Amulya Enjoying Wife Swapping Experience - 3

Ufff….full of lustful talk over how and what all we will do after reaching back to the hotel room it was a span of around 2 hours and throughout the time we wandered Chaten was holding me in his embrace from my waist and whenever he got some loneliness he caressed my ass mounds lightly over the cloth and smiled while looking into my eyes.

Initially I was little uncomfertable with watever he was doing and I avoided looking back to him but as Chetan continued talking erotic slowly I too started feeling aroused and smiled back whenever he touched me over my ass.

Anyway sometimes ahead, sometimes behind Shilpi and Vishal were also roaming around us and I must say that these two hours of wandering changed my mind state completely, flowing in lustful atmosphere I was not only feeling excited about having group sex but my uneasiness of seeing my husband with some other female was also disappeared.

Eventually we reached back to the lobby of the hotel, time was bit passed to 3 and it was too early for the tea and we mutually decided to get into the room for the main course. Not exactly but after reaching back to the same room, timid and hesitant once again I felt myself back in same sort of mind state.

Except me everybody was excited, somewhere deep I was also thrilled but I was still confused over what to express over my gesture and for an instant I excused to use the washroom. After me Shilpi and then one after other both the males also went in and came out quickly.

It was Chetan who went in last and after coming out asked everyone to come to the bed and as we all reached to him came up saying “let’s start”. Like it was decided that to begin we will follow the way movie was filmed and both the males took their wedded wives in their embrace and standing near bed started to take off our clothes.

For me it was most foreboding moment of my life, why not? I was about to get naked in front of a stranger and as looking into my eyes closely Vishal lifted my top I felt my big breasts getting heavier in anticipation. I saw after taking off my top Vishal’s sight went to his left where Shilpi was also standing with just bra over his upper half and as I turned further I saw Chetan was also looking at me.

For moment our eyes met and Chetan smiled and before I would have reacted to his smile I felt Vishal’s hands over my waist and he drifted my skirt down. More or less at the same time Shilpi’s skirt also reached to her feet and we both the females were standing just in our inner wears.

As compared to his wife, fairer with far heavier breasts caged in tight bra, far flesher thighs and wide and jutting out ass packed in a light pink panty Chetan’s eyes were glued at me and on the other side at the body, though dusky but with not even an ounce of extra flesh, perfectly shaped breasts, firm belly and long shapely legs Vishal was glued at Shilpi.

“Nisha ki Panty matt utarna…wo main uttarunga” addressing my name Chetan asked Vishal not to take off my panty and his words quivered me deeply and Vishal replied back with the same request “aap bhi Shilpi ki Panty matt utarna…” and with that my husband went behind me to unhook my bra and before he would have exposed my heavy breasts to Chetan,

Shilpi’s bra disappeared from her body and ultimetly we both the females were topless in front of each other’s husband. Shilpi was calm, smiling and enjoying Vishal’s lustful stare at her marvelous body but I was breathing heavy with a sensation which cannot be described in any words I was trying avoiding looking into Chetan’s lustful eyes.

Next holding Shilpi’s wrist Chetan moved a bit and offered her hand to Vishal and Vishal did same with me, holding my wrist he brought me close to Chetan and both the males took each other’s wife’s hands concurrently.

It was bizarre but very sensual, apparently I was fine but deep inside I was shivering and slowly Chetan pulled me in his embrace and squeezing my heavy breasts against his broad chest cleanched my fleshy body nicely. “Nisha finally tum mil hi gayi mujhe…Chodne ke liye” kissing me over my cheek with erotic Hindi Chetan’s hand rolled over my bare back and reached my ass and sqeezed my ample mound.

“Hmmmm….uhhhh” with an evident shiver I moaned in strange bliss and unknowingly hugged him hard. Behind me Vishal also hugged Shilpi and I heard him saying “Shilpi…baby you are amazing… I will fuck you hard…” for an instant I turned to see and without wasting any time Shilpi was already taking off my husband’s clothes and fondling one of my breasts Chetan also told me to do the same

“Nisha tum bhi shuru karo mere kapde uttarna…! poora Nanga kar do mujhe” and I too started doing that. T-shirt, undershirt, finally lower too and in next couple of minutes both the males were also wearing just their under wears. Although I love my husband in all aspects still I would say Chetan was physically too good as compaired to Vishal.

