Hi guys, I know I haven’t posted much recently, I’ve had a lot going on, and a serious case of writers block. I have about 5 stories all half finished. I finished this one a few years ago, but have never posted it for fear that it may reference people and websites that are real. If this isn’t allowed, please remove it. My inspiration was a fantasy about a certain pee site, trying to have a day of filming and paying good money for real desperation. It is nothing more than a fantasy. I appreciate that it mentions the site, and I am not for 1 second intimating this is how they operate. I am sure they are a very professional outfit who treat the girls with nothing other than 100% respect. From a fantasy standpoint though, where’s the fun in that! I would love your feedback.

The instructions she had been given were very clear! But she did not like them!

“You will be picked up, at 9 AM. You must not have pee’d by then, it is vital that you forgo your morning pee. On top of this, you must have drunk a MINIMUM of 2 litres of water by the time of your arrival, and you must have taken this pill at least 30 minutes prior to you quoted pick up time”

Laura glanced at the packet in her hand. “Super diuretic tablet”, it read. “To stimulate the desire to urinate”. “Fuck” muttered Laura to no-one in particular, going back to the instruction card.
“Any failure to adhere to these rules may result in a reduction of fees, or no fee being paid whatsover. You will be required to shoot 5 scenes throughout the day, a theme of which will be desperation. It is absolutely vital that you begin the day full, as the light will fade before we can complete the shoot if this is not the case. We at sneaky appreciate that this will be uncomfortable, but this discomfort is reflected in the fees that we pay! All quoted fees are subject to performance. See you soon, Sneaky”

It was mid November and Laura was in dire need of money. Christmas was just around the corner, and she had lost her job after the credit crunch squeezed her tight. She was struggling to pay her rent each week, let alone think about Christmas presents. She had always thought herself quite good looking and liberated, and had applied to a couple of modelling agencies, but they were feeling the pinch too, and were only looking for new teenage models, and at 24 that put her out of luck. She was desperate for money and a search on the internet uncovered a site called sneakypee. It basically showed women , who needed a pee, squatting down in public, showing their full desperate pee streams. Laura was a bit taken aback at first. Why would anyone pay to watch women wee? But, the more she thought about it, the easier it seemed. She had only pee’d outside once, at Glastonbury about 3 years ago. She had been so desperate that day, and the queues for the portaloo were so long, that she squatted behind a bush. It didn’t turn her on, it was done out of necessity, but it was easy! The fees on offer too were outstanding. £150 lump sum for a days shoot, plus £100 for every shoot that made it to the website (Which was pretty much all of them, the only reason they didn’t make it was if a girl couldn’t go, didn’t produce a long enough stream, or was caught in the act causing an aborted shoot). On top of this, there was a £250 a shoot bonus for any shoot that was included on a dvd (Usually the ones which looked real and showed the most genuine desperation) and £1000 bonus for the website users shoot of the month! Basically, if you were the most desperate girl that month, producing some epic fotage, for one days work, you could stand to earn up to £2900. That was money that could change her life, and she wasted no time in signing up!

She had woken up late that morning getting out of bed at 8:10, and had run straight to the bathroom for her morning pee. This had been a ritual she had followed for as long as she could remember. She always needed to go after a full nights sleep, and some mornings she had to run for fear of leaking. This morning though, as she had run to the bathroom, she had remembered the instruction card, and not peed. Her bladder sent signals as she stood and washed herself down, and brushed her teeth! It was like it didn’t understand what she was doing to it, and it wanted to release. She gave herself a little squeeze though, as she got dressed, and dashed downstairs. It was now 8:25 as she measured out her first litre of water! God it was so much and she really struggled to drink it all. As she measured out her second litre, she remembered the tablet, and had re read the instruction card! She didn’t want to do anything to risk her payday, but she was so full already, she was going to be totally desperate when they arrived, even without the diuretic! Then she thought more about it, and thought, well, I suppose my first shoot won’t be long after they pick me up, and the most desperate girl could win a grand, I’ll be OK! With that she downed the tablet, and started on her next litre of water!

