I lay in the bath feeling the tingle running through my pussy and nipples thinking about what my aunt had just said, had she just told me she wanted me as much as her husband seems too.

I had to stroke and flick my clitoris my body was in a heightened state of arousal and needed to be satisfied. I was just starting to feel the pleasure building in my body when my aunt walked back into the bathroom. My feet were planted on the floor of the bath pushing my groin up and out of the water as my fingers rubbed and flicked my clitoris, my other hand was groping my breast and feeding my nipple into my mouth.

My aunt shouted at me calling me a slut and started to grab at me trying to stop me from pleasuring myself. This made me scream and splash around in the tub. The water splashed over my aunt making her top see-through where the water soaked into the material of her top. I could see her nipples had shook out of her bra and were now visible through the wet top. I splashed more water over her as I pretended to fend her off, this just added to the sexy wet look of her white blouse and little white bra.

She really did have a nice large milky white set of breasts, they spilt out of her bra and pressed against her blouse forcing the nipples to stick straight out of the material begging me to suck or feel them. She could see me looking and called me a dirty slut and turned then stormed out of the room.

My body shuddered with lust as I watched her lovely round ass skip and jump under her skirt as she stormed out of the bathroom. I know she is my aunt but my body so wanted to devour her and taste her juices as my hands roamed over every inch of her body. I stood up and stepped out of the bath, my body needed to be pleasured and I wanted to climax as soon as I could.

I grabbed my towel and walked out of the bathroom with it in my hands not around my body. I felt so sexy walking around my aunts house totally naked while they were in the house. I walked down the hall landing and into my bedroom, as I walked past the window I looked out and could see my uncle stood talking to two men. My uncle was facing the house, but the two men had their backs to the house. I stood in the window and groped my breasts rubbing them together making the cleavage look deep and long. I noticed he looked up towards the house then pointed across the yard in the opposite direction to keep the two men looking the other way.

I turned and bent over pressing my ass against the window allowing him to see y peachy ass opening wide for his viewing pleasure. I pushed my hand up between my legs and slipped a couple of fingers into my sopping wet pussy. I was almost ready to cum, I could see through my legs as I was bent over and noticed the top of the men’s heads all seemed to be facing towards the house now. I panicked and stood up turning around affording the three men a good view of my naked sexy body. I ducted down out of sight as they all held their hands up to shadow the sun from their eyes to get a better look.

I ran and dived onto my bed, the horny feeling was building in my body and driving me wild. I just needed to climax and everything would go back to normal, but for some reason things just didn’t seem to be working out for me. I was just about to start touching my pussy and clitoris when my door flung open and my aunt stormed in, she grabbed me by the hair and pulled me off the bed, she dragged me over to the window and bent me over her knee, she then spanked my ass right there in the window for the three men to see.

My pussy was on fire, I had never been spanked before, but this feeling was driving me wild, my body was going into a deep powerful orgasm as she let her hand drop onto my ass as hard as she could time and time again. My pussy was leaking juice which was now being spread over my bum cheeks as her hand spanked me but allowed the fingers to rub against my pussy lips with each contact.

What was happening to me, why was I so horny, why was my body acting in such a way. My aunt was really spanking my ass allowing her hands to spend a little more time rubbing around my pussy lips with every slap. I heard the doors slam on a vehicle so I looked out of the window, my uncle was waving his friends off as they drove away turning their heads to keep a view of my swinging boobs as I bucked and jerked around under the impact of my aunts hand as it struck my bottom.

My uncle waved to them then seemed to run / walk fast towards the house. I could hear him running up the stairs as my aunt continued to spank my now very sensitive, very sore ass. Her fingers were now almost slipping into my pussy as they slapped my bottom cheeks then slid across the round curvy cheeks and down between my legs. She was driving me towards my much needed orgasm, then my uncle rushed into the room, he pulled my aunt off me causing me to fall flat onto the floor squashing my breasts against the carpet.

I tried to use my arms to lift myself off the floor turning to look at my aunt and uncle, they were struggling against each other trying to hold firm and break free at the same time. This allowed me to raise and turn my body towards them, I stood and watched as they struggled against each other and it was becoming more sexual as the time went by. I was starting to get excited thinking they might fuck in front of me.

It seemed like my aunt read my thoughts again, so she just stopped struggling, looked my uncle in the face and said we need to talk but not here. My uncle had the biggest hard-on sticking out the front of his jeans I had ever seen, my aunts nipples were like little fingers sticking out the front of her top. God I had never seen nipples so fat long and hard, all the times I thought they were hard they must have just been in a slightly aroused state, now they were full on erect, and my god they were impressive.

They just turned and walked out of the bathroom leaving me horny and in a total state of confusion, what was happening to me, and why wasn’t my aunt keeping me safe, it was more like she was seducing me with her constant punishment and abuse of my body but never allowing me to orgasm.

I creped naked down the hall and towards their bedroom, their door wasn’t fully shut as they must have thought I would still be in the bathroom, they were kissing and groping each other like they were on a first date, my uncle soon had my aunt bent over the bed and he lifted her skirt, pulled down her knickers and shoved his lovely hard cock deep into her very moist looking pussy.

My aunt looked over her shoulder and said to him you want to fuck her don’t you, my uncle just slammed into her harder and said and like you don’t. As they fucked they accused each other of trying to fuck me when they should be keeping me safe. My uncle then said if that slut keeps flirting with me, she will be fucked before the end of the week. My aunt said you know my sister would cut your dick off and choke me with it if she found out.

My uncle just reached around and pulled her tits out of her top and started to grope her large breasts. I was gob smacked as her nipples came into view, they were nearly as long as my thumb and just as fat, how on earth can a woman have nipples so large and fat.

I slipped my finger between my pussy lips and started to rub my clitoris as I looked through the crack in the door frame and watched my uncle pound my aunt with his very long very fat cock. It was the size of a porn stars, but white not black, and very lean and muscular with ripped veins showing through the hole length of it. He was really banging into her now giving her the full length, her breasts were bouncing around even though he was groping them.

This was all too much for me and my body started to go into a mind blowing orgasm, I couldn’t help it, my scream ripped through my body and out my mouth s my orgasm made my body convulse and shake like I was having a fit. I fell to the floor and just enjoyed the after glow of my most powerful orgasm ever.

The next thing I knew I was being lifted off the floor by my uncle who still had his cock out and my aunt was now totally naked helping him to carry me to my bedroom.

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