I was as high as the weed smoke that lingered above our heads. We’d been hiding underneath some hanging trees for at least a few hours, trying to escape the heat.

I half shut my eyes at the sting of the blinding sunset; silhouettes danced against a backdrop of orange and pink hues.
I smiled at an inflatable starfish that bounced off into the horizon; the tentacles swayed in sync with the distant sound of house music playing off someone’s phone.

Something poked my shoulder; it was a pretty pink flower.
“Aww!” I exclaimed in a fog.

“You like it?” Jamie looked happy with his sparkling, light brown eyes; they glowed bright against his sun burnt skin.

“I love it, J,” it got quiet as I sat smiling at the stem. I could feel a single bead of sweat ski down my back and land somewhere deep within the recesses of my bikini bottom.

Then he just kissed me. It surprised me so that my eyes nearly popped out their sockets. I closed my eyes and inhaled him, sucking in his taste. He wrapped my tongue up in a little wet cocoon the moment I slipped mine into his.

AAAAHHH!” he screamed so loud that it startled the birds in the trees.

“Oh! I’m sorry baby,” I said in a whisper. My touch must have felt like fire against his peeling flesh.

“No, it’s OK, it doesn’t hurt that bad,” actually, the burns looked a hell of a lot worse than they did earlier.

“Are you sure?” I said with a face.

“Really, it’s fine,” his words faded as his eyes drifted down my face like a falling feather.

I followed his eyes down to his lips and leaned in for another round, but then caught sight of the tangled skin around his mouth, “J, your face is peeling!”

He pulled back embarrassed, and slowly reached up to inspect the damage.

“Did…did that kiss hurt, J?”

Jamie sat on his knees looking sheepish.
Ugh, he was so goddamn cute. What would he do to me with all his innocence? I wanted to taste him all over again, but another kiss would wipe the rest of his skin off.

“Get up,” I wobbled on unsteady knees. Jamie looked confused, but followed suit.
The ground spun like I was standing on stilts. I swatted around, trying to find something to hold onto and caught myself on a dusty branch. “Hold on to that,” I pointed above him. Jamie grappled the gnarled root that dangled over his head.

I steadied my eyeballs on his waistband, bent over squinting like I was trying to read the fine print. Jamie had to catch himself before he fell; he needed both hands to hold on as I tugged at the waist of his swim trunks. I didn’t even get ‘em down good before he sucked in air like I’d just stabbed him. “Oh shit! I’m sorry!” I jerked my hands back, then reached out again, daintier this time, and pulled his shorts the rest of the way. His dick bounced up and down like a diving board the moment it was released. I never imagined it being so big, not even after years of fantasizing about it. My whole body clenched at the thought of him rubbing my walls clean.

I puckered up my lips like they do in selfies, and pressed his tip into my hole; his legs jerked when he was all the way in. I pulled my head back, sniffing in deep. The smell of him made me moan, sending wild vibrations all along my lips; it tickled so much that I giggled like a schoolgirl. I pushed forward for another deep round, he started shaking like he had the Holy Ghost in him, gasping and panting like he needed help. I felt grains of sand sprinkle onto my shoulder as he grabbed my hair, his grip tightened and relaxed around my curls like his body was malfunctioning. I wanted to see if he could take more, so I went faster. Saliva dripped down my chin like Popsicle juice. I swizzled my tongue around the little hole at the tip to taste his salt; he throbbed and twitched, trying his best not to cum.
“God, please don’t stop,” his voice cracked a little as he pleaded to the sky.

I took him out and wrapped my hand tight around him. His knees buckled as I stroked steadily from base to tip. I shifted my weight to look up at him; he looked down into my eyes, “Candi,” it blew out of his mouth like smoke. I held back laughter at the sight of him; his wild hair and burnt face made it look like he’d just been electrocuted.
The strokes were so deep that his body rocked back and forth like he was being blown around in the wind; he freed his hand from my curls and held on to the branch for dear life. I shifted my weight again, and this time felt a slimy slip in my bikini bottoms.

Still strokin’, I close my eyes and pressed my lips to the tip of his dick, kissing it like I worshiped it.
Then out of nowhere, my phone started ringing and vibrating, hella loud too! It sounded a whole lot louder than usual, and it freaked the both of us out. But I kept strokin’, reaching out with my other hand to search around for the phone; it slipped and dropped in the sand. I shook it off and answered, “Hello?” I looked up at Jamie; he was holding his breath.
“Oh, hey daddy,” my eyes stayed locked onto Jamie’s as I said this, and I couldn’t help but smile at his shock and horror.

Dad said something about coming to visit and having gifts as a congratulatory gesture for my finishing junior year of college. He was so proud of me, he loved me, the usual. He always talked a lot when he got me on the phone.
I tossed Jamie’s dick in my mouth, swirling my tongue around, sucking the head harder each time I pulled back.

“Did you end up getting your oil changed, CC?”

“Mmm hmm,” I responded with a full mouth.

Without warning, Jamie’s dick slipped from me and sent a splatter of cum on my chin and my phone. The thing was waving around like a damn water hose! It dripped down my face and onto my chest like doughnut glaze.

“Is everything OK?!” Dad was practically screaming in the phone.

“Yeah, everything’s fine dad. Hey, I gotta go, but I can’t wait to see you!”

“Oh…OK… You too, baby!”
I shook the phone off in an attempt to get some of the cum off before hanging up.

“Ugh, sorry about that,” I sighed, and tossed the phone onto the beach bag. I looked up at Jamie; he was a wreck, still holding onto the branch, panting like the police had been chasing him.

“Are you OK, baby?” I smiled and reached up to run a hand along the length of his hip.

“Candi,” is all he could say.

I could see his heart pounding, remnants of the sunset cast orange shadows all across his chest. A soft breeze offered temporary relief from the scorching heat.

I turned back to the waves; they casually reflected blades of light off its crystal clear surface, “I better get going, I’m going out tonight and I still need to go home and get ready,” I said, admiring the sunset.

“Oh. But it’s still early though…um, I’m having some friends over the apartment tonight for a BBQ. We do it every year at the end of summer, would you wanna come grab a plate before you go out tonight?”

I could already imagine the look on his face: confused, hopeful.

“I’ll let you know,” I looked up at him and smiled as best I could.

We walked up the beaten trail in silence to the parking lot. The day-long high had already been sucked away, and I was thinking of a corner store I could stop at on the way home for something to drink.

We made a b-line to the bike rack; mine was the only one left.

Jamie was silent and stood close as I unlocked the bike and wrapped the lock around itself on the frame. The awkward silence sent a shiver through me; I couldn’t wait to get home. I got on my bike and adjusted myself to ride away, dreading the task of saying goodbye. I forced myself to look at him, “Well, I had a lot of fun…,” what else could I say?

“Candi… I want to see you again,” his eyes pleaded.

“There will be lots of chances for us to see each other again,” I said, “If it’s meant to be, it’ll happen,” maybe I shouldn’t have said that last part; the sparkle drained from his eyes.

He looked at my hand with renewed optimism when I reached out for his. I wasn’t prepared for the surge of energy that traveled throughout my body the moment our hands touched. I jerked my hand back and took hold of the handle bars, lifting my leg to press down on the pedal. Instant relief washed over me as the wind cooled the sweat collecting on my forehead.

I wanted to look back as I rode away, just to see Jamie one more time before I’d never see him again. Instead, I admired the sleepy summer sky, and its fading afterglow.

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