by williacj

another fictional tale of sex after drinks, enjoy!

Tall blonde jiggle bottomed Beth horkman is at Harley fest on water street in milwaukee partying it up with her friends, she goes over to mcgillycuddy’s on water and sits at the bar drinking jack and cokes, mcgill the owner of the bar comes up to her and starts talking to her, their conversation turns to sex and beth and mcgill start kissing at the bar, he squeezes her ass and mr.dukust the owner of duke’s on water comes over and mcgill begs beth to make out with him too. they start kissing and one thing leads to another and 2 hours later the three of them go over to duke’s and they go upstairs to an apartment above the bar.

Beth gives them a striptease and she gives both of them wet sloppy blowjobs. mcgill spreads her butt cheeks and asks her if he could butt fuck should have seen mcgillycuddy’s dick going deep into her ass he got the best of that bottom Beth was getting fucked out of her elements by that pecker.

Dukes is sitting there strokin his dick waiting for his turn up beth’s butt hole, after mcgill probes beth’s jiggly white ass he pulls out and dukes take his well lubed dick and presses it against beth’s asshole and slides all the way in that ass. Beth lets out a series of ohhhhhs as dukes dick starts pokin her rump hole senseless.”urghhh”he grunts he puts his hands behind his head and starts fucking her ravishing rick rude style. beth looks back at him as he’s giving her ass a good pumping she pushes her ass back against his dick he grips her waist and starts humpin and pumpin on that ass she covers her mouth as he is getting her from behind”oh my godddd’!”she mumbles he’s takin a vacation in her dumpster. Beth has never had a dick that deep in her before her last boyfriend couldn’t stay hard in her pussy and never tried to put it up her ass. dukes is just plungin’ away up that stink hole “oh god dukes you’re doin me up the ass” she mumbles.dukes is duking it out with her asshole he pulls it out.”oh my god put that dick back up in my ass” she demanded. the camera zooms in on his dick tip pressed against her asshole before sliding in.”don’t take it out don’t move it, this fuckin feels incredible!”she gasped dukes began plunging his dong into her bottom, she’s gettin occupied with hard dick”gettin it up the ass?” mcgilly asked beth she shook her head you can bet her current boyfriend is not going to happy to know that she’s getting tag teamed by two of water street’s most horniest studs.

bllpttt brrpttt Beth’s asshole lets out some air as dukes does some in and out action on her ass, he plunges it deep into her prompting another fart from Beth’s butt hole”oh i felt that one! ” she gasped looking back at him. duke was workin prick up her ass and mcgilly was cheering his buddy on”fuck her ass dude, bang that butt hole till you spurt” duke did Beth’s bottom for a few more minutes and then he shook his head “urghhh its comin sweetie he pulled out stroked his dick beth turned around stuck out her tongue. duke pointed his rod at beth’s face and launched a huge creamy load of man goo all over her face and hair.”urghhh beth horkman urghhh god darn it” he grunted duke had been saving that spunk shot up for awhile he hadn’t nutted in a week so he had a crotch missile ready to unload “creamed her entire fucking face” mcgilly says beth takes his cock and flicks it with her tongue splooge dripping down to her chin”she licked her cum soaked lips and duke gave the cameraman a thumbs up”thanks awesome!” he says proudly mcgilly gives duke a fist bump”that’s what we do we give blonde girls with plump asses the good pole up the ass”he says

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