I pull out the external drive from the box as Sally pulls up my shorts and carefully make my way down the ladder with Sally now holding the sides and as I brush my softening bulge against her chest the zipper comes down a couple of inches and as I got the ground I can see she isn’t wearing a bra and I notice her nipples showing through the fabric of her dress. Sally takes the drive and torch as I fold the ladder up, “You definitely need a new ladder sir” she says smiling. “Indeed I do” I replied, “And thank you so much for your help, I couldn’t have done it without you” I said as I gave her a quick kiss on the forehead.

“Can I have some more drink please sir, I am thirsty” she asked and we both went back downstairs to the kitchen with my softening cock flopping around inside my shorts, I noticed a bit of cum had leaked out making a near transparent wet spot in the front.
She climbed back up on the stool with her feet on the bar still trying to adjust her dress pulling it down her toned thighs but not having too much success but made no effort to adjust the zipper allowing me to see just enough skin but hiding her little 32a’s. she got her phone out and sent Anna a text while I poured out another drink for her and handed it to her before getting a beer out the fridge.

Anna replied within a few minutes saying her mum had gone out so she was waiting on a lift, “Do you mind me waiting sir?” she asked and looking at her I of course had no issue with it.
“So what are your plans with Anna?” I asked her just to make conversation and she told me with a shy giggle that they were going into town looking for boys which probably explained why she was dress like she was, “Daddy always tells me to dress to impress” she said with a nervous giggle which made total sense to me and we laughed about it.
“I really love this drink sir” she says finishing another glass, “It gives me tingles” and she saw me smile, “what’s in it?” she asked asking for more, I told her it has some secret ingredients that helps you relax and she seemed contented with that.

I told her that I used to play soccer which gave her an excuse to look at my legs, “Hmm, I thought so” she said, “You have strong legs” she continued with a giggle “And I love your shorts sir” and I was sure she saw the wet patch, “How long have you been playing?” I asked her giving me an excuse to look at her tanned thighs which also gave me a glimpse of the little red triangle at the top, “Since I first started school sir, daddy always encouraged me and helps out with massage too after games” she said running her hands down her thighs and giggling, “He says I need to keep them supple” which looking at them certainly rang true.

I walked over to her as she took another sip of her drink and put my hands on her knees feeling the smoothness, she looked up, “What are you doing sir” she said with a confused look, “Oh I just wanted to feel how strong they were” I said slightly embarrassed but didn’t move my hands, she giggled again as I moved my hands up and down the top of her thighs each time going up a little further. She took another mouthful of drink and sighed softly as she looked down and saw some movement inside my shorts, “Oh yes” I said, “Much more supple than mine” I said laughing.
I sat up on the stool next to her turning to face her, “Here, feel mine and compare” I suggested and she turned with her legs together in between mine and slowly ran her hands up and down my thighs, “Ahh!” she said, “You need moisturiser, daddy always massages me with moisturiser” she continued, “Do you have any?” she asked and I was sure Lisa had some somewhere and I was beginning to like her daddy.

“I have some upstairs” I said smiling, “Shall we go find it?” I asked as I could see the drink was taking affect, “OK” she said jumping off the stool, “Daddy says its better if someone else does it” and again I followed her up the stairs just far enough back to see up her dress, her panties seemed to be all over the place giving me a great view of her rounded bubble butt. We went into my room where Lisa had stuff on the dresser and found a bottle much to my delight, “Will this do?” I asked handing her the bottle.
“Perfect” she said telling me to lay on the bed which I did laying supported on my elbows with my legs bent at the knee spread wide. Sally stood at the foot bending down and squirted a bit of cream onto her hands and slowly started to rub into my thighs, I looked at her working and see that her zipper had come down a bit further and I could now see her little 32a globes, Mmm.

