I soaked in the tub and listened to some woman singing about “Try Trans-Love Airlines, gets you there on time…”
I was still on my back in the tub. I’d had had several intense comes, had watched Ida and Dulce get DP’s a few inches away from my face, so close I could smell it and taste it, too. I was relaxed, I didn’t need any more sex. Ida came to see me in the tub.
“You have tits that float, Sylvia, that’s really cool. Are you totally done? I’m still buzzin’ from that fucking I just got. Damn, I could get used to coming that hard every day. If you’ve got the energy, I want to show you something.”
From behind her hip, she showed me a nice, fat, two-headed rubbery dildo, about two feet long. Judy and I had played with a toy like this, but this was the more serious “adult-size” version, much fatter than what Judy and I used.
“Dulce and I are going to play because both of us have not quite had enough yet if you get my drift. That DP fucking just stays with me long after these boy’s dicks are back in their pants…I want you to watch and take notes, because honey, this is going to be on the test. I’m thinking that DP’s should be for private fun. It’s too risky to try to pull off with men you’ve never been with before. I think you could come up with something pretty cool if you had a woman partner to do your gang-bang parties with, and you and she fucked each other with this or something like it, or maybe even more than one. It’s like a strap-on, but there isn’t a strap. You hold one end in your puss, and she fucks you, and then she gets the other end in her, and you fuck each other. It’s really nice, once you figure out how to keep it moving in her and in you. It takes a little bit of practice. This cock is fatter and more flexible than the strap-on kind of cocks they sell now. I’m here to tell you, Sylvia, that when these guys see this thing movin’ in both pussies or asses or wherever, you and she all stretched out and moaning, they will go fucking nuts. I promise you that their wives do not put on a show for them with this thing. While you and your partner are fucking, the guys will be standing around, beating their poor meat to death, and all that results from that is that they pop all over you, and that’s not so bad.
It saves wear and tears on your girly parts from guys whose dicks are larger than their brains. You know that no guy, not even Woody or Roger, can get off more than three or four times at the very most. Let them jack off all over you, and it’s just less performance work that you have to do to earn your money. Take your time in the tub. I have a special tub I want to show you, but for now, take a puff, and I will make sure that your tub stays nice and warm…Do you want me or Dulce to join you?”
“Ida, come over here, bend over and kiss me. I’m fine in my tub by myself for now, but could you leave that two-headed dick with me for a while?”
Ida put the dick head in her mouth.
“Get your mouth around it Syl. Suck it, try to pull it out. I’ll be rubbing my puss when I’m an old, old woman to the pictures in my head of you blowing those boys today. I’m a painter, hon, and when I see stuff like that, it stays in my visual memory for a long time. Long after you get back to LA, I’m going to be working on a painting, about twelve or fifteen feet across, of you with your lips stretched out around Woody’s boner.”
Ida handed me the dildo and left me to soak in that lovely tub. I heard the doves and train whistles. I closed my eyes.
Roger and Woody went home, Ida took then in the chicken coupe de Ville and came home in the early hours of the next morning.
“There were a few stops they didn’t pull out when they were playing the organ for me, so I showed them. I hope you didn’t mind..”
I wanted to see both of them again, have some fun, have some SEX, but, somehow, I got caught up in events down there, and I wasn’t Brenda Whitlach, the f******n-year-old cock sucker and DP princess, I wasn’t even Sylvia Greenburg any more, and I didn’t see Roger for another twenty-five years, when I was singing at a club in North Beach, San Francisco. Woody had died from AIDS, and Roger was sick from it, but, as he told me ” A long way from dead.”
I hung out with Dulce and Ida. I saw Ida’s painting studio, at another house, and Dulce’s HUGE pottery studio, also in a house behind a bigger house, the way lots of places were set up in West Berkeley.
The three of us had lots of sex, some with their women friends, Sharon and Cubbie.
I went, on my own, to this party at Ida’s friend Margo’s house in the city. Margo said to me on the phone:
“This is a DP party. I have quite a few friends that like that thing, and sometimes we get together. Would you like to come over? You don’t have to do anybody or anything you don’t like.”
