Victoria patched it through to his office. A couple minutes later she heard his cellphone ring as well and some rather heated discussion going on.

After a further ten minutes or so she heard Walter yell out from his office.

She hurried in and saw that Walter was sitting in his chair, his legs crossed with his phone against one ear and his cellphone against the other. His head was kinked to the side and he was holding his phone against his shoulder as he struggled to write on the pad in front of him. Walter pointed at the pad and gestured for her to come over to him.

Victoria hurried over and saw that he had scrawled a note on the pad for her. ‘I need a piss but can’t stop phonecall, too important’ he had written. Victoria frowned at his note and shrugged. She wasn’t quite she how she could help him out of that tricky situation.

Walter ripped off the page from the notebook to reveal another note, already written on the page below. ‘Find me a bucket.’

Victoria gasped in surprise as she read the note, her eyes going wide. He wanted to piss in a bucket at his desk while he talked on the phone?

The buxom blonde looked around his office for something for him to piss into. Seeing nothing she hurried back out to where her desk was but didn’t spot anything useful.

“Shit!” she swore, her mind racing. What was she going to do?

Victoria hurried back into Walter’s office, as she entered her gaze rested on the rubbish bin beside his desk. Perfect! She hurried over, her large bosom jiggling enticingly beneath her blouse as she moved. Victoria grabbed the bin and upended it, spilling the rubbish onto the floor. She then put in on the floor in front of Walter’s chair.

Victoria hesitated awkwardly a moment, wondering if she should turn her back or leave the room to let him pee in privacy. However, before she could move Walter ripped another page off his pad, revealing a third note. ‘Take it out for me and aim it at the bucket.’

It took a few seconds to realise what Walter meant by ‘it’, but as soon as she did, her face went white. He actually wanted her to hold his penis for him while he pissed, right at his desk? Victoria’s mind was spinning. Never in her wildest imagination had she ever considered that she would be in such a position. She couldn’t do it, could she? Could he make her do it? Did he really mean what she thought he meant? Victoria stood there, staring at the note and rereading it, frozen by indecisiveness.

Walter was still talking on the two phones, his voice sounding stressed. He tapped urgently at the pad in front of him, indicating to Victoria to hurry up.

Victoria bit her lower lip. She really needed this job and didn’t want to upset Mr Spackman. The pretty personal assistant already felt like her job was on tender-hooks after yesterday’s split coffee incident. But could she really go through with this? It was pretty gross, not to mention very weird.

Victoria took a deep breath. Only one way to find out.

She knelt down beside her boss and reached gingerly into his lap, reaching for his fly. Her hands were shaking with nervousness. Victoria swallowed as she carefully took only of Walter’s zipper between her thumb and forefinger, holding it as if it was poisonous, but realistically his zip was the least of her worries.

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