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I lay back in the warm bath wondering what would become of me, here I was no longer a virgin when I left home this morning with my virginity in tack, I never thought only a couple of hours later I would have been fucked by 5 different men, 2 of which I wasn’t fully sure who they were.
I allowed my fingers to travel over my little white breasts, down my flat stomach and finally down to my delicate well used once virgin pussy. I allowed my fingers to explore the now swollen plumped up lips of my not so tight little pussy, they felt sore to the touch, yet very responsive to my touch and soon my fingers delved into their folds and started to work my little clit until another orgasm pulsed through my body.
I got dressed and felt the need to go out and walk past the old paki man’s house to see if he would say or do anything to my hungry sore little pussy. I had no idea why, but I just needed to be used again by these men who showed no love towards me, they just used my body then pushed me away as if I didn’t matter.
I left my knickers and bra off and just put on a summer dress that was too big for my body so mother wouldn’t notice my lack of bra. I walked down into the living room and told my mother I was going to a friends house to read and study and would be back much later, she reminded me I needed to be home before the streets lights came on or I would be in trouble.

I said yes mommy and walked out the door feeling my little pussy start to leak juice and my nipples go erect the minute I was outside. I could feel the cool breeze pass over my naked pussy, then it flapped up under the loose-fitting dress and covered my breasts and nipples in a cool tickly type draught.
My plan to walk over to the old paki mans house didn’t last long as I walked out the door, there across the road was the old Paki man stood at the doorway to Mr Patel’s house, they were talking in their native language and stopped when I walked out of the house.

Now Mr Patel was a friend of my mothers, so I was a little worried at this point and didn’t know what to do. I looked over at them and Mr Patel waved his arm to call me over to his house. I looked down at the floor as I walked over to them, they just grabbed me by the arm and pulled me in off the street. Mr Patel soon had his arm around me guiding me through his house and up the stairs, all the time his hands were groping my tiny little bum cheeks whilst pulling my buttons on the front of my dress to allow my tits to be on show. I could hear other voices in the house but didn’t know who they were.
Once I was in the front bedroom Mr Patel pulled my dress up over my head and started licking, groping, sucking and biting my little body, his large fingers were forcing their way into my tiny little pussy without allowing me to adjust to them, he walked me over to the window and pushed me against the window frame, the net curtains would stop people fully seeing me, but I could clearly see out into the street and the front door to my house.
Mr Patel forced his nice thick cock deep into my little pussy, once he had his full length inside me he shouted something in his native language to the other people downstairs. I then heard the front door open and could then see Kuldips little brother run across the road and knock on my front door. This caused me to panic and try to get away, but Mr Patel forced his cock deep into me and grabbed my perky little tits letting me know there was no escape.

My mother answered the door and asked what he wanted, he started talking to her and all the time I was there across the road being fucked by a man old enough to be my grandad whilst watching my mother through an upstairs window, god what a slut I was becoming, this was actually turning me on knowing my mother could look up and see me if the curtain was pulled to the side just a little. Mr Patel started slamming his cock into me telling me what a dirty little slut I was for his big Paki cock, and now he had fucked me and felt how tight my little pussy was, he was going to rent me out to all of his friends and become a rich man.

I then felt a couple of arms reach up over my head, it didn’t register at first what they were doing, but soon I fully understood, they had pulled the net curtain down from the window, Kuldips little brother was pointing towards the bedroom window shouting for my mother to look at her dirty slut daughter being fucked by a Paki cock. I screamed and struggled to move my body out of the way, but they just held me there whilst I was fucked and fucked against the window frame, the hands were groping my little white tits as they bounced and bounced under the force of the fucking I was getting. I hate to admit it but knowing my mother could see me make me explode into a body shattering orgasm that left me almost lifeless and dangling from the enormous cock that was slamming deep into my little body.

As my mind cleared I could see my mother running across the road towards the house I was in, you could tell from the way her large milky jugs swung from side to side that she wasn’t wearing a bra. I could then hear her screaming as she tried to get upstairs to save her daughter. I was nearing my second orgasm as my mother burst into the room with her top torn in a couple of places and her large milky tits swinging from side to side as she struggled with her captors.

She begged Mr Patel to stop fucking her daughter and said she would do anything he wanted just as long as he let her daughter go. Mr Patel just laughed and for all those years you have flirted and paraded your body in front of me but never let me fuck you, today I will fuck your daughter first, then I will fuck you and allow my friends and family to use your dirty slut bodies for as long as they like. I know you will think I am a slut, but hearing this whilst being fucked deep and hard by Mr Patel sent my little body into yet another mind-blowing orgasm.

I could see out of the window and could see two of my neighbours had lifted their curtains to get a better look into the bedroom to see what was going on. This made me even hornier knowing I was now being fucked in front of the stuck up nosey neighbours who always moaned at me for what I was wearing.

A crash and a scream made me turn and look into the room as I could see three men stripping my mother’s voluptuous curvy body and then shoving her onto the bed. I then felt Mr Patel quicken his strokes and then fill my pussy with what felt like a gallon of his cum. I was then just shoved to the floor as he walked over to my mother and dived onto her body.

