As I watched his hands increased its speed and as I readjusted my angle I saw her face flush. Then his hand worked under her panties so he must have been touching her bare kitty. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. There was my eldest brother, my engaged brother with a very beautiful fiancée in his house, fondling the pussy of the girl I loved as I surreptitiously watched from the hut’s wall. He appeared perfect normal, playing cards and carrying on conversations with the others while the whole time his hand was playing with her. Michelle appeared out of sorts to me but I guess that can be expected when someone’s hand is having its way with you while you’re sitting with the people. Suddenly as she brought her glass toward her mouth but she spilled it on her shirt before she could drink from it.

It was only a little bit and she quickly put the glass down and dabbed at it with a serviette. While she was doing that my brother’s hand reappeared above the table and after catching her eye he put his finger in his mouth. Even from where I was I could see Michelle turned red. A minute later she got up and headed for the door.

“I just have to go to sleep. It has been a long journey.”

Now was my chance but what should I do? Confront her on what just happened or pretended I hadn’t seen it but hope that she was now horny and I could fulfill my desire? Or should I go see my brother and call him for his reprehensible conduct? Now when I needed to make a fast decision I was uncertain and before I could decide Brian rose from the table.

“Keep playing fellas, I shall return” he said as he headed for the door.

Now I scrambled my feet but by the time I was up it was too late. Due to the total darkness I was able to be undetected by Brian as he followed Michelle to Cecil’s hut. Moving careful as a chameleon I headed to my sister’s hut.

Crouching low by the foundation I could hear the low murmur of voices filtering inside. Stealing myself before looking I took a deep breath and then cautiously moved myself to the back of wall to find a perfect spot so as I could peer in. Luckily or unluckily I found it. Even preparing myself in advance couldn’t mitigate what I felt when I saw inside. Michelle was sitting on the bed with t-shirt pulled to her waist while my brother stood in front of her. One of his hand was rubbing the front of his slacks while the other was cupping her covered breast and squeezing it.

“I’m not sure about this B- I mean Brian. What would Evans think….”

“Not my concern Michelle. Besides my sister Cecil said….”

“Another thing, you are engaged and I…”

“If I’m not worried about my fiancée why should you be? And as far as Evans my understanding is that you two aren’t dating so I don’t see a problem.”

“Okay we’re not but still doubt he’d approve. Besides I don’t think you’d be acting differently if we were dating.”

“You’re probably right Michelle but if a man can’t keep his woman from straying then whose fault is that. I know my ethics aren’t ideal but you have to remember that I’m a lawyer. Besides after just a sample of your cunt juices I have to taste it firsthand.”

“That’s is terrible, calling it a cunt” she replied in a shocked voice.

“Sorry girly but I call a spade a spade, or in this case a cunt.”

After saying that my brother took hold of her t-shirt and lifted it and didn’t stop until it was removed at which time he tossed it to the floor. So both he and I saw her pert naked breast at the same time but in his case he was able to reach down and pinched her nipple. Michelle groaned from the touch and when my brother took her hand and placed it on his crotch she literally squealed with delight.

“Oh my God Brian! It feels so big and hard. Is that for me?”

“Every inch Michelle, but first I have to lick that wet little cunt of yours.”

Brian gestured for her to stand. While keeping her hand on his bulge the whole time she complied and stood. Without waiting he reached down between her legs and started to massage her pussy while at the same time leaning his head in and fastening his mouth to her nipple.

“Oh yes Brian! It feels so good!”

“Just wait missy.”

After massaging her pussy a bit more he positioned his hands on her waspish waist and lifted her easily and sat her on chair near the bed. I didn’t understand why the chair as it would been easy to have a wonderful sex on the bed. Lawyers. I hate lawyers as I will never understand what are in their mind.

Michelle panties were still around her knees but my brother took hold of them and pulled them down and off her. First he sniffed them before slipping them in his pant pocket. His mouth again found her breast and he sucked on it as his hand busied itself between her legs.

Michelle cradled his head to her bosom but he didn’t remain there long. His mouth kissed its way down her belly and then onto her tiny landing strip of pubic hair. He took hold of her thighs and spread them wider as he crouched and a second later his lips found her wet pussy.

She let out a groan and I observed her roll her hips forward towards his mouth. He began by licking her length of her little pussy from the bottom up until his tongue connected with her love button. He did this for a few minutes as she writhed her body and grabbed a hold of the chair. Finally, when he felt she was ready for more; his fingers spread the moist petals of her flower so his tongue could burrow deep in her juicy channel.

