John unlocked the front door. He had had a busy day at work, and was ready to crash on the sofa, watch a bit of TV and, if he could be bothered, cook something later. More likely just shove something in the microwave. He lived in a house share with another guy and 2 girls. The guy was a little older, in his 40s, and his car had gone from outside. He was only around when he had work on nearby anyway, and went back to his home in the South pretty often. The 2 girls were Adi, a slim and pretty Asian girl in her early 20s, and Wendy, a confident girl a few years older with a cute button nose and curvy figure. John found both of them attractive, especially Adi, but they hadn’t socialised much in the house and John had never had much chance to get to know them.

He walked towards the kitchen to put the kettle on, and heard an odd noise coming from Adi’s room. At first he thought it was giggling, but then it sounded more like screaming. He listened a little more closely- he thought he could hear Wendy’s voice “come on, nearly there”, then Adi’s, but sounding strained and more high pitched than normal, between gasps “it’s no good, I can’t do it”. Curious, he got closer to the door and noticed it was slightly ajar. Moaning and squealing noises were getting louder, mixed with heavy breathing and a kind of sloshing sound. He pushed the door open slightly- and the sight that greeted him made his heart skip a beat. Both of the girls were on the bed stark naked. He took in the shapes of their bodies- Adi, on the bed, legs spread wide apart, her beautiful shaved pussy swollen and spread open. Her breasts bouncing slightly as she writhed on the bed, nipples jutting out firmly from the shapely mounds. Her mouth open releasing the contorted sounds. Crouched in front of her was Wendy, her curvaceous body and shapely ass pointed up into the air, the gap between her legs revealing her puffy pussy lips, and her tits swaying with gravity. She was rapidly penetrating Adi in and out with a blue vibrator, the creamy juices sticking to the shaft of the plastic sex toy as it glided in and out of her swollen cunt. Wendy retracted the vibrator from her pussy at the same point as a loud squeal left Adi’s throat. Her pussy twitched and she shook a little, but her face looked disappointed “It’s no fucking good Wendy, I just can’t do it. My body won’t let me”.

Just then, Adi turned round and saw John at the door. He had almost forgotten where he was, captured by the unbelievable sight that he was witnessing. Adi grabbed for a sheet “what the fuck! WHAT THE FUCK! John” she shouted. Wendy spun round to look at him too. “Shit I’m so sorry” said John “I just heard a noise and came to see what was happening. I’ve only been there a second” he lied. “Well you’ve seen what you want to see, now fuck off” said Adi in an angry but slightly embarrassed tone. “And what the fuck is that in your pants anyway you dirty pervert?” John hadn’t realised how his boner had grown, but as he looked down he could see the swollen cock pressing against his trousers, giving a very obvious idea of what had been in his head. “Oh fuck sorry” he said, and turned to leave. “Wait” said Wendy “come here”. John stopped in his tracks. She was probably going to slap him or something. “come here and let me look at that” said Wendy. Adi was pulling her legs up the bed and covering herself with the sheet now. Wendy didn’t care about her nakedness, and hadn’t made any effort to cover up. John walked slowly towards her. She put her hand out and touched it through his trousers, then ran a finger down it. John stood, frozen to the spot. “Hmmm. hmmm. Maybe” She said “Take it out” “wha-what?” John stammered “You heard me” said Wendy. John unbuttoned and unzipped his trousers. The boner was pressing against the fabric of his boxers, the shape outlined starkly against the black fabric. Beads of precum were soaking through to the outside. Wendy ran a finger down the shaft again, and lifted the elastic to pull them down. The precum glistened as it formed a ribbon from the swollen bell end to the fabric of the shorts. His boner sprung out, rigid, the veins jutting out. “Yes” said Wendy “YES. It’s as I thought. It’s curved as fuck. In just the right place and angle too. This is EXACTLY what you need Adi!” “What?” said Adi “This is what you need to make you squirt” said Wendy. Adi frowned and looked unconvinced. “Take the rest of your clothes of John” said Wendy.

