Something about him made Christy uneasy, especially when he looked at her with his deep, dark eyes, as if trying to peer into her soul. Reggie’s eye contact seemed brazen, but he did it when Dave wasn’t looking. Hopefully, this huge black man who towered over her husband wouldn’t make an immediate decision. She needed to discuss this matter further with Dave. They could tell Reggie that someone else rented the room.

Reggie had experience with young, well-educated white women like Christy. He realized that he made her feel uncomfortable. A modest diamond engagement ring and wedding band sparkled together on her finger, catching his gaze.

He knew Christy’s type. A privileged white girl raised in an upper-middle class family sheltering her from any interaction with men like himself. She likely professed racial equality but had never practiced it in her own bed.

Reggie had found their ad for a boarder on Craig’s List. For a young couple without any children, this was far more house than they needed. He surmised that it was likely a greedy gamble they had made during the housing bubble, now leaving them in financial trouble.

A shrewd businessman from drug dealings on the street, and a seasoned sexual predator that had never missed a chance at scoring a vulnerable white pussy, Reggie understood the fleeting nature of this opportunity, and he wasn’t going to let it slip away. He reached inside his jacket and pulled out a thick stack of cash. “I’ll take the room. How much security deposit do you want?”

They couldn’t rent the room to this man. It wasn’t his skin color that alarmed Christy. Something else about him made her hackles rise, and she wasn’t sure why. Men stared at her often — she was used to it — but not like him. Standing with her arm entwined with her husband’s, Christy tightly squeezed Dave’s hand as a silent signal not to accept Reggie’s offer.

All the money Reggie displayed mesmerized Dave who misinterpreted Christy’s signal as an affirmation. “Uh, $500 for a security deposit ought to be enough.”

A grin appeared on Reggie’s face as he carefully pared away enough cash to cover the deposit plus an entire year’s worth of rent. This naïve kid hadn’t even asked for his full name yet — although Reggie was prepared with fake identification — and apparently wasn’t going to do a background check either. He handed the stack of bills to Dave.

Dave’s face lit up like he just found a long-lost friend. Like Christy, his teens weren’t far in his rearview mirror. He had anticipated perhaps getting a security deposit and first month’s rent — not a full year’s worth of payments in a lump sum like this. They needed this money badly with bills past due and foreclosure looming. The cash now in Dave’s hand gave him a rush of euphoria, like winning a sweepstakes.

Christy forced a smile Reggie recognized as insincere.

Reggie nodded at the money in Dave’s grasp. “I need a receipt saying I paid the entire year room and board plus security deposit. We can write-up a formal lease later.”

“Of course,” Dave replied with a quick and enthusiastic shake of Reggie’s hand to finalize their deal. “I’ll be right back.” Dave went to fetch a pen and paper to write the receipt, leaving Christy alone in the living room with Reggie.

While Dave was gone, Reggie sneaked another look at Christy’s tight ass and firm, young tits, peeling away her clothing with his eyes, as if she was luscious fruit to devour. He imagined how she looked beneath that modest dress she wore.

Christy certainly was an attractive package. She stood about medium height with a petite build and perfect measurements that included a tight, flat stomach, nicely curved buttocks, and full breasts. She was exceptionally beautiful.

The 22-year-old college graduate and housewife took care of her figure through strict diet and daily exercise. Her model-like figure, combined with smooth, white skin, sparkling blue eyes, and silky, blond hair extending slightly past her shoulders, received gazes from many, who saw in her that unattainable girl of their dreams. Christy’s heart belonged to her husband, Dave. He was the lucky man fortunate enough to have her.

But that didn’t stop Reggie from undressing her with his dark eyes. His cock twitched as he thought about fucking this cute girl.

Reggie told them he was in school, but he was not dressed like your typical college student and wore an expensive sports jacket, silk slacks and Polo dress shirt that were all tailor fit and showed off a tall, muscular physique. Christy noticed impressive diamond rings on each of his hands. He looked more like an NFL linebacker than a college student to her.

“So, what are you studying?” Christy nervously asked, attempting to break an awkward silence. Reggie also seemed a little old to still be in college as he had claimed. She guessed he was approaching 30-years-old, although it was sometimes difficult to tell with black men.

“African Studies,” he responded.