My husband is certainly good looking, fair with pleasant face and dusky in color Chetan’s clean-shaven features were stronger and less delicate. Vishal is little bulky with bit of tummy but Chaten’s body was magnificent. He had broad, muscular shoulders and a deep, cleaved hairy chest,

standing bit more than 6 his arms and legs were long and bunched with thick muscles where my husband is 5″6; 2-3 inches shorter than Shilpi with lot of extra fat over his arms and thighs and as both the males were wearing same sort of frenchies I could easily make out that as compared to Vishal Chetan’s crotch is also bulkier.

In short physicaly Chaten is a man which every female desire on bed and after taking off his clothes with my own hands with my big breasts sagging freely in front of his eyes, mentally I was reached to the point where forgetting all my ethics I was looking at his taut body while feeling evident twiching in my pussy.

I don’t know it was intentional or unintentional, apprently I was reflecting timid expressions but deep inside I was little eager to see the size of his cock and needed him inside my pussy as soon as possible. Anyway next Shipi moved forward to take off Vishal’s underwear and with a pounding heart I waited for my husband getting completely exposed by other woman.

In a moment Vishal’s big cock popped out for Shilpi and holding him in his fist Shilpi instantly started jerking him back and forward and looked at me with a smile. Hard and fully erect my husband was ready for anything and looking at me with a smile he grabbed Shilpi in his embrace and started brushing his lips over her neck and before I would have felt any jeliousy

touching my bare shoulder Chetan tried taking my attention and turned me around I also drifted his jockey down. Ufff.. like I assumed from his bulky groin Chaten had a big cock, although there was not much difference in length; may be an inch but there was significant difference in his thickness;

if not exactly double it was almost double thick with very heavy balls against what Vishal has and like Shilpi as I took his thick monster in my fist pleasant sensation passed through my spine and without looking at Chetan I started jerking him back and forward.

“Ohhh yesss…” with a touch of my hand Chetan groaned in pleasure and lifted my chin to look into my eyes and wrapping his arm around my bare waist pulled me closer and tried bringing me close to his lips.

I was heavily aroused; still I was biased if I should let him kiss? lip to lip kiss was something which I wanted to preserve just for my husband but before I would have reached to any conclusion within me, Chetan slipped his other hand in my panty and touched my bare cunt. “Ahhh….mmmm….”

Clean shaven, I was flooding like hell and closing my eyes I puffed with a delightful shudder and next instant he rubbed his finger over my wet opening and as I moaned with tore open mouth Chetan invaded my mouth with his tongue and kissed me deep and long.

Behind me by now Shilpi and Vishal were also into the action, I could hear their low moans and puffs but I was not in state to look at them. Holding thick and hard cock in my fist and shutting my eyes I was enjoying Chetan’s thick finger moving up and down over my sodden slit while getting kissed and slowly Chetan started drifting me towards bed.

Eventually I collapsed over soft spongy bed and Chetan pulled my panty completely out of my legs. Stark naked lying on my back I looked at Vishal and Shilpi; by now Shilpi’s panty was also taken off and while kissing soon they also climbed on the bed and ultimately we both females got buried under each other’s husbands.

Chetan lunged deep in my mouth and without giving any thought to avoid kissing I kissed him back with all my passion. Beside me kissing her nicely my husband was also lying over Shilpi and as excitement rose further high both the males went down to our breasts and soon with a voice of licking and sucking room was filled with mine and Shilpi’s pleasure moans.

Madly energized both the males were squeezing our melons while eating our nipples and holding their scalp we were feeding them with pleasure. Soon Chetan moved further down and reached to my belly and licked my naval and I shuddered in delight and before Vishal would have realized that his wedded wife is about to get sucked over her pussy by his superior Chetan

buried his mouth into my fleshy thighs and with a loud gasp I jumped in ecstasy. I tried to get up to stop him but Chetan pushed me back and opened my thighs further apart and I saw his face going deeper into me and next instant his tongue was moving over my fuckhole passionately.

“Ohhh…God” arching my back I moaned loud and continued crying in pleasure and hearing my moans he went crazier over my pussy and opening my thick pussy lips with his fingers Chetan inserted his thick tongue in my fuckhole and started licking inner walls of my wet pleasure source. “OHMAUHHHHH OHHHHHHHHH uhhh OHHHmauhhh NO…!”

I don’t know what were Shilpi and Vishal were doing, I was not in state to see them, clenching my eyes I was crying carelessly and my entire body was moving weirdly, I tried hard to stop him but Chetan did not stopped eating me, zero hesitation holding my thighs tight and apart Chetan just went on going deeper and deeper in my thighs and anyhow I cannot described the delight I was going through.

