Well, it had finally come around, we stepped out of the taxi and walked into our hotel and holiday destination for the next couple of weeks. I looked over at my wife Carla only to see she had removed her bra in the taxi and opened a couple of buttons on her dress allowing anyone taller than her to see right down into her cleavage.

I then glanced over at Michael and Melissa, you could see Melissa had done the same, but she had on a blouse and shorts, so she had just opened all the buttons on her blouse and tied each end into a bow between her tits, this allowed for her large milky white tits to almost spill out of her top, you could see them wobble and jiggle as she walked around the taxi.

Michael as paying the driver and collecting up his luggage. I went to get our bags and was stopped by the bell boy who said let me get those for you, sir. I looked up to see a very tall but slim muscular black man standing there with a really big wide smile that displayed his very white teeth. He lifted my bags and then another equally tall slim black man took the luggage from Michael and said would you like to follow me.

As we walked into the hotel you could see it was very lavish and modern, but with a slight homely feel at the same time. I could see Carla and Melissa laughing and whispering to each other as they followed the black bell boys ogling their tight bottoms through their white uniforms.

Once in the elevator, the women made sure they backed onto the bell boys and you could see their hands behind their backs obviously groping the BBC held within the white uniforms. As we exited the elevator it was clear the two men now had large hard cocks needing some release.

Once in the room, it didn’t take long for the bell boys to understand the women were in charge, and we were just there for the show. The first black man had Carla naked and sucking on his cock in seconds, whilst the other had bent Melissa over the bed and was trying to fuck her before she was fully naked. Michael and I turned to walk out of the room to visit the bar and pool area but were soon instructed we needed to get back in there and watch our wives have fun.

Carla was already being fucked hard by what I would call an average cock for a black man it was around 8 inches long and about 6 inches thick.

Melissa, on the other hand, she was now being fucked by what looked like at least a 10-inch cock, that looked to be as fat as a coke can in the middle, but seemed to thin out towards the top and bottom.

Lucky for us this must have been the first sex these guys had received today, as within a couple of minutes they were both shooting their loads deep into our wives.

The girls asked the men if they wanted them to make their sad little sissy husbands clean their cocks for them before they left. Lucky for us both declined the offer, once they had left the women ordered us to crawl over to them and clean their dirty pussies, but I was to clean Melissa’s and Michael was to clean Carla’s.

What a start to our holiday I thought. The women then went about taking a shower and getting ready for tonight, Michael started to unpack the clothes and I was sent down to find a local shop that we could use to top up our basics like sun cream, etc, etc.

I walked down to the lobby and asked the tall bell boy who had just fucked my wife where the best place would be to find the items on my list. He got out his phone made a call then after speaking to someone for a couple of minutes instructed me to follow him to the rear carpark.

Once out in the carpark, I was introduced to Tony, Tony would be my go-to man for our holiday period, he would get me anything I wanted, and I could pick which way I paid him or his wife for the items. This didn’t register with me at this point. I just smiled nodded and jumped into the car and allowed Tony to drive me through a couple of streets and then into a small car park at the rear of a building.

Tony told me to follow him and we walked into the rear door of the building, once inside it was clear it was a large grocery store that seemed to cover everything you could ever want whilst on holiday. Tony called out to his wife and she came towards the back of the shop, wow was she stunning, she had one of those bodies that looked like it was made for sex, she had wide hips that curved down her firm but rounded legs, her waist was slim and small compared to the wides torso that held to wonderful large very firm looking breasts that just seemed to give the very slightest of sways to and fro as she walked towards us extending her hand to meet mine.

I was lost in a world of daydreams, god this woman was sex on legs, she held my hand and led me around the shop sowing where everything was allowing me to ogle her body, rub my hands over her breasts and bottom on several occasions, it felt almost as if she was making sure my hand had a good feel or her body, if only with the back of my hand, not the palm.

I did notice as she stopped at a couple of items she would bend over and then push her firm ass back into my now semi-erect cock. I then felt Tony walk up behind me placing his hands on my shoulders and shoving his now erect cock deep into the crack of my ass. I just stood there not knowing what was going on, they then led me into the storeroom just off the main aisle at the centre of the shop.