John was now giddy with excitement at this turn of events. He got undressed and stripped naked in front of the pair of them. Adi was secretly impressed at his strong, toned body and actually quite fancied John anyway, not that she had ever let on. Wendy preferred girls to boys, but she knew what she liked, and she knew what gave her a good orgasm. “I’ll show you” said Wendy, seeing Adi’s unconvinced look. “John, lay on the bed”. John lay down flat, his boner pointing into the air. Wendy straddled him, her boobs swaying as she got her legs either side. Her puffy pussy opened up revealing her slightly swollen labia and hood of her clit. “I’m not ready to be fucked yet John- Adi has been getting all the fucking. You’ll need to eat me first for a bit”. John was desperate to taste her- her pussy looked delicious. She shuffled up the bed to hold her pussy over his face, and lowered down. He started to tease her lips with his, then slowly extended his tongue and started swirling it round her clit. Wendy started moaning, and he could feel her clit swelling in his mouth. Adi, still wrapped in a sheet, had settled in a chair next to them. Wendy’s moans were starting to turn her on though, and she watched, sceptical but getting more relaxed by the minute. After a few minutes, Wendy declared herself ready. She wanked John’s cock up and down a couple of times and placed the head at her cunthole, then lowered herself down. She felt amazing. “Fuck John” said Wendy “that is exactly what I wanted”. She started to ride him, and he moved his hips to make sure she was fully penetrated every bounce. Her clit brushed against his shaved mons every time she reached the deepest part of his thrust. She adjusted her angle as her moans turned into shrieks, and then without warning let his cock pop out of her cunt and sprayed a shower of clear liquid across his chest. Breathing fast she said “see Adi, your turn”.

John turned round, and hadn’t noticed that Adi had been so turned on watching them that she had opened up the sheet and spread her legs, fingering her pussy. She was breathing faster now, and didn’t seem to want to resist the idea of fucking John any more. In fact, she was looking forward to it. “OK John” said Wendy “remember this is for Adi, not you- I’ll direct you how to perform”. John agreed. “Adi, lay on the edge of the bed with your legs over the end. Good girl. John, you need to lift her legs backwards so her pelvis tilts into the air. That’s it. Penetrate her like that. I’ll provide any additional help- you just concentrate on fucking her how I tell you”. Adi obediently lay on the bed, her swollen pussy inviting him towards her. She was so wet and he couldn’t wait to be inside her. He lifted her legs up til they were bent back over, and Wendy held his cock and guided it into Adi’s open pussy hole. She was tight and he could feel every bit of her opening up as he slid in. He slowly entered her, opening up the entire length of her vagina. He could feel the spongy g spot as he slid in, the hard curved cock pressing up hard against it. Adi’s eyes closed and she let out a moan.

He started slowly pumping her pussy, admiring her pretty breasts, toned tummy and slim legs. He could hear her wetness as his cock glided in and out. Wendy watched, then took out a small vibrator and placed it on Adi’s nipple. She started to circle it, and Adi moaned and twisted her chest. Wendy took out a disc-like vibrator and ran it from Adi’s other tit down her heaving stomach and laid it to rest just above her clit. Adi let out a shiver and a yelp. “Hold that just there John” said Wendy “and start pumping her harder now”. John obeyed, and holding her legs back with one arm and the vibrator in place with the other, started increasing the tempo of his thrusts. Wendy continued circling her nipples with the other vibrator, and looking on with a hungry and eager look in her eyes, had started fingering her own pussy. John flexed his cock up against Adi’s G spot with each slide as he fucked her in and out, and he could feel it getting more engorged and the he noises turning from those of slipping to splashing. Adi was squealing now, and Wendy put a couple of fingers in her mouth, covered in her own pussy juice. Adi sucked on them as she was repeatedly penetrated top the hilt of John’s rock hard cock. Adi started to shake slightly, and John began to fuck harder, unbelievably turned on that he had been allowed to fuck this beautiful girl. Wendy took the fingers out of Adi’s mouth and started to finger her own pussy more intensely than before. John slid the vibrator around Adi’s clit and then pressed it down right at the top of the hood. He pushed her legs back even further. Adi was screaming now, and her hips had started to lift from the bed. He felt her pussy clamping down on his cock. “take it out John” suddenly exclaimed Wendy. John could feel his own orgasm building with her tight pussy contractions, and thought Wendy must be worried he would cum inside her. He didn’t care- he was going to cum hard! He banged her so hard the bed was shaking, and Adi was starting to lift her whole body off the bed now in uncontrollable spasms. “Take that fucking cock out of her cunt NOW John” screamed Wendy, her eyes wide as she continued to finger herself vigorously. John felt the orgasm surge through him, and took his cock out of Adi’s spasming pussy, flexing hard against her g spot as he did. A shower of liquid shot out of her, in fact, several sprays of hot girl cum jetted from her orgasming vagina. John’s cock pumped streams of cum onto her chest, and as he swung round to watch Wendy finish herself off, several shots hit her body as she also had a very wet orgasm, dribbling her juices onto the bedroom floor. Wendy collapsed onto the floor, while Adi lay on the bed, still shaking and whimpering slightly, but touching her pussy as if she couldn’t believe the fountain of wetness had come from her.

“I fucking did it” gasped Adi. John took a last look at their gorgeous, satisfied naked bodies, and went back to the kitchen to finish making that cup of tea. “One sugar. And a towel” shouted Wendy after him

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