From: Gudrun_Schyman
Question: Care to tell us more about your frat guy gangbangs?

Using the plural gangbangS is correct, but first let me explain the build up to the gangbangs… ;p

I wasn’t a partier in high school, I was a good girl. I touched myself and used objects around the house, but focused on sports and studies. I had sex before college, but only a few times with boyfriends. My college roommate was the one that pulled me out of my shell. Freshman orientation week she invited me to a party, so I went. Drinking, dancing, girls, guys… we all have a clear picture. Nervous about my first few parties, I wouldn’t even look at boys. I got comfortable quickly and started branching out – talking with boys, flirting with boys, dancing with boys, kissing boys, touched by boys/girls, touching boys/girls… <3

After the first weeks I still didn’t have sex but was a totally different person, I craved the attention and strength of boys. I craved it so much, I visited a frat party – the place they tell you not to go because all they want to do is fuck… well, that’s all I wanted too. Nervous for my first frat party, I quickly discovered they’re just normal dudes. More douchie, but dudes. The thought of sex was much easier than I imaged, “If I have sex with any of them… it’s just a hookup, I can walk away without feelings, whomever they tell is probably someone I wouldn’t want a future with anyway. They might even forget me, I’ll just be another girl…” plus it beats the effort of finding, cleaning, using, and washing objects around the house.

At my first party they were already trying to sleep with me but I was too nervous and they were understanding and not pushy, which made me trust them. They invited me back the following weekend, the third week of college, I fucked one of their brothers, Jordan. He wasn’t needy, desperate, or anything – just wanted to stick his dick in someone. He dropped hints most the night, while dancing I brushed/grabbed his cock. He offered to take me to his room, flirtatiously. I don’t remember my response, all I wanted someone’s cock inside me. Soft where it mattered and rough when it counted, he gave some good dick. I was still tight at this point, and he loved it. Started soft, but by the end of the night he’d split me like a log. I just remember the heat from the friction of his cock sliding in and out. He road my pussy to pound town with long, fast, vicious jackhammer pumps to the beat of the house party music – getting his dick as deep as he could. I was just a hole to him. His fuck service. He came in his condom that night, as I watched with a throbbing pussy. I laid there feeling like a slut, but it didn’t phase me like I thought. Jordan left to take a shower, and I put my dress back on and went back to the party 😉

Now, most girls would probably lay in his bed or join him in the shower, no. My pussy was still wet and there was plenty of cock to sit on. I didn’t even put my panties on knowing I’d be taking them off soon, and I was right. Maybe 10-minutes later my dress was on someone else’s floor, his name was Allen. He was slow and methodical, but rough and assertive. My pussy was still relaxed and partially gaped from before so he thought I was loose, he even murmured “oh, you’re one of these kinds of girls….” thinking I was more stretched out than I was. Rubbing my pussy, he wedging four dry fingers into my throbbing little pussy hole. He went in to his knuckles before I knew he had THAT many fingers in me and it hurt like hell, but I didn’t say anything just moaned aggressively. Maybe I was one of those types of girls after all… 😮 Although it hurt like hell and wanted it to stop, I also didn’t want it to stop. It hurt in the same way as neck biting and spanking.

I was being a bad girl and bad girls have consequences. Starting with a jackhammer dick and nearly fisted, I’d have to say I learned my lesson… that I’m a kinky little slut 😉

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