Desire towards low class peopleDesire towards low class people 2

i look like actress jothika, married with handsome guy who is doing textile business with good profit , i have two k**s and stay with my FIL and MIL.our sex life is not boring but i have some desire , attention towards low class ugly fellows , yes ! because an incident completely changed my desire.

one fine day , i was getting ready for my friend family function , being from upper middle class family , i wore a modern saree , which was transparent and stylish , applied makeup kit , i told myself to my image in mirror ” looking gorgeous “

i started my hyundai creta , i reached half way to marriage hall , but my car back Tyre got punctured ,however i managed to park my car road side , i try to inform my hubby to solve this issue but no network . i was searching ola and uber but unfortunately my network not working. yes i was in outer from my city .

at 6.30 pm , i was searching for buses nearly half hour . luckily one auto came towards me , i signaled my hand , he stopped his auto , but back seat was occupied by two persons who look like ugly bald strong fellows, i asked auto driver to drop , he asked his passengers the happily allowed me . the two guys adjusted their position allowed me to sit inside.

i knew i would reach after 45 min travel to my destination , i have no option but to travel with these guys . i was sitting corner with two guys suddenly one person stopped auto in road side and passed his urine near auto , it was disgusting to me. after that he asked to sat middle , i asked why , he told his stop would came in few min , i have no option i sat between two guys , auto started

both guys were brushing their arms with my arms , unfortunately thunder with lightning came , rain started , the guys covered auto mats , driver stopped auto because of train gate closed for passing train

right side guy took his hand placed over my shoulder but not touched me , i knew he signaled other guy something , left side guy slowly rubbing his leg with my left leg,

my anger level increases , right guy placed his palm in my knee i was ready to shout him , left side guy used his elbow to touch my waist . oucchhhh ! noooo its my weak point

slowly my anger was reducing , he slowly scratched his elbow on my waist , my rose lips slowly opened and my eyes slowly closing , right side guy scratching my knee with his palm.

both were placing their heads slowly on my shoulders. i did not know how i allowed them , these guys took me.
right guy slowly placed his palm over my right boob and pressed. left guy slowly caressing my waist , both lips were tasting my neck region.

both took my hands and placed it over their shoulders. left guy caressing my jelly belly , right guy slowly removed my saree and placed his palm over my boob started pressing.

auto guy could not see us because mats should covered all sides.i felt chill on my neck bcoz left guy started licking and towards his tongue to my ear lobes , he beautifully circling my ear lobes using tongue and whispered ” tasty “

right guy was busy to open my blouse , left guy circling my navel with his finger and circling my ear using tongue. wow i love left guy his activities were slow and enjoy well. right guy opened my blouse , he sucking my neck and pressing boobs over bra

left guy kissed my ear , my chin , my cheek , and bite my cheek, aaahhhhhhhh , left guy activity made me horny as well . right guy rough palm scratching and pulling my boobs

auto started ……..

but the guys never stopped their started and moving on , both guys were busy with licking my body parts , right busy used his finger rubbing my nipple and gave a sheepish smile to me.

left guy sucking my ear lobe ,caressing my belly ” how many k**s u have ? “

i moaned and struck with low voice ” two “

right chewing my nipples , omg its paining but i controlled myself and felt the pleasure . left guy ” why only two , ur husband lost his power ? “

i moaned ” nooo”

left guy ” then why ? ” he kissed my lower lip and pulled

i just moaned and told ” because of family situation “

right guy pulled and sucked my milky boobs with massaging my thigh. left guy asked ” what situation u r looking like a high class , then what issue ?” by asking he licked my cheek

right guy palm was moving upwards , he dropped huge saliva over my boobs and sucking it

left guy ” hey ramu your destination came , go and take the order “

right guy ” please imran , i need her milk “

left guy ” no ramu , not now , u will sure to get her ! now go “

my min voice ” ohh my god , i am an orthodox ***** lady , how i enjoyed with ***** man “

i adjusted my blouse and saree , auto driver stopped , we sent ramu but his face was so dull bcoz of missing me. i adjusted and took few inches gap from imran

imran looked me and using his finger , he ran it in my waist fold

” oucchhhh , oh my god , ” my mind ( no please ! its my weak point )
but i could not resisted him

imran ” whats ur name ” he still fingered my sexy waist fold

” i i ii i manjuuuuu ” pls take ur finger “

” manju , i love ur name , i like hindus , i need ***** women ” saying he pinched my waist

