Part 17

Well a text was showing on my TV again…

That was fun to watch. Seeing Jan cum in his pants was kind of a surprise to me. He ran out like a little boy. I know how much he loves those pantyhose of yours. He was in your apartment while you were taking your driving licence.

“What…? What do you mean?”

Look at this.

A video clip was showing onscreen. Watching Jan enter my apartment. There were multiple camera angles following him across the living room and straight into my bedroom. I saw him in my bedroom and he saw the doll I left on the bed before I went on the driving licence trip. He immediately pulled down his pants and played with his cock as he stood looking over the doll.

He picked the dolls feet up that was still in his own wife’s red pantyhose and then placed his dick in between them. He fucked the doll’s feet so good. Even though the doll had a cock, it didn’t bother him one bit. Then I heard him moan. “AHH…Fuck yess…! Mmmm, Caroline!” Then he cummed in one hard burst and spraying his cum over his own wife’s red opaque pantyhose.

It cut scene and I saw Jan enter the apartment again, and head straight for the bedroom. He pulled his pants down again and played with his cock. But this time he found my pantyhose drawer. “Ohh Caroline…! Mmmm, so many pantyhose and stockings…You sexy bitch!” He picked up a pair of black ‘Falke’ nylon pantyhose 25 denier with reinforced toes. He laid himself in my bed and took one leg of the feet and smelled them good, and the other leg he put over his cock. He jerked his cock so hard. “Mmmm Caroline…! Ahhh, your smelly feet are amazing…ARGH!” He cummed into the pantyhose and threw them onto the floor.

The movie fast-forwarded some hours, and I saw him sleeping in my bed. Then he woke up again. Went into my closet again and found a pair of white opaque tights, and found one of my dildos in the draw – my pink glass dildo I had gotten from Roxy. He started sucking the dildo and again put the pantyhose over his cock. “Ah…Mmm…your pussy tastes amazing…! Mmmm, Caroline!” and cummed in the pantyhose again and threw them onto the floor, and left the room.

The scene cut again. He entered my bedroom again, but this time he found an outfit in my closet and put it on the doll. He pulled of the red opaque pantyhose and put some white stay-up nylon stockings on, a white corset and a lace black long-sleeve top, and a short black skirt. He looked down at the doll and pulled his pants down. “Tonight is the night, sweetheart. I’m gonna fuck you good, Caroline!” He sat on top of the doll’s chest and stuck his cock in the doll’s mouth. “Oh yes…You like that cock, Caroline!” After 5 minutes of that, he jumped off and spread the doll’s legs apart to reveal the asshole. He pushed his cock into the dolls ass. “Oh wow…! Ahh, Caroline…Mmmm…You are so tight!” He fucked the doll so good, and after another 5 minutes, he cummed inside the doll. “ARGHH…Caroline, Yess!”

The screen fades to black again.

I couldn’t believe what I’d just seen. Pretty creepy that he just went into my belongings like that. But on the other hand, I still found it exciting that I turned Jan on so much with my pantyhose.


Then I heard a voice from the TV. Like a distorted robotic voice. I got a huge shock when he started talking that I let out a little scream.

“I can see you thinking. Tell me what’s on your mind!”

I could feel my tiny dick was semi erect by seeing Jan that into me. But also afraid of this situation I was in. I was too scared to lie over for a robotic voice that got my apartment surveillance 24/7 and also could leak my address. And let alone to tell my real mom about me. I really didn’t want her in my life again.

“I’m scared…! I don’t know what to do or how to act. I’m…I’ll comply with every request you have, my Lord…just don’t contact my mother and please don’t leak my address!” I was sobbing.

“Good girl, Caroline. As long as you behave yourself as a good girl, then nothing will happen. You never know when I will keep an eye on you!”

Then the TV was showing a live feed of myself. Oh my god, how is he doing all this? And why me?

“So Caroline. I helped you show that Jan was in your apartment every day for 4 days straight. Such a pervert going through your pretty pantyhose and fucking your sexdoll. Now you can confront him or just ignore it. Your call. But now you’ll do something for me. Now go and get that pink glass dildo and stick in that pussy of yours here right on your sofa so I can see!”

“But why me…? My lord, please?” I was so scared and I was crying now.

“Stop the whining and do as I say or it will be leaked!”

I got the light pink glass dildo and some lube, and walked back to sit down on the sofa.

“Good girl. Now play with yourself!”

