So my sister Tara and I have always been really good friends. I mean, we both have our own lives away from each other, but at the end of the day when we’re both at home we’re talking and laughing, and it just feels right. Just the two of us. We’re a little more like roommates you could say, because it doesn’t matter what we do or say around each other. Like whenever I get laid, the first person I tell is Tara, and she’ll usually fire back with something like “Really? Was she hot?”

And something that tends to piss our parents off quite a bit is how comfortable with our bodies we can be. I hadn’t seen Tara fully naked or anything, but she’s no stranger to just walking around with just a t-shirt and a thong on. She just doesn’t care. And something tells me that she knows I like it. Not that I’m attracted to my sister or anything, but she is without a doubt pretty smoking hot. She’s almost 20 and she’s quite short, with strawberry blonde hair, a tiny waist, nice perky tits and an ass that would turn any guy’s head. Even her brother’s.

So I’m 18, and I’m a pretty attractive guy, I like to think. I’ve done a few things with a few girls, but nothing could have prepared me for what was about to happen this one regular normal spring day. I’d just gotten back from school and I was pretty beat. It had been a rough day, and all I wanted to do really was lay in bed and zone out for a few hours. So that’s exactly what I did. I threw my homework aside, stripped down to my boxers, put on my headphones and hopped onto my bed. Laying back, I closed my eyes and listened to some nice quiet relaxing music. Not a care in the world.. until Tara came in.

I didn’t even know she’d entered the room. I think I was half asleep and I couldn’t hear with the headphones, but Tara had crept in quietly, wearing a small pink tanktop and a pair of neon green panties. Nothing else. And there I was on my bed in nothing but a loose pair of boxers. So to anyone else, this would be a super weird scene. It was even to me a little.

I felt someone press down on the bed, and I opened one eye to see Tara crawling up beside me. She reached up and lifted one side of my headphones, whispering:

“Hey baby brother..”

“Hey..” I groaned, “What’s up?”

“Oh nothing,” she said, kneeling beside me, “Just seeing what you’re up to.”

“Oh, well I’m napping,” I said, eyes closed, “As you can probably see.”

“Hmm,” she said looking down at me, “Well can I nap with ya?”

“No,” I said, removing my headphones, “and what are you wearing?”

“Haha,” Tara giggled, “My napping clothes! What are YOU wearing?”

“Practically nothing!” I shot back, “So go away.”

Tara looked down and slapped me on the belly.

“I don’t care,” she said, “Nothing I haven’t seen before.”

I didn’t respond. I just laid there, pretending to sleep while Tara made a spot for herself next to me. I did open one eye took look when I noticed she’d done something a little weird. Instead of laying next to me with her head up by the pillows, she crawled upside down and put her head near my leg and her feet up by my head. From where my head was, all I could really see was her feet and her butt. So I looked for a minute. She did after all have a nice butt, and I could make out a little bit more underneath her panties, like the outline of her pussy, but just a little bit. And I really didn’t think much of it. I was indeed pretty tired.

“Are you looking at my butt?” Tara’s voice came from down below me.

“No,” I moaned, “Go to sleep.”

So we both did, or pretended to at least, for a little bit. There was complete silence for a few minutes. Then Tara shifted a little and put her hand over my stomach, feeling my smooth skin for a moment. I’d noticed, but it didn’t phase me too much. She was just making herself comfortable, and if putting her arm around someone kept her quiet, then so be it. I didn’t mind.

So we napped with each other for a little while. Me on my back lying straight up and down. And Tara next to me, upside down, curled in a fetal position with her hand over my belly. Every once in a while she would move her hand a little. I wasn’t sure if she’d even noticed, but I noticed her hand, every five minutes or so, would move just a little bit lower toward my boxers. Then suddenly I felt something lift up the hole in the front of my boxers. Tara was looking through the hole like someone lifting up a curtain. I quickly put my hand down on hers.

“What are you doing?” I said.

“I thought you were sleeping,” she said in a giggly voice, “I was just having a peek.”

“At what, my junk?” I asked.

“Yeah, duh,” she looked at me and moved her head so it was resting on my upper left leg.

“Why… do you wanna.. see my penis…”

“Because I never have before!”

“Well so what,” I said, “I’ve never seen your boobs before and I don’t care.”

“Would you like to?” she asked.

“No, that’s weird.” I said.

“No it’s not.”

“Yes it is”

“No it’s not.”

“Yes it is.”

“Come on…” she said, “Just let me see it once, and I won’t ask again. I’m curious.”

