So this fine ass nigga is walking around the arcade, obviously looking for some action. I mean, this man is soooo FINE, and I’m afraid to get my hopes up, because for all I know he’s gay, and gay guys, generally speaking, are not interested in Ladyb0ys like me!

It’s a Friday night around 8 p.m., and the adult arcade is jumping. Men, mostly homosexuals looking for glory hole action, are walking around, some lurking furtively in the darkened corners, waiting. This was my favorite adult arcade, and I spent 6 to 7 nights a week here. Being a completely passable ladyb0y, I had cultivated a following of regulars, straight guys who were into what I had to offer. I had discovered even before Dani divorced me, that there was an entire subculture out there, of shemales and men who were obsessed with them. I had been coming to this arcade even before my divorce, when I was still in the closet. Back then I would come in in regular street clothes, with a pair of high heels in my waistband, and lipstick in my pocket. And once in a booth I’d strip nude, put on the high heels, apply some lipstick, and wrap a bandana around my head, Aunt Jemima style, and wait for men to come in and then I’d get down on my knees and blow them, or let them bareback my hot ass!

Fuckin punk, bitch, Caucasian sissy, cocksuckin, HOE! Lol! Yeah, baby – that’s ME! Fuckin’ feminine little bitchb0y, strutting down the street in a pair of raggedy ass, butt baring jeans cutoff SHORT-SHORTS! I love displaying my smooth, silky, sissified LEGS, in a pair of girly high heels, some red lipstick on my pouty blowjob lips, my blondie b0y hair all teased up, as I mince in short little steps, my limp wrists hanging. Yes, men – y’all can follow my fairy ass into the adult video store, because you just KNOW this little cunt is gonna be putting out in there tonight!

Even before my wife busted me as a ladyb0y, I was sneaking out behind her back in full drag, and giving blowjobs in the booths. I call it “sneaking out behind her back,” but the truth is she was already dating her boyfriend openly, and acted like it wasn’t nothing! So, to me, YES! Fuck that! I wanted MY freedom too! Free to be the HOT LADY I knew I was!

OMG! I saw this fuckin HOT man at Safeway this afternoon! He was in his 40s, balding, plain looking face, but what caught my eye were his LEGS! They were just FULL of hard MUSCLES! I could not tear my eyes away from them. I got the hardest dick looking at his beautiful legs! He looked like the kind of guy who I see in the adult video store. Guys like him tend to go for lady b0ys like me! When a man like this comes in my booth for sex, I REALLY feel like I’m in Heaven! I get down in a naked high heeled squat at his feet, and run my hands all OVER those rock hard thighs and calves, my hard dick jumping involuntarily and I play his bare legs! Some times they take everything off, and I can see their gorgeous naked bodies!

Some men just want a quick blowjob, others like to have a love session. Love sessions can last from a half hour to an hour. The guys who like love sessions usually like to embrace naked and kiss. Some bitches do not like being kissed, but I fuckin LOVE making out with a macho mister! I love worshipping a man’s beautiful body – kissing and licking his sweaty chest and armpits, opening my mouth to take his tongue – fuckin’ HAWT! These guys usually want more than just a blowjob, they want to fuck! I love being dominated by a strong man! And some men like to slap a bitch like me around too. I get a little scared – especially if they’re really big and strong – because sometimes they really don’t know their own strength, and I have ended up with black eyes and or fat lips – not to mention my tits all pinched black and blue! And after a beating then to get rough fucked in the booth.

A typical night out for me is – depending on the night – giving blowjobs to anywhere between 12 and 20 men – many of them strangers, and also having sessions with my regulars. For example, on Saturday night I was sitting on the bench in the doorway of my favorite booth. I was wearing a black 2-piece string bikini, and a pair of sexy high heels, my blonde hair poofed and sprayed, my pouty lips red with hot lipstick. Every time I heard someone approach, I’d sit up, arch my back, cross my silky bare legs up high and sway my right foot, and pretend to be looking at myself in my compact mirror. This man kept hawking me out, going back and forth, leaning up against the wall opposite me and staring. I kept licking my lips and laughing. Finally I said, “Hi, sweetie – whatcha lookin for?”