I saw myself on the TV, in my black dress and purple stockings with a black garterbelt on. I didn’t want to do this, but what choice did I have? I was going to masturbate in front of a total stranger, and I couldn’t even see him. I slowly pulled my dress up revealing my little dick.

“That’s a fine clit you have there, Caroline!” It sounded so spooky when he talked with that robotic voice. I was about to touch myself when he spoke again. “No, you don’t have permission to touch your clit. Why else did i say you should get the dildo? Now lube it up and stick in that perverted tight sissy pussy, and fuck yourself!”

I didn’t touch my tiny dick and lubed the glass dildo. I put my nylon toes on the sofa table and stuck my ass over the edge of the sofa. I then lubed my hole to be ready for the dildo.

“I see why men are so crazy about your feet in nylons. They are gorgeous, Caroline!”

Of course I got turned on by it. I felt a little more relaxed and started rubbing the light pink glass dildo against my hole. “Ahh…Ah…Mmm!” I pushed the dildo slowly in my pussy and gently pushed it in and out.

“Ohh yess, Caroline. You look so sexy playing with your needy pussy. Mmmm…good girl!”

It felt so wrong and good at the same time, being watched by someone who I didn’t know at all. And for a moment I forgot what deep shit I was in. I was finding a nice rhythm to fuck my ass with the dildo. “Mmmm…AH! AHH! You like watching me, my lord?”

“You have no idea how much I like watching you. You’re such a pretty well-dressed little slut!”

Mmm, I was so horny and I wanted to touch myself so bad. I spread my purple stockings legs to each side and pointed my toes.

“Fuck yess. That looks so good! Mmmm…those pretty nylon legs. I’m going to touch them one day!”

The dildo felt so nice fucking my ass. And those words my lord spoke was driving me crazy. “AHH…AHH…AH…! Thank you…AH…My lord!” I pulled out the dildo and made a swoop sound. And I spread my wet asshole for my lord to see.

“Holy shit, that’s a nice wet pussy. Mmmm…I really enjoy watching you! I bet your 73 followers are enjoying themselves watching you right now!”

My knees bent when I heard that. My legs were still spread apart showing my stretched hole. “AHH! What…are you saying, my lord? What do you mean?”

Then a chat window appeared in the bottom corner of the TV. It was going pretty fast, but I saw some of the comments.

‘I wanna lick her ass hole.’

‘Holy shit, she is perfect!’

‘Let me suck those nylon feet, Mmmm.’

‘I’m gonna cum so hard watching you, Caroline. AHHH.’

‘I wish I was there to fuck you hard.’
Oh my god, he was broadcasting me!

“I mean, this is live on the internet. Don’t worry, there is no sound so they can’t hear us. Now fuck yourself until you cum. They paid me good money to watch you. Be a good girl and finish the show. Or else…”

He was totally using me like his own little whore. And I was making money for him. I saw the little icon just above the chat on how many people were watching. And the number was 86 now. I just wanted to cum so I could get this over with.

“They are waiting for a show, Caroline!”

I became determined to do a good job. I didn’t want any excuse to have my mother contacted. I was slowly getting horny by the idea of other men jerking off to me. I blew a kiss and winked flirtily with my eye. I grabbed the dildo and sucked it good while looking directly into the camera of the TV. I couldn’t concentrate on watching the chat as I got to aroused of all the attention. I spread my legs in the air again. And plunged the glass dildo inside my pussy again. “AHH…! Yess…!” I fucked myself real good with the dildo and it felt exhilarating being watched.

“Mmmm, Caroline…Looks so good. Someone just donated an extra 100 dollars. He says. Show me those firm breasts and squeeze your nipples. So you better show him!”

I unbuttoned the top of my dress and stuck one of my breasts out. “Yes of course, my lord!” I was squeezing my hard nipple and my other hand was grinding the dildo in my pussy. I was about to cum. My nylon toes pointed of sheer pleasure and my legs started shaking. “AHH…AHH…! Going to…Mmmm, cum…My lord!” I felt it my warm sperm traveling with pure pleasure through my tiny dick.

“Give your audience a show and spray that cum in your pretty face!”

I quickly grabbed my dick and pointed it up my face. Then I cum so hard, in pulsating long streams of cum. Hitting my black dress and I scream as I cum. “ARGH…AHH!”

And some direct shots of cum hit in my open mouth and down my throat. I read some of the comments.

‘Ohh Yes. I’m coming too. AH!’

