Chapter III

I wanted to taste all of you, and I licked and sucked on your glistening wet folds, my nose enjoyed the contained natural cunt perfume that was stored up in your pubic locks, firmly holding and squeezing your ass cheeks with strong and demanding hands. It could have continued, but I looked up and told you: “lets test that new bed of yours”.

I got up and we kissed while I released your bathrobe, and it fell right of your shoulders to the floor, while you pulled my belt, unbuttoned and released my throbbing cock. I French kissed with you some more, and ran a finger between your butt-cheeks, while my right hands found your breasts, rotating softly on the tip of the nipples.

I liked how your breasts were aesthetic pleasing to the eye, like a greek statue, and I liked how your nipples were quite dominating and rock-hard, I knew that they would bring plenty of play and joy to us. These breast of yours knew what they wanted and they would react in harmony towards the right person and the right touch. You pushed me onto the bed and said: “enough of this, I felt first that it was rude the way you looked at me last week, but your cheeky smile and your sincere eyes made me laugh inside and I couldn’t keep my stern look. And all week I have wondered how it would be to taste your cock”.

We laughed at this for a moment, and then everything went very serious. I leaned back on the bed and you licked my balls and shaft all the way up to my head, the swollen had left my cock-head bare of the foreskin and you ran your lips, nose and tongue licking up all the pre-cum drops drooling from it. Then you began taking it in your mouth, mixing it with your saliva and gave me a nice long slurpy sucking while your nails gently nibbled and pinched my balls.

I caressed your hair and enjoyed the idea of having my cock pleasured by your sweet mouth. Only days before I would get off by my own hand thinking of you, and nothing slightly as good as what was happening just right now came to my mind. I felt how enthusiastic you were handling it, and I could feel that you liked having this control, each little flick with your tongue created amazing feelings in my manhood and whole body, “I like the taste of you, a real man cock” you said, and I nodded.

It was so good that I just wanted more of your tongue, I would soon climax if this continued, so for a moment I greedily pressed your face further down on it, you would do your best, but would not fit all inside. I thought a good lover would give the whole deal, and not just spunk in the face at first encounter, so I decided we had to change, I shifted out of bed and came up behind you for a doggy position. Your stretched out your back and showed me your lovely ass, I wetted a finger with spit and ran it between your lips, absolutely not necessary, you were all creamed up and ready.

While I slowly entered you, and caressed your ass, you looked back at me with these lovely eyes you’ve got, and you told me: “fuck me anyway you like, but do it go…-…ood”. Your sentence turned into a long gasp as I forced my shaft up your foamed love channel.

I fitted and stretched out every inch of your vagina, and took my time running my shaft against all the folds and inner muscles of yours, while playing with your ass cheeks and circling my thumb on top of your little star in the middle, it was lovely and we took our time to drag out the pleasures, in fact I was in a dose from all the joy, until I felt your orgasm of muscle spasm and sweet sounds drooling from your mouth, and that speeded up my climax and I pulled out of you, turned you around, sat myself on top of your stomach and sprayed hot white cascades of sperm on your tits. While we lay down together to rest, you massaged my cum into your breasts and while looking me in the eyes , you sucked away the salty residue from your fingers .

There would be plenty of service visits to come…


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