” ouchhhhhh “

imran ” manju ! why u placed red colour powder on ur top head “

” its vermilion , the symbol of got married “

” ohh where is ur mangalsutra “

” i wore gold chain as my mangalsutra “

he came closer pressed my hair and pulled towards me and licked vermilion which i placed in my top head. he slowly came to neck and bite my mangalsutra and pulled it , ohh nooo i requested him but he took it fraction of second and placed it inside his trouser

” please please ” , i requested him with cry but he gave a sheepish smile and took out his black huge cock , omg its 4 times huge than my hubby

i knew whats the next plan

manju ” please imran “

he ” manju just sat in my thigh and face towards me

i sat on his right thigh and faced him , his bald head near my neck

imran ” kiss my bald and lick it “

i obeyed , i kissed his black bald and licked it ,

his mush scratching my neck , he pushed his cock head and placed on my navel hole

i shocked and got shy

imran whispered : how is this , manju , you are a beautiful ***** woman , your wonderful delicious milky elliptical navel hole is now touched by ugly ***** huge black cock head “

” ohhh my god , these words woke my slutty feeling

Imran : ” come on manju ! how beautiful you are , how rich u are , how slut u are :

” aaahhhhhhhhh , i placed automatically on his head massaging his side hairs

Imran ” shhhh manju ! look my eyes , see my ugly face , see my ugly rough lips , see my ugly nose , ( by saying he released my bra knot ) , see this black ugly ***** now will suck and pull a gorgeous orthodox ***** woman ” told sucked and pulled it

” ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh iiiiimraaaaannnnnnnnnnnn ” i spread my legs and hugged him tightly , he increased my slutness

Imran : listen manju , now take my cock and clean with ur saliva

i bent down and took his cock , ready to suck

imran stopped me and told ” manju first kiss my cock head before u say i am a bitch “

i smiled and told ” imran i am a bitch ” and kissed his cock , his face got ” ahhhhhhhh “

then waiting of his order

” listen bitch ! now kiss my ball ,before say u r imran’s bitch “

” i am imran’s bitch ” i kissed and sucked his balls

now start whore take my lund and get my cum out

i splited saliva to his cock and start sucking like a whore , omg what i m doing , everything i forgot and sucking his cock well.

sound came from mouth while sucking his iron rod and he pulled my hair and made me suck faster , he splited saliva into my face ” come on whore make it fast “

i sucked till my throat fast and furious for more than 15 min

he slapped ” why u still not get my cum ,bitch “

i never replied but i was busy in sucking , ohh man he has more stamina

imran ” wait bitch , “

i stopped , he laughed ” u cant get my cum only through sucking , spread ur legs and insert it in ur pussy

i obeyed , i adjust my petticoat and sat on his cock head but i cant insert it because it was very big. he applied some saliva on his cock and my pussy
and pushed me to sit on his cock ” aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh it tore my pussy

auto stopped and asked without removing mat

imran ” nothing mani , u please drive “

imran : now bitch u go up and down , he placed and pressed my waist to move up and down