‘God, you sexy thing, I wanna marry you.’

‘I wanna taste your pretty cum so bad.’

‘Wish I could fuck your sweet tight asshole.’

And it hit me again. That I was being viewed as I masturbated and cummed all over myself. I instantly blushed and was so the shy little girl again. The TV turned black, and it was only me and my lord again.

“Mmmm…what a show you put on for your followers. They love you…the donations are still coming in. You made me 2000 tonight. And since you were such a good girl, your cut is 15%. I’ll transfer the money to your phone!” And I heard my phone ding. “Yeah, I’m maybe using you. But I consider myself to be fair. So what do you say?”

I sat myself up on the sofa with my cum-covered dress and face. “Thank you, my lord!”

“Not good enough. Stand up and do a little princess bow for me as you thank me!”

I stood up and bowed for him, “Thank you, my lord!”

“Mmmm, much better, Caroline. You’re welcome! Now listen. When you see yourself on TV, it’s going out to your followers and then you know it’s time to masturbate and give your fans a show. No matter what time and place. You just start earning me money with that sexy body of yours. Got that?”

I was so scared because, and was he crazy enough to do that when I have friends over or anyone else. But I didn’t dare to answer back. I just bowed and said “Of course, my lord. Thank you, my lord!”

“Good! Now clean yourself up and I’ll see you when I see you. Bye!” And the TV turned back to the Discovery Channel.

I fell back on the sofa and started crying. I was beyond myself fearing that he would call me up again at any moment and knowing he was watching or recording me or whatever he was doing. I managed to calm myself down and take some deep breaths. “It will be alright. Just act yourself and obey, then nothing will happen!”

I kept myself inside the next couple of days, not even masturbating, just being in bed netflixing and ordering takeaway. I almost didn’t make it to my driver’s test because I felt so bad over this whole situation. But I got myself up and wasn’t even in the mood to dress up. So I just put on some black nylon pantyhose, some skin-tight marine blue jeans, a pink t-shirt, and some black ‘Vans’ shoes. My hair was messy, but I didn’t care. It was awkward between
me and Luis. So we did not really talk that much. But I passed my driver’s test and just went home into my cosy bed and stayed there for a couple of more days.


One evening my phone rang. I answered. “Hello, Caroline here!”

“Hi, it’s Lauren here. Luis told me that you passed your driver’s test. Congratulations! I want you to start work tomorrow. Take the elevator to the top floor tomorrow morning at 7. Put some brand new black opaque pantyhose on and some black high heels. Not glossy, no peep toe. Just plain leather high heels, understood?”

“Yes, Lauren!”

“It’s ‘Yes Miss’ to you. Cya tomorrow!” and she just hung up.

I jumped straight to bed after that and was determined to get up early and start afresh. It had been almost a week since I heard from my lord. And Jan had not been over either! Guess he was too embarrassed? I still didn’t sleep well, but I’d had enough.


Next morning I woke up early at 5:30 and went straight into the shower. I cleaned myself good and dried myself as I walked into my bedroom. I hadn’t even bothered to clean my room and those pantyhose Jan had cummed in was still laying on the floor. I found myself some black opaque pantyhose. I slid them on my pretty legs – this was the first time in a week I really wanted to dress again. I found a red long skirt and a white silk shirt, with short sleeves. I put on some light makeup and sprayed myself with perfume. Set my hair in a ponytail and put my black glasses on. I went to the closet and found a pair of black high heels with no peep-toe as requested. As I was done getting dressed, I went into the kitchen and made myself a cup of coffee and waited to get going. I was somewhat nervous, but in a good way. The clock hit 6:50 and I grabbed my purse and locked the front door behind me and went to the elevator and pressed the button 24 for the top floor. It took a while and when the elevator stopped, it didn’t open right away. Then the doors opened and Lauren stood there in a burgundy coloured bathrobe and a towel around her head.

“Good, you’re here. Follow me!”

I followed her into a massive living room. I thought the view over the city was good from my apartment, but it looked amazing from up here. I saw a big spiral staircase going up to the second floor. I’d never seen such huge apartment before. It was such a fancy place. She was definitely rich. She came to a room with a double glass door. She walked inside and there was a huge king-size bed, raised slightly above the normal floor. Then she just took her bathrobe off, standing there in only some black panties.

Her breasts looked so delicious. They have been firmed up, but they hung there perfect on her mature body.

“Take your skirt and shirt off!” and she walked into huge walk-in closet.

