This story is fictional and there is no such town found in California, or in the United States as far as I know. It’s set in the 2000’s and it is not true. It’s predicated on fantasy, and like all of my stories, it involves interracial sex between a white woman and a group of black men. If you cannot handle such stories, then don’t read it. No one is forcing you to. For all others who like my writing… I hope you enjoy. It’s something I’m trying so please don’t beat me up too much. 🙂


In the United States roughly between the 1950’s and 1980’s when serial killers and dangerous drifters were common place and flooding the news, a lot of folk would get a lot of mileage out of spinning outlandish rumors and stories. Sometimes those rumors were embellishments of the truth, and sometimes they were just fabricated completely out of thin air. It was always amazing how some of these tall tales would attract a high number of gullible believers, and how easily even the most outlandish fable would be taken as gospel.

Hell, I remember as a small boy being told to look out for an ice cream truck full of clowns that would drive around offering k**s candy and treats and then a***** them when a hapless k** would dare get close enough to them. Maybe it was just a way for parents to instill fear in their c***dren to watch out for strangers, and I never did find out if that story was ever true or not, but from age five to about twelve I was terrified of ice cream trucks, and box trucks altogether.

In the 2000’s for the longest time in the city of San Karlomina in California there was a story that was bandied around that was just like that. It was about a plain white van full of masked black men who would a***** unsuspecting white women and while driving around the city, they would gangbang them in the back of the van. The longevity of the gangbangs would vary from woman to woman depending on her own depiction, but every story ended the same way with the hapless woman being returned to the same place that they were a*****ed after being fucked silly by giant black cocks.

And giant black cocks they always were. They ranged told from nine to about f******n in length in inches and most were told to be even as wide as a beer can in circumference. The number of men in the van even was inflated from story to story too going as high as ten or twelve men. Even the length of time that the gangbang was to be was embellished on even one woman claiming to be fucked for a good two days straight.

But when investigators started doing interviews of the women who would claim being a victim of such an unbelievable experience, after weeding out the least credible claims, the stories from the women whom they believed were truthful were archived and cross referenced for similarities. A list of common occurrences and observances was then made:

-The base number of men in the van was deemed to be four, one driving and three fucking.

-All four men wore cotton red ski masks with black trim around the eye holes and mouth.

-Each woman was completely stripped naked of all of her clothing.

-The length of the a*****ion was averaged to be between one to three hours depending.

-Penis ranges of the four men were calculated to be between nine and eleven inches. The beer can claim was tossed because of unbelievability and it was just deemed that the four black men were richly well endowed. None of them wore a condom.

-None of the men ever spoke to the women or even to each other. They also hardly made any noises during the sex.

-None of the women were physically abused or hurt. They were all just sexually accosted.

-Some of the women claimed to be sodomized, but not all of them were.

-At the end of it all every woman to a T claimed to be returned to the same exact spot that they were a*****ed from and left completely naked on the ground as the van left.

The following is five select accounts told to investigators and then written in story form by a writer to make their stories more readable. A lot of what happened to each woman was similar, but there were differences in the way some of it was done.


The pretty brunette with the long legs clicked her high heels across the company parking lot. It was lunchtime, and every weekday at this time Tanya Flynn, 25, liked to eat her lunch away from the office park that she had been a secretary now at for two years. This particular day the young beauty with the killer legs was wearing a blue skirt and a white shirt with a pair of black pumps. She’s a pretty young woman, nice figure and beautiful facial features.

Just then as she crossed by the side of a parked plain white van, the side door slid open and a hand was clasped over her mouth and she was dragged inside the back of the van. The van started to drive and Tanya, not able to move from the van floor looked around frantically at her captors. She saw four large black men wearing red ski masks to conceal their identities.

As the van drove, Tanya’s shoes were removed and her skirt was pushed up past her waist and her underwear was quickly pulled down her legs and removed. She started to kick her feet but they were both quickly subdued by the strong grip of large black hands around her ankles holding her legs apart and up high. Her wrists were too secured by the large black hands of her captors. She then felt one of them push his large cock into her vagina and she started to scream as she was impaled by it.