By the time 9 o’clock rolled around she was virtually climbing the walls. Her bladder was bulging and aching, sending pangs of desperation. She had never felt such pressure before. Her left hand was working furiously between her legs when she heard a car horn outside her house. “Thank fuck” she muttered, “lets get this show on the road”, and she hobbled outside, knowing her bladder would be releived soon! The scene that greeted her though made her almost cry out loud. The car that was picking her up was a people carrier, there was a male driver, and an older woman in the passenger seat, she guessed these were the producers, but in the back there were already 4 women, and each of them looked in need of a ladies room!

She pulled open the door to the people carrier, her left hand still buried deep into her vulva, working at her desperate, quivering pee hole. She was so desperate, and couldn’t quite beleive the effect the diuretic had had on her. She had gone from a low, dull ache after skipping her morning pee, to burning, desperate, urgent need to pee in under half an hour. As she stepped into the people carrier, she was greeted with a scene which could only be described as chaos. There were already 4 girls in the vehicle, and they were very obviously, very desperate to pee! As she sat down on the last available seat, she sighed with the temporary relief it afforded her frantic pussy, before the girl behind her shouted out, “Please, oh god please, she has to be the last one, I can’t hold on for much longer, we need to start this shoot soon, or there will be a puddle in this car, pleeeeeeasssse, I need to wee”

“OK Girls” said the woman in the passenger seat, ignoring the desperate plea, and the obvious desperation form each of the girls in the car. “I am pleased to see that you have all followed the instructions carefully. You may feel like you are desperate to pee now, but the human bladder is a very flexible organ, and you can always hold it in for a lot longer than you think. So, we’re going to do some quick introductions before we drive to our first location, and one of you will get their first relief. Its going to be a long day for you girls, and I won’t lie its going to be hard. Your going to hurt like you never thought possible, and you’ll surprise yourselves with what you can endure, but then thats why we pay such high premiums. You will be full all day, I have plenty of diuretic pills, and plenty of water, you’ll not be empty for long, but rest assured the better the desperation the more we pay! A quick word of warning though, I will not tolerate urine on the upholstery, and accidents will result in penalties, so it is imperitve that you hold on!”

“Oh shit” cried the girl who had made the earlier fuss, “oh god please, you don’t understand, I am so so full, I’m in agony here, I have to pee in like the next minute or I will have an accident, this is crazy” OK Mark, she said to the driver, this little piss whore in the back is making a fuss, lets get to our first location, and with that he started the engine and set off. Laura was in agony now, and had instinctively buried her hand into her crotch. Anyone could see the other 4 girls were as desperate as her, but did this mean she had to wait for them to go first, oh, she didn’t know if she could! She was so bursting!

A strange silence descended over the car as it drove, save for the odd gasp, of frantic yelp, or agonised cry of “oh god, oh please hurry” or “I need a wee”. It drove for about 5 minutes before pulling into the side of the road. “OK ladies” said the woman, the location for our first shoot is just up here, “out you hop” She got out and opened the door to the people carrier. “OK all 5 of you are involved in this shoot, but not in the way some of you may think.” As she spoke the driver got out and started to film as the 5 girls got out of the car. The scene must have looked insane as 4 desperate girls openly held themselves and pee danced furiously. “2 of you will get to pee at this location, the other 3 will act as lookouts”.

“Oh SHIT” yelped the openly desperate girl who had been making such a fuss in the car. “It has to be me first, it literally has to, I’m going to piss myself in the next 5 seconds” Pandora smirked at her as she said, “This is the scenario, Jess and Clare will be peeing here, and “NOOOOO”, wailed the other girl, over the top of her, “NO, YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS, I’m not k**ding here, this is a full blown emergency, you have to change the order and let me pee here, I can’t wait”

Laura knew exactly how she felt, but just bit her lip and started a frantic pee pee dance. Pandora turned and shot her the most hateful glare I have ever seen. “LOOK” she snarled “you are here through choice, and we are paying good money, very good money infact, for you to do as instructed. This is a fetish video, and you knew what you were getting yourself into. You can wait, and you will wait, and if I hear another peep out of you will go last. If your not happy with that you can leave now, go and piss your panties or something and fuck of home like a pathetic loser, receiving no money, and ruining the day for these other girls! If you want to earn your money, then shut your mouth and cross your legs! The theme is desperation, and that is what you will provide us, now hold on tight and wait until I say you can pee!”