I was not comfortable by taking my clothes already, but what else could I do? First, I stepped out of my skirt and took my white shirt off. Now I was standing in Lauren’s bedroom in only my black opaque pantyhose and high heels. My perky nipples were getting hard. I tried to think of something else, but she came back, and of course, I looked her pretty breasts again. She handed me a maid’s outfit. It was like a victorian style l****a maids dress in black with lace on top and a nice fluffy skirt. I never seen a maids dress like this before. And got a big excited.

“Put this on. And those high heels, you can not walk in those all day. What size are you?”

“Ehmm. around 37, 38!”

“I’m a size 38. Hold on for a second!”

I put the maid’s uniform over my head and down my body – it fit so snugly against my body, though my perky nipples were showing. She came back and handed me some black pumps with sturdier heels and a bit more pointy, and not too high. They were real pretty. Clean and simple.

“It fits you well! Try the heels”

She sat down on the bed and was pulling on some suntan pantyhose – they looked so good on her legs and over those black panties. I stepped into her pumps and I could feel that they were used because my foot almost matched her feet imprint in the heels. I looked down at her nylon feet and they looked amazing – they looked a bit like mine too. That turned me even more on.

“They fit I see. Good. You get a phone from me, and it’s only used for my son and me. I filled the calendar for a week at a time with the different activities and how long I have to work each day. I’ve got a lot on my plate, so often I work even more. But I’ll send a message if I do!” She put on a black skirt with black heels, a white silk shirt, and a women’s blazer in black to. There was nothing cheap about Lauren. She looked so good in her office outfit. “Put your apron on and follow me!”

I took the apron and bound it around the skirt of the maid’s dress. She walked into her big living room again and into their huge kitchen. She handed me some keys and a gold credit card.

“You don’t get paid as such, because the card I gave you is yours. I will keep an eye on the money you spend. So use it wisely!”

I picked up the card and put it in my purse. “Of course, Miss!” I was about to stick the keys in my purse too, but I saw a big car key with a Rolls Royce logo on. “Ehmm, I pretty sure you gave me the wrong keys?!”

She looked at the keys. “No, I didn’t. That is yours as long as you work for me. And it’s new, so please be a bit careful with it!”

A Rolls Royce!? I’d only driven Luis’ car which I thought was nice. And now I was going to drive around in an expensive luxury car!

“I’m not sure that’s a good idea, Miss! I mean, I haven’t really been driving besides the driving hours for my license!”

She smiled at me. “So you better start learning then! Make sure you get my son to school on time. It starts at 9:00. If there is anything else, you can text me!” She grabbed her thermal coffee cup, her purse and keys. “Bye. Have a nice day!”

“Thanks. You too, Miss!”

And down the elevator she went.

I made myself a coffee and walked around the house to get to know it. There was a washing room, a library, a movie theater – and that’s just downstairs! I walked up the stairs and into what looked like an old Victorian white and gold hall, with a long old wooden dinner table enough for like 45 or 50 people in the centre of it all, a huge fireplace, and still enough room for dancing. It gave a nice echo sound when I walked in my heels on the marble floor. I walked to the other end of the hall to a double door that went into a long hallway, and there were like 6 guest rooms, 3 bathrooms, and a bar/lounge area. Then from there were 2 huge rooms at the end. One was empty with a bathroom and walk-in closet. I looked in the other room and saw her son laying on the bed. I quickly closed the door and knocked gently.

“Hello. It’s time to wake up, sir!”

But no response.

I then slowly walked into his room. It was messy and with a computer at a big desk. He had like a living room area with a big screen TV and an Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch. In addition, a black piano stood in the corner by the window.

I walked up to the bed and pulled the blanket from his head. “Hello sir. It’s time to get out of bed and get ready for school!”

He was gently waking up and slowly opened his eyes. And he saw me, he instantly sat up in bed and looked surprised. “Ehmm…Who are you…?”

I took a few steps back. “Good Morning, sir. I’m the new maid. And I’ll be driving you to school. So please get ready, and I’ll start breakfast!” I turned around and walked out of his room, closing the door.

As I walked back down to the kitchen, I thought about her son. He was not a sports guy, and not macho at all. His hair was brown and went to his shoulders. He was more like a skinny nerd and seemed kind of shy. He was about the same height as me. I started to find my way around the kitchen and made him some toast with eggs and a glass of orange juice. Not long after I was done with the food, he came down and was dressed in school uniform – all black with a white shirt. I saw his eyes all over me as he sat down at the kitchen table.