Her screams lasted only mere seconds and were quickly squelched as another cock was shoved into her open mouth and started jabbing at her throat. Her lips stretched open wide over the black meatsicle and tears started to roll out from the corners of her eyes and down the sides of her head as the large black cock in her mouth gagged her and pinned her head to the floor of the van leaving her searching for air to breathe.

At the other end of Tanya’s body, the man who was pumping into her pussy was now doing so with relative ease. Her pussy began to secrete its love juices and her torso began to buck forward each time he pumped forward into her. She’d never taken a cock this large before between her legs and her body was starting to respond to the pleasures of it all leaving her mind betrayed.

After a while, the cock in her mouth was pulled from her lips and another one took its place. Then the one that just left her mouth replaced the one that was just pulled out from her pussy. The three of them were taking turns fucking her mouth and pussy with their large black dicks and the longer it went on the more Tanya became receptible to the unscheduled and forced gangbang. So much so that they took their grips from her wrists and ankles and she succumbed to her lust and desires.

Tanya came hard twice before the first of the three men dumped his hot semen deep into her now opened womb. The man that came then changed places with the driver and he then joined the rotation bringing her total sex partners to four. One after the other they rotated some more between her legs and her mouth. Each time that they switched places when a new cock was put in front of her face Tanya hungrily put her mouth over it and sucked it with lust and vigor. By the time the whole thing was over, each man shot a full batch of cum into her pussy coating her insides and flooding her womb.

Even after they came the men continued to fuck Tanya. Then all of a sudden, she heard and felt the van come to a stop. They opened the side door and unceremoniously dumped her onto the pavement in the parking lot of her office building and threw her panties and shoes at her feet. Before she could sit up the van sped quickly out of the parking lot and was fast gone.

Tanya looked around and noticed that she was alone in the parking lot and that apparently not a soul had seen her or the van. She stood up and quickly fixed her skirt and put her shoes back on her feet then walked into the building. As she approached the elevator and got in, she looked down at her panties in her hand and a little smile cracked across her face.


Mary Harrison was having a very stressful day. The 49-year-old married mother of four was running behind on her errands and she still had to go buy the weekly groceries and after that lug it all home and then start dinner for her family. She drove around the parking lot of the Food Master looking for a closer parking spot but to no avail as it was Friday and the supermarket was packed.

She normally wouldn’t have waited until the last day of the week to go food shopping but this particular week had been an unusual one to say the least. Just two days ago she learned that her husband Frank, the man that she had been married to for the last 24 years was cheating on her with his 25-year-old secretary. Mary still hadn’t confronted him about it either, mostly because she didn’t know how to do so.

Emotionally, Mary was a wreck. She wondered why her marriage’s sex life had become non-existent in recent years, but she just chocked it up to her husband’s long hours at the office. Little did she know what he was doing during those late nights at work. Ever since she found out all Mary could do is cry and fume. How dare he? She thought. She decided to give up trying to park closer to the store and just picked a spot far out from all the other cars. She sat in the car for a few minutes after parking and she started to cry again.

What was crazy is Mary wasn’t the normal looking 49-year-old woman either. She looked about 15 years younger than her years and despite having four c***dren her body was still fit and tight. Any man in his late forties would be crazy to cheat on a woman who still looked as great as she did. She even dressed like a younger woman, today wearing a tight pink t-shirt and short white jean shorts combo with a pair of white sneakers. Mary never wore underclothes either. They just didn’t make her feel comfortable. Because of that fact, whenever she would wear these particular shorts, bending over would give a great view of her ass to whomever could see as the shorts would form tightly around her buttocks and delve deep into her ass crack.

She composed herself and wiped her eyes in the rear-view mirror of her car then fixed her sexy short black hair before exiting it and beginning her trek to the market. Just then, a plain white van pulled into the parking lot and drove in front of Mary stopping her in her tracks. The side door which was now right in front of her slid open and before she could do or say anything two large black men in red ski masks grabbed her and pulled her into the van and it sped off.

