The company sent me to attend a business conference and the Big Bosses offered me to bring another lady as my Personal Assistant.

I chose Tamara, a very young, nice babe in her early twenties. She had been in the company for just three months, but she was very efficient. And she was also hot…

I was thinking in sharing a stay in a nice hotel, with the chance of having this sexy girl just for me. I believed she was straight; but still I would try if she could be convinced to have sex with another woman…

We set off from the local airport and reached our hotel in the early evening; just for having dinner.
There had been a mix up with our booking. They had reserved one room with two beds for us, instead of two rooms. As there was no other accommodation available I asked Tamara if she would mind sharing. She replied, with a big smile, that she would not mind…
Her eagerness surprised me somewhat.

We settled in this comfortable room and I decided to have a shower, before we went to have dinner in the hotel restaurant. When I came out of the bathroom, I was wearing only a bath towel. I could see Tamara watching me as I dropped my towel to pull on my thong. I felt sure she was looking at my shaven mound…

The nice babe also got changed and I noticed she would wear a very sexy underwear outfit. I saw her mound was nicely trimmed and she had very nice perky tits, with dark areolas…

We went to the hotel restaurant and ordered light meal and wine.
Tamara told me she did not normally drink wine, but she fancied a glass tonight at a treat.
After the girl got almost half the bottle, she became quite talkative.
She continually glanced at my tits as we chatted. I was not using a bra and then my hardened my nipples were protruding through the thin material of my tight white blouse.

We ordered a cup of coffee after the meal and then we went back to our room. We had to be up early the next morning.

As I originally believed I was going to have my own room I had not bothered to pack any nightwear. I had planned to go to bed fully naked and masturbate to get rid of any stress before closing my eyes and pass out.

I thought that I could still lay in the nude for bed. So I stripped off and went naked to the bathroom. I felt Tamara`s eyes on my butt as I walked through the room.

When I returned and slipped into bed the fresh sheets stimulated my skin and the coolness tightened my nipples making them hard.

Tamara, to my astonishment, also stripped off completely and she stood still by her bed as if she wanted me to look at her.
The babe had an amazing body. I stared at her for some seconds.
I was disappointed when she finally pulled on a night gown…

All of a sudden Tamara looked at me and she burst into tears.
She appeared so sad and vulnerable that I got out of my bed to give her a hug. With my arms around her she sobbed quietly on my shoulder as I tried to comfort her. I was naked as I did so.

Her soft hands started to stroke my back and arms and my skin quivered with pleasure. Then she asked me if I could make her have an orgasm; since she loved to be touched for another woman instead of masturbating herself.
Sitting naked and holding such a sexy little babe, my nipples started to ache and my pussy got soaking wet in just seconds…

She sat upright and pulled her night gown over her head.
Then she opened her legs slightly to enable me to see her pussy lips below her trimmed mound. She again asked me to touch her.

I put the palm of my hand over her stomach and traced a trail down to her now glistening pussy lips. She was also wet like me.

Tamara groaned as my fingers threaded their way through her pussy hair. I touched her cunt lips and they opened up to my gentle pressure. She moaned, begging me not to stop.

One of my fingers slipped into her and the inside of her cunt felt like liquid velvet. I moved my digit slowly in and out trying to give her the pleasure she wanted and needed.

She spread her leg even wider and I sat between them, watching as my lubricated finger pushed its way deep into her as far as I could go. I pulled my finger a bit out to feel her clit. It was hard.

Tamara closed her eyes and pleaded again to not stop.

I placed my fingers at the top of her pussy lips and pulled them apart. Then I pushed back the hood of her clit.
I lowered my head to flick her hard pink pearl with my tongue.

She screamed out as she felt my lips and tongue there.

I inserted two fingers fully into her soaking wet cunt to rub the front walls of her vagina. As I did so I began to suck lightly on her clit. Tamara groaned and moaned with pleasure. Her hands were rubbing her hardened nipples now.
Her pelvis was pushing up to meet my mouth as I continued sucking her swollen clit. She was now beyond control, as I sucked her a bit harder and faster.

Suddenly she screamed out again, claiming she was close to cum.
Her cunt tightened on my fingers and then she let out a wailing noise as she climaxed like a bitch in heat.
Her body shuddered and as I lifted my head I could see her tits bouncing and her belly rippling with pleasure.

My two fingers remained inside her and I continued to rub.
I lay beside her and Tamara put one leg over mine so that I could continue fingering her horny cunt.

I felt she was very sensitive and I was right: a few moments later she whimpered, a strange sound left her lips and I felt her sweet pussy juices pouring onto my hand as she came once more.

Her lips moved to my tits and she sucked on my nipples in turn.

Then she just closed her eyes again and she passed out.

I returned to my own bed and masturbated furiously under the sheets, finger fucking myself to a massive orgasm.

I bit my lips as I came. But when I opened my eyes, Tamara was there close to my bed, staring at me. She said she wanted more…

I smiled at her, saying I had brought a couple of vibrators with me.

She them moved over to my case and I had a nice glimpse of her soaking wet pussy lips as she bent over to take the toys out.

Tamara exclaimed one of them was enormous; but I then told her the small one was the size of my dear hubby; since I missed him so much every time I needed to go out of town…

The huge one was for special occasions, when I felt a bit nasty…

I suggested Tamara she could try the small one.

She went over to her bed and lay down, her thighs spread wide.
Naughty Tamara then put the vibrator between her legs and rubbed it gently over her glistening labia. The toy started buzzing as the vibration stimulated her nice pink pussy lips.

She moaned and closed her eyes, as she began to push the tip into her waiting pussy. She applied pressure and the tip parted her cunt. She shuddered, but she continued pushing the toy further inside her. With a final push, the full eight inches were within her wet hole.

I saw tears trickling down Tamara`s face as she began to fuck herself, moving harder the vibrator in and out of her cunt.

Her other hand meanwhile was rubbing her tits; they looked swollen and her nipples were erect and proud.

My own hand was rubbing my now very wet pussy. I watched her in arousal, as I masturbated myself.
All of a sudden her belly tightened as she lifted her butt from the bed. The vibrator was deep inside her, as her cunt clamped onto it and, with her pelvis elevated, a wild orgasm erupted in her body.

Tamara moaned loud and a final contraction of her cunt expelled the vibrator from her body. Her own fingers pushed at her wetness as juices spilled from her body.

I had my own climax at the sight of this little bitch using my toy…
Tamara calmed down and finally lay on the bed, weeping quietly.

Then she looked at me, saying now it was my turn…
She wanted me to take the huge vibrator up my cunt.

I smiled to myself, knowing that I was sufficiently lubricated to take the full girth very easily.
I spread my thighs and put the thick bulbous head between my wet pussy lips. I relaxed my muscles and pushed hard.
The first five inches went into me and I grimaced with pleasure and a very light pain, as my vagina struggled to accommodate the size.

Tamara begged me to go further; she looked very excited.

I did as she asked and the head seemed to almost enter my womb.
I felt so full and complete; I was in Heaven.
Then Tamara helped me to turn the vibrator on, but on slow mode.

After a few seconds I knew that I would not take long to cum and I then turned the switch to a faster setting. My whole shuddered and I quivered to orgasm. It was a very intense one…

As I pulled the toy out, I could feel Tamara’s tongue invading my stretched cunt and her mouth sucking my swollen clit.

I just closed my eyes, thinking we still had three more days to share this comfortable hotel room…

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