I don’t know how many times I was sucked by my husband in last ten years but I was never explored like that and just in couple of minutes of vigorous sucking my belly rippled, my pussy quaked, my thighs trembled and holding his scalp I clenched my thighs around her head but overcoming my efforts of stopping him Chetan dug my pussy consistently and with in no time

I reached to the crest where I could feel the volcano rising inside me and I started crying in husky voice. It was amazing but I needed him to stop but Chetan acted adverse and suddenly along with eating my soft swollen opening he started fisting me and in a moment it worsened my state like hell.

At the verge of explosion feeling two thick fingers moving in and out of my sodden slit, with a tongue flicking over that; it was bizarre; sniffing, panting and gasping, I went breathless and unconsiously started getting up and banging myself back on the bed repeatedly,

it was peak where I was never brought with sucking and I could not tolerate him even for a fraction but Chetan was unstoppable and he continued digging me until I climaxed and my entire body started shivering with electrifying sensation.

That was harsh yet amazing, for an instant I was reached to such a verge where I could not breathe but it was best orgasm I have ever gone through till then. Clenching my teeth I puffed, groaned and gasped while Cumming and it took me a minute to recover.

Eventually I opened my eyes and saw leaving their love making in the middle both; Shilpi and Vishal were looking at me. Lying over Shilpi, Vishal smiled while staring into my eyes and involentraly I too smiled back and once again closed my eyes with an intense puff as I was still feeling thick stream of my sticky juices coming out of my pussy and Chetan was yet not over with licking my cunt.Next Chetan once again rose up and once again buried me under his massive weight, and giving me taste of my own juices kissed me for long and in the end apologized for his roughness. I took a glance over my right and beside me Vishal was sucking Shilpi’s breasts.

Watching him enjoying his wife’s lusious Chetan also squeezed my melons in his mouth and chewed my nipples to make me gasp in pleasure. Slowly Vishal moved down and Shilpi’s pleasure moans took our attentions and we both; me and Chetan patiently saw our spouses having fun.

Burring his mouth deep in her pussy Vishal sucked Shilpi nicely and Shilpi really enjoyed Vishal going rough over her pussy but ultimately he failed to blow Shilpi like I was blown by her husband and she stopped him well before her climax.

Throughout the time Vishal sucked Shilpi I was buried under Chetan and as Vishal finished sucking Shilpi and they both got up Chetan also rolled off from my top. “ab tum dono humara Chuso” that’s what Chetan spoke while resting his back against pillow and started jerking his big cock on his own and called me by waving his hand.

I moved to him and Shilpi moved to Vishal and as Shilpi took my husband’s cock in his hand I also took Chetan’s monster in my fist and unlike Shilpi caressed his balls with the other hand and like I needed Chetan moaned louder than Vishal. I waited for Shilpi to engulf Vishal’s cock in her mouth and as she did that I also took Chetan in my mouth and both the males started moaning in bliss.

Nevertheless than filthy porn, whatever was happening in the room was wild and to my surprise I was involved in that with my full consent. Vishal was standing on his knees and Shilpi was sucking him while sitting on the bed comfortably but Chetan was sitting on bed with his back resting and leaning over his crotch I was on my knees and elbows.

I don’t know how Shilpi was doing with my husband but I was sucking Chetan giving my best; without peeling off foreskin of his Cock, slow and tender with lot of saliva and just in few seconds with a loud gasp Chetan grew further hard in my mouth.

Certainly Vishal was also enjoying, I could hear him puffing and grunting but as compared Chetan was moaning louder and taking an undue challenge against Shilpi for better sucking I just kept on sucking her husband nicely and I took him as deep I could and ultimately brought him to the edge where he could not bear sucking anymore.

Next after a minute Vishal also stopped Shilpi from sucking and now it was time for fucking. While getting up Chetan asked me if I would like to ride over him “Nisha…you want to ride… ? oopar aana chahte ho?” and looking back into his eyes shamelessly I told him to do the way he likes “nahi jaise aapne karna hai kar low…”

“Ok…to fir Ghodi ban jaao…I will fuck you in doggy style” asking me to get into doggy posture, after a pause he asked Vishal how would he fuck Shilpi “ Vishal tum kaise loge Shilpi ki….?” And Vishal replied the way Shilpi will like “Jaise Shilpi kahengi….” “oopar aa jaao mere and fuck me hard…” and Shilpi replied back instantly.

Getting over my four I turned around to give away my opening to Chetan from behind Shilpi lied down on the bed in front of me with wide open thighs. “I told you…! He is obsessed with your ass…” Shilpi uttered while looking at me with a smile and very next instant clenching my eyes I moaned loud in pleasure as behind me ready to enter Chetan was searching my fuckhole with his fingers.

