2nd part of my taking of heidi’s innocence: We lay there together for a few minutes catching our breath and coming to the reality of what just happened, ot as enjoyable the Heidi looked over at me asn told me how much she loved me and that the taking of her virginity was not as unpleasant as she was told it could be, the pain was actually minimal compared to what a couple of her BFF’s had told her, their first time experiences were not very pleasurable. We got dressed and I droped her off at her home, we sat in the drive way cuddling and kissing until the sun started to rise, She asked if she could accompany me to the airport to see me off to basic training. Two days later I was sitting in the “repo depot” at Ft Jackson in processing center thinking of our parting at the airport, her mother was there to drive her home, so we moved to a quiet area and said our good by with a hug a kiss and a promise to return to her soon.

9 weeks later I was on a plane headed home for a two week leave after graduation from basic, I had called Heidi and told her I was on my way and she met me at the airport, Her mother drove us to my house and dropped us off as I was going to drop off my duffle and get my truck , As it was the mid morning, about 10 am, no one was home. I found a note telling me welcome home and that my mom and older sister were out visiting other relatives my younger sister and brother we still in school. I went to my old room and put my bag down, Heidi jumped into my arms and locked her leggs around my waist and kissed me hard as she ground her hips against my crotch and told me she was so horny, and I told her it was all I could do to not cum when we first met at the airport and I was horny all the way to the house all I was thinking of was stripping her naked and making hot love to her all afternoon., We were soon both naked I was licking her hot pussy and she was sucking my hard cock, I told her to go easy as I was on the verge of blowing my load, she said she wanted to taste me as some of her BFFs liked the taste of their mans cum and she wanted to see if her liked it too, Soon I felt my balls contract and the cum rushing up my cock, I told Heidi the I was coming and she held the tip of my ck in her lips as I shot my load, Her cheeks soon ballooned as I filled her mouth, and some jizm leaked from her lips, I said swallow before she drowned, and she did, I came a lot I didnt know my balls could hold that amount of cum, Soon I was drained and she was smiling and said “that wasn’t half bad, the taste was different but not unpleasant ” I told it was her turn to cum and went back to orally pleasuring her cunt, soon she was squirming and moaning the she stiffened , her legs clamping on my head, she grabbed mu head with her hands keeping my face snuggled on her clit as she had a gut wrenching orgasm , her juices were running like a small stream and she tasted divine . After she calmed down some Heidi ask if I was recovered enough to make love to her, O hell yeah I had recovered matter of fact I never lost my hard on after I came, I rolled on top of her and placed the head of my cock at the entrance to her velvate pussy channel and slowly slid inside, she was still tight as I was the only cock he had ever had inside her, she moaned and ground her hips as I slid balls deep into her tight hole, I rested a few moments then slowly slide out till just the head remand inside, then back in balls deep, I started to speed up and soon was slamming in and out at a terrific pace her hips gyrating and lifting up to meet my every stroke soon she groaned again and said “I;m Cumming” and I flt my balls starting to release another load, I told I needed to pull ot as I was too cumming she said no worry she has been on BC pills for the last month in expitation of this meet, I rammed one last time deep insde her and shot my load deep inside, As we calmed down my cock still deep inside her, I could feel my cum mixed with her juices leaking out and down my ball sack. After what seemed a life time, I pulled my now flaccid cock from her hole and we lay next to each other, soon I could feel my cock starting to wake up again, I asked if she wanted to go again and Heidi said please yes, with out any foreplay I rolled her on top of me and he grabbed my hardening cock and put it at her entrance and slide down till she could go no further, then she bounced up and down on my cock, I could see my cock sliding in on every down stroke she made, she came twice more before I was ready to cum again then after what seemed like hours which actually was probably close to 10 minutes I came inside her again, she stayed on top of me till I was fully limp and slid out her hot pussy opening the the flood of cum to pour out as the dam form my cock was removed, We took a shower together, went out to lunch and talked of our “possible” future together. I told her that we had a future if she was willing to be tied to a military man who would probably be transferred around a lot, Heidi said she was willing to give it a try but she was bound and determined to finish school and get a college degree.

We saw each other as often as we could over the next two weeks then I had to leave for my AIT school, Our night together on the eving before I headed back to training we fucked the night away, she saw me off ……..

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