Amira In Peril – Part 1 (First Make Out)Amira In Peril – Part 1 (First Make Out) 2

This is in no way a sequel or a prequel of the above-mentioned series, but a separate parallel series that runs around the life of one specific character in that series, namely Amira.

Please don’t forget to read the background part at the end of this story. Surely, it will clarify a few more things for you guys.

Now, enjoy the story…

~Story starts~

Shaw (Shaurya) rode Amy (Amira) towards her hostel. He wasn’t too slow, but he wasn’t fast either. Amy was thinking about what her friend Zayn had got herself into.

Losing virginity to one man (Amin) and now apparently staying at the place of another (Rey) while still not being married to either seemed like a totally crazy idea that’s frowned upon in her culture.

As he took his bike to the road, away from Rey’s cafe, where Rey (Reyansh) and Zayn (Zainab) were “staying” for the night, Amira started talking.

“So, it’s Shaw, right?” she said as she sat behind Shaw on his bike and held the handlebars behind.

“Yeah, and btw, you’ll be a lot safer if you hold me tight instead of the handlebar, you know?”

“But…okay fine,” she said as she held onto him by his shoulders.

“No, not like that. I’ll have to force my shoulders to change gears and stuff, and you’ll lose grip.”

“How should I hold you, then?”

“Put your arms around my chest,” he said as he started riding.

“But I am not…Ugh, whatever,” Amy said, pushing her arms around his chest.

This was the first time she was being physically this close to an unrelated man. Apart from the turn on, she knew this was a cultural taboo for her. She was afraid someone that shouldn’t have seen her like this, but she was too reluctant to talk about it.

Shaw was a big man, even bigger than Rey, so as she was trying to make a convenient trio grip on his body, Amira’s tits were pressed against his back and her palms were on his chest.

Amira felt his hard back pressing against her tits and his nipples on her fingers.

“I am sorry about grabbing you like this, Shaw. You’re just so big and there’s no other way to hold only you,” Amira said with a smile.

“No problem. After all, it’s me who asked you to hold me, remember?” he said, riding her through the larger vehicles on the road.

As they were riding, Amy couldn’t help but run her fingertips a bit against his nipples that she felt through his shirt. He didn’t seem to care. She knew her tits pressed against his back was turning him on, as much as that, and the touch of his chest was turning her on. But she was reluctant to ask him about it.

“You like the way my nipples feel?” Shaw asked all of a sudden. Amy quickly pulled her finger off his nipples.

“I-I’m sorry, Shaw,” she started stuttering. “I…I…,” she had nothing to say. Shaw laughed.

“Hahaha, it’s alright, Amy. Being a single, virgin girl in your culture, this should be the first time you’re doing even something like this.”

“So, did you like that too?” Amy asked in a puzzled tone.

“Sure, why not? There’s nothing a man likes more than that of a woman’s touch. Vice versa is true for women.”

“Who said that?”


“Really? Wow,” Amy said with a little smile.

She freely hugged him from behind and placed the right side of her face against his back. He too seemed to ride freely.

“Hey, you just passed the hostel!” Amy said to Shaw, all of a sudden.

“Oh shit!” Shaw said as he turned the bike to his left and pulled the brakes, bringing their ride to a grinding halt. Because of the speed a moment before the brake, Amy was basically thrown off her seat.

“Shaw!” she screamed as she was about to hit the road.

“Amy!” Shaw said as he swiftly jumped off the bike, knelt on his right leg, and placed his left hand against her back, holding her right hand by his. His bike fell to the ground. He didn’t care. Amy’s safety mattered to him more.

She hit against his palm, which hit against his left knee, and stopped. She felt his fingers on her right hand, which was the first skin to skin contact she had had with an adult unrelated male, as an adult female.

“Amy, are you okay?” Shaw asked her, looking into her eyes.

Amy was speechless. She had by now realized that he liked her, but this step he took to save her life was beyond a mere like. She was looking into his eyes. She didn’t know what to do. His squeeze on her hand was making her chest run like a volcano.

“Shaw…” was all she could say.

~Sex starts~

Her being speechless was answered by Shaw. He pulled in and kissed her lips.

Amy first tried to push him away. But she was turned on by now and his strength was too much for her. She gave up.

“God, please forgive me,” she thought, deep down as a tear dropped to the floor from her right eye.

They were tasting each other’s lips, tongues, and saliva. Her hands were on his face and his left hand was supporting her back as his right hand soon started running all over her tits and her belly, and squeezing her tits here and there.

“Mmh,” she moaned through the kiss.