“Good Morning, sir. Your breakfast is ready!”

He didn’t say much, but started eating the food I served for him. “So you are our new maid?”

I nodded politely at him. “And you are?”

He blushed a little. “Ehm…My name is Jaiden. Can I ask what your name is?”

I put things in the dishwasher what I’d used. “Sure. My name is Caroline!” I could feel his eyes staring at my ass in my fluffy maid’s dress as I put used plates in the dishwasher.

“I like that!”

I was not sure if he meant he liked my ass or name. So I turned around and smiled “Thank you, sir. How old are you? No offence, but you look young!”

He was finished with his food. “I’ve just turned 17. And you?”

I took his plate and glass and put that in the washer too. “I’m 19!”

His jaw dropped.

“What?! I would have thought you were around 25 or 26! But never would have guessed 19!”

I laughed a little “He-he. I’ll take that as a compliment, thanks! I guess we better get going!”

He stood up and grabbed his school bag. I grabbed my purse with my new phone, keys and gold credit card and walked over to the elevator. “So you’re the reason my mom bought that new car! I see why mom chose that colour for the Royce!” The elevator doors opened and we stepped inside. He took a gold credit card just like mine and waved over a little laser on the elevator. And it shot the doors and went down.

“What do you mean? She didn’t really buy a brand new car for me to drive, right?”

“Yeah, she did! I don’t know why, she has never done it before! Maybe she likes you? I don’t know!”

I was getting more and more nervous about driving a Rolls Royce. And I couldn’t believe that she bought a car only for me to drive! I know it’s not my car, but still! The doors opened and it was like her private parking garage in the basement. And there stood 6 other cars.

“I didn’t know your mom was this in to cars!?”

He laughed. “Ha-ha…She isn’t. The only thing she buys them for its investments. And 2 of them are mine, so when I turn 18, I can drive them. Look at those 2…they are mine!” He pointed at a Mercedes in marine mat blue, and a white Porsche. “That’s a Porsche 918 Spyder, and a Mercedes AMG GT 4 door coupe. I can’t wait to drive them!”

We kept on walking past some more cars.

“I know nothing about cars, but they are really cool. I like the Mercedes!”

Then we arrived at the Royce…

“He-he…you don’t look like one who cares either!” He said. “But this is your daily driver from now on. What do you think?”

I looked the car over and it was beautiful. And now I knew what he meant about the colour, because it was 2 toned colour. The roof, bonnet and trunk where in a brushed glossy aluminium look, and the bottom of the car was in a light pink slightly mat colour. I’d never seen anything like it. I loved that it was not all pink and it matched so well together. Such a girly classy and elegant look. “Wow…it’s really beautiful. It must have cost a fortune! I can’t accept this!”

He smiled at me. “You got no choice. I have to be at school in 35 minutes. So we better get a move on!”

I picked out the keys in my purse and unlocked the doors. I opened the front door and it was just as nice inside as out. Everything in this car was in mostly white leather and pink accents trim, The ceiling was in light pink with a starlight’s and thick light pink fluffy carpets all over the floors. And another cool thing where the pink umbrellas inside the doors. The middle console by the back seats had a champagne cooler and glasses for 2.

Jaiden opened the back door and I saw it was ‘suicide’ doors. So freaking cool! We got in and the new leather and car smell was amazing. I looked around and there were a lot of buttons and a pretty big screen. I looked for the ignition hole. Then I heard Jaiden laugh.

“Ha-ha. You can start the car when you’ve got the key on you. Press the Start button!” He pointed from the backseat.

I pressed it and the dash lit up. It was an automatic, so I put it in gear, and we drove out of the parking garage. He had set the navigation from the backseat, so it was pretty easy to find my way around. Though the car was very big, it didn’t feel that way. It was so quiet, and I couldn’t even feel the bumps on the road. It was such an easy car to drive.

“This car is amazing. Wow!”

“Yeah, it’s pretty cool. It’s got a V12 and you can’t really hear it before you put your foot down, but then it goes!”

I loved this car already.

We arrived at school. There were a lot of other students around, and the car was getting a lot of attention. I parked the car at the front entrance. It almost looked like a school from a Harry Potter movie.

“Well have a nice day at school, Jaiden!”

He made a slight cough. “Ehmm…You’re supposed to open the door for me!”