Earlier, Reggie had told them he was in college, but he hadn’t set foot on a college campus in years, not since his younger days hustling drugs on the street. In his line of business, he moved up in rank without needing a formal education.

His quick reply with no elaboration seemed suspicious to Christy, but Dave suddenly returned smiling, a neatly written receipt and an extra key to their house in hand. “Here you go, roommate.”

Dave’s smile was contagious, and Reggie seemed to catch it as he took his key and receipt from him. “Okay, great. I’ll be back later with my stuff and we can sign a lease.”

Christy felt relief as she watched Reggie leave. He had made her anxious, like she was standing on the roof of a skyscraper, looking over the edge without anything stopping her from falling.

“Look at all this money!” Dave gleefully whispered holding up numerous hundred-dollar bills immediately after the door had closed and Reggie departed.

Christy felt uneasy about having that strange black man move in with them. “I don’t know about this guy. Who carries around that much cash? Maybe we should check him out first, honey.”

Christy stood waiting for a reply. Dave’s back was towards her as he counted the money on their kitchen table for a second time. He wasn’t listening to her and didn’t hear what she had said.

Perhaps she was being overly cautious. She hadn’t seen Dave this happy in a long time, since the rough economy had taken away their jobs and his pride, it seemed. The warehouse position Dave had found didn’t replace his previous salary or pay all their bills, but this was enough cash to bring them current on their property taxes and avoid foreclosure.


Reggie returned later that evening and quietly unpacked in his new bedroom while Christy and Dave went to bed. He couldn’t believe his luck finding such an unwary couple, and a young, beautiful white girl to pursue. When Reggie finished settling in, he turned off the light.

He sat quietly on the edge of his bed, imagining what Christy looked like beneath that dress she had been wearing. Was her pussy completely shaved or did she have a small, neatly groomed bush? With a figure like that she had to wear a bikini and was likely meticulous about her bikini line. Reggie was determined to find out. Access to a victim was the biggest hurdle, and Christy’s naïve husband had unwittingly helped him overcome it.

After a few moments, Reggie’s eyes adjusted to the darkness. Perhaps he could sneak a peek at her sexy little body while she and her husband slept. He silently made his way down the hall to Christy’s and Dave’s bedroom door, which they carelessly left ajar.

But they weren’t asleep. The sound of lovemaking — the rhythmic squeak of bedsprings, the grunts and groans of two people lost in passion — grew louder as Reggie approached. He stood at the threshold to their room and peered through the sliver of an opening at two shadowy figures moving in concert in the moonlight. Reggie’s brown skin provided a perfect camouflage in the dimness of night.

Reggie watched, and his penis hardened as he observed Christy’s terpsichorean figure in motion. His gigantic cock pushed against inadequate room in his gym shorts and sought release from its confinement. He wanted her badly.

His turn with her would come soon, he assured himself. He was going to have her one way or another and steal her from her husband.

“Oh, I’m going to cum,” Reggie heard Dave exclaim.

“Oh, I love you,” Christy cried as she wrapped her arms around her husband in a tight embrace and his body grew tense from his orgasm. It didn’t sound to Reggie like Christy had cum at all.

Reggie imagined Christy wrapping her arms around him instead of Dave, crying to him that she was cumming, her wet pussy throbbing on his cock.

Dave withdrew his modest condom covered penis from Christy’s tight vagina and turned on the light atop the nightstand beside their bed.

The thin latex membrane, slick with Christy’s juices, contained a hint of Dave’s ejaculate in its tip. Christy watched him slide the protective barrier off. They had agreed to wait until after their financial situation improved before trying to start a family. Christy had only recently been a bride and now she was Dave’s faithful wife. She loved him as much as anyone could possibly love another person and nothing would ever change that.

After witnessing it all Reggie quietly returned to his room undetected.


Early dawn chased away much of the darkness, and only a shadow of night remained. Dave had left for work at his usual early hour and Christy had visited the gym for her daily workout when Reggie woke to a dim, empty house.

Over the weeks, Reggie had learned their schedules, snooped around when they were out, discovered all sorts of useful facts about their lives. He knew Dave wouldn’t return from work until evening, and Christy arrived home mid-morning.