A part of her still wanted to stop him. She placed her left hand on his right, trying to push it away, but her force was little to nothing and he kept feeling her tits. She still wanted him to let her g, as she felt her last bits of resistance being melt away. She finally let go of his hand.

These two had been kissing each other romantically by the side of a lonely road, with Shaw’s bike having fallen by. He didn’t break the kiss until her last resistance also disappeared.

After she placed her palms back on his cheeks, letting him feel her tits as he pleased only, he broke the kiss and looked into her eyes again. She was wet under her panty and wanted him inside her so badly. But she was a virgin.

Surprisingly, he didn’t rush either. He held her hand like before and helped her stand.

“We shouldn’t have done this,” Amy said with tears in her eyes. Shaw had an empty look. He started pulling her towards a lonely, empty area nearby.

“What are you gonna do to me, Shaw?” Amy asked in a scared tone. She was too scared to let him, but was also too horny to run off.

Inside the lonely area, Shaw placed Amy against a tall wall.

“I’m not gonna hurt you, Amira. Trust me,” he said as he went for another kiss.

Soon, she started kissing him back too. Her palms were on his face and his palms were running all over her body, wherever possible, and now and then, were squeezing her tits and ass.

Later, he broke the kiss for a second.

“Loosen your headcover,” it hit her like an order as he went back to the kiss. She had been pretty much emotionally shut down by now. She loosened her head cover herself.

Once she did that, her hands went back to his face. Then, he broke the kiss and started eating the left side of her neck through the loosened space.

“Aah…Oh God, Shaw,” she moaned as her left-hand fingers started running through his hair. She felt his hands over and over again on her body, but mostly on her boobs. Her nipples were now erect and he sometimes pinched them through her clothing and her bra.

“Aaah,” she moaned each time he did that.

Later, he started pulling her clothing upwards as he pulled himself away from her. She didn’t know what he was gonna do now. She was too shut down to ask too. He pulled it up until it was over her tits.

“Hold it like this,” he commanded her. She held her dress over her tits. As she did so, he sent his hands around her and unhooked her bra. As it got loosened from the front, he pulled it upwards and placed his palms on her boobs.

“Ahh..,” she let out a hiss. He started feeling her tits and her nipples again.

Later, in one go, he placed his mouth on her right boob and started sucking, licking and biting it as his left arm pulled her tightly against himself. His right hand went inside her panty from behind and started rubbing her asshole.

“Aaahh…Oh God, forgive me for I am sinning,” she said, among her moans.

His right hand later tried to slide into her panty from the front. She quickly held his hand with her left hand.

“Please, no Shaw,” she said, watering her eyes all the way down to her chin. He wiped her tears off with his left hand.

“I’m not gonna take your virginity, Amy. Trust me, you’ll like this,” he said as he started teasing her pussy with his right hand.

By now, Amy had built up some trust for Shaw. He could have easily made her his right there but he didn’t do it.

“Awww…sss…Aaah! Oh God no!” She was moaning. She now wanted him inside of her more than ever.

He left her and started pushing down his pants. He then pulled out his cock. Its size astonished Amy, but now, more than anything, she wanted it inside of her.

“Just do it, then, take me, make me yours. That’s all left to do,” Amy said, crying.

“No!” Shaw said in a decisive voice. “Kneel down, and get me inside your mouth.”

This felt like even more of a taboo than losing virginity to Shaw which she didn’t, but at least, nobody would know she sucked him off.

She silently knelt down and took him inside of her mouth. He held her head and started fucking her mouth.

“Gkk! Gkk!” She was gagging each time he fucked her mouth.

“Aaah, I’m gonna cum,” he suddenly said. In seconds, she felt his semen flowing down her throat. She tried to push him away, but he was too strong and it was too late. She had to swallow it all.

~Sex ends~

“Wow, that was hot,” Shaw said as he stepped aside.

“Let’s get you to the hostel, Amy, come on,” he said as he pulled her to her feet by her right hand. Then he waited a while as she properly got her clothes back set up.

He walked after him, back to the entrance of where the hostel was.

“We shall do this sometime again, Amy. Until then, see ya!” He said as he went to pull his bike back up.

Even after he rode off by the entrance, she was still looking at the rode, thinking about what just happened minutes ago.

“Go to your room, girl. It’s getting dark around here,” she was pulled back to the present by the voice of the watchman.

“Sure, Mr,” she said, walking inside the hostel building.

~Story ends


I had the privilege of talking to Zainab (name changed) in “Story of Zainab” and she said about her friend, Amira (also name changed) in this story, and in the story mentioned earlier. This story is based on incidents in her life.

Generally, I don’t add two main protagonists to the same story, so here we go. I also wanted to write a parallel story to the main story for some time, and this was the perfect opportunity.

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