He stepped toward me, I could see the bulge in his jeans. “Oh, I’m just hanging out, he said. “Those real?” he asked, pointing at my breasts. I pulled them out of my bikini top; “Take a look,” I said. He bowed his head and kissed them, and as he did this, I reached forward and squeezed his package.

“You suck cock?”

“Yeah,” I whispered huskily in his ear, as he slavered over my tits.

“How much?” he asked.

“Sixty bucks,” I said.

“Wish I had it,” he said

“How much you got,” I asked him

“Twenty eight bucks,” he answered.

“Ok,” I said, “Come on inside.” I stepped into the booth and waited as he entered, then I locked the door. As he was feeding the video machine with paper tokens, I removed my bikini and went nude to just high heels. He looked at me.

“Ohhh, SHIT, baby! You are fuckin fine as fuck!” He said, running his big calloused hands allover my bare body, and pressing his sandpapery jaw into my tits, nuzzling on them, as I squeezed his jock! His big strong hands cupped my bare buttocks and he said, “That ass does NOT belong on a dude!”

He was about 5, 10, shaved head, maybe in his mid 40s. He quickly got out of his jeans and under shots, leaving his boots and socks on, then he stripped off his t-shirt. He was a solidly built man, and he had about 8 inches of sweet hard cock. I got down on my knees, running my hands all over his big hairy LEGS! MMMM, DADDY! And I began giving him a hot naked bareback blowjob, sucking his hard cock and hairy nuts, stuffing his balls into my mouth. His hands came down and he was playing with my tits, then he started using his strong fingers to pinch on them – not the nipples – but the soft flesh of my breasts themselves -where it’s tender and REALLY hurts! I felt my dick jump involuntarily as the pain began to course through my body. “Pinch em harder!” I told him, my voice garbled because of all the pork he had crammed into my mouth. And he did and the pain was so bad I would have screamed bloody murder, but his meat was stuffed down my throat, so all I could do was make loud painful yelps, like a cow mooing. Then it began to hurt so bad I grabbed his big hairy hand with my small one and tried to pull it off my tits. That’s when he slapped me – HARD! So hard I saw STARS!

He grabbed my jaws in his hand so hard I thought he was going to dislocate them. “You keep your fuckin hands OFF of mine, cunt – you fuckin GET it??”

I was sniveling, tears and snot running down my face. I was beaten, whipped. I hung my head and nodded. “That’s NOT an ANSWER, bitch,” he said. “Do you GET it??’

“Yes daddy,” I whimpered meekly. He grabbed my arm and put me on the bench, facing the wall, so that my bare buttocks were cocked up high. I knew I was about to get barebacked! “You gonna fuck me, daddy,” I asked, looking back over my shoulder?

“You goddamn RIGHT I am, he growled, coming up behind me, laying his cock on my buttocks. I could see the flashes going off as he took picks of that on his cell phone. “Spread em apart, he barked. I reached behind and spread my bare buttocks, and I tensed when I felt the head of his cock at the mouth of my raw anus, before he mercilessly worked it up into me – balls deep! He had me in Full Nelson wrestling hold as he raipped me, pounding into me so hard and violintly that my head was slamming u against the back wall of the booth. Suddenly he tensed and I felt my guts flooding with his cum juice.

