This happened a few months after I had been taken by Bruce, Charlie and Daniel when I was skipping a class. If you do not remember these three are the worst of worst Juvenal Delinquents that an urban high school could produce. These three had taken me against my will the very first day that we all met!

I was used repeatedly by the three of them for six or seven hours, after the first three I believe I just gave up fighting and allowed them to pleasure their selves with my body! I was made to perform oral sex with them over and over and they took me anally repeatedly until I had no fight left in me.

On a couple of occasions they had cornered me in the school and had their way with me, most of the time taking Polaroid pictures of the acts. Theses were later used to black mail me into having sex with them when they wanted to, whether I wanted to or not!

At this particular time I did not think they would be so overconfident that they would show up in the lunch line out side the cafeteria! You see there are so many students in the school that the lunch period started at eleven-thirty and ended at one-thirty.

I was in line paying little attention as to who was around as to when the line would be moving, watching the heads at the cafeteria door I could see that only one or two students were entering at a time. It was about this time that I felt some one closing in and pressing against me as if to push me forward.

At first I tried to resist and hold my ground so I would not press to close to the female student in front of me! It got so hard that I finally turned abruptly to face who ever it was pressing against me and to my horror I was face to face with Charlie, shocked I did not know what to do.

The line move forward a person or two and I felt some one cut in front of me, transfixed by the glare from Charlie it took me a couple of seconds to compose myself and turn about. It was then I saw that some guy had stepped between me and the girl that I was behind. Before I could voice my annoyance the male student looked over his shoulder and I could plainly see that it was Bruce who had stepped in front of me!

Now I was totally afraid, afraid that they would start to shout out what they had done to me or worst that anyone would find out that the three of them had taken me sexually! Bruce sort of smirked as he glanced outward across the hall. For some reason I followed his stare and saw Daniel opening the door that led to the out side!

I looked up and down the hall and it seemed that no one was paying much attention as to the drama that was starting around me. There was no teachers or hall monitors in the area and before I knew it Bruce and Charlie had me by the elbows moving me towards Daniel and the out doors.

The three of us crossed the hallway in less then a minute and I was outside with the three of them, I quickly broke free and tried to reenter the school, the door had closed and would not open from the outside! I turned back to see the three of them walking up on me. My knees and hands were now shaking in fear as they took hold of my arms saying ‘ … come on, make no fuss. No one else needs to know we are leaving!

We crossed the three tiered fields so quickly that we were in the wooded area too quickly for me to try and make a break. I tried to reason with them but to no avail, they had the desire of lust in their hearts and I was going to be their sacrificial sex toy!

I recognized where we were heading almost immediately when we went thru the last pathway. We were again at the basement door to Charlie and Daniel’s parents home. I was ushered inside and my mind quickly brought back the scenes that I had endued just months earlier.

I was panicky crying and pleading for them not to harm me only to hear in reply ‘ …act right and make us happy you want get hurt! … ‘. One of them started the music and one went up the stairs to check out the house, once it was determined we were alone they begin to try and remove my clothes!

My shirt was unbutton and I tried to button it, my belt was loosen and removed from my jeans as I tried to hold my waist fastener so they would not be able to remove my jeans. This was futile as I soon found myself curled up naked on the floor.

I had my arms gripped tightly around my legs just below my knees, my head buried behind my knees as I watched Bruce and Charlie undress. I dared not try and look around to see where Daniel was, I was so afraid I could only shake and rock back and forth!

Soon Bruce and Charlie was before me stroking their substantial male members, Bruce was the smallest with his penis only being about eight to nine inches (20 to 22cm ) long , maybe as thick as a smoked sausage at the shaft. Charlie was much thicker maybe three or four fingers thick and some what longer at about nine to ten ( 22 to 26cm ) long and Daniel was the largest of the three. His penis had to be close to eleven to twelve ( 28 to 32cm ) long and as thick as my wrist. Tears and mucus covered my knees as I wept fearing what was about to happen.

