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My parents are strict church-going people, who believe a couple should stay faithful until their wedding day. They had noticed my body starting to develop, my breasts had now become ripe and full giving a nice curve to them and creating a deep cleavage as they stood so firm and tight against my young body. My legs were now long but had started to develop and nice curve to the sides as they developed into my hips and then onwards curving around towards my bottom. Now my bottom was not only curving outwards like runners, but it was also starting to take on the curve and shape of what you would call a peachy bottom.

All of the boys in the area had noticed and would be constantly trying to cop a feel of them when we played games, or try to grab and hold me when no one was around. I even had the black gardener try to kiss me and have a feel one day when he knew I was home alone. I must admit the feeling of his strong hands groping my firm breasts as he tried to force his tongue into my mouth had my pussy tingling. His other hand cupping my bottom and pulling my body against his rock hard cock made my legs go weak. I know he would have had his way with me there and then if my parents had not returned home when they did.

Needless to say, the gardener was sacked and I was sent off to my aunt and uncles place in the country where my parents thought there would be less of a chance I would be seduced or forced into sex. I knew my aunt was as strict as my parents and my summer holiday was going to be very boring stuck in the middle of nowhere with no friends or places to go for fun.

On arriving at my aunt I was taken to my room and made to sit on the bed whilst she explained the rules to me, gave me a list of choirs I needed to do on a daily basis and informed me of how I needed to dress and act around the house.

I hated this place already and had only been here for five minutes. Then my uncle walked in, he was very handsome with broad shoulders and nice solid working mans muscular body, not like a bodybuilder, just very lean and tight muscle, slim waist with powerful legs leading to a nice firm ass. I felt my face flush as my pussy tingled and leaked a little juice.

My aunty looked at my face and noticed my erect nipples so she grabbed me by the hair and pulled me off the bed onto my knees, she stood over me and said c***d we will have no indecent thoughts in this house, this is a house of the lord and you have been sent to us to ensure you stay innocent over these summer holidays.

I didn’t know what to say, my aunt seemed to know what I was thinking before I knew myself. I did notice her nipples seemed to go a little hard as she stood over me, which made my stomach feel a little funny like butterflies were fluttering around in there. I happened to look over towards my uncle and noticed he had a very nice looking bulge in his work jeans, was that there before, or was that caused now by him seeing his wife control me as she did.

I was sent to my room for being a bad girl. I rushed up the stairs falling and landing in a kneeling position on the stairs. I looked back and could see my uncle adjusting his large cock as he looked at my ass bent over in front of him on the stairs. My aunt then stood in between us looking at me and shouted get off your knees and get to bed now.

I ran into my room and dropped onto my bed, my pussy was itching and needed touching, my juice was evident but not flowing from my delicate virginal folds. I stripped off my clothes and lay on the bed naked allowing my hands to slowly trace their way around my nipples then under the curve of my breasts, down around my belly button then down towards my delicate folds. The shot of electricity ran through my body as my finger made contact with my clitoris and started to stimulate it. I closed my eyes and thought about my uncle naked and fucking me with his big cock.

I was lost in my orgasm as I heard someone cough and say oops sorry. I looked up to see my uncle standing there looking at my naked body. I looked down at his groin area and was amazed to see his cock was now fully erect and pointing towards the waistband of his jeans. He smiled and said you better not let your aunty catch you doing that or there will be trouble. He had another good look at my young curvy body then smiled and turned to leave, he popped his head back around the door and said I would cover up if I was you I think she is coming.

I slowly lifted and pulled the covers over my body allowing him to have a really good look at my body as he stood there smiling and taking in the nakedness being presented to him, at no point did I try to cover my body, all I did was push my tits out towards him, then use my arms to crush them together as I moved under the covers to afford him the full view of my cleavage, and of course I had to turn over onto my hands and knees to climb under the covers allowing him to see my sexy ass and juicy pussy lips on full display to his hungry eyes.

Then he was gone and my pussy was on fire needing to be touched and pleasured. The door opened and my aunt walked into the room, why are you in bed she demanded. I tried to say I was tired, she again just grabbed my hair and pulled me from under the covers, when she noticed I was naked she called me a little slut and stated I was the devil’s daughter and she would have her work cut out for her with me.

She instructed me to get dressed while she stood there looking at my body, she even helped me to get my bra on and seemed to take a little longer than needed when making sure my breasts were secure inside the cups. I felt her fingers trail over my body as she instructed me to bend over and pull my jeans up. I noticed her nipples were now fully erect and pushing out of her top, her face was flushed and I could see a slight tremble in her hands as she was helping me get dressed.

I was then lead down to the barn area. I was given a pitchfork and instructed what needed to be done. My aunt then sat there and watched me working moving all the horse manure and hay out of the pens and replenishing it with fresh hay. My body was aching and covered in sweat when my uncle came in and said you have worked hard enough I will finish up now.

My aunt stood up and gave him a scowling look then grabbed me and dragged me out and into the house, she then instructed me to go and run a bath as my body would need to soak in salts otherwise it would be sore in the morning.
I was happy to follow this instruction and went into the bathroom.

I was bent over running the bath when my aunt came in and handed me a box of bath salts telling me to place one container full into the bath just before I was ready to get in, then to lower myself into the bath making sure not to allow my hair to go in, as it would cause it to go all knotted and like rats tails. My aunt then instructed me she would go and start making our tea. I looked at her and wanted to hold her and give her a cuddle, but she just said well get on with it girl and turned and walked away.

I stripped naked and noticed she had left the door slightly open, and there was my uncle stood watching me get undressed. I made sure I gave him a good show, allowing my hands to slowly trace the outline of my body spending time cupping my breasts and pushing them together then leaning forward and sucking my nipples, then turning and bending over to put the salts into the bath, bending at the waist, spreading my legs then pushing my ass out towards him and wiggling it from side to side. I even allowed my hand to slide between them and sink a couple of fingers into my pussy.

I looked over my shoulder and could see he had his cock out and was wanking it while watching me. I then heard my aunt coming up the stairs so I jumped into the bath as soon as possible. I could hear her shouting at him and they exchanged words that I couldn’t fully hear as the water was sloshing around in the bath after I had jumped in so quickly.

My aunt then walked into the bathroom and told me to make sure the door to the bathroom was closed in the future. I said but I didn’t close it you did she looked at me and walked towards me making me back away and lower myself into the water hoping it would protect me. She sat on the edge of the bath and stroked my hair, she said you have been sent to me to keep safe. You have a very sexy womanly body, that makes men and certain types of women want you in a very lustful way, they will want to take and use your body for their pleasure. I need to attempt to stop that happening, but unless you start to help me that might not be possible.

She then leaned forward and kissed me on the head allowing her right hand to brush against my breasts as she removed it from my shoulder where she had been stroking my hair and rubbing the base of my neck and shoulder. This made me catch my breath and sent a judder through my body. My aunt felt it, and looked into my eyes and said please be a good girl and stop flaunting your sexy body teasing my husband and I making us desire things we shouldn’t.

She then got up and walked out of the room.

Thecemo please let me know if this is what you wanted, if it is I will continue and put you out of your horny state

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