Her hands were soft as she ran them up and down the top of my thighs and then moved inwards and back to my knees, then back up the insides very slowly inching her way to the top, I thought any second she would move outward to the top but she didn’t in fact she went up the inside of my shorts and I could feel her fingers touch my balls, my cock was having an immediate reaction as her fingers lingered a few seconds before moving outward and back down the outsides. I moaned softly feeling the pleasure as she repeated the process but this time going up the outside of my thighs up inside my shorts and then across and my heart skipped a beat as her fingers rested on the base of my now erect cock. “How does it feel sir?” she asked as she smiled at me, it was amazing “You have done this before Sally, haven’t you?” I asked and saw her nodding her head smiling, “Yes” she said, “I do it for daddy” she said softly and that said it all.

“Do you think we should take your shorts off?” she asked, “daddy says the lotion will stain them” she said and she couldn’t be more right, “Yes OK” I said “If you think its ok” I said and her little fingers went inside the waistband as I raised my arse to let her pull them off, she looked down at my stiff throbbing cock and smiled, “That’s better” she said.
“What about your dress” I asked, “You certainly don’t want that ruined do you?” I said smiling. She stood up and slowly pulled the zipper right down and slipped her dress off, OMG she did have a fit body, her little titties looked perky and her nipples erect as she put more cream on her hands, she told me to scoot up the bed and then got on spreading my legs wide and knelt in between them, my cock standing loud and proud.

“Is this better?” I asked as she run her hand up the top of my thighs to my hips and then turning inwards brushing the sides of my cock down to my balls and then back down the insides to my knees, I squirmed in delight. “Oh yes sir, much better” she said as she worked her way back up the insides right to the top and then stopped as she cupped my balls with her fingers on the base of my cock, I could see the glistening of precum leaking out as my breathing got heavier.
“Shall I do the backs too for you sir?” she asked and taking the bull by the horns said, “Why don’t you do just like you do for your daddy”, “Really?” she asked. “Sure, why not” I said as I turned over on to my stomach. Sally suggesting I put a pillow under my belly to make me more comfortable but also raised my arse up a bit and with my legs spread she knelt in between.

The first few stokes were up and down the backs of my thighs and then she moved further up to my buttocks and spent quite a long time kneading them in slow circular motions each time running her fingers down my crack applying a little more pressure each time. It was great and I now understood the need for the pillow as my cock was rock hard. “Mmm” she mumbled under her breath as she kneaded my arse cheeks pulling them apart as her fingers searched out my hole.
More lotion was applied and it seemed my arse was getting the most attention as her finger poked and prodded while her other hand went under my balls between my legs gently squeezing the base of my throbbing cock. OMG I nearly cum there and then as her finger slowly pushed into my lubricated arsehole as she moved her other hand up and down my solid veiny shaft.

After a minute or so she pulled her hand back from under me and her finger out of my arse and again widened my cheeks and I nearly died when I felt her warm tongue start to rim me, OMG the feeling was immense as she licked around before trying to force it inside, I raised up almost onto my knees as her tongue dug deep and all the time thinking how lucky her daddy was to be given this kind of treatment. Her face was buried in my arse as her tongue flicked in and out and I felt her nose wedged in my crack, my cock was bursting as she finally pulled up and in a polite voice said, “Turn over please sir” which I duly obliged and saw her eyes widen as she saw my throbbing cock staring at her.

Her nipples were like little bullets sticking out of her chest as she reached down and with one hands cupped my balls and the other enveloping my shaft pulling the skin back to expose the swollen purple head forcing a little precum to escape. I closed my eyes as she slowly started to wank me, her soft hands gently rubbing me up and down and then she bent forward to lick around the helmet before inserting the head into her warm mouth. After a few minutes I felt her shift her position and my legs closed as she straddled me pulling her little red panties to one side and gently lowering herself down until my swollen head felt the wetness of her sweet labia lips, “Mmm, Oh Yes!” she sighed softly as I felt my cock enter her warm tight pussy, “OMG! YESS!” she cried out as she lowered right down onto me and I could feel her cunt muscles tighten around my shaft.