The BART system wasn’t built yet. I rode a bus to this place called the East Bay Terminal and got on a streetcar underneath a big sign that said “Terminal Fun”. I never went in that place, but for the rest of my life, I made up stories in my mind about what “terminal fun” would be like. It was a long trolley ride and then a walk to Margo’s house, a big three or four-story Victorian on the edge of Golden Gate Park. I had never set foot in a house like this in my life, huge rooms, high ceilings, beautiful paneling and woodwork all over the place. I had had my 16th birthday party in an old movie stars Hollywood mansion, but this old house was huge inside. There was enough room for fifteen parties, all at the same time. I walked in, with my old jeans on, into this room that looked big enough for a coronation. There were maybe fifteen women and twenty men standing around smoking and drinking Most of the people were quite dressed up. There was one guy wearing jeans with paint all over them and an old sweatshirt. I think he was a well-known painter, but I didn’t know his name. I felt as if I had stumbled into the wrong party, but the painter came over to me right away, gave me a little kiss on my cheek and a glass of something cold to drink. “Margo. your friend is here!” He was very gracious, introduced me to lots of people, showed me where the food was and how to find the bathroom in this huge house. I just thought I was in the wrong house at the wrong party. I was going to head right out the door, go to the EastBay terminal, and get a bus to Berkeley, but Margo was right there, she saw the situation and told me to relax.”Have some hash, whatever it is that gets you in the mood, Let’s do it. Yeah, honey, you’re cute, we can go in the other room. I know how to warm you up. I’m telling you, Sylvia, I want to be face down in your pussy in about two minutes. Is that okay? I like to fuck and I like sex with women, too, and I’ll bet if you are here, you are a little bit like me, so I don’t waste time being coy…”
What could I say? I offered Margo my hand in the most ladylike way I could, and, as the party developed around us, we stepped into an adjoining room with dark painted walls, a hardwood floor and a bed with white linen.
Margo: “Get those dumb jeans and underpants off. Get on the bed on your hands and knees with your ass facing me. I’m going to really put some love on your ass and your pussy, Sylvia. I think you need some of that. I like your idea of doing your little f******n-year-old thing here. I think these folks will just love that if we don’t all go to jail. How old are you, really?”
” s*******n.”
“Well if anyone gets all pissy about your age, we’ll tell them you are role-playing “f******n”, and that you are really eighteen. most of the people that come to my parties don’t care as long as you look as if you might have had your first period sometime in the recent past.”
“Get your clothes off and get up on the bed. Ooooohhh, you have such lovely large breasts for such a tiny woman. Oh, excuse me, but I’m going to have to give you some attention there before anything else happens…”
And like that, Margo was out of her clothes, under me, loving my swinging boobs just the way I liked.
Margo was true to her word. She loved me, well, all over my body, anyway. She was a short woman, dark hair, dark eyes, a ton of pussy hair (which I love, of course) Eyebrows (brow?) like the artist Frieda Kahlo, wine-dark nipples and pussy lips, a nice woman’s wide ass and hips. She said that I didn’t have to go down on her, this after she had delighted all my love spots with her mouth, lips fingers and words, She showed me a strap-on dildo that she thought I might like, but I had only been in this house for thirty minutes, and despite what you may have heard about me, I wasn’t ready for THAT yet. I wouldn’t let her fuck me with the dildo, not yet, but I tried to put on a little show for her by licking it and sucking it as if it were a real dick in my mouth I didn’t know if Margo would like that or not, but she rubbed her pussy and my tummy, so I guessed that she did. I don’t quite get that, it still didn’t feel like a man’s warm cock, it felt like I was sucking a piece of plastic, but Margo loved it, and the sensation made me want to feel the size and weight and smell and fucking little bit salty taste of a man’s dick against my cheeks on the inside of my mouth. I was sucking the dildo, Margo was groaning, and that, among other things, was getting me soaked, but I had actually come over from Berkeley to taste some semen, not the sweet kind, but the bitter, salty stuff that Roger had put all over me a few days before.
I hadn’t thought too much about that before Margo “warmed me up”. but now I wanted to get up, stroll butt naked into that room full of people I didn’t know, flash my red bush, and find some guy walking around with his hard-on bobbing up and down like it was his fishing pole and he had just caught a little fish …I wanted to find that guy, suck his cock before he even knew my name and have him pop a salty shot all over me. I wanted it to look so slutty that the other women there were kind of disgusted and talking to each other about it. I wanted the men watching to need to jack themselves off. I don’t know if I was ever as bold and crazy as that time in 1965 when I was only s*******n! I wasn’t even out of Margo’s bedroom.
I didn’t quite come from Margo.
I got up and walked into the other room. There were fifteen or twenty people, some with clothes, some as naked as me. I wiggled my ass and tits an extra wiggle as I walked around. All these dicks! I felt like I was in a men’s locker room, except the locker room guys wouldn’t have boners and half- boners like these guys. I don’t know. I’ve never been in a men’s locker room. Maybe guys walk around with their boners sticking out or up and it’s just, you know, fucking normal.