I’ve always been sexually attracted to fine ass MEN! Especially BLACK men! And for years all I could do was to dream and fantasize about doin for a hot man. I’d watch literally HOURS of straight interracial porn, DROOLING over what those white cunts were doing for their black men, and wanting to be the one doing it! I already knew I looked fine as a woman; I had been secretly cross dressing since puberty, I had even gone out occasionally dressed as a female, and no one ever thought I wasn’t. Once when I was in high school, I was at the mall, and I saw one of my teachers – a macho type guy, who always looked down at me in school – anyway he was giving me the eye, like he wanted to get with me. And I was dressed like a slut either, just normal, tights, sandals, and a blouse. But he wouldn’t take his eyes off of me! I quickly got away from him, because I knew he was married, and also because I didn’t want to start anything I couldn’t finish.

My Filipina wife met a black guy at karate, and I kept urging her to get pregnant, because its such a fuckin TURN ON! Her boyfriend was the owner of the dojo, and Dani told me he did not like using condoms with his women. YES! I said, “WOMEN – plural! My wife was just one of his girls. Dani is from the Philippines, and there aren’t a lot of opportunities for women over there to get with black men, so she had never had a black guy until she married me and I brought her to the U.S. She started going to the dojo with one of her Filipina friends, and she saw D’Twan there, and he always had 4 or 5 white girls some of them pregnant – on his jock, rubbing his back, or getting his coffee, and when he came on to Dani, she knew she could have him. Everyone said that if you wanted to be with D’Twan, you had to earn your position. I was surprised that Dani went for that, because she is super jealous and possessive, so when she meekly submitted to D’Twan’s conditions, it surprised me, but I also found it kind of sexy – the thought of a fine sexy bitch like my wife, having to be just one of D’Twan’s women! But what surprised me even more was that, D’Twan rotated his girls, and passed them off to other men, and Dani was no exception.

After a while, Dani was out of the apartment so much, spending time with D’Twan and the other black men in their group, that I got bored and began spending my spare time at the adult video stores. Until then I had only fantasized about sucking another man off, but one scorching Saturday afternoon I pulled over in the parking lot of Secrets adult video store on San Pablo in El Cerrito, and went inside. It was nice and cool inside, and the arcade in the back was dark, just a few very dim bulbs, plus each booth door had a red bulb – which was lit if the booth was occupied and the video machine was on. I was a little nervous because this was my first time in one of these places, and I was telling myself that, well – it’s not like I’m gonna BLOW anyone! I’m just here to watch a video!

But I could have watched all the videos online at home that I wanted to – and I knew it. After paying the fee, you entered the arcade through doorway with flashing colored lights, and through a tinsel curtain. As you passed through, a loud tone would sound, serving notice to the staff that someone was ether entering or exiting. If you go straight in, about ten feet in facing the doorway, is a wall, upon which was a menu of the videos you can watch. There are also signs that say, “NO Loitering,” and “No Smoking,” both admonitions that are ignored. Then your options are to go either to the left or the right, where the corridors are lined on either sides with private video viewing booths. Every booth door has a sign that says: “Only ONE person per booth – violators may be prosecuted.” This kind of scared me at first – the idea of being busted in a booth and arrested was something I didn’t want to think about. But my desire for sex outweighed these concerns, and I headed up the right hand corridor to the last booth on the right, and went inside, locking the door behind me. Almost immediately I heard the doorknob rattling, and a soft knock on the door. But I was scared, and also I wanted to familiarize myself with the booth. The booth had a vinyl bench facing a machine with a video screen. I had been given 6 paper tokens when I had paid my fee, and I discovered that, to watch a video, you fed the tokens into the machine.

I already hard a hardon. I was wearing a tank top, a pair of shorts, and flip flops, and I hurriedly stripped naked, tossing out my longish blonde hair, and looking down at my smooth white body, at my tits and my hard penis. I was watching the video, and stroking my cock, and I quietly unlocked the door to my booth. About 5 minutes went by and no one came around, and I was extremely horny. So I rattled the doorknob loudly, and coked the door open slightly, and went back to watching the vid. Within a few seconds I heard footsteps approaching, and from the corner of my eye I could see a figure standing and looking in through the cracked door. I had butterflies in my stomach – part of me wanted to grab the door knob and shut and lock the door – but the other part told me to just keep stroking myself. Then the door creaked and opened halfway, and I could see a man standing there, looking at me. I looked. He was about 6 feet tall, older, dressed in black jeans, black t-shirt, and black boots. and he had a chain holding his wallet. He also had a leather fisherman’s cap on his head. Then I saw it – his white cock standing straight up whiter against the black backdrop of his jeans! Neither of us spoke, and he slid into the booth, locking the door behind him.