its more paining but i liked it he closed my mouth i was fucked by imran without knowing even auto driver mani. while fucking imran told mani is also his friend , but he wants me only imran’s bitch , thats why he sent ramu. i stand little bent between his thighs and got his cock into my pussy , he stroked it like a legend , pushed hard and removed slowly , again pushed hard and removed slowly , i was unable to control my moan , but he closed my mouth tightly , ohhh his cock was so strong , every 30 to 40 strokes he hold his cock inside my pussy made me sit and massaging my boobs well , while massaging he used most dirty comments about me, my hubby , my mil , my fil , my mom , my dad , my k**s also . he licked my face and told about his breakfast rat fry , i was ready to vomit but he hold my mouth and relaxing my throat which controlled my vomit , he turned me and faced me , start again licking my forehead , nose ( yes some smell came ) , cheeks , chin , lips, ear lobes , neck , neck fold , he licked my sweat in neck fold . he sucked and swallowed my boobs and nipples , pulled it like a bull calf
ohh Imran i cant control told and hugged him tightly , pressed his hairs and bite his shoulder , he got more boost and turned me then starts his fucking style , he told about his stop would came in few seconds , i hold him tightly , ” no i wont leave u ” he thought a while and asked me to come his house. i never refused , while leaving auto he caught my waist and hold his palm on my naked milky waist and pulled me to his body. while entering his area , every one eyes filled with jealous on imran, his friend in mutton shop chopping flesh of mutton and asked imran about me , Imran ” she is my second wife , he replied ” wow man ! you got a sext chick ” we proceed to his home , his wife saw us and he moved his palm into belly and crushed my navel , i moaned slowly with bite my lips. his wife tried to attack me , he kicked his wife , she felt down and cried , he took me inside his room. with a fraction of second , we both naked and he applied oil in my pussy and ass hole , he inserted his rod and fucked vigorously , brutally , mercilessly , sound from my mouth s**ttered all directions and i was enjoyed like in a heaven after that fuck i got tired and we slept naked in his room,while leaving he got my number .i waited for his call for 3 weeks but no reply .i know his address but i cant go there bcoz of his wife, but my pussy wants another man like imran , where i go , where i search , i have no option . suddenly door bell rang , MIL told to check it , i opened , Mr kumar ! he is a regular vegetable vendor

while selecting vegetables in his hand cart , i want to ask the price of onion , kumar was starring my navel which i forgot to close it , i still searching vegetables without hide my navel , kumar is also a low class guy , ugly black pig , rough face . he is not a stranger to me , but after imran’s fuck i want to allow kumar to enjoy my assets.

kumar always wear ugly vest and ugly lungi , his body hairs and strong body make me horny today.

while choosing tomato , i crushed it near my belly , sauce spread over entire stomach . i saw kumar, he licked his lips without see my eyes. omg ! i liked his attitude.

i asked kumar to give his kerchief which is in his ugly neck , i know it is full of sweat , he hesitated to give it , i ordered him to give it with my angry tone, but he gave a naughty smile , took his kerchief and came near me.

only small gap between us , he is shorter than me , he asked me ” shall i clean it ” , i saw all directions and cleared no one there , i was ready to say ok but without my permission he bent down and started the cleaning process , first he cleaned my waist then belly , i hold his shoulders and enjoyed , my nail scratched his shoulders because of more sensitive.

while cleaning his saliva leaking from his mouth , he stopped his work and saw my navel ,and with slow voice ” mam , there is small piece of tomato in your big beautiful navel hole ” , omg his words about my navel made me more horny. without my permission , his index finger drilled my navel hole and took that tomato piece . i scratched his sholuder with closed my eyes , my feet up because of more sensitive.

he took that piece and licked it , told ” tasty mam “. i pinched his dark big mustaque ” naughty man ” , after that kumar left for his business but i know he never miss me following days. i was so happy for getting next Imran.

my MIL and FIL got ready for temple , they have the habit for going temple everyday by evening. after they went i bathed and changed into nighty , i put on AC and jumped into bed , hug my soft pillow thinking about kumar. i kissed that pillow and hugged tightly , i opened my nighty jip ( that nighty for feeding milk to babies which have front long jip) took out my boob and touched my nipple on pillow ” aaahhh kumar , dont bite please “

door bell rang !!!!!!!!!!1

i know its our milk man , kaka chacha , we called him ” kattappa ” , because he looks like bahubali movie kattappa . i took our milk can and opened the door , kattappa poured milk into our can and said thanks with sheepish smile, its ok chacha i replied.

i placed milk on stove and went to room again , while going i shocked to see me in mirror , ” omg , i forgot to close my nighty jip , which reveals my milk tanks “
Desire towards low class people 3

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