As the van drove, one of the men forcibly kissed Mary on the lips and drove his hot tongue deep into her mouth. As this was going on, she felt two other sets of hands groping at her breasts under her shirt and pulling at her shorts. In mere minutes her shorts and sneakers were removed followed quickly by her t-shirt over her head. There she was, on her knees, completely naked in a van with four strangers and she wasn’t resisting any of their advances, her body in shock more than anything else.

Mary had been so sexually deprived and starved over the last few years, not to mention that she was currently emotionally broken, that she was in full lust as these strange black men kissed and fondled her naked body. One of the men was even finger fucking her drenched pussy. Finally, she was bent down on all fours and one of the men jammed a cock into her mouth while another positioned himself between her legs and pushed his large black cock deep up into her. Mary moaned as he stretched her tight vagina walls apart. It felt so good and it was stretching her more than any cock ever did in her lifetime.

As these black thugs took turns fucking her mouth and pussy, tons of thoughts flashed in and out of Mary’s mind. She thought about her husband, and how he had never made her feel this way. She even felt a bit of revenge after just finding out that he was cheating on her. So much so that she even wished that all of this could be taped so that she could ‘mistakenly’ leave a copy of it in her husband’s DVD player in his home office mixed in with his golf recordings. She fantasized about him watching her fucked by these large black cocks and how it would make him feel to have to see it, to have to know, to feel the pain that she herself was feeling the last few days.

The young masked black men continued to bone the forty-something MILF with the short black hair, making her orgasm four times in twenty-five minutes. The men themselves were dumping large amounts of cum into her mouth and pussy too. They were even switching places on the fly, taking turns driving the truck so that all four of them had a chance inside her. At the forty-five-minute mark she felt one of them start to push his cock between her ass cheeks and into her asshole.

Mary’s husband never fucked her in the ass before. He always said it was dirty. But Mary loved to have a cock in her ass. Anal sex was something that she had a lot of back in her college days. She was very wild sexually in her early twenties and these black men were bringing those days all back to her on a larger and darker scale. Just over an hour since this whole impromptu gangbang had started, Mary’s three holes were then being opened simultaneously. That’s when she came the hardest. Three separate cocks probing her body in three different orifices was like pleasure overload and she convulsed and climaxed involuntarily.

It was like it was never ending. Finally, as they approached the two-hour mark, the van suddenly stopped and one of the men opened the sliding door. Mary, still naked was softly pushed from the van into some grass that was about thigh high. Her clothes were then tossed at her and then she heard the van speed off. After taking a few minutes to gain her senses, she stood up in the grass and realized that they had just dumped her in the same supermarket parking lot that they had taken her from located all the way in the back in a large field.

It was now dark, and Mary quickly got dressed then walked to where her car was parked and got into it. She picked up her cell phone and saw a text from one of her daughters asking where she was, and what was for dinner. Mary just smiled at it and texted back, I’m gonna be home late sweetie… order a pizza.


Brayden Teawill University located in the heart of San Karlomina is one of if not the most prestigious women’s college for high mathematics. Winning a scholarship for such a school was reserved for only the most intelligent women that the world has to offer. Jayne Marie Copeland had those type of impressive credentials. At only 18, she had easily won a berth into the university becoming the only native of Iowa to do so. And the petite little girl from the Hawkeye State with the short blonde hair had a killer body to boot.

With the first semester coming to a close, Jayne secured an early release on a Friday to go home and pack for a week home in Iowa with the folks. As she crossed the vacant campus streets on her way to her dorm room, a mysterious white van slowly pulled up behind her. When she turned around to acknowledge its presence in the street, she was grabbed by two masked black men and tossed into the van kicking and screaming.

The tiny blonde still dressed in her school green and white schoolgirl outfit was quickly relieved of all that clothing by the three black men inside the back of the moving van. A large black middle finger was quickly jammed into her pussy not even a Nano second after her little white lacey panties were yanked down her milky white legs and removed from her body.