“Curious of what?” I asked.

“I dunno,” she said biting her lip, “How big is it?”

“It’s big enough,” I said.

“Prove it!” she shot back.

“Ughh…” I laid my head back and closed my eyes again, “Ok.. you can take ONE good peek, and that’s it. Have at it.”

“Yayy!!” she squealed like a giddy little girl.

I rested my hands behind my head and looked at the ceiling as Tara raised her right arm again and began to lift up the flap in the front of my boxers. Her eyes were wide as she looked inside. Genuine curiosity on her face. She gazed and smiled at the look of her own brother’s penis as he rested before her. I looked down at her.

“Are you satisfied?” I asked.

“Awww,” she moaned, “It’s adorable!”

“It’s adorable??”

“Yeah it is!” she said, still looking at it, “Who knew my brother had such an adorable penis.”

“Haha,” I laughed, “Alright, well you had your fun. Time to put the penis away.”

“Awww,” she frowned up at me, “Can’t I hold it?”

“Absolutely not.” I said.

“Why, are you afraid you’re gonna get a boner?”

“No,” I said, “It’s just super weird for girls to be holding their brother’s dicks, that’s why.”

“Hahaha,” she laughed, “Well it’s not like I wanna jerk you off. I just wanna play with it a little. I’ve never really just looked and examined one up close before.”

“You want to examine my penis?” I said, “What are we five? Are we playing doctor?”

“Oooh,” her face lit up, “You wanna?”

“No!” I laughed, “Just.. knock it off! I’m still napping.”

“Well I’m gonna do it anyway,” she said as she reached into my boxers.

She did manage to touch it for a second before I snatched her hand up.

“Are you crazy??” I yelled.

She laid back and started laughing.

“Just let me hold it, for a minute, and then I’ll stop.”

“That’s what you said about just looking at it,” I said, and we both stared at each other for a minute or two.

I knew she wasn’t gonna stop. Once Tara puts her mind to something, there IS no stopping her. I was going to lose. I guess it won’t be all that bad, I thought. Worse that could happen, some pretty girl plays with your dick a little bit. Worse things have definitely happened. But it was my sister, and..

“Ok,” I gave in, collapsing back, “Have at it. Examine away.”

“Ok!” she whispered.

Her hand reached in again and I quivered a little when her fingers touched me. She spread open the hole in my boxers and kind of pinched my dick between two fingers. Raising it up and turning it in her fingers like a scientist examining a specimen. Only this scientist happened to be my sister, and she was half naked in my bed, playing with my flacid penis. She laid her head back on my leg and smiled as she turned it over and back, pointing it in different directions.

“It is nice,” she said, “Even if it isn’t hard. Does it get much bigger?”

“Uhh,” I guess I was playing along now, “Yeah I guess. Pretty big.”

“You gotta play with the tip, right?” she asked, like she didn’t know, “To make it big?”

“Uhhh, yeah,” I said, “That’ll probably do it.”

“Like this?” she said, and she rubbed her thumb around the tip a few times.

A weird sensation came over me and my first instinct was to gasp and grab her hand away.

“Hahaha,” she laughed, “Did it work?”

“No,” I said, “It didn’t. Time’s up. Leave my poor little guy alone.”

“Ohhhh ok,” she said and laid her head back down.

I laid mine back again too. Closed my eyes and pretended nothing had just happened between my sister and my penis. But it was too late. The touch of her thumb must have triggered something and I felt my cock slowly start to rise. I knew Tara was still looking at it too.

“It’s moving!” she whispered, “Did I do that?”

“No,” I said, eyes still closed, “It just does that. Leave it alone.”

“Awww,” she continued, “It’s poking it’s cute little head out!”

And she was right. It was. My cock was slowly rising and was sticking through the hole in the front of my boxers. I decided to just lay there and do nothing. If I ignored it, it might go down. But this was not the case. And then…

“Baaaaby brotherrrrr…!” Tara sang.

And there was a tingling in my cock that sent waves up my spine as Tara gently tickled the underside of my shaft.

“Oh my god..” I whispered, still lying, “Don’t do that!”

She giggled and did it again. With two fingers she slowly caressed to underside of my rising shaft. Up, and then down.

“Stop..” I whispered, looking down. I placed my hand on top of hers, but she kept on going. “You need to st… stop..”

