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Part 1

The Turnaround

Chapter 1

I am successful in businessman, and married to a wonderful wife. We are both very much in love, and always been very close, but somehow there was always something missing.

Like many men, I had always had a fantasy of watching my wife making love with another man. I know most people think of that type guy as a weak, but I would be considered anything but a whimp. I’d be thought of as masculine and I am a strong contender in the business arena. I’ve just always been extremely turned on by that thought of my wife being a bad girl.

Karin has always enjoyed being a sexy woman, but like most cases, she would never consent to it, leaving me with my fantasies and ever-growing imagination of what it would be like.

Penthouse Magazine says, the number one fantasy of men today, above all others, is that of watching another man make love to his wife. It was nice to find out I wasn’t alone, but I really did want it to become a reality.

My wife’s reasons were the classic. She felt that in reality I would never be able to handle it, especially if she enjoyed it, and that our marriage and lives would be ruined if she did.

This only made me expound more to her on how much it would turn me on, and how ‘the more she enjoyed it’, ‘the more that I would love it’.

I knew that large cocks turned her on, so I shared in detail fantasies about them and how I’d like to watch her loving on them. I was hoping that it would stir something in her and make her want to play my erotic game.

I told her how I would love to watch a big cock sliding in and out of her pussy and how I would love to look into her eyes as she licked and sucked it.

When I talked to her like that, she would always get extremely wet, sucking and fucking me wildly. She admitted that the idea turned her on, but she would never consider it.

If she did, she said it would have to be with someone she picked and was turned on to, but that it was a mute point anyway. It would never happen.

My wife is a nice looking and even though she has always kept her pussy neatly trimmed back, she would never shave it for me, not even around the lips. “Too much trouble.” She would say, knowing how much shaved pussies turned me on.

Over the last few years’ sex had become rare and boring. I was the type that desperately needed an exciting, creative sex life. I longed for it, but eventually I began to loose interest in her sexually because of what I call our, ‘mutual missionary style masturbation’ and all went stale.

We both used to like to experiment in the bedroom.

Being submissive sexually is what turned her on the most, but on occasion, because we loved to be creative, teasing me and taking control would turn her on. What was about to happen in our lives was going to rekindle the flame and give her the best of both worlds.

She would become the submissive pet of another man, while teasing me, and making me love it.

The first change I noticed in her was soon after she and her new found friend from work, Tonya, went to a bachelorett party. I had seen her and her husband working out recently at the same gym where Karin and I go. They were a nice looking couple.

She and Tonya went to a bachelorete party with a group of girlfriends. She had told me that one of the girls was going to hire a couple of male strippers to come by the party.

I felt that she had let that slip-out, just to stimulate my imagination, which of course it did. All night I imagined the most decadent scenarios, (which were sure not to actually happen, but if was fun letting my fantasies play).

When she came in late that night she immediately climbed into bed, pulling back the sheet and wrapped one hand around my cock and with the other softly cupped my balls. She began licking up and down my shaft and nibbling on the underside of the head causing it to immediately get nice and puffy for her.

She licked up and down teasing it then enveloped the head into her warm mouth. My hips began to come up to meet her as she let it fuck her mouth.

She slapped her cheeks with it a few times and rubbed it all over her lips and cheeks and back into her mouth again.

“Sorry to wake you dear…but I need some cock.” She whispered.

Then climbing on top of me, she took my cock and rubbed the head against her slippery clit, masturbating herself with it and working it inside her extremely ready and slick pussy. Her warmth wrapped around me as I strained to hold back from filling her with cum on the spot.

She put her hands on my chest and raising her hips up and down as she fucked and kissed me like she hadn’t done in years. It was wonderful! Where had this woman been?

“You need to start giving your wife more cock.” She said, as she seduced me. In no time she came, bucking on top of me and digging her nails into my shoulders. Then I followed quickly filling her with my warm cum. It was quick for both of us, but then we both needed it so badly.

The next morning I told her that I wanted her to start going to more parties like that. She told me a little about the night, but was hesitant to tell me too much about it. They had all met for drinks around 4PM, then the party moved to the house of one of the girls.

