I’d had a very busy day at work but it was Friday, I get to leave early on Fridays . So I jumped in my car and made my way home . I run to the door and opened it , threw off my shoes as I slammed the door shut and run upstairs to the shower room. I stripped off my clothes and hit the shower switch and jumped in the shower. Oh how refreshing it was cleaning away that hard days sweat. After id finished washing I switched off the shower and grabbed a towel and as I walked to my bedroom starting drying myself off.
I turned on some music, the good old 80s and as I danced around my room ,started picking out my outfit because tonight was 80s night at the disco. I was buzzing with excitement. I put on a nice sexy peach thong and matching peach bra . Then went through my closet looking for a sexy little number. I found a stunning red mini skirt with a sparkly top and a nice pair of Chanel stilettos. I then dried off my hair and styled it into long curly waves before putting on some makeup and spraying myself with my fav perfume Valentino . After looking at myself in the mirror and feeling very pleased with my look I grabbed my keys and headed to the bus stop down the road. By now it was 9.30 so I had to get a move on to meet my friends at the disco.
Finally turning up my friends all waiting outside for me. We hugged and giggled as we entered inside the disco. We brought drinks and found a table by the dance floor. Soon we were up dancing to the music . The place was packed and the music was amazing. Every now and then I’d capture a guy looking at me and smiling and winking. I would go all coy and smile. Sometimes a girl would be smiling and winking. I’d smile back again. I told my friends I was going to the ladies as when one needs, one must go so I headed to the ladies room. I entered the room and there was no one but me in there when this guy who had been smiling at me came in . Your so beautiful he said, I’ve been watching you since you arrived. You shouldn’t be in here I giggled. I know he said but I couldn’t resist . Your so hot he said, I really want to kiss you . Not here I said we will be seen. Then we heard people coming outside the room so we quickly went into the cubicle and locked the door. Holding our hands over our mouths we sniggered quietly. Looking into each others eyes we suddenly drew close to one another our lips meeting we began to kiss. We could hear the girls outside laughing and chatting while touching up their makeup.
Soon this guy began to touch my thigh slowly slipping his hand up under my skirt. I could feel a rush go through me as we continued to kiss. Girls coming and going as we got it on in the cubicle. Soon I reached down and started to feel around his groin, finding a hard cock bursting to be out of his trousers. He soon slipped a finger inside me, as I unzipped his trousers, pulling them down and his underpants. His cock was massive and I was so wet from his fingers thrusting inside me . I really want you he said, this hard cock wants your pussy so bad and with that he lifted me up against the cubicle wall and thrust his hard cock inside my very wet pussy. We were both heavy breathing but quietly as girls were coming in and out of the ladies room. He started thrusting his cock whilst we kissed our tongues entwined. He started to fuck deeper and deeper and whilst kissing he came inside me. Neither of us could make too much noise because of the girls outside the cubicle so we just kissed while breathing into each others mouths . Your pussy is so nice he said. Your cock is so big I said and boy that felt so good. He said he had to get out of there and hoped he would see me again. I said , never say never, who’s knows . He waited till there was no one else around and then left. I cleaned myself up and returned to my friends.
Where have you been they said. Oh I was caught chatting to an old friend I’d not seen in a while. Well come on they said, our songs about to start. So we hit the floor again and began dancing and laughing. It wasn’t long and I notice a bouncer watching me . He nodded at me in a way as to say come over here. So I said to my friends I’ll go grab some drinks. I went over towards him and he said come over here where it’s a bit quieter . So I followed him round a corner. I’ve been watching you all night he said. That skirt needs lifting he said. You have lovely eyes he said. Well thank you I replied. Your eyes are like the ocean, I could fall right into them he said. I giggled and blushed. He grabbed my hand and said come in here quick. He led me into a store room. It was quite dark just a little green light so you could just see each other. I’d love you to suck my cock he said. I bet you would I replied. You going to then he said. Going to what I replied. Suck my cock he said as he began to undo his trousers and dropping them to the floor. I got down on my knees and began to suck his cock. It was getting really hard and he held the back of my head pushing my head to his cock so he could get every inch of his cock in my mouth. Mmmm he said, you certainly know how to suck cock, that’s so good as he continued to groan. Then his phone rang, I stopped looked up as he looked down, keep sucking he said as he answered his phone. As I continued sucking him off all I remember him saying was where he was. He had put his phone in his pocket and was back to shoving my head into his cock enjoying my mouth around it.