“I….I’m sorry” she stammered, pressing her hand into her crotch, “but I’m really, really desperate, I don’t mean to make such a fuss, but I don’t know how much longer I can wait”. “Good” snapped Pandora, “don’t you think every one of these girls feels the same way. You’ve each taken an very, very strong diuretic, and drank a lot of liquid, you are all desperate, but you must wait. Why do you think we pay so much money, now I’m sorry, but as I said, at this location Jess and Clare will be peeing, the other 3 of you will act as look outs.”

“OK, this is the scene girls, Jess, your going to stagger over to that portaloo over there, acting as desperate as possible, when you arive you will notice an out of order sign on the door of the ladies, and will frantically run to the gents, you will beg Clare to keep a lookout for you while you use it, as it is only a urinal style loo and there is no lock. You will go in and hoik up your skirt, pushing your sweaty little pussy over the urinal, and letting rip with a gusher, after 20 seconds Clare, you will burst in on her declaring that someone is coming and she has to stop, Jess, you will immediately clamp of your flow and reposition your panties, Clare, now acting utterly desperate will run into the woods and find a tree to squat behind, fully emptying your frantic bladder, do you all understand. “oooh yessss, wailed Jess, now fully aware that she was to be the first girl to find relief, come on, lets start.”

“OK you 3” said Pandora, “get yourselves spread out and in position, if anyone comes then you need to alert our attention so we can abort the shoot” She directed the 3 lookouts where to stand and as they staggered off to there spots she said “OK, action” Jess needed no second bidding and immediately set off to the portaloo, accompanied by Clare.

“oooh god, I need a wee” she said, as the cameras focused closely on her desperate pouting face, this wasn’t an acting roll for her, although she had not been as vocal as some of the other girls, she had been the first to be picked up , and she was going frantic with need, “oh god, shit” she said again, if I don’t get to a toilet in the next minute I’m going to wet my knickers, it really is that bad” “oooooh me too” responded Clare, I’m literally bursting here, Come on Jess, the loo is just there” “Oh fuck, oh god, hurry” wailed Jess, droppiong her hand to her crotch as she rounded the corner, to be confronted by the out of order sign on the ladies room door. She thudded into it, to find it wouldn’t budge, and immediately strted a very exaggerate pee dance, “Oh Clare, oh god Clare help me, what am I going to do, I need a wee so badly, I can’t hold it in, I’m going to wee myself” “Look, Jess, come on, the mens room is open, we’ll have to use that” said Clare, her own hand now working furiously beneah her skirt “Oh shit, yes, come on Clare, its a real emergency, I absolutely have to pee” stammered Jess, staggering over to the door marked ‘gentlemen’. She pushed it, and to her sheer delight it opened, “oh thank god she cried, “oh I need to pee now”.

“Oh no” said Clare as they both entered the dingy mens room. There was no cubicle, and only 1 filthy urinal. “What are we going to do” asked Clare” “Oh shit, its coming out, keep a lookout, she wailed, as Jess moved into the doorway of the awful mens room, and Clare started to pull aside her panties. There was no need for acting now as her pussy throbbed, she tried frantically to manouver herself over the urinal, when a frantic spurt escaped, followed by another, then a blast erupted from her, as she allowed herself to relax. The relief was intense, her whole body tingled as her pee came flooding out of her, when Jess ran in and shouted, “Clare, quick, someones coming” “FUCK, shouted Clare, not even slightly acting now, as she desperately tried to clamp herself shut. Her bladder ached, as she desperately fought to get control of herself. “Quick Clare” repeated jess from the door. Clare was in agony as she managed to stem the desperate tide, and snap her thin, damp, panties back into place over her only partially relieved pussy, and she staggered out, to be greeted by the sight of jess doing her own frantic dance. She was shocked to see that there actually was a man approaching them, but Jess wasn’t concerned by this now, as she stammered, “qu..quick Clare, o-o-over here, and started a frantic hobbled dash towards the tree line round the edge of the park. Clare followed, her hand pressed firmly into her crotch, as Jess pulled ahead, as soon as she reached the tree line, she turned quickly to ace her, pouting in sheer frantic, desperation. “Keep a lookout Clare, I can’t wait” she said, as she quickly pulled down her leggins and knickers, dropping into a squat. before her knickers were even fully clear a thick, gushing stream of pee erupted from her. Jess threw her head back, in sheer ecstasy, her face a picture of pure relief, as her stream hissed noisilly from her cunt, splashing against the ground. “Ohhh yesssssss, she moaned, oh god I needed this, I couldn’t wait” Her stream gushed from her for a full minute and a half before she was empty, and she staggered to her feet, yanking up her knickers and leggings, with a visible wet spot on the crotch, where she had briefly lost it in her desperate scramble. He kneees quivered, her relief had felt so good. “Can I finish off here” asked Clare, her hand, once again buried in her crotch, but she was interrupted by Pandora yelling “CUT” “back to the bus now girls”