My eyes rolled back and my mouth opened wide. My feet trembled in their socks. My toes stretched as far as they could go. Tara continued to smile and gently caress my hardening cock. This was a game to her, and I wanted so badly to make her stop, but it just felt soooo good. I couldn’t. My body froze up and I looked down. What I saw was my hard cock, standing straight up towards my face and my sisters smiling, giggling face right next to it, singing “Babbbbby brotherrrrrr…” while her fingertips gently and slowly moved up and down… up and down on my hard cock. I looked over at her ass, trying to take my mind off of what was happening. She stuck her butt up in the air.

“Grab my butt,” she whispered, and she smacked her butt.

My left hand shot out and I grabbed onto Tara’s butt like someone trying to stop themselves from falling over. Her hand went right back to my cock, but instead of just caressing it, she wrapped her whole hand around it.

“Oh my god…” I whispered again, my breath trembling.

I couldn’t believe what was happening. I looked down and saw my sister, staring at my hard cock as she gripped it firmly in her hand. She lifted it up so it pointed at the ceiling. She gave it a little squeeze and then raised her hand up, and then down again. And then back up, and then down again. My balls raised up with each movement, my skin folding up and down with her hand.

“Tara..” I breathed out, “You can’t…”

“Shhhhh, just lay back,” she whispered. Then with a pouty face she said, “You’ve had a rough day.”

“Wheeeww” I sighed, looking up. Eyes wide, I tried hard to come to terms with what was happening, “Ok,” I whispered, “…ok.”

I looked back at the ass I was holding on for dear life to. I started moving my thumb around it, grabbing different parts. Playing with her ass like something to squeeze to take my mind off of some sort of pain. But this was not pain I was feeling. It was pure pleasure. My sister pumped a few more times on my cock and I was rock hard. My sister Tara was officially jerking me off. How was this happening? As her hand came back down, she swirled her thumb around the tip of my cock, lubing it up for the next pump. My hips started rocking with the rhythm of each pump, like I was starting to fuck her hand. I was no longer resisting.

I stared at the ceiling. A really hot girl is jerking me off, I thought. I looked back at her ass and moved my thumb a little bit under her panties. Her butt felt warmer the closer I brought my thumb toward her pussy. She was moving her head a little closer to my cock, and she started licking the shaft, up and down at first as she pumped my cock with her hand. She pointed my cock toward her face and licked up the shaft to the head. Then she brought her head up and aimed my cock toward her mouth. I felt a deeply warm sensation throughout my whole body as I watched my sister’s head slowly lower onto my cock and it disappeared into her mouth.

“Ohhhh my god…,” I moaned.

“Mmmmm..” she moaned back with her mouth full.

She began slowly bobbing her head up and down, sucking my cock while swirling her tongue around the tip with each suck. Examining me still, but with her mouth now and her tongue. Feeling the texture of the head of my shaft. Keeping her hand planted at the base, she would pump the shaft a little with her hand every few sucks. She knew what she was doing.

“Mmmm..” she moaned again with her mouth full.

Again I looked at her ass. I saw some movement underneath her green panties, over her pussy. She was fingering herself while she blew me. Swirling her finger around her clit with her other hand. I moved my thumb a bit closer and felt the outer rim of her vagina. There was stubble there from when she last shaved her pussy, and I moved my thumb a little further in, under her panties until my thumb became warm and wet. She rocked her hips a little, letting me know that I should keep going. When I found the hole I plunged my thumb as deep in as it would go. Her muscles tightened, locking my thumb in like a vacuum seal.

“Mmmm, yeah,” she moaned again.

She spit out my cock and looked at me with her mouth wide open. She was jerking me off again, and this time my cock was all wet with her saliva. Her hand pumping on my cock made wet noises, and I could hear her fingers swirling around her wet clit also. Her hips began to rock with the rhythm of her hand pumping and my own hand, thumb fucking her pussy. With the rest of my hand I felt deep underneath her panties. Slid my finger into the crack of her ass and found her warm asshole. I kept my fingers there, resting against her asshole as I pumped my thumb in and out of her pussy while she fingered her clit and jerked me off. She brought her mouth down around my cock and started sucking me again. My breath became heavier. There was no going back, and suddenly the feeling became almost too much. She was sucking harder and faster, and fingering her clit even faster also. A wet spot appeared over her and my hand on her panties and I shoved my thumb in deeper. The deeper I went the louder she’d moan. My hips started trembling and my butt lifted off the bed.

“Oh god,” I gasped, “I’m gonna cum…”

She spit my cock out again and started furiously pumping my cock with her hand, faster and faster. She raised her upper torso to look down at what she was doing. My body was locked in an arch as I began my descent into orgasm. Her hand sliding rapidly up and down my wet shaft, I plunged my thumb into her pussy as deep as it would go. Wrinkles showed on her forehead and her mouth drooped open. Her face was much more serious now, and she was furiously rubbing her clit.

