It was mid summer and the heat outside was unbearable. We were due to go on holiday in a weeks time and my wife decided that she want to go and get a new swimsuit. So off we went to the local shopping centre and started to browse the shops. After about an hour or so and numerous shops checked out I was feeling bored. I told my wife to carry on and I will ring her in a bit and meet back up. Off she went and I relaxed and had a drink. I was miles a way playing on my phone when I felt a tap on my shoulder. Turning around I saw that it was our dear friend Paula out with her two daughters Chloe and Amy. I clocked Chloe straight away and noticed she was wearing a nice lose skirt and a white t-shirt with a rainbow across it and a pair of flip flops. Paula mentioned she was shopping for cloths as well and needed to get a cosy and off she went with Amy tagging along. Chloe shouted to her mum that she couldn’t be bothered and asked if she could stay with me for a bit. “Sure ” Paula said and she scootered off towards the busy area.

I looked at Chloe and said she looked very sexy in her summer kit and I leaned over towards her and whispered into her ear ” almost as sexy as she is when naked”. And laughed. She turned around and said that she was feeling a little horny and knew me and my wife Claire would be at the centre today and she had persuaded her mother to bring her. ” you sly little bleeder” I said taking a drink as I was feeling rather hot at this point. “Shame we haven’t got anywhere to go to get some privacy”. Chloe looked around and said “I bet we can find somewhere”. With a uncomfortable hard on starting to emerge in my shorts I said “come on then. Where?”. She pointed over towards a large cloths shop that was narrow but set right back. We walked in and she headed for the bottom area where some of the more sexy cloths were and took a bikini of the shelf and headed for the changing rooms. In she went and I waited outside like a dog on heat. I head a noise from behind the panelling that made the false wall and out popped an oldish woman and off she went. Still watching the woman I heard Chloe say that she wanted me to have a look at he suit. I walked into the changing rooms and entered the cubicle.

Chloe was standing there in this very flimsy looking suit that didn’t leave anything to the imagination. “How do I look” she said twirling around. I Couldn’t really speak as I was too transfixed on her body. Having already seen her naked was one thing but in this costume she looked so amazing to the point where I was drooling. Her toenails were painted yellow and they matched the costume perfect and by the time I had stopped looking at her feet my cock was sticking out like a flagpole. She leaned over and took my cock out of my shorts and started to suck on it. I struggled saying to her that we will get caught and it will be the police who come not the shop security. She didn’t even flinch but just carried on. The cubicle was fairly large enough to get more than a couple of people in at the same time but where they normally have curtains across the door this one had a proper door which you can lock. Chloe had taken her top off now and had her hand in her bottoms clearly playing with herself. “Let me help you with that” and I leaned forward and placed my hand where hers was and started to rub her fanny. She was soaking down there and I told her to take off the bottoms as they will be soaking. She did and stood before me completely naked in the back of a shop changing room. I knew we didn’t have long so I sat her down as I wanted to taste her as it had been a few months since we last fooled around. I knelt down and went for it licking long strokes up and down her slit around her bum hole and up to her clit and repeating this for a good few minutes. I got up and was just about to stick my cock into her pussy when she grabbed my hand and took off my wedding ring. “what are you doing” I asked and she said that she wanted to do something for me to remember this occasion by and put the ring in her fanny.

I reached down and after a good rummage retrieved it and cleaned it with my mouth and put it back on. I was so worked up now that I could hod back anymore and sank it in to her. Chloe moaned and put her arms around me and put her mouth into my neck to muffle her cries. I did the same to her and but couldn’t reach down as the angle was not right but i carried on. She pulled back to take a breath and I took my opportunity and sucked her left tit while still banging her and sucked it hard. She whimpered quietly as I shot my load into her and as I finished my last spurt I felt her shake to an orgasm which made her legs go all limp at which point I lifted one up and couldn’t resist but have a little nibble on her toes. I licked around all 10 before we stopped and started to get dressed again. She looked in the mirror and saw that I had left a shag bite on her tit and she said “Me mother will go ape if she sees that”. I looked at her. kissed her and said ” something to remind you of me and don’t get your tits out in front of ya mam and you should be fine”. She sniggered and finished getting dressed to which we left the cubicle. We have been in there for nearly an hour so I was wondering how to explain this as we walked past the cash desk. Walking past heard Chloe say, ” see ya soon Faye”. ” I will ring ya later Chloe” and out of the shop we walked. ” you bloody crafty beggar. I didn’t know you knew her”. “You didn’t ask” Chloe said laughing. We sat back down again when Chloe’s phone rang. It was Paula saying she was in the food court with Claire and if she was still with me to meet them there. Chloe indicated to me to be quiet and then said ” no he’s not but I can still see him chatting to someone so i will grab him and we will make our way to you”.

Off we went through the crowd and as we approached the food court Chloe leaned over and whispered that my cum was leaking down her thigh. I said it was her own fault and thinking back I didn’t see her put any knickers on when she was getting dressed in the cubicle. “where are you knickers” I asked and she innocently looked at me and said that she didn’t put any on as she felt naughty. We all sat around a large round table a my wife Claire was to my right and Chloe was to my left. I took a piece of melon off my plate and worked my hand under the table towards Chloe’ legs where she sensed my advancement and opened them and I put the melon strip into her pussy and ran it up and down before placing the piece into my mouth. “I want that piece” my wife piped up “Pity, you should of been quicker. It was very sweet tasting”. We finished off and went our separate ways and said that we will have a catch up after the hols. As we were driving back home I was taking a swig of pop when my wife said the she has her hands full with that pair as they are getting to the age where boys are starting to take interest in them and as a precaution they are off to the doctors to get them both on the pill. I was just having a swag at this point and spat it out on my shorts. Shit I hadn’t really thought of precautions as I new she was on the pill be never really asked if she still was. My wife looked at me and said “What”s up with you?”. “Nothing really, just wasn’t expecting that to come out of your mouth and can you imagine anyone with them pair they are still k**s.

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