As Jayne lay there completely naked her arms held and pinned to the van floor by the man suckling on her right tit, while another one of the men held her legs in place, the third non-driver positioned his large ten-inch cock at the opening of her tiny vagina. Then as he fed his monster penis into her opening those tiny pussy lips Jayne let out a loud scream. The man sucking on her tit sat up and jammed his own cock into her mouth to stop all of the noise.

Those first ten minutes were brutal. Jaynes mouth and pussy were being pried apart by the biggest cocks that she had ever seen. The man between her legs could only get about four inches into her in that time before the tight sensations caused by the fist like grip of her vagina milked his cock of it’s black seed. The men shifted and continued the assault on her mouth and pussy. At some point the man driving got his turn as well.

Every man came in her pussy quickly in the first thirty minutes before Jaynes tight Cervix gave way for their large cocks to gain passage into her virgin uterus. Before long each man was pumping in hard and deep, their balls slapping hard against her taint and asshole. Once the men were able to gain full access and unlimited depth, the pain subsided and Jayne climaxed for the first time. She received a second batch of cum from everyone during this time before she was picked up and put on her knees for doggy-style fucking.

Jayne was now into it. She was accepting their pricks into her mouth with fervent gusto and bucking her torso backward on each thrust into her pussy. While she was being pumped at both ends the third man would always be sucking and pulling on her small tits. The constantly moving van made everything even more pleasurable.

By the time that they returned to the front of Jayne’s dorm, each man served up a third load into her pussy. Then without warning, the van stopped and Jayne was removed and placed on the sidewalk in front of her dorm. She was still naked and the campus was now full of classmates and onlookers who stared at her and the van which was now speeding away. Jayne picked up her clothing that was tossed next to her and she quickly ran into her dorm.


Ana Sanchez loved America. She loved everything about it and wanted so much to become a citizen. The pretty girl from Mexico with the light brown skin had only been in the USA for less than eight months and already she had her own apartment and a decent paying job at a clothing store. Yes, the 27-year-old was riding high on life.

One night after work the thin little girl was leaving work on her way to the gym. She changed into her gym clothes which was a tight purple spandex sports bra and tight pants combo. It was close to 7pm and the streets were bare as most people were already home eating dinner and relaxing. As she walked on the sidewalk towards an intersection, a plain white van pulled up to the red light. Ana walked in front of it to cross, and two black men in ski masks came around from the other side of the van and grabbed her and quickly hauled her into the side door of the van and then it drove off. The a*****ion was done so clean that Ana wasn’t able to even get out a scream.

Inside the van, the petite Latina was held down on her back and groped by three different sets of black hands. In a matter of mere seconds, they had removed her sneakers and her sports bra and were working to peel the tight spandex pants from her body. Ana kicked away at her gropers and holding her arms and legs were proving to be a chore for the men. The spandex pants were finally removed followed by her tiny thong panties. Still she kept flailing her limbs making things difficult.

That is when she saw them retrieve these ropes which they tied to each of her ankles. When the ropes were adjusted, her small legs were pulled up and splayed wide, each leg secured by the ankle to the sides of the van. Some more ropes were produced from the back of the van which were then secured to her wrists. When those ropes were pulled tight Ana’s arms were pulled up over her head and basically pinned against the van floor.

Once Ana was immoveable, one of the men put his head between her legs and started to lick her pussy while another man forced his tongue into her mouth. As the man between her legs licked and sucked, the thrashing defiance that Ana was doing with her body even securely tied by the ropes as she tried to escape the clutches of her captors was now subsiding.

The man kissing her then stopped and pulled away. He then positioned his large black penis near her lips and Ana fought to keep her mouth closed and not allow it in. Then one of them pinched her right nipple which made her scream out and her mouth quickly was stuffed with the cock. She tried in vain to stop it and remove it from her mouth but with her arms tied and her head palmed in place like a basketball attempts to do so were futile. Not to mention that Ana’s pussy was now starting to respond to all of the licking it was getting and her mind began to shift from her initial reluctances to that of pleasure.