The scene back at the bus was chaos. The 3 girls who hadn’t found relief at the first shoot were climbing the walls in sheer and utter desperation. The desperate girl who had made such a scene earlier, burst into tears as they were told to get back into the people carrier. “please, she begged, is there no way you can do my shoot here too, I don’t think I can hold it anymore, I have never been so desperate to pee in my life. “oh god, me too chimed the other girl. How long do you think it will be until you let us pee?” “You knew the score when you signed up” snapped Pandora. “You are working for a day, and your work is pee desperation. What we provide our customers is authentic desperation and truly desperate pee streams. No acting, no bullshit, and they pay top money for that. In turn we pay you girls top money. You won’t find better pay for any other porn work, and nowhere near as much for basic modelling. We advertised clearly that we were a desperation fetish site. You 5 girls will be desperate to pee all day, but that is why you are here. Now follow the instructions I give you, or get out now. Any complaints??” Laura bit her lip. Her need to pee more intense than she had ever experienced, she pressed her fingers into her crotch and bit her lip. The other 2 also silently complied, but there was no doubting they were all desperate for a pee.

As the car pulled out and set off to its next location Pandora spoke. OK ladies, our next shoot is a risky one. Its a very public loacation. We had planned that Sarah was to find her relief here, but her constant whining is doing my head in, so she can wait a bit longer. Natalie, you will be peeing next. “Oh thank god” gasped the girl sat next to me, but Sarah went crazy again. “stop the car, I mean it stop this car now or I swear I’ll piss myself” she screamed “you can’t torture us like this” her legs scissored wildly as her fingers worked furiously against the crotch of her white leggings. “oh for christs sake” said Pandora angrilly, here we go again. “I don’t care” crried Sarah, I’m sorry, I’m literally about to piss myself, I’ve never felt this desperate before in all of my life, I don’t even care about the money, just please let me me pee, anywhere, NOWWWWWWWWW, I can’t wait”.

“For fucks sake” snapped Pandora back at her. “OK, I can offer you an emergency pitstop”

“Pleeeeaaaasssseeee”, wailed sarah, both her hands now buried inside her panties, “I cannn’ttt wait”.

“Not so fast, if it were up to me I’d kick you out and let you piss your pathetic panties and leave you to walk home humiliated. Unfortunately, I have a website to think about, and you are certainly desperate, so it is a shame to waste it” “An emergency pitstop is exactly that. We stop for you to have an emergency, unscripted pee. We film it, but you receive no fee. You then continue with the day as scheduled, but you will take 2 diuretic pills immediately after you finish your emergency pee. Do you agree to these conditions”

“Oh goddddd”, she cried, visibly shaking, “please, anything, I’ll agree to anything, just stop the car pleasssse”. She whimpered aloud as she said this, and a very short sharp hiss could be heard. “ohhh goodddddd pleassseeeee” she cried again, “I’m going to wee my knickers”.

“Don’t you dare pee in this car, or you will be paying us a £200 soiling fee. You are getting your emergency pee, just hold on a few more seconds” as Pandora spoke, the car pulled up at the side of the road. “Oh, thank god, yes, please, oh god oh, a pee, I must”, stammered Sarah as she moved to get out.