He had a nice thick cock, and it was really hard! I reached my hand out and took him in my hand. It felt so weird, holding another man’s hardon in my hand! I leaned forward and put my lips around the head of his dick. I had never sucked a cock before, but I had dreamed and fantasized about doing it since puberty. I let my tongue out to slither around the head, and sucked my cheeks in. He unbuckled his pants and pulled his cock and balls out of his underwear. I remember noticing the thick gray pubic hair, and the gray hair on his arms, as I sank to my knees at his feet, and began blowing him. He was quiet and after a minute or so I heard him grunt, and I felt my mouth flooding with warm semen. I gulped it down, the taste weird and unfamiliar on my tongue, repellant and delicious at the same time! He pulled a napkin from his pocket and wiped his dick off, throwing the napkin on the floor. Then he buckled his pants back up, and walked out without a word between us, leaving me naked on the dirty floor. My head was reeling. I quickly locked the door and jerked off, shooting my cum all over the video screen.

As soon as I came I knew I shouldn’t have. Because as long as I was horny, I was reckless and down for anything. But once I cum, I lose interest in sex and I just want to crawl back into the world of denial. And that’s what happened then. I quickly dressed and ran toward the exit, lowering my head and walking rapidly out of the store. I felt like everyone was staring at me – that they had seen what I had done. When I got outside it was bright and hot, and I ran to my car and drove straight home. But by the time it took me to get home, I was already getting horny again. I went in the apartment and stripped nude and began jerking off to porn. Now I was really horny again, and cursed myself for leaving the adult video store. I decided to take advantage of my heat – I felt like a bitch in heat – and I grabbed a pair of 3 inch high heels, some red lipstick, and a bandana. Then I went back to my car and drove the 20 minutes BACK to Secrets. When I arrived it was around 3 p.m. I stuffed the heels into my waistband and went back in. a few minutes later I was back in the same booth. I striped naked and stepped into my high heels, and applied some sexy lipstick to my pouty lips, then I tied the bandana around my head, Aunt Jemima style – crossed my legs, and waited.

I didn’t come back out again until past 11 p.m. In the interim I had lost count of how many cocks I had sucked, how much cum I had swallowed. I was convinced I had AIDS now – but I didn’t give a FUCK! I was so happy! I knew now what the rest of my life would be dedicated to! I resolved to never go back to the closet again! It was dark as I walked from the lot to my apartment, and I still had on the bandana and some lipstick, and I was carrying the high heels, when I ran into Jerry, the apartment manager. “Hi, Jerry!” I said, smiling as I breezed past him. I had been hiding in the closet so long that being open like this was so liberating! I went into our apartment and jerked off until 3 a.m.

Dani and I both knew that our marriage was over after she began dating D’Twan, but neither of us ever actually brought it up. And now when she saw me wearing her black silk see through shorty robe and 1 inch heeled slippers, she just acted like it was normal. And that’s how we ended up as roommates and not husband and wife anymore.

After that I went full drag. The next time Jerry the apartment manager saw me, I was wearing a black string bikini top, tight butt baring short shorts, high heels, lipstick and eyeshadow. “Keven??” He asked, astonished.

“Yes, sweetie,” I answered in my most feminine voice. “Did Dani pay the rent?” I threw my head back, tossing my hair, and wiggled my hips as I walked away from him. It felt GOOD to be a fucking FAGGOT!

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