Bruce slid his male member over my knees and under my nose commenting ‘ … this some slick shyt, I can use it as lube for that tight ass/pussy. … ‘ I tremble uncontrollably as Bruce slid his musky man hood back and forth under my nose. Charlie inched forward and tried to lift my head as he too slid his massive member across my knees under my nose.

The two of them grabbed me and pulled me to the center of the room where they threw down a blanket and rolled me on to it. I was on my side as Bruce smeared his penile head up my butt crack, probing my anal opening I tried to twist away. The tip of Bruce’s penis entered my anus and I tried to push him out with my anal muscles only to feel his dick head pop into my anal canal.

Bruce chided me saying ‘ …Bitch quit your bull shyt, you want this dick in your ass so much it almost sucked me in! …’ I was frozen in place as Bruce took hold of my thigh and waist and started to rock back and forth. With each forward motion more and more of Bruce penile shaft eased into my unwelcoming bung hole. Once Bruce had sunk a good part of his penis into my anus he started to pull it back till only the head was still lodged in my butt!

Then Bruce would bare down and press forward sinking the rest of his penis in to my anus! I cried openly as Bruce worked his midsection back and forth for some twenty to forty minutes. Being urged on by Charlie, Bruce was now slapping my buttocks against his thighs with each forward plunge!

With one might plunge Bruce slammed into me and I felt his dick as it swelled and erupted emptying it’s seed deep into my rectum. Then there came the obscene wet slurping sounds as Bruce started to churn his seed in my rectum by sliding his dick back and forth in my now well lube butt hole! With a repugnant wet slurp, Bruce pulled from my filled anal cavity and a salacious sound of escaping air and mucus broke the silence.

Soon as Bruce had moved away Charlie was at my back, Charlie was not satisfied with me on my side and viciously twisted me to my stomach. Charlie snatched my ankles straight and pushed them apart so he could get his knees between my thighs.

Charlie took his huge dick head and pressed it against my cum lube butt hole till it slithered in. I cried in agony as Charlie inserted his dick head followed by three fourths of his dick shaft into my bowels. My body convulsing at will as Charlie stretched out over me using his toes and hands as bridge himself as he begin to slid in and out my now opened anus.

Bruce wasted no time in cheering his cousin on saying things like ‘ … go on my cousin, bust that Bitches ass open, Fuck that Bitch like you wanna fuck him good! …’ Charlie was breathing heavy as he worked his body in and out of mine. Sweat covered me and I could feel sweat as it rolled of Charlie and landed on my back. Charlie also was sort of drooling as he used me and I could feel the thick goo strike me between the shoulder blades and on my neck!

Charlie bounced over me till his body had come to rest on my back and there was no longer a space between us. Our bodies were making moist smacking sounds as Charlie collided with my back. Charlie slipped his left arm under my chin getting me in a choke hold as he begin to grind his man hood deep into my anal chunnel.

At this time I am gasping and wheezing fro breath as the last vintages of reality begin to slip away. I try to pull his wrist away from my throat to no avail when suddenly Bruce kneels down at my head and pulls Charlie arm loose. I begin to breath easier but only long enough for Bruce to lift my head and press his penile head into my lips commanding ‘ … suck this dick Bitch, suck this dick! … ‘

Painfully I opened my lips and Bruce pushed his dick into my oral cavity twisting my head as he ordered me ‘ … suck Bitch, suck this dick dammit! .. ‘ Gagging and heaving I tried to breath as saliva and mucus dripped from my lips and chin as Bruce churned his dick head against the back of my throat. This continued for what seemed like hours but possibly only another thirty to forty minutes as I continued to cry in anguish.

Charlie started to slam into ferociously me as he build to climax, Bruce held my head tightly as he continued to sexually abuse me. It felt as if Bruce was trying to push his dick head into my stomach thru my throat until I felt his dick head swell and before I knew it Bruce was cumming in my mouth with his dick head pressed against my throat opening. Charlie collapsed onto my back gasping as he caught his breath and Bruce held hid throbbing penis in my mouth until he was satisfied his testicles were empty.