Then he said turn around and lean to the wall in front. So I did and he then stuck his hard cock into my already wet pussy. Then the door opened and I jumped as it quickly shut. Don’t worry he said it alright it’s my 2 mates. Another bloke and a girl had joined us . The two guys were whispering to each other as the girl came and say hi. Then the guy who was fucking me said kiss my girl here, she loves kissing women. So she knelt in front of me and started kissing me while the bouncer continued fucking my wet pussy. The other guy stepped behind the girl ,lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties. mmmm he said nice ass. He licked his finger and stuck it in her ass, finger fucking her tight ass hole as we kissed and the bouncer fucked me. Then he started to fuck her as we kissed . We were both bumping into each other with them thrusting their cocks inside us. Then they said don’t move. They then switched places and stuck their cocks inside us. The girl started fondling my tits and I started to rub her clit. It was getting really hot in the store room but this was so exciting . Then the bouncer made me sit on his cock as he lay down and as I was sat on his cock his mate stuck his cock in my ass . The other girl had her pussy over the face of the bouncer . He was licking her real good and I was fucking his cock while his mates cock fucked my ass. The whole situation was so nice that I was so turned on by it all . The girl came which made me cum and then the guys came inside my pussy and ass. The feeling was so crazy and exciting. I’d never done this in my life. I was so hot, they were so hot. We all kissed each other and they left the room. I slowly rearranged myself before leaving the room. I headed to the ladies room so I could clean myself up. I went and brought myself and friends drinks but by the time I got to the table they had all gone. I went to check my phone and they had left a message saying they couldn’t find me so they went home and that they would see me in the week. Oh fuck I thought what will I tell them when I see them. I was feeling somewhat hungry so I went to the bar to see if they would cook me some chips. It’s getting late they said , you’ll have to go to the kitchen and ask the chefs if they mind making you something. So I went round the back to the kitchen where there were 3 chefs cleaning up. Hey, I was wondering if you could make me something to eat. Well they said, what do we get if we make you something? One of them approached me and touched my tit. Mmmmm he said these look like they’ll be lovely to suck, come in here. He shut the door after I entered and put the latch across just incase anyone came. Take off your top you sexy bitch he said. I took off my top . Mmmm do you like what you see lads he said. Oh yes in deed they said. They all surrounded me and one took off my bra while the other two took off my skirt and panties. Mmmmmm look at that shaven pussy, oh so good to give a good licking. As he went down between my legs the other two began sucking and caressing my tits and nipples.
Oh my god what was I doing but I couldn’t stop. The thrill was crazy and my body was rushing with so many feelings . Get on your hands and knees they said. So I got on my hands and knees. Two guys went behind me and one in front . The first guy behind me said, I want your pussy and stuck his rock hard cock inside it. The second guy behind straddled over me and said I want your tight ass and stuck his hard cock into my tight ass slowly so not to hurt me. The third guy in front of me said I want your lovely lips and tongue around my hard cock and with that stuck his hard cock into my mouth. They all began to thrust their cocks inside me. My pussy, my ass and my mouth. There was all sorts of moans and groans. The guy fucking my throat shoved it so deep in my throat I began to gag. Take my whole cock he said and fucked the life out of my throat. Then the guys behind were saying, god your ass is so tight and so is your juicy pussy. They were all loving fucking me. The guy fucking my mouth started to grab my hair real tight and thrusting his cock deep into my throat, he shoved my head while he cum to the back of my throat, screaming out he held my mouth over all of his cock not letting me move and as he cum the other two cum into my pussy and ass, both screaming out . My eyes were watering from the throat bashing I’d had. They all slowly released their cocks from inside me and one from behind slapped my ass and said I was a fantastic fuck. You best get dressed quick if you want something to eat they said. So I quickly got myself together and said don’t worry, I’m going to go home and make something. As I quickly rushed to unlock the door , they shouted, hope we see you again soon. I looked back, laughed and said maybe. I unlocked the door and went to the dance area. Grabbed my coat and rang for a taxi. The taxi came, I went inside and gave my address. As he parked up by my house, did you have a good night he said. It was a great night but a dirty disco I said. I shut the door ran into my house ,threw off my shoes as I slammed the door shut. Ran upstairs, stripped off and had a shower. I was so exhausted that I just went to bed and fell asleep. Never been so fucked in my life, quite literally and I was gone, fast asleep . The night over…what a dirty disco !

Story by MummaMilf

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