I’d been told by a buddy of mine about glory holes, and that if I was interested, there was one (though not publically touted as such) in the local area; at an adult bookstore.

“If you go, remember, there’s no way of knowing just who it might be behind the wall. Okay? It could be a guy, or a woman. You really don’t know. But,” he said, pausing, “when I went there—whoever it was gave the best goddamn blow job I’d ever had! So, the point is: You can’t be too picky or choosey! You take whatever is on offer. Or, don’t go.”

I didn’t go right away, but I kept thinking about. I even went to the adult bookstore and browsed around the magazines and tapes, and I even bought several items, but I didn’t have the courage to enquire about the glory hole! It largely depended on if anyone was on the other side of the plywood wall, and if they were interested in sucking your cock, or not! At best, so I’d been told by my friend, it was a 50/50 shot either way.

Eventually, though, I got up the courage to try it, and I requested the booth at the very end of the hallway where the glory hole was. The older woman who was behind the counter, and who took my money to rent a video I was going to, ostensibly, watch in that booth, gave me a curious little smirking sort of smile as she handed me change.

“Booth number 6”, was all she said.

I nodded my thanks and proceeded down the darkened hallway to booth number 6. Admittedly, the whole store itself was dingy and dirty, and a little depressing of a place in which to have your cock sucked, but there was something about that very ambience that was part of the strange excitement of such places!

I went into booth number 6 and sat down on the cheap plastic chair provided as the video I’d rented out front started playing, but honestly, I was more intrigued by the glory hole than the video! There was a round hole about three feet up from the floor to my left. It was dark. Apparently there was no one setting over there, but still, as my buddy had told me to do, I gave the wall a couple of raps with the back of my hand. Immediately, someone (on the other side) rapped back! So there was someone over their after all, I thought. Was I really going to do this—stick my tender cock and balls through that rather dirty-looking hole, and let some total stranger ‘do things’ to it?! My pulse was racing like mad as I sat there pondering this question; but then I stood up, quietly unzipped my fly, hauled out my already partly erect cock and balls, and after only the briefest of pauses, I shoved my cock and family jewels through the hole!

Immediately, and without hesitation, whoever it was on the other side took hold of my balls in one hand, and with the other my cock in the other; and also with hesitation, they proceeded to grip my balls very tightly as they started licking and sucking my cock; which, surprisingly, sprang fully erect within seconds!

The whole experience didn’t last very long (or rather, I didn’t ‘last’ very long), but during those passing moments, whoever it was on the other side of the glory hole, man or woman, I’d never felt anything as exciting, or as pleasurable as that first-ever glory hole blow job!

I’d had sex with women, and I’d generally enjoyed the feel of my cock buried in a pussy, but—whoever it was on the other side of the wall did things with their mouth to my cock that I’d never experienced before; and they easily ( and almost too easily, in some ways) soon relieved me of a load of my cum!

As they did, I stood there, pressed up against that dirty divider panel-of-a-wall, gasping and trembling like a leaf, as I felt that strangers mouth holding my cock as I pumped every last drop of my cum into it! In a word, it was ‘magnificent!’

“Oh—fuck!” I said, trying not to say that too loudly, but I had to say something!

I stepped back from the hole, feeling my cock slid out from between someone’s moist lips, and I said (and as sincerely as I possibly could convey to whoever it was): “THANY YOU!”

There was no reply. So I said it again. No reply.

Hmm? I thought. That’s kind of rude. So I stuffed my saliva and cum cover cock and balls back through my fly, zipped up hurriedly, and stepped back out into the hallway, but I saw no one leaving. I checked the door to the stall where, whoever it was, had to have still been in it—but when I opened it, there was no one there. There was no other door way out of it. So I concluded that while I was zipping up my fly that whoever it had been had left!

I was actually very curious to have seen who this other person was, which was what you really weren’t suppose to do at a glory hole because it was all about anonymous sex. Period. No faces. No names. Just sucking cock, and dumping a load of cum! That was it. Simple. Relatively uncomplicated and straight-forward. I knew that, but I was still curious to know who had that load of cum I’d passed to.

As I left the adult bookstore, the same clerk who had taken my money for the video I’d selected to watch in that back booth, nodded. She gave me a faint smile, and said: “The video any good?”

“Yeah,” I said, shrugging. “It was fine.”

“Good,” she replied, still wearing that faint smirking smile she’d had earlier.

Had she been the mystery mouth behind the glory hole, I wondered? For some reason I didn’t think so. But, I suppose it might have been, but I preferred to think it had been another guy. Not sure why. For some reason, a guy made it seem all the more—adventurous.

As I began leaving, the older woman said: “Have a nice day!”

“Thanks!” I replied. “I will.”

On the way home I kept wondering who the hell that other person had been that had sucked me off! Surely it was another guy. It had to be. At least, that’s what I decided to decide, and I left it at that.

So, did I ever go back to that glory hole?

I did.

Twice, that is, before all such places were shut down by local law enforcement—but now they’ve gone ‘private’; in peoples homes, apartments, and even back yard garages, so their still around, just in a different venue! If you ever get the chance to experience a glory hole—do so! Their very interesting situations, with very interesting dynamics at play.

The End 
Adult Bookstore (circa 1978 or '79)

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