Bruce pulled from my face and dropped my head down in the pool of mucus that was there. I could feel Charlie’s penis throb and twitch in my butt hole. After a few more seconds Charlie pulled from my aching anal opening and an multitudinous amount of air escaped from my anus. I laid there trembling on my stomach praying it was over only to feel Bruce climb on my back and insert his penis back into my anus again and to start having sex with me again!

I could see Charlie’s feet as he walked towards the bath saying to Bruce ‘ …damn, I think you in love with that boy/pussy. Every time we get him you wanna just fuck and fuck and fuck! … ‘ Bruce was grind deep in to me as he pulled my head back causing my back to arch. At the same time Bruce used his feet to push my feet farther apart till my midsection was lift off the blanket covering the floor. It was a painful position to be in while some guy was vivaciously grinding into my butt

Another twenty or thirty minutes went by till Bruce came again in my rectum and he pulled out smearing the mucus over my buttocks. I tried to turn to my side into a fetal position only to see Daniel stroking his tremendously huge male member. I tried and could not get my body to respond as Daniel moved to me kicking my hands away as I lift them pleading for him not to use me!

Daniel stepped over me as I laid there looking up at him, from my prone position Daniel looked like a tall bronzed giant with an over size penis as he slowly stroked it back and forth. Daniel was the only one of them that was not circumcised and his foreskin moved freely over his mammoth penile glans. Daniel”s penile glans was a purplish black monster that glistened in the light that filtered in thru the window.

A large drop of pre-cum fell from the tip of his penis and landed with a splat on my chin. I pleaded ‘ … please, please no more I can’t take any more. I want tell, I promise I want tell! … ‘ Daniel smiled down at me menacingly as answered ‘ … I know you want. But just in case you do, you need something to tell them. … ‘

Daniel took hid left foot and poked it under my right side sort of lifting me causing me to turn over and the he used his feet to guided me to my stomach. As I laid there Daniel pressed his left foot down weightily into the small of my back and instructed me ‘ … you are our Bitch. We gonna fuck you when we want and you are gonna let us or we gonna take you and let all our boys have a go at your tight little butt! Now beg me not to fuck you!. … ‘

I just shook my head slowly from side to side as Daniel knelt down straddling my body. I could feel the cold warmth of his monstrous male member. It felt as if Daniels dick head was between my shoulder blades as he squatted on my buttocks. Daniel leaned forward and whispered in my ear ‘ … you ain’t gonna cooperate so I want feel bad you taking all my sick! … ‘

In fear I whined ‘ … please, please don’t fuck me! … ‘ Daniel sort of chuckled as he answered ‘ … too late for that shyt now. You should be saying fuck me Daniel, fuck me. So I would hurry up and cum! … ‘ Daniel lifted slightly and I felt him adjust. Then felt his magnanimous penile glans probe my buttocks seeking my stretched and well lubed butt hole.

Crying I begged ‘ … please Daniel, I can’t take no more, I want tell no one. Please don’t do this to me again! … ‘ Daniel pressed till his enormous penile glans found my tender bung hole and I involuntarily jumped. Daniel said ‘ … be patient you gonna get this dick and you gonna tell me how much you like it or I’ll fuck you all night! … ‘ I whimpered and whined as Daniel pressed and I felt my anal flower begin to spread.

With pain equivalent to what I would call a red hot poker Daniel’s colossal penile glans entered my anal opening. I screamed in agony as Daniel continued to press and press causing his tremendously huge penile glans to spread my anal flower wider then it ever had been. In my mind I thought [ oh fuck. his dick got bigger since the first time. ] It was just that my anus was so tender from the abuse that Charlie and Bruce had cause every nerve was on fire.

I tried to scoot away only to have Daniel grip my shoulders and hold me in place with his huge hands. Daniel would stop moving and I would feel his humongous penile shaft throb and my body would quake in response. Then Daniel would with draw a few centimeters then start back pressing forward. I was trembling from head to foot as Daniel seemed to be enjoying his torturous treatment.