Deeper and deeper into her mouth the large black penis was pushed, stretching her lips and cheeks to maximum capacity. She gagged and her eyes began to bug out and water, and her back started to arch which angled her head back a bit and made it a little easier to accept the large black flesh pole jamming into her tiny throat. As the minutes ticked by and her mouth produced more and more saliva making the chore of sucking this large cock a little easier.

She felt the man between her legs stop licking and a few moments later she felt his penis rubbing against her tight and wet vagina lips. Then with one push, he jammed close to five inches of it into her which made Ana scream. The pain was excruciating and it continued for what seemed like forever as they impaled her mouth and pussy with their large meaty fuck tools. The three of them shifted and took their turns opening her up at both ends of her body.

After a while, the pain dissipated and was replaced with unbelievable pleasure which Ana’s body was now beginning to show. As the large penis between her legs pummeled her tight pussy, Ana wrapped her legs around his waist with lust and she orgasmed harder than she ever had in her life. The cock going in and out of her mouth was now penetrating completely throat deep and she could feel his large testicles smack against her chin on each thrust as she was face fucked hard.

The first cum load that she took went down her throat so fast that she didn’t even get a chance to taste any of it until the man was done cumming and was pulling out of her mouth. Then another cock quickly replaced it not even giving her a chance to breathe freely again. For the next thirty-five minutes Ana was fucked really hard in the back of the constantly moving van by the four large black men who shifted their cocks in and out of her with lust and vigor. Her mouth and pussy were taking a pounding and the men were dumping copious amounts of semen into her womb and stomach.

At the fifty-five-minute mark, seeing that Ana was more receptive to the gangbang that she was receiving, her arms and legs were released from the ropes and she was placed up on her hands and knees and taken doggie style for the next twenty minutes. She was beside herself with ecstasy and her light brown skin was getting a sticky white glaze all over it. The fucking went on for over another hour.

Then all of a sudden, abruptly the van stopped and the door was slid open. Ana was picked up and carried out to the street and left completely naked right there in the same crosswalk that she had be taken from a few hours before. Her clothes were tossed at her feet and then the van sped off and disappeared into the night. There were a few people watching on in shock as the hot fully naked Latina picked up her clothing and ran into a nearby alley to dress.


Maureen Frehley woke up and dragged herself from her bed and to the bathroom. She was still tired and trying to sleep off all the alcohol that she drank the night before at her little sister’s wedding. As she sat there on the toilet with her panties down to her knees peeing, she started to think again about how beautiful her sister looked the night before.

She couldn’t help but feel a little jealous especially now that both of her sisters were now married and she herself at 33, was still single. It wasn’t that Maureen wasn’t pretty, she just hadn’t found the right man yet to spend her life with. Factor in that standing at a statuesque 5’10” and a 139 lbs. it was hard to find a guy who was comfortable being the shorter of the couple. ‘Don’t worry Mo, I just know you’ll be married soon too.’ were the last words that her little sister said to her before leaving for her honeymoon. Maureen was starting to get depressed again.

She quickly cleaned up and flushed the toilet and tried to clear the wedding thoughts from her mind and shuffled herself back to her bed. On the way there, she heard what sounded like someone outside her condo. She looked out of her window and saw a generic looking white van idling behind her Toyota in the driveway. ‘Must be turning around’ she thought, so she just blew it off and went back to her bed and forgot all about it and fell back to sleep.

About an hour and a half later, Maureen woke up again after hearing a sharp horn outside. She jumped back up to look out the window and saw that the same white van was still there idling in the driveway. ‘Who is this?’ she thought. ‘I better go downstairs and find out.’ She slipped on her white jeans and a purple t-shirt with the thoughts of going downstairs. Beforehand, she looked in a mirror and brushed her shoulder length blonde hair a little bit. She then looked down and saw the pair of white pumps that she wore to the wedding and quickly put them on and left her bedroom.

Down the stairs and out the door, Maureen started to approach the mysterious van in her driveway. As she got closer to side door, it slid open and two men in ski masks plucked her from the pavement and dragged her into the van and the door was then slid closed. As the van began to drive, Maureen lay there in shock as she watched and felt three large black men paw at her body and clothes trying to strip her naked. The purple t-shirt was the first thing to go and her 36C’s sprung out and were quickly grabbed and pulled by black hands.