Hanh uhhhh ohhhhh OH…MA uhhh hanh!” I cried again as now I was getting fisted from behind. For a minute Chetan moved two of his thick fingers in and out of my soaked swollen fuckhole and leaning over me licked my entire back and soon after that I realized that Shilpi was absolutely right,

her husband was madly obsessed with my ass as after licking soft skin of my back instead of putting in his thick cock in my pussy he once again burried his lips into my thighs and tried licking my sodden cunt like a dog. Ohhhh……that was crazy, with a touch of his lips over my opening in that posture I trembled erotically.

Chetan wanted to lick my fuckhole in same posture and to give him better access of my love opening, lifting my ass I bent my upper half and clenching my fleshy ass tight with both the hands he somehow reached to my dripping wet opening with his sizzling tongue “ishhhhh…. hmmmm…” and I moaned in heavenly pleasure.

He licked me for few seconds and my belly rippled feverishly, my bottom rocked helplessly but he did not stopped and kept on burring his tongue into my fuckhole as deep as possible. “Please bass karo…nahi to mera chhut jaayega” Chetan was somewhat obscured in my ass with his tongue deep in my fuckhole when I tried stopping him and unlike last time this time Chetan stopped exploring me immediately.

Lying in front of my eyes by now my husband was already gone inside Shilpi, moving his ass up and down, back and forward Vishal was fucking Shilpi with a steady pace and holding him firm in her arms and wrapping her long legs around his pumping ass Shilpi was moaning in pleasure, I was looking them fluttering eyes and suddenly I too puffed in delight as I also got plunged from behind.

“Ahhh………” I moaned softly, hard like iron rod Chetan was too thick and holding my waist with a vigorous push he made his way in my womb. Pulling me back for an instant he sank his entire length in my fuckhole and caressed my back and my soft moan changed into an intense gasp as distending my thick cunt-lips painfully wide his thick cock was reached deep inside me womb.

“oohhhh…Yess….Nisha I will fuck you baby….I will fuck you whole night….” Chetan panted joyously “ahhhh… fuck me…!” and dying in lust, impaling myself even deeper I shamelessly asked him to fuck me.

Holding my waist firm Chetan withdrew his entire length and moved in slowly at first and looking at my husband riding on Shilpi I groaned loud and swinging my plump ass back and forth I also slid myself in and out on his throbbing cock in that rhythm “Yes… UNhhh… Yes! Unhhh… Yes! Unhhhh… Yes!” “Hanh uhhhh ohhhhh ma uhh oh ma oh ma oh ma uhh”

more or less we all four were crying in pleasure in same volume. While kissing her by now Vishal was fucking Shilpi with some pace but slow and tender, pressing his balls against my ass again and again Chetan was caressing me gently while fucking me unhurriedly, his hands were sliding up and down, back and forward on my thighs,

belly and breasts and for an instant he reached around my sagging melons and caught my long rigid nipples, he twirled them in his fingers and crying in pain and pleasure I involuntarily I tightened my legs and squeezed his thick hard cock strongly in my fuckhole.

“Ohhh… God” Chetan murmured in pleasure as my pussy squeezed and contracted on his cock and next instant his fucking speed also enhanced significantly. Driving his huge penis in and out of my cunt with thrilling control Chetan fucked me steadily hardly for a minute and gradually his fucking pace went further high.

“Ohhhhh god yes! Ohhhh yes! Yes! Yes! Ohhhh god yes!” It was Chetan who abruptly started screaming loudest and began ram-fuck me savagely with rapid thrusts. That was crazy, standing on his feet he suddenly started riding on me fast and furious and I cried in pleasure like never before.

I don’t know where were Vishal and Shilpi were reached in their fucking, I was not in state to see them, shutting my eyes I was going through real delight of getting fucked in doggy style, I was never fucked by my husband in this posture with this pace, as compared to Vishal Chetan was so powerful that with every thrust of his thick cock deep in my fuck hole, I was feeling new sensation running through my body.