“Hold it” shouted Pandora, wait for my camera man. So Sarah again tried to compose herself as the driver moved, agonisingly slowly, out of the drivers seat, and round ready to film. “OK, Sarah, emergency pee is underway, totally unscripted, but try and find some cover, don’t just piss next to a busy road” GO

Sarah quickly pushed open the car door and scanned the area desperately, oooooh shittttttt she wailed as she staggerred towards a shrubbery which would offer only token cover! her hands worked furiously against her crotch as she hobbled on, virtually bent double. “Oh no” she cried, about 4 paces from her intended relief, “oh no, I can’t hold it”. Again a loud hiss could be heard, this time accompanied with a darkening wet patch as her leggings quickly turned transparent. “FUCK”, she cried, like a woman possessed as she tore down her leggings. “fuck, fuck fuck”, she swore, as her bladder gave way, she was already peeing full force into her panties as she dropped into a squat and ripped asside her gusset. “Oh, ahhhhhhhh, of yessss, oh god thankyou, oh a peeee, it feels soooo good!” she gasped as she thrust her hips forwards and relaxed!!! Pee was gushing from her at a terrific force, splattering loudly against the pavement, in a seemingly never ending deluge. “Oh it feels so good, I swear I’ve never needed to pee as badly as I did then, oh I wet myself a bit, but I was so bursting, look how much pee was in me, oh god it feels good”. For a full minute she pissed at full force onto the ground, moaning and gasping with relief, before finally snapping her sodden knickers back into place and pulling up her wet leggings. She walked back to the people carrier, lightheaded with relief.

Back in the car, Laura and Natalie were out of their mind with desperation. Natalie had been told that she could pee next, but instead she’d had to sit and watch as Sarah found her relief in desperate, explosive style! Laura had her hands in her croth, rocking back and forth, whimpering, her mind not focussing on anything than the extreme distress her pussy was feeling. Back outside, Sarahs momentous piss was trailing off. She had gone weak at the knees, as she struggled to regain her composure. Her desperation had been so intense, but it had almost been worth it for the relief she now felt. No man had ever made her feel this good, and she strained to push out every last drop.. As she replaced her panties, she realised they were pretty wet between the legs, where she had obviously lost control in her desperate scramble. She sheepishly returned to the car, where the 2 girls in the back were obviously still seriously desperate. “I’m so sorry girls” she started, “I just had to go, I was literally bursting, I never even thought it was possible to need a wee that bad, oh god it hurt, and oh, well, oh god, it felt good to let it out, it was literally either that or wet my knickers.”

“Never mind that” snapped Pandora. “You might have had your ’emergency pee’, and I hope it felt good, because it tortured these two poor girls, and you will be punished for that. Now, take these” she turned and handed Sarah, not 1, not 2, but 3 of the super strength diuretic pills and a litre bottle of water.

“oh no” she pleaded, “you can’t be serious. I only took one of those pills this morning and look what happened, I can’t take 3 more.”

“Oh yes you can” snapped Pandora, “you’ll take them and drink the water now, or You’ll get 4 and a quart of water to drink” Slowly, Sarah took one of the pills, and started to sip on the water, as the car began to drive away again.

“OK girls” said Pandora, addressing Natalie and Laura, “I imagine you are getting pretty desperate now?”

“Oh yes, oh shit yes” whimpered Natalie, “I’ve never been so desperate in all my life” Laura meanwhile couldn’t even talk, she was shakingwith the effort of holding now, as she just gasped “Please, oh please, wee, oooooh, no, i , err, i need a weeee” “haha, yeah, thats what i thought” smirked Pandora. “Not long now girls, just clench yourselves closed another couple of minutes and we’ll be on location for you to have a glorious pee” Again the car set of on its torturous journey. Laura was beside herself, she couldn’t sit still for a second, and had her hands working in her crotch. She had squatted and peed behind a tree at a festival once, about 3 years ago, and had thought that was a desperate as it was possible to be. She had been at the end of her thether that day, and squatting in public was truly her last resort, but she had passed that level of desperation about 20 minutes ago. Had she been anywhere else she would have given in long ago, but she was willing herself to hold on now. Tears were falling down her face as she whimpered aloud. Oh god she was desperate to pee, she was worried she was actually going to damage herself. She finally spoke up for the first time, “err, p-p-please, err, please, how long is it going to be, I don’t know how much longer I can hold on”. The older woman turned, and looked her up and down. She was a mess, frantically kneading her pussy, and scissoring her legs, tears streaming down her face. She was clearly suffing the most severe desperation. “Not long now love” came the reply. “Just keep on holding on, your doing brilliantly, I know it hurts, but it’ll be worth it. You could produce somehing quite epic!” and again, the car set off, agonizingly on its way!