Reggie plopped down on the living room couch and there it sat, on the coffee table right in front of him, like the missing piece to a jigsaw puzzle, the unguarded key to a once impenetrable fortress. Christy had forgotten her cell phone this morning. He had watched her unlock it multiple times. It was a simple, four-number combination. On his third attempt, her phone opened. Reggie quickly made a backup of it on his laptop. With special software found on the dark web, he now had access to all her information. In her contacts was a cornucopia of important people — family members and friends, their addresses and phone numbers, everything he needed…

When Christy returned from her workout, Reggie sat shirtless on the living room sofa in a pair of loose gym shorts. She couldn’t help noticing how big he was — the solid muscles bulging beneath smooth, dark skin covering his arms, chest and stomach — before seeing her phone on the coffee table where she had left it. She grabbed her phone, wanting to tell him to put on a shirt, but deciding against being confrontational.

He was gawking at her again. He was doing it more frequently and more blatantly, especially when Dave wasn’t around. It seemed like the only things he studied were her ass and tits and she didn’t like it. Her voice revealed annoyance. “When do you attend classes?”

Reggie began obnoxiously rubbing his crotch right in front of her while his eyes raked her body! “I take classes online. Where you work besides out at the gym every morning, baby?”

The way he was inappropriately touching himself embarrassed and repulsed her and hinted at the enormous size of his penis as he played with it through his shorts. He was practically masturbating in front of her. She tried ignoring his indecent behavior. “Don’t call me ‘baby’. I’m currently between jobs. I haven’t seen you even open a book yet since you’ve been with us. You’re not a college student. I don’t know who you think you’re fooling, but it’s not me.”

Christy turned away from his lustful stare. She needed to shower after her strenuous workout at the gym and get ready for a job interview this afternoon. She had a good feeling about this company and her prospects for employment with it. She headed toward her bedroom.

As she walked away from him, Reggie studied how the tight, black leggings she wore limned every delicious curve on her young, firm body, portraying a shapely ass and generous thigh gap. She was also wearing a black sports bra that had advertised her flat stomach and perky tits. His balls ached from unrelieved hard-ons she had been giving to him since he moved in. She wasn’t very friendly to him, but perhaps that would change soon.

Reggie waited a few minutes and then followed Christy. When he reached her bedroom, he heard the shower flowing in the master bathroom. He carefully turned the doorknob and entered her room. He tried her bathroom door next, but it was locked.

She appeared in excellent shape and would fight him. But he had made his decision.

While he waited for the bathroom door to open, a crowd of framed photographs — Christy and Dave in better times, their family and friends — neatly stood on her dresser. He recognized some of the contacts he had found and copied from her phone. The still images of well-dressed white folks — who until now had insulated her from men like himself — watched in mute sympathy over what he prepared to do. Christy obviously cared deeply for these people, which would prove instrumental.

The shower stopped. Reggie’s cock had grown hard inside his shorts during the wait. His balls, filled with sperm, ached with anticipation. After enduring weeks of torture from Christy, patiently planning while fantasizing about her, he was on the verge of finally satisfying his predatory urge.

Christy opened the bathroom door wearing pink panties made of silk with a matching bra. Her briefs were a sexy bikini cut. The rest of her clothes she had planned to put on waited neatly folded in her dresser. Suddenly greeted by Reggie, she tried to slam the door shut to keep him away. Her initial feeling about him had been a correct one, but she had disregarded it to please Dave. In an ironic twist of fate, Christy’s attempt to appease her husband jeopardized their marriage far worse than their previous financial troubles.

Reggie’s hand blocked the door from closing completely. He overcame Christy’s efforts and her feet, unable to hold ground, slid across the slick tile floor.

Reggie charged into her bathroom as Christy screamed. “What are you doing? Are you crazy? Get out of my room and keep away from me!”

He punched Christy in her gut. She was unprepared for the blow and his fist drove into her belly like a cannon ball, the crushing impact evacuating the wind from her lungs.

“You gonna like getting fucked by your new black boyfriend, baby, and you gonna learn to love black cock.”

She doubled over incapacitated gasping for air, while he dragged her by her hair from the bathroom.

Before Christy regained her breath, Reggie had thrown her into bed and tore her panties and bra off, leaving her lying on her back completely exposed.

Christy wheezed and coughed. “No, please, don’t do this.”

“What’s the matter? Don’t you wanna fuck a nigger?”

