Saturday night Ana asked me to go dancing to a new disco.
Once there, after finishing the first round of drinks, my sweet wife said she wanted to look around the club. I nodded a yes and told her I would go for another drink as she checked the place.

I watched as she walked away, swaying her soft hips.
Ana disappeared from my view just for a short while. Then I found her near the bar with a new black friend. They were engaged in a conversation that appeared to be him giving her some sort of instructions as she shook her head…

The bartender brought them two shots of tequila. Then the black guy leant over my wife and put his hand on her leg as they chatted.
Then Ana just stood up and went back to the main area of the club.
I returned to our table with two drinks, arriving just as she did.
Ana told me she had run into her good girlfriend Laura…
I smiled back and told her I was getting tired; so I asked her if she wanted to leave; but then she told me she was in the mood for dance some more. My sexy wife asked me if I would mind if she stayed at the club with Laura and her girlfriend…

Then I told her it was fine for me; I would wait her at home and she could stay there with her friends, if they could ride Ana back home.
I could feel Anita watching me as I left the disco.

But I just walked a short distance before coming back to the door.
I saw my sexy wife just as she disappeared into the back bar and dance area again. Soon I discovered her sitting at the bar with her brand new black friend. They were talking and smiling.
After another round of tequila shots, he led her to the dance floor.
They quickly got into the rhythm of the music and before long Ana was bumping and grinding with him in the middle of the floor…

After some dances, he led my slut wife to the back hallway and to one of the private party rooms there. They both disappeared inside of one of those rooms. I found the door was locked and I could not hear what was happening inside of the room.
But then I found a barmaid. I tipped her good and she led me to the second floor, to a darkened balcony in the private party room where Ana had entered with her black friend.

My sexy wife and that black man were sharing a bottle of champagne there inside. They sat together on a couch. Anita offered no resistance as he slipped his arm around her and drew his mouth to hers. Her red lips parted as they began to kiss deeply.

Ana moaned and sighed as they kissed; but then suddenly she abruptly pushed him away from her. She lifted her tight blue top above her head, giving him full access to her nice round tits.
He started kissing her boobs, taking a nipple firmly into his mouth.

He got into a rhythm of moving from nipple to nipple. Then I noticed he had one hand working along her leg. Ana opened up her thighs, allowing him to slide up her skirt revealing her tiny black thong.
He removed the thong; leaving Ana dressed just with her tight skirt and her stiletto heels.

Ana’s hands then grasped at his crotch after some massaging she worked on removing his belt and unzipping his trousers. Soon she removed his black monster cock out of his pants. It was huge; at least ten inches long and very thick.
My sexy wife bent over onto him and soon her sweet soft mouth touched this magnificent cockhead.
Her hands guided his cock to her red glossy lips. Her black lover sighed as he leaned back on the couch and smiled deviously as he enjoyed the work of my white wife’s mouth, lips and tongue.

Soon Ana’s head was bobbing on his cock; with several inches buried deep in her soft mouth.
I saw my slut wife sucking that huge black cock, as one of her hands moved down her pussy and she began to finger up herself. The stud grinned as he lifted her hair up behind her head so he could have a better view of that married white slut sucking his cock.

Finally he stood up and grabbed her ankles, holding her legs apart as with one hand Ana guided his giant cock to her sopping wet cunt
With one fluid movement, the black bastard buried the full length of his cock into my sensual wife. Anita moaned loudly as she pushed her head back against the couch.

He pulled almost out and then thrust back into her cunt. Ana’s body responded by meeting him thrust for thrust. I saw she was lost in ecstasy. Moaning and coming loudly; like a bitch in heat…

She even begged him crying to fuck her cunt faster and harder.
He replied turning her over, to take her sloppy cunt in doggy style. Ana came hard again, moaning and screaming out loud.
He kept his steady pace and pumped her even harder. My wife came again very hard, rolling her head from side to side.
He began to tense and grunted, warning Ana he was coming…
He then made a few last powerful thrusts into her and Ana brought her hands down to his cock. She pulled it out and he guided his cock towards her wet mouth. The first spurt landed on her red lips.

Then my sensual babe closed her red lips around the bulb of his cock while he emptied his warm semen into her mouth. I could see Ana swallowed all and she sucked that cock gently for a while…

Anita let it slip out of her mouth. She collapsed back onto the couch and he sat down next to her. She looked at him and said she would better be going back home…
Then I knew it was time for me to drive back home, to be there when Ana would arrive.

A while later, I heard a car pulling up our drive with the lights off. But some time passed and Ana did not come through the door.

I looked out through the window. I could see the black guy’s car parked there at our driveway and he was sitting at the driver’s seat.
I could see my wife’s head bobbing up and down on his lap.
The bitch was giving him a last blow job to say goodbye…
Ana sucked his cock for about ten minutes and then she straddled him in the driver’s seat. She moved up and down on his huge black cock and finally came muffling her cries with a hand over her lips.

This black bastard was not done yet. He opened the door and came out of the car. Then he dragged my wife out and he made her bend over the trunk. There in the darkened street, he proceeded to fuck my slut wife from behind in our own driveway.

This was more of a quickie and soon he grunted thrust deep into her and released another torrent of black seed into my wife’s pussy.
They lay still for a moment and then Ana dressed and gave him a peck goodnight. He drove off as my wife walked up to the door.
She got into our bedroom, saw me in the bed and then she got a warm shower. She finally crawled into bed next to me.

I turned, asking my well fucked sexy wife how was her night.
Anita lied a last time saying how nice it was to hang out with her nice girlfriend Laura. Then she drifted off and soon passed out…

She carried on several sex escapades with this same black bastard for another four months.
But she never knew I was watching every move she was making…

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