“Oh my go-…” I sputtered out, “Oh god.. ahh-ahhh… Mmmmmmm!!”

I pointed my cock straight up into the air, and with a few more of my sister’s hard jerks, a white stream of cum shot out from the tip of my cock, just missing Tara’s face and caught her in the hair, right by her left ear.

“Yeahhh haha, there ya go..” she moaned, slowing down a bit on her fist pumps. Admiring her handy work.

I was still cumming, even after the shot into her hair. In fact, I think I was cumming more than I’d ever cum in my life. Another stream shot out, but not as far and landed back on my cock, running down the side of Tara’s hand. And then another, coming out a little slower, running down the other side of her hand. My hips trembled a bit more and more cum came out, covering her hand in pearly white goo. She still held on but had stopped pumping. Her other hand now just froze underneath her panties. Her knuckles touching the side of my thumb, still planted deep inside her.

I slowly slid my thumb out, feeling the cool air on my wet thumb. Her ass cheeks resisted a little as I pulled the rest of my hand out. Still looking down, admiring what she’d done, she opened her hand and let my wet hard cock drop and slap against my lower belly. Strings of cum still connected her hand and my cock as she raised her hand up. Looking at it and then at me. She showed me her cum covered hand. She smiled and laughed.

“I think I need a towel,” she said.

“Ok,” I whispered.

Then as I reach over the side of my bed, careful not to move too much, Tara swung her leg up and, propping herself over me, she brought it over the other side of my body. Straddling me now, still holding her hand up. Some cum dripped from her hand onto my belly. I’d grabbed a used towel from beside my bed on the floor and held it up to her.

“Here.” I said.

“Thank ya!” she chirped cheerily.

She took the towel in both hands and started drying them off as she sat cowboy style over me. I could feel the warmth of her pussy on my cock and I realized there was only a thin layer of her green panties separating my still hard cock from her wet pussy. She noticed me looking and she looked down too. She gave a slow humping motion and grinded her pussy over my hard cock. We both moaned, looking down. She humped again. This time I grinded back and made her hips tremble. She closed her eyes and we both slowly grinded each other for a moment. Going slower with each rock of our hips. She lifted her head quickly, flipping her strawberry blonde hair back and opening her blue eyes. She took a real deep breath in and let it out loud.

“Ahhh…” she sighed. Looking down at me, she smiled and raised one eyebrow as if I was meant to say something.

I pointed my finger towards my temple, “You still got some in your hair.”

She giggled and touch the cum streak in her hair. Gripping the strand of hair in two fingers, she strained the cum out and rolled it in her fingers. Opening and closing her fingers, examining its consistency. Then, looking at me smiling, showing her teeth, she brought it to her face and stuck out her tongue. My eyes widened. Was she going to lick my cum off her fingers? Centimeters away, she started laughing, and instead rubbed the cum off onto my chest.

“Hey!” I laughed.

“Here,” she said bringing the towel back up, “Let me help you.”

I looked down and watched my sister wipe the cum off my chest and my belly, then another amazing sensation shot through me again as she grabbed my cock with the towel and whirled it around a little. Drying my cock with the towel, I moaned once more and then collapsed back onto my pillow. Tara slapped my chest, then leaned in toward me, smiling.

“Well?” she said.

“Well…? Haha..” I laughed, “Well what..?”

“Well how’d I do?” she remained leaning in close staring into my eyes, waiting for my response.

“Uhhh.. well,” I said, trying to come up with an answer, “Great! I guess.. I mean.. Wow.”

“Haha,” she said, possibly feeling as awkward as I was, “Didn’t know your sister had it in her did ya?”

“Uhh, haha..” I was speechless, “I was definitely not expecting that… Not one bit.”

She smirked and continued staring into my eyes.

“Ya know..” she said, thinking, “We don’t have to, like.. tell anybody or anything.”

“Yeah I know,” I said back, “I definitely won’t be.”

“Just like, uhhh..” she said, still thinking, “Some fun between two friends.”

“Right,” I said, smiling back, “I know.”

She smiled wider, and we both gazed into each other’s eyes, reading each other’s thoughts for a moment. She still had me straddled and was bent forward overtop of me. I looked down and realized I could see down her shirt a little. She had nice medium breasts. Not too big, but round even when pointing down. She looked down too at her own boobs and then back at me, smiling with her teeth.

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