Reggie’s eyes feasted on Christy’s naked body and its gentle feminine curves. With brute strength he forced her smooth, long legs apart on reconnaissance of the treasure he planned to plunder. Younger women tended to always keep their pubic areas immaculately groomed, as if they wanted to be ready for someone to see them in a bikini, thong or perhaps completely nude. Christy was apparently one of these women. Her naked body was as gorgeous as he had imagined.

Christy’s smooth genitals lacked hair or even stubble, due to either expensive laser or wax treatments. What he had here was a pampered white girl, which explained some of their money problems. Her flat tummy was adorned by a delightful bellybutton and defined abdominal muscles. Pink areolae, perfect circles a little larger than quarters, crowned her perky, round c-cup tits.

Christy’s silky, white skin contrasted with Reggie as he touched her. Her body seemed to lack imperfection like her beautiful face.

Reggie wondered how Dave could foolishly leave such a gem unguarded with a thug like himself. Reaching down between Christy’s splayed legs, Reggie gently parted her labia, a lovely shade of pink revealed.

Christy felt Reggie begin manipulating her privates like she belonged to him. “Oh, god — no. Don’t!” She grabbed his wrist to stop him.

Reggie yanked his wrist from her grasp, reached up and cruelly twisted her delicate, pink nipples, causing jolts of pain that would later become bruises on her perfectly formed flesh.

Christy’s hands immediately went to protect her breasts and stop the pain.

From past work in human trafficking, preparing inexperienced and reluctant young females for the sex industry, he knew how to make Christy cooperate. He needed to roughen her up more to make her submissive. He raised his fist and plunged it into her solar plexus, like a torpedo striking a ship, sinking her into the sea.

“You need to calm down, baby, and let me love you.” He pulled Christy’s hands away from her excruciating stomach and delivered another punch just below her bellybutton.

She grabbed her stomach again and retched. Whatever he was saying or doing to her no longer mattered. Air— she needed precious air, like a diver trapped beneath the water, unable to reach the surface. And she needed the agonizing explosions in her gut to stop.

He blocked her from curling into a ball of pain. “No, baby, stay on your back for me. We not done yet. Now do what I say and quit resisting, so I don’t have to punish you more.” He pushed against her chest, keeping her held in a supine position. “That’s a good girl. Stay like this and don’t try to move or stop me and I won’t hurt you.” He again shoved her legs open, resumed spreading her labia, locating her clitoris among her pink folds. He licked his thumb and began gently rubbing its soft hood. “That’s better— just let me touch you.”

“Okay,” she rasped in defeat, clutching her aching stomach as Reggie played with her clitoris. “I’m sorry…No more.”

“You beautiful, baby, and I wanna make you feel good. Don’t try to stop me.”

Christy’s pleas began returning between her gasps for air as Reggie calmly sat between her open legs fondling her — harrying her clitoris to arousal as she recovered. “Please stop… I promise…I won’t tell anyone…if you stop. Don’t do this to me.”

But this horrible animal wasn’t stopping.

Reggie noticed how Christy’s clit was slowly engorging from his fillips, its timid head emerging from beneath its protective hood as he played with it. “I got your special spot and it’s starting feel good, huh baby?”

“No, it doesn’t feel good… Stop touching me… Why are you doing this?” Christy sobbed as Reggie caused involuntary responses in her body, her pink flesh glistening with natural secretions that encouraged him further and invited him to drink her nectar.

“I’m doing this because I love you, baby.”

Reggie proceeded to spread her vaginal lips wide apart with his black fingers, her intimate pink anatomy held completely open and accessible, and he began orally assaulting her.

“Oh, god… stop it! Please…no… don’t.” She sat up on her elbows and from over her flat, battered tummy helplessly watched with a contorted face. She tried unsuccessfully to push Reggie’s head away, her fingers clutching his kinky hair. He was sucking on her clitoris, keeping it fully engorged, increasing its sensitivity, and twirling his tongue over it.

Reggie ached for Christy, and while performing cunnilingus on her he slid off his gym shorts. Once free his monstrous organ sprang from confinement.

Christy’s eyes widened when she saw his enormity. Reggie’s cock looked more like a truck’s radiator hose than a man’s penis, with large veins distended beneath its dark brown skin. She had never seen a penis so large. There was no way he could possibly fit inside any woman. “No… keep away from me. I won’t tell anyone about this, but you need to stop now. I mean it.”

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