She said they were all sworn to secrecy about the strippers, but she admitted that it was very sexy having two nude men standing there, with their cocks swaying in front of her.

I asked how they looked.

“The men or their cocks?” She said with a giggle. “They looked great, the men looked like you would expect, gorgeous, and their cocks looked…better than I’d expected.”

I asked her if it turned her on having them right there, nude in front of her and if any of the girls touched them.

She took a sip of her coffee and thought. “I couldn’t help but get excited. I’d never seen two men naked at the same time before, especially ones that looked like that and with their cocks just inches of my face.”

“You aren’t upset are you? It was just an innocent girls night.” She looked at me smiling.

I assured her that I wasn’t and asked. “Did anything happen?”

“Wellllll… Well, I will tell you this.” She said. “I was going to the bathroom, after they had been there sometime and heard something from a bedroom that I passed. I noticed the door cracked so I peaked in.”

“What did you see?” I asked.

She hesitated again, choosing whether or not she should tell me. “I saw one of the girls straddle one of the guys as he lay there. She was fucking him right there on the floor. As her ass would rise up and down I could see his shinny cock sliding in and out of her.”

“I couldn’t help but look. I had never in my life seen two people having sex right there in front of me, but then I panicked and raced on to the bath. I was afraid I’d get caught. When I came back by the door was closed.

“Did anything else happen?” I pressed.

“Well, later after he had long returned to the main room I noticed that the other guy was missing from the crowd, so I went searching through the house, to see if I could find what he was doing. I finally came upon a door where I heard giggles. I slowly cracked it open and through the mirror inside, I could see two of the girls sharing the guys’ cock, feeding it to each other. They were licking and sucking on it like a dessert. I stayed glued. They continued licking him as he came, kissing each other and licking his cock as he did. I’ve never seen anything that lusty in my life.” She said.

“I thought I knew these girls!” She said. “I would have never suspected that they would do something like that behind closed doors.”

“Who was it?” I asked.

“I can’t tell you that! It’s private and privileged information. I will say, that I was not one of the lucky ones. Though it was very ah…very stimulating to watch”. She said with a smile. “I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. I felt so naive.”

Karin began being a little friskier in bed, wearing sexier cloths etc. I felt it had to do with her friend Tonya’s liberal take on things and that night at the party.

The Agreement

Chapter 2

She was never the same after that night. Things were different with me too. My fantasies had been given a new energy. I loved that she had been there and seen all that, and most of all that it had turned her on. We began talking nastier to each other during sex and enjoying it more.

One night she had me dance for her in the bedroom, and while I did, she crawled up to me on all fours and began licking and sucking on my cock. She tugged on it like a puppy nursing a tit. I couldn’t help but think, that she was doing to me, what she had wanted to do to the dancers that night of the party.

She and Tonya became very good friends. She and Tonya began going out for ‘girls night out’ every other Wed. night.

Then a few weeks later, one morning after she’d been out with Tonya the night before, she asked me if I would meet her after work. “Let’s meet for a few drinks at the Martini Club.” She said.

We’d not been out for drinks in ages.

I had been there once, with an out-of-town client. It is a classy, moody, downtown martini bar, mahogany walls and such. Bar on one side, restaurant on the other.

I was there ahead of her, waiting in an out-of-the-way booth, private and secluded. She walked in looking great, dressed uncharacteristically in a black sexy dress and sunglasses. I stood up. We hugged. I complemented her on looking extraordinary and she complemented me on my new shirt.

We had a few drinks and were having a nice, relaxed, romantic time. She was nervously going through her drinks like a weed eater, especially since neither of us really drank that much these days.

Then after she found her courage she ‘out of the blue’, looked me in the eye and said. “Tom, I have a proposal for you.”

I sat my drink down. She slid her hands over mine. I had no idea what was on her mind. I quickly found out, as she mustered her courage and fumbled right to the point.

“I want to give you something!” She said.

I looked at her sexy eyes as she spoke, trying to see what was going on.

“What?” I asked.

“What is your favorite fantasy?” She asked. “You know! The one that you have tried to get me to do for years?”

I knew, but for some reason didn’t want to say. I’d been let down too many times.

“Now come on!” She said, lifting one eyebrow. “We know what you have always wanted me to do. Now tell me what your biggest fantasy is.”

