Maggie took one look at Dave and her resolve was broken. She’d been determined not to give in but one look into those amazing eyes and she was helpless, not made any easier by the fact he was wearing THAT navy shirt and was looking HOT!

She pulled him in close planting her lips on his for a long lingering, sexy, sultry and passionate kiss. It was all he needed to know as he lead her into the bedroom.

He peeled her straps away from her shoulders, her floaty dress falling to the floor to reveal the wonderful lingerie that lay beneath, showing off her beautifully smooth slender body. Not in bad nick he concluded for a woman of her age. He marvelled at the thought, a sexy woman was standing before him and wanted him badly it seemed!. Take me now she demanded… Oh no!! As much as he wanted her and boy did he, one look into those deep brown eyes and it was all he could do to hold back but he had other ideas…

Pulling a chair away from the dresser he placed her in it. Using her nylons to tie her wrists firmly behind her. She was excited and nervous in equal measure, unsure of what was to come.

He pulled her knickers brusquely, discarding them to expose her freshly waxed pussy. He then pulled her bra away freeing her breasts from their constraints he was instantly hard! She went to speak but he commanded her to stay quiet, placing a finger to her lips… She wanted to lick it..

He grabbed his tie and placed it over her eyes ensuring that she couldn’t see a thing.

Returning to her pussy he parted her legs to reveal her glistening wetness, always so moist in his presence, indeed, even when merely thinking about him… he could almost taste it without touching. He began nibbling and kissing her thighs as she wriggled in ecstasy, not being able to see only heightened the sensations… She was desperate for him to lick her clit but he drew back, turning his attention instead to her nipples. Her beautiful petite, pert boobs home to amazingly erect nipples that were crying out to be sucked… He tugged on them gently yet firmly sucking and tugging equally as she purred with delight.

He lent over and grabbed her v, she could hear it buzzing which made her instantly alert… He began thrusting deep into her vagina, it slid in easily, her being so wet! As the fingers hit the tip of her clit she found herself writhing in ecstasy. It wasn’t long before she was shuddering having had the most incredible climax… She screamed out in appreciation, exhausted but sated.

But it wasn’t over yet. He released her quickly from her bonds and carried her still quivering body carefully over to the bed. He looked longingly at her wonderful body as she lay lifeless on the bed and was eager to taste her juices. Licking her delicious clit she was awoken, begging him to take her… He was only too happy to oblige, his prick solid as he pushed himself firmly inside her, controlled movements that brought them both to the brink….

But just as he was ready to come he withdrew, placing his cock in her mouth… She instinctively sucked it drinking every last drop as he came inside her. He was completely satisfied as was she and they lay in each other’s arms…


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