I reached up taking each of her nipples between finger and thumb and heard her sighs as I tweaked and squeezed her little bullets as she started to slowly ride me, her hands on my chest for balance as she built up a rhythm riding and gyrating, she was totally in control as I slowly thrust up in time, OMG she was tight and her juices lubricated every stroke. I felt her body spasm as her cries got louder with her orgasm, I was close as the tempo increased and her fitness showed.
I could sense her cunt muscles were sucking the life out of me and her got louder with every upward thrust, my balls were tight and my cock started to pulsate as I felt my hot cum shoot upwards into her young belly, “YES!, YESS!, YESSSS!” she yelled as she felt the hot man juice hit home as I cried out pushing up harder and harder, the tempo ceased as she collapsed on top of me sweating, she slowly gyrated sucking the last drops out of my as my hands wrapped around her arse cheeks squeezing gently until all movement stopped.

“Mmm sir” she said softly looking into my eyes as we lay close, “You fuck good sir” she sighed and I realised what a lucky man her daddy was and obviously a good teacher too, Sally was faultless as she slowly clambered off the bed looking down at my softening wet cock.
I edged myself to the end of the bed and pulled Sally close putting my arms around her grabbing her soft arse cheeks, her panties were all twisted as me fingers explored behind her, she leant forward allowing me to suck on her little bullet nipples one by one licking and flicking around her areola gently biting, “Mmm” she sighed, “That’s so good sir” as I sucked a bit harder squeezing her arse cheeks.

Sally was far more experienced than her years but that stemmed from being the woman of the house since her mum left, seems her daddy was quite strict with her but also treated her well supporting her sporting ambitions and her friendship with Anna had been good from a very early age always being besties at school.
We returned back to the kitchen, I slipped my shorts back on and Sally slipped her dress on but didn’t zip it up feeling comfortable with it open but she did adjust her panties back into place, I poured her a fresh glass of orange which half of it went down quickly.

My shorts had developed a few more wet spots which made the front almost transparent which Sally very kindly pointed out to me while she sat on the stool drinking, we had a giggle about it as I got myself a beer from the fridge and got my tin out for a smoke, “What’s that?” Sally asked as I lit one up, I passed it to her and she took a tentative hit and although she told me she had smoked I think this was the first joint she had tried, her head spun as she took another hit and I had to reach across and steady her which with a big smile she appreciated.

“Thank you” she said softly, “I went all funny then” and I had to laugh, bless her.
We finished the joint and Sally was buzzing, “Wow!” she said, “I have never experienced such good feelings” she continued and her eyes were soon red and glazed, she took a big gulp of her drink as her phone went ding with a text from Anna, “Yay!” she said excited, “She is on her way” which cheered her up and I was hoping that they would change their plans and not go straight into town.

I helped Sally down from the stool and helped her do up her dress and then spun her around to make sure she looked good, OMG her dress really hugged her arse showing off her curves to perfection and I wanted more of it but that may have to wait.
I started to make some more drink in anticipation for Anna’s arrival while Sally sat back on the stool gazing into space, her legs were slightly apart which made it difficult to concentrate so no idea how this batch of drink was going to turn out as the sight up her toned thighs was too hard to avoid.

I must admit I was getting a little aroused at the thought of Anna coming and Sally now had the giggles as I walked around the kitchen getting the drink made with my cock flopping around under my stained shorts, at least they were starting to dry so not quite so transparent.

I looked out the window and saw Anna arrive, OMG she looked stunning as she skipped up the path with an excited look on her face, her smile filled her face obviously excited to be coming back. She was dressed in a tight white crop top which enhanced her tight little bee stings and a short black skirt which at first sight looked like the same stretchy material which hugged her tiny frame. I had a feeling that the rest of the day was going to be interesting.

To Be Continued…..

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