Chapter Two – “Taco Night/First Times”

Mr Brown and Beth were driving in his dark grey Cadillac to the IGA for taco stuff. “My butt is still throbbing LR. You are not going to fire Mark are you?”

“Its OK baby, you will learn to love it. You will beg for it. We are going to be great friends Beth. No I am not going to fire Mark, in fact I think you just got him lots of OT. He should be happy with the extra pay.” Mr. Brown said as he put his hand up her skirt while driving the mile to the store. Beth held the 40 bucks in one hand, her other hand on his under her skirt, cum leaking out into her cheer panties. 

Beth could not believe what had just happened. Was she assaulted, or did that count if it felt so good? Getting ass banged on her knees in a office chair was shocking. It was slutty. She was a slut. She had let this rich old man put his cum in her for forty dollars. She was pretty sure it was very wrong. She also admitted to herself she wanted it to happen, begged for it, and she wanted it to maybe happen again.

Such a slut Beth thought to herself as they pulled up to the store. “I will be right back.” as she started to get out. 

“Nonsense honey. I will go in with you. I have things to pick up as well. We can shop together.” Mr. Brown said as he got out and walked in with her, hand on the small of her back, nodding to the IGA manager through the window.

“Mr. Brown? Sir, we sent the order up to the house and put it away like normal. Did we miss something?” The manager said quickly as they came through the automatic doors and grabbed a basket.

“Oh no, I am giving Ms. Martin here a ride. She was feeling a little off. Best not to ride a bike in her state. She is here for taco things, and I have some other items to pick up.” Mr Brown said as his gently pushed Beth to keep moving up the isle. 

They kept moving through the store making casual conversation about school, the weather, if she was ready for graduation. As they shopped for the food Mr. Brown also put several boxes of condoms, astroglide, several pairs of stockings and pantyhose in her size, and a tube of KY gel very casually in the basket.

“What are those for LR?” Beth asked with a gulp.

“Beth, I think you know. Do you want to know? Do you need to know?” Mr Brown had pushed her up against the froze foods glass, and whispered. “Say it. Say it.”

“I do, I need to know.” Beth breathed back. Her body betraying her uncertain mind. “I do want to know.” She bit her lower lip in a very sexy move as she said it.

“Good girl. I want you to start wearing these. As much as you can. Skirts and dresses with heels.” Mr. Brown said as he shook the basket. “I want you to show off those legs. They are your super power.”

“Thanks, but I have like two dresses and skirts in my sad closet. I think you will be disappointed LR.” Beth confessed as she pushed in a little closer to smell him. 

“I think we can get your wardrobe up to speed honey. Remember I can get you what you want as we do what I want.” He said with his hand on her waist.

“You dont need to buy me anything, I dont want a free ride.” Beth said with a small voice that underscored her shame in being so poor.

“That is why you are so interesting. So young but full of moxy and character. We will have great fun, and it will not be a free ride my dear. Opportunity is knocking Beth. Do you have the guts to answer the door?” He bent down a bit to make eye contact as he spoke and then kissed her cheek.

Beth was getting wet again, and was pretty sure she had another wet spot showing on her panties as the fluids seemed to be leaking from her ass with every step. She could feel the store manager watching her from behind as they moved up and down the isles. He had always looked at her with that hungry stare when she came in to shop. 

“Beth, could you reach in the back of that bin and get me the bottom piece of meat. You know they always hide the best cut in back.” Mr. Brown said casually while looking that the store manager.

Beth knowing it would show her panties to the world resisted a bit. Quickly looking to Mr. Brown, and then back at the transfixed store manager.
“Do this Beth.” Mr. Brown said and with a soft push she was digging so deep in the bin her feet were almost not touching the waxed tile floor. As she leaned in the bottom of her skirt came up to show the very wet spot, dried cum circles in her hose, a little bit that had run down her right leg to the back of her knee, leaving a white crusty trail to her little butt. 

The manager was unable to look away, and did not blink for the full 30 seconds while Beth was digging for the best steaks. 

“Are these right LR?” Beth asked as she stood back up and pulled her skirt back down. Holding the steak out. 

“I am not sure. I think I have some at home. Put them back for me Beth.” He smiled and winked.

“OK LR. Happy to help” Beth leaned in very far this time and pulled her skirt up as she did. Just sitting there with her ass in the air. Letting the manager get a great view. 