I felt I’d made a mistake there, and in a surprised manner, I opened my door. “Yes of course, sir!” I walked over to the other side of the car, and open the door for Jaiden. I felt every single guy pause in the tracks and was staring at me.
I saw girls looking at me with kind of jealous disgust on their faces. I heard some whistles from the guys. I totally blushed. “Here you go, sir, and have a nice day!”

He stepped out of the car and heard the guys talking. “What the fuck?! It’s Jaiden, that loser!”

I closed the door after him. “Thanks, you too, Caroline. Be here again at 18:00!”

I made a little bow. “Yes sir!”

I looked at Jaiden walking inside, but a lot of guys were still staring at me, and I made eye contact with some. I of course blushed again. I than quickly got in my car and drove home again.


I arrived at the parking garage and the gate to Lauren’s private parking basement just opened as I drove up to it. I parked the car and locked it. I looked back at the beautiful brushed aluminium and light pink Rolls Royce, and couldn’t believe that I get to drive that. I got to the elevator and used my gold credit card to enter Lauren’s top floor apartment. As I entered, I went to the kitchen and made myself a coffee.

I finished it, and kicked my heels off. I then headed straight for Lauren’s bedroom. There were clothes all over the floor and her walk-in closet was a mess. So I started to get a laundry basket from the washing room and took all her dirty clothes and threw them in. I sorted her clothes in colour. Panties, bra ́s and other lingerie I put in one pile. All her hosiery in another. I first washed her clothes. I picked up a pair of her used panties and put it against my nose. I sniff her scent from her panties. And it was an exotic smell of too much perfume and her pussy. Mmmmm, what a scent this woman has. I had to smell her pantyhose too, though most of them were suntan in different variants. There was one black nylon pantyhose. I picked them up and bundled the feet part of the hose together and stuck my nose in the middle of it, taking a huge sniff.

“Ahh…! So good…”

My tiny dick got erect immediately. The smell of her feet made me crazy. I sniffed more and more. I put them in my apron pocket and smelled those used black nylon pantyhose of hers, throughout the day. I washed her pantyhose in the sink by hand, and all her lingerie and panties I put in a washing bag.

As the clothes were washing, I went into her room again and started organizing her 100 plus pair of heels and shoes. It took me over 2 hours, and was starting to be noon. I went through her closet and saw so many fancy and pretty clothes. She had a closet only of lingerie, bras and panties. And 2 draws were with hosiery, mostly suntan though. In one of the closets with dresses in the bottom of it, I saw something. I moved some of the dresses and saw a sybian I’ve seen these in porn movies, and always makes the girl go crazy. And of course, my thoughts went on how Lauren would look fucking this machine. I wanted to try it so bad, but I didn’t really want to get into trouble. I quickly picked out the black pantyhose and sniffed them, thinking of Lauren’s sweet feet. I got myself under control and finished cleaning up. I even vacuumed the bedroom and her walk-in closet. After that, I hung her clothes on their big balcony. It had a pool and a huge green area. I never thought I would see grass on top of a roof like this! I hung her clothes to dry on the wash line. Her used and dirty pantyhose were soaking in the sink. I picked them up and rinsed them off and hung them outside too. As I was about to finish, I got a text message…

Hi Caroline. I need you to pick up my salad and protein drink and a big cup of latte. I’ll expect you here in half an hour. It’s ordered in my name at the coffee shop, on the other side of my work place. I plotted the destination in your car. See you soon.

I quickly put my high heels on and took my purse and went down to my car. I entered the car and turned it on. And as she said, the destination was already showing. It took me about 15 minutes to get there. The car was a head-turner and I saw people taking pictures of it. Good thing the windows was blackened. I loved the car, but not the attention it got. However, I parked the car and went into the cafe. I went up to the counter.

“Hi, I need to pick up a salad for Miss Lauren. Is it ready?”

She looked back at the kitchen. “2 minutes, then it’s done. Have a seat in the meanwhile!”

I looked around and saw a husband with his wife glancing at me. “Thanks, can you make an Americano with milk and no sugar?” I felt his eyes all over me.

“Sure. Coming right up!”

I sat down at a little table. His wife didn’t see anything as she sat with her back to me. He was nodding to what his wife said to him.

“Hello…! Your order and coffee is ready. That will be 20 dollars!”