Tonys wife Bev turned to me and kissed me on the lips, her hand went down to my now hard cock and started to rub it up and down. I then felt Tony behind me pushing his cock in the crack of my ass again, what on earth was going on here. All I wanted was a couple of items from a shopping list and it now looked like I was going to have sex with a couple.

Bev had my pants off and was pulling my top over my head before I fully knew what was going on, she dropped to her knees and pulled my pants down and out of the way allowing my cock to bounce free into the hands of Tony. Bev then sat down on a table, lifted her skirt and pulled her knickers to the side, she instructed me to lick her real good. Tony pushed my head forward into his wife’s pussy. She even had an amazing pussy, the lips were slightly puffy and open, you could just see the head of her clitoris, the pussy was almost clean-shaven except for a tiny 5mm line of pubic hair running from the tip of her lips towards her belly button.

I felt Tony drop down behind me and start to lick and probe his tongue into my ass. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. For once I was getting the attention of people and not my wife. I then felt the tip of Tony’s cock start to enter my lightly lubricated ass, what on earth was going on, how did they know I would be willing to let them fuck me.

Once Tony had got his cock fully into my ass he slow stroked me pushing my face deeper and deeper into his wife’s pussy. Soon Bev pushed me away and said something I didn’t hear then walked out of that part of the storeroom and into another room just off this one. Tony was fucking me now saying how his friend Errol had informed him that he had fucked my wife while I watched and then offered to suck his cock clean afterwards, he said I knew you would be a good toy for my wife to play with.

At this point Bev walked back in the room with a large strap-on cock belted around her hips and waist, it looked to be at least 12 inches and very, very fat and shiny as it was covered in lubricant. Tony pulled out walk around to my head and shoved his nice fat BBC deep down my throat without allowing me to prepare. While I tried to push him away to allow me to breathe Bev shoved the head of the strap-on into my ass, now I have had lots of things shoved up my ass over the years, but this one took my breath away, there was a little pain mixed with pleasure, but more pain when I look back now. They both fucked me in a slow steady rhythm allowing the strap-on to go deeper and deeper into my ass until the whole thing was fully embedded deep inside my body. I had experienced a couple of small prostate orgasms during this initial slow fucking, soon Bev picked up the pace and called me a little white sissy for her big black cock.

They fucked me for a good 15 minutes sending me into orgasm after orgasm from the pressure of this dildo rubbing against the insides of my anal canal, my little white cock was leaking juice all down my legs making a puddle by my feet. Bev didn’t hold back for a minute, she really started to fuck me fast and hard forcing me deeper and deeper onto her husbands BBC that was now halfway down my throat, allowing me to suck in air every time he pulled it out as Bev pulled the dildo from my ass, god these two knew how to fuck together, they were turning me into a wobbly leaking mess.

Tony let out a groan and filled my mouth with his seed. I was shocked at how small the amount was, after three good jets there wasn’t really much else. This then allowed Bev to really hammer her cock deep into my gaping ass, she was calling me her sissy and telling me I was now her plaything for the rest of our holiday.

Tony placed a cock cage on me along with fitting me with a butt plug, then he strapped it all into place and made me walk out to his car with them in place under my clothes. Back at the hotel he walked me up to my room then entered and spoke to my wife, he made me strip and display myself to her. She made me kneel on the floor and watch as she first sucked Tony’s cock then bent over and let him fuck her. It was amazing being so close to her pussy while seeing the BBC thrusting against her pink and white folds as it almost turned her inside out as it withdrew, then hammered home folding her lips into her body. Tony fucked her shooting his again small load into her pussy, then I was made to clean his cock, then my wife sat on my face and made me eat his fresh cum from her warm sloppy pussy.

I was then informed I would be staying with Tony and his wife for the total holiday period, and Tony would be supplying my wife with lots of black men to keep her happy as payment.

Let me know if I got this one right for you this time

Bob, Carla, Michael, Melissa

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