‘Give him something to beat off over.’ she thought.

Mr. Brown looked and smiled back at the manager who did not even notice. He was locked on Beth’s ass. Mouth agape. Obvious hard on in his trousers. 

Mr Brown moved his hand up Beth’s legs to just above the wet spot and held it there so she did not come up too early. Looking back to make sure the manager understood what he was seeing. The manager was rock hard and had to grab an apron to cover him self as Beth was let back up.

The refrigerated bin was very chilly and as she stood back up Beth could see both her nipples were poking out. The whole thing had her very wet again. She pulled her skirt back down and they made their way to the counter.

“Oh no, these are all together. I have this sugar.” Mr Brown said and dropped down his card while the older woman checked the very embarrassing list of things along with Beth’s taco supplies.
The store manager stood behind the return desk now to hide his wood, and smiled broadly at Mr. Brown. In his head he was ‘happy someone was fucking that little ass’.

Once back in the car “LR, I am having fun, but I don’t want to be the town slut. No more public shows like that.” Beth said. Happy to tease the pervy manager who had followed her around for years in the store, but wanting to make sure it was ‘one day only’ adventure.

Mr Brown had his hand up her skirt, rubbing her pussy again as they drove the long way to Beth’s house. “You should thank the nice man at the store. Your show made you so wet. I thought we were done for the day, but there is hope yet.”

“Oh we are done. I have my taco stuff, Mark has OT, I need to clean up, cook dinner, and get to bed LR. No more fun today.” Beth felt proud of herself. They could not play games all night. The twins would need dinner, and she had some homework. 

“Beth, I want you to to think about our friendship. If there is anything you need, let me know. So we are both happy honey.” He said while still rubbing her pussy as they pulled in the driveway. 

“Here, get yourself some nice things and call me.” He handed her $500 dollars in cash and his card with contact information. 

Beth gave a moan, took the money, and then pulled her skirt back down. “Naughty man. You want me. I know. I want it too. I will call you” she shook her finger at LR but then leaned in for a very long deep kiss before she got out of the car with the food and special things they had picked up. She watched from her front window as he pulled out the drive.

“What happened to you? Where are your pants? Who gave you a ride? Where is your bike?” Her brother and sister fired the questions at her as she turned from the window. “That was Mark’s boss. I got a little sick while I was there getting money. He took me to the store and then home.”

“You mean mister dreamy? He was out front the other day when Mom dropped Mark off. She called him dreamy boss man as Mark got out. He totally is dreamy!” Goofed Lisa, Beth’s younger sister.

“Yeah. He is dreamy I guess. He smells great as well. Start the tacos while I go change.” Eager to soak the cum stains out of her cheer uniform but still warm from the amazing good night kiss.

Beth cleaned up, tucked the new hose, $500, and stockings in her drawer, put on some Pjs, and had dinner with the twins. Mom and Mark got home about 9 PM, both very tired. Mark had brought Beth’s bag and bike home, but did not say anything while her mom was in the room.

“So you got sick Beth?” Mark said after her mom had gone to shower. 

Beth got very nervous “yeah..something like a stomach bug I guess.”

“Look Beth. I was in the hall. I was right outside the door. I heard it. I know what you were doing. I barley made it back to answer the phone.” Mark said in almost a whisper.

“You did not hear anything but me getting money for dinner, and you some overtime Mark!” Beth snapped back. “Look, I am fine. Its fine. I am fine. You need the OT. Don’t say anything to Mom. She is working almost everyday.”

“I am not one to start trouble. If the man did not hurt you and I get more OT we can keep it a secret. I am not your daddy.” Mark always liked to add that when they messed up. It was his absolution of duty catch all. “Hell, I would have joined if the door was not locked. Maybe we can have some sort of deal as well Beth. Just maybe.”

Mark walked up to Beth as he said it and got so close his hard dick was pushing up against her side. He was wearing basketball shorts so you could see all of his tented cock pushing against the fabric.

Beth was shocked at Marks forward taunt. “Don’t you dare try to get me in trouble…” Beth started to scold him as her mom walked back in wearing nothing but a white silk night gown. Her breasts showing through the fabric. 

‘No wonder I am a slut.’ thought Beth as she moved in front of Mark to cover his giant hard on from her mom. Pushing him against the counter and driving his dick into the bones of her back as hard as she could.