Trying to gain her senses, Maureen struggled to sit up but was stopped and then distracted from doing so when one of the men grabbed her head and put his large black lips over hers and jammed his wet tongue into her mouth. At the same time at the other end of her body, her white jeans were being removed along with the white pumps and then her panties. Maureen was now completely naked being mobbed by three black men in the back of a speeding van. She felt large fingers start to play with her pussy, rubbing at her clit and jamming into her vaginal canal.

It felt good, regardless of the fact that she was being sexually assaulted, and as it went on the more Maureen relaxed her body and let it all happen. ‘Who were these guys?’ she thought to herself and she wondered how far this was all going to go. A minute later she realized those parameters as two of the men pulled their large black cocks out from their pants and one of them was put against her mouth looking to gain entry. It was at that point she knew that these guys were looking to fuck her and the thought of these huge black cocks entering her body both frightened and intrigued her equally.

‘These guys are huge’ thought Maureen, and without much protest she let the cock dangling in her face enter into her mouth. It felt velvety smooth as it slid against her tongue and it tasted a little salty. As this guy was fucking her face, she felt another penis rubbing against her vagina lips. She immediately got nervous because it felt like a large a large thick deli sausage and she hadn’t a clue how he was going to put that thing into her. Then she felt him pushing it in and a flush of pain shot up her legs which made her squirm a bit.

The man between her legs stopped a few seconds and pushed her long white legs up higher over his shoulders and the repositioned his cock at her cunt hole. This time with his arms securing her legs at the thighs, he pushed his cock in and spread her vagina walls apart like a mole burrowing throw the ground. Maureen shrieked around the cock that was still fucking her mouth. When she did, she felt him tense up and shoot his loud deep into her mouth and she actually felt it all oozing down her throat and into her stomach. A few minutes later, a large load was shot deep into her tight pussy as well.

For the next forty minutes the four ski-masked black men took turns driving the van, and boning the tall white girl lying between them with her legs in the air dumping cum shot after cum shot into her mouth and pussy making her body a sticky mess. Maureen herself was brought to orgasm more than once during the whole session. Well after the hour point she was lifted up from the van floor and one of the men lay in her place. She was then placed straddling his body and his cock was stuffed back into her pussy.

The next thing that happened was something that Maureen never had tried with any boyfriend that she ever had. A tube of lube was placed near her asshole and a generous amount was squeezed into her ass crack. She then felt a hand rubbing the lube all over her sphincter including the inside of her ass as far as the man’s fingers would allow. She then felt him get between both her and the man fucking her pussy’s legs and position his own cock against her anus.

She felt the pressure of his cock as it pressed against her asshole trying to pry it open with his flesh meat and she marveled at the feeling when he finally got the head of it past her O-ring. Then with each pump into her ass the man slid another inch of his cock deeper into her and the sensation of being double teamed in such a fashion was too much for her to handle and she climaxed heavy and hard. The third man then stuffed his cock into her mouth and now she was being triple-teamed. The four men spent the next hour taking turns gaping Maureen’s three fuck holes with their large black cocks squirting cum on and into her tired white body.

She then felt the van stop and then felt it backing up. The men pulled their cocks from her and one of them opened the back doors of the van. Maureen was then pushed naked from the van out onto the front lawn of her condo and her clothing was tossed into the grass beside her. The van then sped off and quickly disappeared around the corner at the end of her street.

Maureen sat there naked in the grass still trying to comprehend exactly what just happened to her. Then she got up slowly and picked up her clothing and went into her house. Once inside, she felt the tingle of her body, the kind of feeling a girl feels when she just realizes that she has found something that she really loves. ‘I’m gonna have to modify my dating scene’ she thought, ‘maybe it’s black cock I’ve needed all of my life.’ She went back to her bedroom still completely naked and climbed back into her bed and smiled before falling back to sleep.

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