I got up and walked to the counter and paid her. I looked over at him again and saw him lean over to get a good look of me standing up. Then I saw his wife look at me and heard her say. “Jeff…! Jesus! Don’t stare at her like that. You’re creeping her out!” I saw his face turn red as his wife caught him looking at me. “I get it, she is pretty. You stupid man!”

I could see she was not mad – just like shaking her head at her own husband.

“Here you go. Keep the change!” I gave her 30 bucks and picked up the bag with food and coffees.

“Oh, thanks a lot. Have a nice day!”

I smiled at her and went on my way. As I got out, I looked through the window in the coffee shop and saw the husband and wife laughing together, and she even gave him a little kiss. I smiled and they seemed so sweet. That is real love right there. And I was a bit jealous of them.

Well, I looked across the street and saw this huge white skysc****r building and I walked inside. I walked up to the front desk.

“Hello. Can you tell me what floor Lauren is on?”

He looked at me like I’m an idiot. “Listen up. If I type Lauren in my little computer here, there will be around 50 Lauren’s. You gotta be more specific than that! Her last name?”

I didn’t know. “Ehmm…I know she has a lot of money!” That sounded so stupid when I said it. “I guess I have to call her!”

“Wait…who are you?”

“I’m Lauren’s maid!”

His attitude changed instantly. “Now that I think about it, Lauren called me up saying that her maid would come and I should let you up. I’m sorry. It’s just I get so many calls from people I’ve gotta remember who not to let in and who are allowed in. Please don’t say anything to her. How could I know you were her maid? Maids I thought were always older, and you know…not as young and good looking as you!”

Oh my god, he just kept on talking. “Shhh…! Just let me up and I won’t tell anything to anyone!”

“Ehh…Sorry again. And thanks for not telling! It’s on the 60 floor!”

I walked over to the elevator and pressed floor 60. It took some time to get up there and some stops for people going up too. I finally reached the floor, and saw a big sign with ‘Kings Lopez’ on it. There was another front desk. I walked up to it and there sat a nice looking girl there.

“Hi. Can you tell me where I find Lauren?”

She pointed. “Down there, the big corner office is hers!”

“Thank you!”

She smiled at me, “No problem!”

I walked down to her office, and knocked on the door.

“Come in!”

I entered into big office space with a view over the skyline. She was seated on a sofa with her suntan nylon feet on a glass table. My eyes almost popped out of my head seeing that. She was talking on the phone…

“But there was some new evidence in that case?! So I think we should reopen it!”

She pointed at the table. I put the bag with food on the table. She seated herself and took her salad and protein drink out of the bag, and placed on the table next to her feet. I couldn’t stop staring at them as she gently rubbed her nylon feet against each other. I put her coffee down as well and I stood up waiting for her to finish. But she made a hand gesture to come sit on the sofa next to her. I took the lid off my coffee and sipped as I watched her beautiful suntaned legs and feet. I took the lid off her coffee and handed it to her. She smiled and nodded to me.

“But you need to meet me at court then! And not like fucking last time where you were 20 minutes late!”

I wanted to plant my nose right in-between her toes and just smell the scent of her pretty reinforced nylon toes.

“Ok, cya then. And you better fucking be there, Joe!” and she hung up her phone and threw down in the sofa. “Arghh…! Fucking idiot! Oh well, he pays well! So how is it your first day? Did you get my boy to school?”

I nodded to her. “Yes, Miss!”

“Good! Maybe hiring a pretty girl like you helps him keep motivated?!”

‘What did she just say? She only hired me for that? I will show her that I can be more than that!’ I thought to myself.

“So what do you think about your car? Cool, right?”

“It is the coolest, and love the colour. But I’m very scared driving it!”

“Like I said, it’s the only way you learn. Besides, it’s only a 500 thousand dollar car!”

My jaw dropped. “What!? I cannot take this!? Had I known the car was worth so much, I never would have taken it out in the first place!” I couldn’t drive around in a half a million dollar car.

“Oh don’t worry about it. It only cost me 200 thousand. It’s a tuning company from Germany that made it. They owed me one, for helping them with a lawsuit. That’s why it’s a custom colour too! I thought it would suit you!”

“The worth of the car is still the same. I really can’t accept this. Please take it back!”

She started eating her salad, and talked as she ate. “Even if I would take the car back, I can’t!”

I stood up, because I was a bit frustrated about this situation. “What do you mean you can’t take it back?”

“Well it’s in your name! You own the car! What do I need a pink car for? I’ve got enough cars!”