It was only 5 minutes to the next location, but, it could have been 5 hours for poor Natalie and laura. They were both in absolute agony. Every second that passed caused them more pain. Laura was out of it, she had no idea where she was, she barely knew if she was weeing or not. Her whole existence focusssed on keeping her pee hole clenched tightly shut, but it was hurting her to do it. Her vision was blurred as sshe looked to Natalie, whos predicament seemed to be equally bad. It had been over an hour since they had been picked up, and she was at the end of her tether then! Finally the car stopped. “OK girls” said the woman, turning to look at the 2 most desperate young girls she had ever seen in her life, we were going to do 2 locations, but as you are aware, if you lose it and have an accident there will be no payments. You are both bursting, so there is no point wasting that, so you will both pee here. This is important though, you must pee one at a time, so we can make 2 seperate videos from it. “OH, can we go now, quick, please” stammered Natalie, her hands kneeding furiously in her crotch. Laura was shaking, almost like she was having a fit, barely taking in anything. “OK, off you go girls, there is no script here, but there is just the 2 of you, 1 pee at a time, and the other stands guard. Don’t forget an aborted shoot means no payment, so if you are caught in the act, break down and wet yourself, or both have to go at the same time, the shoot would be aborted, and no payment would be offered, and that would be a shame when you are as desperate as you 2 girls clearly are.

“OK” stammered Natalie, “come on, I’m sorry, but I have to go first” she started off towards a wall, her walk was one of sheer desperation, she couln’t stand up straight, both her hands worked in her crotch, and she was shaking, “ooooooh, a pee, a pee, oh god I need a pee, please, come on, just a few more seconds” she was repeating to herself. Laura staggered after her, looking just as desperate. “No, no, no, please no, I have to go first, please” she wailed. “NO WAY” Screeched Natalie, like a woman possessed, there is absolutley no way you can go first, I swear, if I don’t wee in the next 30 seconds my bladder will actually pop, oh god, oh god, oh god, shit, ooooh, I neeeeeed a weeeeee”. She wailed, as she finally reached a tree, which would be more than enough token cover in her desperate state. “Oh nooo”, she yelped, as she desperately faught with her clothes to try and pull them from her desperate body, Oh shit no, just a few more seconds. Both girls were frantic, but suddenly, Natalie yelped, “oh fuck, no” an audible hiss could be heard as she pulled down her trousers and knickers, and dropped to a squat where she stood. Her bladder had completely given way, and her pent up pee was flooding out of her at a tremendous force. Her whole body was phsyically shaking. “oh shit, fuck, nooo, ahhh yesss, oh god, yesss, ooooooh a peeeee, oh god, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh” she stammered, as sheer ecstacy overtook her tortured body. “oh godd, ahhhhh, ohhh, fuck, oh god it feels good, oh I needed this,” she wailed as what felt like gallons of pee finally escaped their torturous prison. Laura was racked with pain, “gotta hold it, hold it, oh no, just a few more seconds” she stammered as she stood just metres away from Natalie having the most glorious pee of her life. Her body shook, as she was almost convulsing in pain. “HOLD ON GIRL” whispered Pandora into Lauras ear, but a small trickle started to escape her tightly clenched lips.

“No, no, no, no, no” cried Laura, Natalie’s piss splashing out loudly, “PLEASE, please, its coming out” “just a few more seconds” said Pandora, as Natalie peed on and on and on. “I cant, I can’t” stammered Laura, wildly scissoring her legs, pressing hard into her crutch, it needs to come out. She was openly crying, tears flowing down her face. she was shaking, involuntarily. Natalie’s pee gushed on and on, she had never felt such relief, as Laura lost another, much more serious squirt into her panties. “I’m peeing myself, please, please, I have to go NOW” she shouted, staring at Pandora, desperately waiting for permission to pee, I’m weeing myself. “OK, said Pandora, she had never seen such intense desperation, and her camera was now trained solely on Laura, “OK babe, you can go.”