“Are you two fighting again? Beth, honey, Mark was hitting the OT today, and I did a second shift. I am taking some ambien and going to bed. Give him a break, I am sure we are all too tired for fighting.”  As she popped her pill and walked to her room waving over her shoulder. 

“I am not too tired” Mark said as her mom closed the door. Grabbing her hips and pushing his hard cock against her ass. “Come on, lets go tell her why you are really tired.”

“Mark no! You cant. Please. I will do anything you want.” Beth regretted it the second she said it, but Mark would tell for sure. He had nothing to lose. Shitty job, shitty house, tired wife. There was not much more room for him to give a fuck about anything.

Mark gave the ‘shhh’ sign as they walked to her bedroom in the back of the house. The twins were long asleep, her mom would be dead to the world for the next several hours. Mark closed the door behind them. Locking it, and moving stuff in front of it to make sure. 

“Now, how about you explain what really happened today.” Mark said as he moved her to the bed.

Beth told him about the butt fucking, but left out the part about the store, or that she wanted it. ‘Basically he fucked me and drove me home’ was the general story. 

Mark leaned back. “But the key is you let him. You wanted it. I heard you cumming. I heard you tell him you wanted it. So I think you can give me head and I will keep your secret.” he said as he pulled his very erect manhood out from the shorts.

“Oh my god Mark, I am your step daughter. You want me to suck your cock! That is so fucked up!” Beth said in a aggressive whisper and started to back away on the bed. 

Mark reached out and grabbed Beth by the back of her head. Getting a hand full of hair he pushed her face down to his cock.

“Suck that cock or I will fuck you so hard we wake up your mom. I will tell her we have been fucking for years and we had a fight since you are fucking my boss now. She may not believe all of it but some of it will stick Beth. Suck my cock.”

Beth opened her mouth and let Mark push her head down. It was salty, sweet, and velvet soft on the head. He was so hard it throbbed with every heart beat. Beth’s mouth watered instinctively and she started sucking Mark off. Going a little deeper down her mouth each time.

“Thats right. Take it.” Mark said as he rolled her on her back. Her head just hanging over the end of the bed. “Now we can have some fun.” and he pushed his cock deeper and deeper while pushing down on her shoulders with his knees.
Beth gagged and tried to squrim away, but there was a ‘pop’ and his cock pushed all the way down her neck. She bucked hard but her head was pinned on the edge of the bed as he started to fuck in and out. 

Gagging for breathe as he would let out, almost throwing up, and he would go back in. Fuck her face for 10 – 15 deep strokes, hold it until she thought she would die and the pull it back out again, rinse, repeat. Snot running down her face, along with tears and stomach bile Beth could do nothing as Mark face fucked her for 10 minutes without a break. Mark reached over and started to diddle her clit fast and hard. It was not the expert level technique of LR, but she was getting wet again from being fucked so roughly. 

She was being turned on by the humiliation. ‘This is so slutty.’ Beth thought pushing Marks hand aside to rub her own pussy.

Mark watched as Beth worked herself to orgasm while she gagged on his dick. He had wanted to do this forever but it was ‘just never the right time.’ He laugh to himself. It felt so good he was going to cum hard. 

He pushed deep at the end and shot cum down into her belly. She did not even need to swallow. Beth could feel her wet pussy shudder, hips rocking to orgasm, his dick got thick and jerked in the back of her neck. It was hot. It was just another first in a very slutty day.

“Ok, so I am good” purred Mark with his cock still pumping cum in her belly. “If you are good, we both have a little secret to hold now. Don’t fuck me, and I wont fuck you..Pun intended. Grunt if you are good Beth.” He added a last few big strokes for emphasis.

“Grrruuppmmpp” Was all Beth could respond with as she tried to keep from passing out.

Mark cleaned his cock off with her bath towel and left as quiet as he could. “God damn, you are a natural Beth. Your mom cant do that.” He reached down and ran his and up to her breasts and gave a soft feel.

Beth rolled her eyes. “Get out Mark.” she said through a very sore throat. “I swallowed your dick, but not your bullshit.” 

It had been a very long day, and Beth was worn out. She cleaned her face and dropped into bed with her very wet panties on.

“I am such a slut. I got off on Marks cock.” she said to herself as she reached down and masturbated thinking about the adventures she had just had.

She was no longer stressing about her dress or college and came very fast before drifting off to a deep deep sleep.

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