Daniel lowered his lips to my ear and whispered ‘ … want me to stop or want me to go a head and cum? … ‘ Before I could understand what he was saying Daniel spoke again ‘ …. oh shyt, it don’t matter what you want your damn ass/pussy just sucked my dick deeper into it. I gotta cum now just because this booty/pussy want me to. So no matter what you want I’m gonna cum! … ‘

I cried out loudly ‘ … NOOOOOOO, Please, Nooooo! ….’ Bruce and Charlie both jumped and looked over at us as Daniel start to fuck furiously into my prostrated body. The two of them inched closer and looked at Daniel’s hug dick as it pummeled into my widely stretched bung hole. Bruce said ‘ … Damn Charlie, I ain’t never seen a ass hole grip at a dick like that before. … ‘

Daniel slipped his hands under my shoulder and gripped me as he held me to keep me fro scurrying away from his penile assault! I was openly crying moaning and begging Daniel as he worked over my anal opening. I could feel that my anal flower would never be the same again.

Daniel was now hunching and grinding into me and it felt as if his elongated penis was going up into my intestines. Bruce slid his hand under my stomach and exclaimed ‘ … I can feel Daniel’s dick in this Bitches stomach. … ‘ Charlie slipped his hand under me also and whistled.

Daniel growled at them to ‘ … get back, damn it let a man fuck in peace! … ‘ Daniel was unmerciful as he pummeled away at my anus till I was now only moaning and grunting. To say that Daniel had once again fucked me till I was broken is an understatement!

After a few more minutes at that pace Daniel called to Bruce and Charlie ‘ … bring your asses over here. I wanna fuck this Bitch like the Bitch he is now. Get him on his back with his fucking feet in the air! … ‘ I thought that Daniel was gonna pull out my bung. Daniel lifted up and pulled back but did not take his dick all the way out.

Daniel still had about six inches ( 16cm ) of dick lodged in my bung as Bruce and Charlie helped turn me on to my back. I was like a rag doll as they twisted and adjusted me till my fee was being held by them up over Daniel and my body. Daniel looked down at me and said ‘ … now I’m gonna show you guys how I fuck my Bitches and make them beg me to cum. … ‘

The Daniel looked down at me as I weakly tried to push him up off me saying ‘ … you better learn quickly how to beg me to cum or you want have to ever worry about being constipated again! … ‘ With that warning Daniel started to push and pull his elongated penile shaft in and out sinking it deeper and deeper into my bowels.

Charlie and Bruce pulled my feet back as Daniel worked my bung over till Daniel’s penis hit something that felt like he was bursting thru my innards. I jerked up throwing my arms around Daniels neck trying to hold on so not to be in pain! Daniel Told Charlie and Bruce ‘ … see how my Bitch acts when she gets properly fucked. Beg me to cum Bitch or I’ll fuck you all night! … ‘

Trembling in anguish I cried thru my tears ‘ … please, please cum. I can’t take no more. Please! … ‘ Daniel smiled and said ‘ … that’s more like my Bitch. … ‘ With that Daniel pulled my arms from his neck and I plopped back to the blanket. Daniel took hold of my ankles and pushed them back till my knees were at my shoulders. I raised my hands to Daniels chest to hold him back but he paid me no attention.

Daniel slammed into me forty or fifty more times before he stiffened, I felt what could only be describe as a hose squirting deep into my innards. The excess of fluid started to squirt from around the tight fitting penis and my anal sphincter muscle tube. The nefarious sounds being made by the fluid and our skin caused Bruce and Charlie to slap each other on their backs commenting ‘ … fuck that Bitch Bro, Fuck that Bitch! … ‘

Daniel stayed upright as he pumped squirt after squirt of his baby batter into my guts. Each time his penile shaft would throb and squirt my thighs would twitch and tremble in response. Daniel held my legs open like that till he had emptied his testicles of their seed.

Daniel was not thru as his penis emptied Daniel’s penis did not go flaccid but remained stiff and he slow started to fuck me again to my shock and would not let me go till he once again filled me with his seed. Then when he did pull out Bruce and Charlie again placed me on my knees and took turns with me four or five more times. It was well after dark when they finally stop and allowed me to go clean up and leave!

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