Soon volcano started rising inside me and the way Chetan was fucking me I was thinking that he is close to his climax but I was wrong, Chetan had enormous energy to fuck and going faster and faster he lifted my ass up and dug his hands into my fleshy ass, holding my huge hips he continued fucked me hungrily,

hard and fast pushing his cock deeper and deeper into my pussy he went so restless that after few seconds of aggressive fucking I reached to the crest where I could not bear him, I was already at the verge of explosion but Chetan’s fucking pace was not letting me cum and once again I tightened my legs and squeezed his huge Penis in my fuck hole and that shattered Chetan instantly

“Ohhh God OHhhh uhhh Nishhhhaaa….” he gasped helplessly and cried like hell while going through vibrant climax. His thick cock quivered in my womb and right after that also orgasmed violently and started trembling with sudden jerks and ultimately collapsed on bed.

Chetan also collapsed on me and after a minute when I recovered a bit I saw Vishal and Shilpi were also lying exhausted. I remained buried under Chetan until he himself rolled from my top and turned me around to kiss me deeply. “I am sorry…main ek dum pagal ho gaya tha…” after breaking the kiss Chetan apologized for his ruthless fucking.

It was ruthless but it was amazing, I wanted to say that but ended up with a just a smile and he kissed me again. “you guys can go to your room now…” lying over my fleshy body after kissing me deep Chetan spoke to his wife and my husband and with a smile both; Vishal and Shilpi got up and started wearing their clothes.

After wearing their clothes and setting time for meeting in lobby for the tea Vishal and Shilpi left the room but Chetan did not moved even a fraction from my top and after kissing me one more time, loking into my eyes closely spoke out “Nisha tumne mujhe pagal kar diya hai…tum dekhna main tumhen bahut Chodunga…”

though fucking was over but he was still excited and I don’t know why I reacted back to his vulgar words with a smile. Anyway now while trying ending my swinging experience quickly I would say after Shilpi and Vishal’s exit from the room Chetan spoke out little Hindi statement with some vulgar words and after that we had combined shower while playing with each other’s body under water.

He enjoyed sucking my ample breasts along with biting my plump ass and standing face to face I sucked his nipples while caressing his balls. For a religious female like me it was sin but it was astonishing and deep inside I was feeling good and relaxed while having fun with someone other than my husband.

Unknowingly my sex life was fallen into boredom and I could not recall in past when I was so excited while having sex with my wedded husband. Although apparently, over my expressions I was still blushing while having fun with Chetan but it is a fact that deep inside I was never so thrilled with Vishal even when I was newly married to him.

Whatever after taking a quick bath, Chetan was once again excited, fully grown once again his cock was hard like iron rod and looking at his size and thickness I was once again feeling mild twitching in my pussy and after brining me to bed Chetan asked me to get into 69 and laying sideways and making pillow of each other’s thighs we sucked and licked each other like filthy a****ls.

After 5-10 minutes of oral sex Chetan asked me come over his top while giving me piece of information that in the night he will again fuck me doggy style “Nisha abhi tum oopar aa jaao…Raat ko main tumhen for se Ghodi bana ke chodunga…” and I realized that his Hindi words are giving me arousing kick.

Eventually like a good wife I did what my husband’s boss asked me to do and holding his mammoth length straight I sat over his crotch. I took him deep and like always for me it was fun riding over a cock and lurching my heavy bottom up and down, back and forward I brought Chetan to the edge of his explosion but to delay his climax Chetan stopped me

and after sucking me pussy for few minutes took me under his massive weight and fucked me hard until along with him I too reached to my climax. Full of passion and energy once again it was a marvelous fuck and after that we both came out to have tea while sitting across our legal spouses. Slowly I opened up with Chetan and started responding to his dirty statements.

We stayed in resort for three days and two nights and it is just fucking in different postures which I could recall. In the end I would say by the end of vacation everything was gone beyond limit and I was tired of being a Slut and after coming back home and while being alone in the house I started feeling guilty over what I did.

But Vishal was with me and including what all positions we took and what all erotic stuff Chetan and he spoke during fuck, every night we had detailed discussions over whatever we felt while having sex with other’s spouse and in two weeks time things went better for me.

After coming out of guilt feeling I was not willing to do the same mistake but as Vishal realized that I am out of it he started insisting me to have sex with Chaten again and in the end I once again surrendered against his wish. To end I would say almost six months are passed and sometimes at their place and sometimes at our place,

once in a month we are regularly having sex with Shilpi and Chetan and now Vishal is insisting me to join the whole group where I had to fuck with two more males. Since now I haven’t said yes to it but I am scared that somehow Vishal will succeed in getting my yes.

Truly speaking initially when I was new in this it felt wrong, for me having sex with another man was a sin but then I realized it’s just sex and not love. Now I feel it’s a part of my life that I am OK with it. It’s a small price to pay to make my husband happy, if my husband is happy so am I.

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The End

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