How do you walk up to a strange man and say ” How do you do? I’m Brenda and I’d like to suck your cock today.”
But there was some cock sucking going on on the loveseat in the corner; a guy sucking another man, and then a young woman joining them. I stood in front of them like a k** at a carnival sideshow, rubbing my pussy and getting really close. The girl, who I later found out was my age, held the man’s cock out to me with three fingers. It was a very nice, totally sexy gesture, and I did not let it go by. The guy was just a guy, but the girl, whose name was Janet, became my companion and lover for the rest of the day, and for a long time afterward.

There was a lot of coke at this party. I don’t think I ever saw people using it like they were here. I don’t know who paid for it, but there was a lot and everybody was sharing. I’d been around people who were high and drunk before, but in this house, with all this sex everywhere, people wanted to fuck, and fuck and fuck. I was wondering if the parties I was working at would be like this? If everyone wanted to fuck so much, right in front of everyone else, what was I going to do as “Little Brenda” that would be so cool and beyond what other women were doing so that people would want to pay me a bunch to be there, and shower me with tips when I fucked them or blew them or whatever I did? I knew I had strengths as a performer that most women did not, I just wasn’t sure how I was going to use them.
When word got around that that little girl blowing all these guys was just f******n, I began to attract the pervy guys like I was flypaper.
Those same flypaper guys wanted my pussy and ass, too, of course. I held out for a while, trying to do more elaborate blow jobs, but I was high on coke and weed and that always, almost always, gets me up and running. I fucked a lot of different men, and a lot of them fucked me and got me high, too. I thought:
“I shouldn’t be this fucked up if I’m trying to run a business!” but, by the time I had THAT thought, I had blown a lot of guys, fucked them and now I was starting to give up my ass, too. There were six or seven women right near me doing the same thing. We began to play with each other. Usually, I’m not so good at doing several different sex things at the same time, but coke and weed and wine together made me feel pretty damn invincible. I was eating pussy now, riding some guy’s dick, and the next thing I knew, I had my puss in the face of some lady who was getting herself pounded from behind. Those guys who thought they were burying their dick in some f******n-year-old girl’s pussy were getting really excited, and, to be honest, I was too. Maybe they never got any in middle school and had been dreaming about that girl in Spanish class ever since…
“C’mon daddy, let Brenda be that girl, that Spanish class girl. I’ll blow you and fuck you just like you were dreaming about, sitting there in eighth grade, watching her, with that big boner.”
They were high, slamming it into me, and I was high, too, and that was just the kind of fucking I was craving. I was so wet now, it was no problem for me to get off one dick and climb on another.
Ida had talked to me quite a bit about the technique of double fucking, double penetration, or whatever you want to call fucking with one man in your pussy, and another guy in your ass.
“It’s not simple or easy, and lots of women, even sex performers, won’t do it.
“But I did..”
“I know, I know, but Dulce and I were here watching and you could have not found two more gentle and sensitive men.”
“So?..” ( I was such a little snot)
“So listen to me. Only do it with guys you’ve had a lot of sex with and really like and trust, I would suggest you never put that stunt into your little whore routine, It’s too dangerous. One of those guys could injure your back or your ass or pussy by being too rough. Always make sure they use rubbers, too.”
“Roger and Woody didn’t…”
“Well that was my fault I should have made them. I hope that diaphragm you like to use works…”
“Well, so far, it’s 100 percent…’
“Sweetie, you get laid so damn much. Jesus, I wish I got as much as you…”
Ida rolled her eyes up.
“Of course, when I was s*******n…”
“Ida, I’ll bet you fucked a lot…”
“You would too if you had a mom like Ruth and she wanted you to be one of the dancers at the temple of Aphrodite. But if you find that you’re knocked up, and you don’t want to be, talk to my sis. Your mom knows everything you need to know about getting the pregnancy out of you, without being permanently sterilized, in a mental hospital because of the pain, or dead. Sylvia, your mom, Deborah Howard Greenberg, is the woman a lot of women in southern California contact when they need an abortion, You didn’t know that, did you?”
“No, I guess…”
“Well, you won the fucking lottery when it comes to cool parents, hon, you really did. But pay attention to this advice about DP fucking. If you are going to whore, and it sounds like you are determined, you’ve got to be focused. Let your customers go to a magic land. You are working, creating that illusion for them…”
At Margo’s party, I ignored every piece of advice Ida gave me.

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