I walked back and forth in the office. “But how could you give me a car? Who does that? You don’t even know me”
I maybe sounded a bit angry, but it was more frustration about not understanding that someone would give a car worth this much.

“Don’t raise your voice at me! Don’t forget who the fuck you are talking to! And maybe i know more than you think.
Now sit down and listen! ”

I immediately sat down again.

“My main focus was to get my son to school. And for now, my plan worked. I like to invest in things, and you. That’s one of the things I like to do for fun. And I think you hide more potential then you give yourself credit for. Trust me, I’ve got a feeling about you!”

It caught me a bit by surprise. I didn’t know she felt this about me. But it was kinda nice seeing a lady like this, sees potential in me. I felt more relaxed about the situation. “Thank you, Miss!”

“Well don’t thank me yet. Let’s see if my hunch is right about you! Now rub my feet…I’ve been in court all morning!”

I got butterflies in my stomach. I forgot all about the car in that moment. “Yes of course, Miss!”

She placed her suntan nylon feet on my lab. My hands gently started massaging her nylon soles. Pressing my thumb against her soles in a swirling pattern and up to her toes. She sat there with her coffee cup in her hand looking at me. “Oh my god, that feels amazing, Caroline! See…potential. Mmmm!” I looked at her pretty nylon toes move as I massaged her soles. “Yess, right there. Mmmm…Tell me what you done today!”

My eyes where still over her feet and I was smiling. “Well. First, I woke your son up and he obviously didn’t know about me, because he looked surprised when he saw me!”

Lauren laughed. “Ha-ha…would have loved to have seen that!”

I laughed a little. “He-he! Yeah, he looked kinda funny. And after that I made some breakfast for him. Then drove him in my new pink car which I love. Again, thanks Lauren!” I said looking at her. She smiled back at me, and was enjoying her foot rub and her coffee. “Then I cleaned your room and your walk-in. Washed and now drying your clothes. And vacuumed too!” I went up to massage her toes.

“Ahh…Good girl!” It sounded like she enjoyed it very much. She made a little cough. “Ehm…I mean of course. Good girl for cleaning my room!”

He-he! I was not sure, but it sounded more like a good girl for hitting the right spots on her pretty nylon toes. “Thank you, Miss!” She blushed a little. Wow! I could get a powerful woman like this to blush! That turned me on, and the fact that I was giving her pretty nylon feet a foot rub too.

“What is that sticking out of your apron?”

I looked down. Shit! It was a foot of her black nylon pantyhose that I sniffed through the day. I acted stupid.

“What? Oh…Ehh!”

She picked it out with her nylon feet. It blew me away and looked so hot. Her nylon toes pointing together to pick it out the pocket from my white apron. “Is that my black pantyhose?” It sounded so good when she said pantyhose, and I totally blushed.

“Oh…Ehh…I must have left them in my pocket when I sorted your clothes by colour!”

She looked at me kind of funny, like she didn’t quite believe me.

“Yeah…I mostly have suntan pantyhose, so I can see how you would forget!”

Then there was a knock on the door.

“Come in!”

…And in stepped an older gentlemen. “Lauren, this…File…” and he just stopped and stared at us.

“What now, Barry?”

“Sorry to bother you. I can come back later!”

“What, why? She is giving me a foot rub. It’s not like we are fucking! Stop making everything about sex!”

I kept on rubbing her nylon feet. And I smiled at him.

Mmm, a well-dressed older gentleman. He gave me polite nod back.

“Barry! Get to the fucking point!” She was really swearing a lot and I could see why she was so feared. Good thing she didn’t act like that towards me. So I better keep her happy.

“Yeah, sorry again. It’s about the docks. They are getting fined because of the overload!”

She took the file out his hands and looked it over. He looked at me again. And while she reading the file she said. “Barry, get your eyes of my maid!”

His eyes instantly wandered to something else in the office. “Fuck…! Thanks for letting me know, Barry. I’ll give them a call today! Well, gotta get back to work, Caroline. Put those black pantyhose in your pocket and get them washed when you get home. And thanks for the foot tub. I’ll take some Chinese food home tonight, then we can get to talk a little more!” She put her pretty nylon feet in her black heels again and went up to her desk.

I stood up and grabbed my purse.

“Barry. You still standing here? For fuck sake, keep that fucking dick in your pants, and get to work!”

He quickly ran off.

I threw my finished coffee cup in the trashcan. “Bye, Miss!”

“Bye Bye!”

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