I was then bent over the edge of the bed and another cock was pushed into me from behind, then before I knew what was happening another cock was being forced into my mouth. From the corner of my eye, I could see Mr Patel kissing and groping my mother along with three other men, one of which I now noticed was the old paki man from down the road, his massive cock was out and bobbing around by my mothers face. Mr Patel was now between my mother’s legs and his now hard cock was pressing against her pussy lips.

My pussy was throbbing and pulsing like crazy, my body was having lots of little orgasmic type explosions running from my nipples to my stomach then down to my clit and finishing in my toes, god my body was on fire I could take much more of this. I had gone from being a virgin to being a complete slut in only a couple of hours. I looked over at my mother and exploded into one almighty orgasm, there was my loving mother being fucked hard by Mr Patel, sucking on the cock of the old Paki man, and having her large milky white tits sucked and squeezed by two other men who I had no idea who they were.

Once my body relaxed and allowed me to gain control again I looked over towards my mother, she really was sucking away at that big fat Paki cock like her life depended on it, then I noticed her cheeks puff out and she started to swallow, not quick enough it would seem as the cum slowly leaked out of her mouth and down her chin onto her neck, then down towards her cleavage. I felt the man fucking me shoot his load deep into my pussy calling me a dirty slut and spanking my ass as he did it, this was something new to me, and again sent my little body into another orgasm that rippled through me and caused me to almost suck the cock in my mouth all the way down my throat, this, of course, sent him into violent thrusts as he filled my mouth and throat with his hot sticky paki cum, it felt so thick and creamy as it hit the roof of my mouth and back of my throat. My lips tried to hold it in longer, but he soon pulled it out and pushed me to the floor.

I was soon lifted and bent over the bed facing my mother, all I could see was her large milky white tits bouncing backwards and forwards on her torso as she was viciously fucked by Mr Patel. The two men who were sucking her tits were now feeding her their cocks to suck on a relay system, they both fucked her mouth for around 20 thrusts then passed her mouth over to the other one. Mr Patel was calling her a white slut and telling her how hers and her daughters pussies were now his property and we would allow all of his friends and family to fuck us as and when we wanted. You could tell my mother was enjoying this fucking and didn’t want it to stop.

I then panicked and tried to turn around, the man behind me was trying to shove his cock into my bottom. I turned and tried to shove him away, but he just gripped the back of my neck and shoved me face down into the pillow with one hand, whilst easing the head of his cock into my bottom with his other, all of the cum and juice that was plastered around my ass and pussy allowed him to get the head just inside my bottom. The pain was incredible and forced me to writhe and twist and turn to try to get him out. All I could hear was him calling me a dirty white slut and telling me he was going to fuck my ass. He was right, after only 5 or 6 thrusts his cock popped into my bottom and he started to fuck me as hard and as fast as he could, he didn’t care that I was screaming and begging him to stop.

I looked over at my mother and could see the two men had now shot their loads all over her face and tits and now her legs were wrapped around Mr Patel as he was fucking her long and deep whilst looking at her milky white tits rocking back and forth with each of his strokes. Yes I know I am a slut because this caused me to have my first anal orgasm which allowed the man fucking me to slide the full length of his large cock deep into my bottom. I felt him grip my hips and start to pound away at my sore little bottom for all he was worth.

I looked over at my mother again and could see Mr Patel had cum in her and had moved away and now the old paki man was shoving his massive cock deep into her with only the need for three thrusts. I could tell my mother had an orgasm after the cock was fully embedded in her moist dripping pussy, she was bucking down hard on the bed to meet his deep thrusts into her body, she was rubbing her hands all over her tits spreading the two loads of cum all over her nipples and breasts making them look slippery and wet.

The man in my ass held me tight and thrust as deep as he could go into my ass, then he jerked several times as he filled my once virgin ass with his paki seed, as I looked over at my mother I could see the old paki man was filling her with his seed at the same time.

The men just got off us and walked away calling us sluts and dirty white whores for paki cock. I didn’t like this as we had been nice to them, and all they did was treat us in a nasty way. Mr Patel then grabbed me and dragged me over to my mother, he then lifted me and placed me on top of her in a 69 position and told us to clean each other. I licked my first pussy, my first pussy full of cum, and it was my mothers, she didn’t lick me at first, but once I started to lap away at all that lovely warm cum dripping from her well-fucked pussy, she soon shoved her tongue deep into my ass and pussy and licked and sucked me dry.

As we finished cleaning each other and rolled over onto the bed to rest we were amazed to see around 12 men standing there wanking their cocks towards us, they soon started to shoot their loads and cover us in load after load of cum, once the last one had finished we were dragged down the stairs and thrown out into the street naked and covered in loads of cum. We could see at least 5 women neighbours standing on their doors steps looking at us in disgust, and further down the street we could see a couple of men looking and pointing at us as we walked across the road and into our house.

monikatv79 if you liked, let me know and I might do part 4

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