I always knew my eldest brother was an expert using his mouth for talking but he sure could use it for cunnilingus as well. At least if one judged the reaction he was getting from Michelle. She was moaning constantly and by the look of his jaw his tongue was moving very fast. He stopped a minute and raised his head and I could see the lower half of his head was wet from his mustache to his chin with her pussy juice.

Finally he leaned in and began to flick her clit with his tongue while at the same time forcing two fingers inside her. That was enough to send her to orgasm and I watched as her body trembled and her face became flushed. He didn’t slow down though and began to finger fuck her as fast as his tongue continued its rapid licking. She must have been soaked as even outside with the raised only a few inches I could hear the sound as his fingers pushed in and out of her succulent appearing peach.

Michelle was holding his head with both her hands now and her moans were intermixed with cries of “yes” and “don’t stop” when I think he sucked her clit between his lips. Her body stiffened for a moment and then her legs thrashed about as she experienced what must have been a powerful orgasm. Only then did my brother slide his fingers out of her and straighten his body. He raised his fingers to near her lips.

“Suck my fingers and taste your sweet cunt juice” he demanded of her.

She seemed a little hesitant but when he pulled them forward Michelle’s mouth, she opened it and took them in.

“Yeah that’s good you little slut and why not take this fun to where it’s supposed to be.”

Removing them from her mouth he helped her down and pushed on her shoulders until she sat on the chair.

“Undo my trousers” my brother told her in a voice hoarse from desire.

She didn’t hesitate at all but quickly unbuttoned his pants as her other hand traced the outline of his erection. Once she pulled down the zipper Michelle used both her hands to tug at his pants. They slid down his legs and stepped out of both of them and his leather loafers leaving him in just his socks and boxers. There was large bulge which Michelle started to rub but Brian pulled her hand away and pushed the boxers down freeing his cock.

It stuck straight out from his body at ninety degree angle and Michelle gasped when she saw it closed up. It was of a good length, certainly above average but it was its width that was truly impressive. The head was mushroom shaped and bigger than the shaft while the slit was already dripping pre-cum. His balls were large and hung low and there was a jungle of thick, black hair surrounding his equipment. She looked at it with awe and then with trembling hand Michelle reached for it.

“Can I …touch it?” she asked in a quiet voice.


He stepped around her and sat on the bed with his cock jutting up in the air. She climbed to her feet and looked at him with a questioning expression on her sweaty yet pretty face.

“Face me and sit on my cock,” he told her.

Michelle straddled him with a leg on each side of the bed and crouched down. Once she was close, he gripped his erection and guided it toward her waiting hole as his other hand took her waist and pulled her down. She let out a moan as his head penetrated her and she tried to pull up but his other hand grabbed her well and forced her further down onto his cock.

“Michelle put your arms around my neck,” he directed and she did as he wanted.

Once she was holding on, he thrust up managing to force a little more of his thick cock into her. She rode my brother’s cock, sliding her pussy down half its length before raising up again. As she did, his mouth found her breast and took as much as would fit inside and sucked it. This went on for a couple of minutes and Michelle seemed to become more and more turned on as timed passed.

“Yes it feels so good! It’s so big and hard inside me! I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum!” she cried out as her hips increased their speed.

“You enjoy that slut, didn’t you? Very good. Now it’s my turn” Brian said.

Suddenly he stood up catching Michelle by surprise. As he rose his arms pushed her legs up towards her torso which made her pelvis slide down at the same time so now his cock filled her pussy to its limit.
“Oh my God! I’m damn full! Your cock is all the way in me! I can’t take it!”

“Sure you can slut and you are going to,” he said taking two steps forward so that her back was now pressed to the hut’s wall. “So just hold on tight.”

With that he began to thrust again in and out of her but for the most part he kept most inside her. Her head stayed against him as he drove as deep as she could take with each thrust.

“Fuck! Oh fuck! Your cunt is so wet, I can feel it dripping like crazy. Damn! It’s squeezing me good,” he exclaimed.

All Michelle seemed able to do was cling to my brother while moaning continuously as he fucked the girl of my dreams hard. I felt like I was going to explode in my shorts and I was unable to stop myself from yanking them down. Right now, I didn’t care if my brother and Michelle discovered me or anyone in the homestead did. I desperately needed relief from watching her being fucked. My hand began to slide up and down and on the fifth stroke I felt my orgasm start. My eyes closed from the intensity of it as I sprayed cum wildly until no more came out.

Only did I opened my eyes and I saw drops of my cum all over the ground. Looking back into the hut I was shocked to see the door opened and Brian was gone.

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