Laura needed no second bidding, as soon as she pulled her hands away from her crotch she was leaking again, as she fought with her waistband. She was pulling and tugging at her leggings and knickers, as they came down in a wet knotted tangle, as soon as they edged away her bum, her bladder gave out, and she exploded with the most incredible stream of pee. It blasted her panty crotch, before she finally dropped into a squat. her legs shook, as her pee cascaded out of her with a tremendous force. “OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUCCKKK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” she cried, She had never felt so good in her entire life. her whole body convulsed as she went light headed with relief. She completely forgot where she was, shaking in agony and ecstasy as her pussy could finally relax and gallons and gallons of pee flooded from their overworked prison. “oooooooohhh godddddddd she gasped, in relief, tears flowing from her eyes, ooooooh I needed this, oh it feels so good” Her legs shook, and her pussy quivered madly, as more and more pee flooded out of her frantic pussy. Her clit tingled, and her overwhelming relief threatened to turn into a huge orgasm.. “oh goddd, this feels soooo good” she moaned as her stream finally slowed. She had peed for a full 2 minutes, and the puddle on the floor was absolutely incredulous. She pulled up her, now soaking wet, panties, and tried to stand, now uneasy on her feet, her legs now weak. Tears still streamed from her as she slowly pulled up her leggings, showing a huge wet patch accross her bum, where she had lost all control in the final few moments. She had never felt so happy in her life, never even imagined that something as mundane as peeing could feel so good.

“CUT” shouted Pandora. “WOW girls, look at you, that was a proper desperate pee eh, thats what we pay the big bucks for, come on now, back to the car”

“She isn’t k**ding is she”, whispered Natalie, as they turned to head back to the car, “Oh my god, I never even thought it was possible to need a wee that badly! I thought I was going to die it hurt so bad, but oh god, the relief when it came out of me, it was almost worth all the suffering, almost”. Laura, was still in a daze “mmmm” she whimpered, “I hurt so much, I think I might have damaged myself, I never want to feel that desperate again!”

As they arrived back at the car, the other 3 girls were already looking like they needed to pee again. Pandora looked Laura up and down, and reached into the boot, handing her a pair of white cotton panties, and, what lloked like a school skirt. “Here you go” she said, “You’re not getting in my car like that, you’re soaked, change into these” Laura was horrified, to once again be taking down her panties in public, but as the cold air hit her pussy it felt so good and so naughty, and besides, these girls had seen everything she had now anyway! She pulled on her new skirt and panties, and clambered into the back of the car.

“OK girls” started Pandora, “Congratulations on your first round of shoots. We will be filming 2 more shoots with each of you today, but I am happy with what we have got so far. You all probably thought you experienced the ultimate in desperation this morning, but you are only 2 hours into the day, and it will get a whole lot worse for you. I imaginemost of you are feeling the need to go again already, but we are going to sit in this car and fill your bladders for the next 90 minutes before continuing, this was just the start. Clare” she said, facing the first girl “I am happy with your performance, and am aware that we stopped you mid stream, but you did well, and haven’t annoyed me by moaning and whining all day, I’m sure your desperate now, but here is a litre of water, and another diuretic, please drink it quickly, Jess, you also performed well, and can have exactly the same. Now, Sarah, you pathetic bitch.” Sarah whimpered, her earlier 3 diuretics were already working overtime, “you are the only girl here to have earned no fee yet, your unscripted pee spoilt our running order, tortured these 2 girls, and you still pissed in your knickers before you performed, absolutely pathetic, here is another 2 litres of water to add to your discomfort, and a can of coke too, I always find it goes right through me. I have some serious plans for you, there is always one pathetic girl on these shoots! Now, Natalie and Laura. You both produced shows of real desperation. Natalie, you just need to take one of these, she said, handing over 1 diuretic, and a single bottle of water. Laura though, I know you have produced extreme desperation, but you did cut over Natalies shoot, meaning I can only use that as a single shoot, and you also wet yourself quite considerably, I’m afraid, for that, you need to be punished” “oh, no” whimpered Laura, her tummy still aching from its previous torment, “no, please, I held it as long as you told me to, I was in agony” “Here you go” said Pandora, completely ignoring her pleas, she handed her 2 of the diuretic pills, and a litre and a half of water.

All 5 girls were now concerned about the rest of the days filming, and were all seriously miserable. Clare was sat in agony, the only girl who had not managed to void her full bladder, being forced to stop mid-flow, and Sarah, who was having the worst day of her life, was, again, feeling an urgent need to pee! She had wet herself, and had bbeen the only girl to not hang on as instructed, as a punishment for that she had now been forced to drink 3 litres of water, a can of coke, and take 3 super strength diuretics. She was in for some serious agony!the other 3 girls were all quite relaxed at the moment, still revelling in the relief they had felt from being so desperate.

The car set off on its way again…….

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