Slowly it came out. “For you to have sex with another man?” I dug it from the deepest part of my throat.

She leaned forward, smiling. The drinks had given her a nice buzz. “Do you still want me to suck on another cock for you, and maybe let you watch?

In one giant beat, my heart felt it had leapt out of my chest. It was beating so hard; I felt she could hear it. Her words caught me completely off guard!

She never talked like this, never teased me like this and especially about this subject. And she sounded serious. I was so excited and turned on to hear it that I couldn’t quite speak. At the same, completely terrified instant, I was in total fear from this drastic change in my wife. Had she found a lover? Was I about to loose her?

I went from a light happy husband having fun with my wife, instantly to a turned on, complete, bundle of nerves.

“Just tell me, ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Do you still want it?” She asked.

What was going on here? I didn’t know how to answer. My heart was still pounding as her ‘out of nowhere’ question waited for the answer. She looked into my eyes for my reply.

“Yes.” I said from the reflex of wanting it for so long.

“Would you be jealous if I enjoyed it?” She asked.

“Yes. Probably.” I said.

“If it makes you jealous would you want me to stop?” She asked.

“No.” I said. “I would want you to enjoy yourself.” I heard myself say.

“You would want me to enjoy myself and make you jealous then, no matter what?” Is that what you’re saying?” She asked.

I looked at her, feeling a little embarrassed to answer. I held my drink in both hands. “Yea, that is what would excite me most, you enjoying it, no matter what.”

“And you think you could handle it?” She asked.

“Oh yea, I think I could.”

“Goooood! But you’d better know you could.” She said lifting my hand to her lips and kissing it lovingly. “That would make it easier for me to give you what you want. And I do want to give you your fantasy!” I knew she could see the flushness in my face as she said it.

“You do?” I asked sheepishly in shock. “But…”

“But nothing!” She said. “There is one thing though. We have to go by the rules.”

“Rules?” I asked.

She turned and opened her purse, fumbling as she pulled out some paper.

“The only way this can work,” She said. “is if you agree to the rules”. She said with a taunting smile.

She already had this planned out. She pushed the page to my side of the table. I finished my drink with a strong sip and held up two fingers to our waiter. I needed a refill and quickly.

“Read them over and tell me your decision.” She said.

“Once you make your choice, there is no reversing it. If you decide that you don’t want me to do this, then you will have to promise me, you will never, ever ask me to fulfill this fantasy of yours again.”

“If you do want me to, you will have to sign the agreement and understand that the rules are solid. If you ever break one or complain, or make me think that in any way what-so-ever, that you can not handle me enjoying myself, it will be very simple; we will stop and go back to our less adventurous life, never to return, not even once.

All or nothing, is the only way I can do this. Do you understand?” She asked nervously smiling, but looking me straight in the eyes. “The last thing I would want, would be for this to harm our relationship. I only want it to make it better for both of us.” She said.

“I understand!” I said feeling myself shaking with anticipation and in fear of what my long desired fantasy was now reaping me.

The waiter returned with our drinks and left. I took the papers and tried to not let Karin see it shake in my hand as I began to read her rules.

The agreement below is absolute and unwavering.

To my husband:

You know that I had too few years as a single girl and that I have always been a good girl, while my bad girlfriends seemed to have all the fun. I now want to experience the freedom they have. I’ve always wanted to express my wild side but was afraid of what you and other people would think.

For the next three months I want to enjoy the freedom of being the sexy woman I’ve wanted to be, and fulfill your fantasy as I do, but if I do you must agree to the following:

  1. You must understand that I will test you and make you prove that you can handle your ‘fantasies come true’.
  2. You must understand that you must pass each test or your fantasy will end abruptly.
  3. You must give me permission to have sex with whomever I want and in front of you, without limitation.
  4. If I make love in front of you, you will say nothing about it and will be a prefect host to my friends.
  5. I will never hold back, even if I think it is making you jealous.
  6. I can stay out whenever I want to.
  7. I’ll reassure you often by telling you about my adventures, and you must listen eagerly.
  8. You can date no one and will stay home when I’m out.
  9. You will do anything that my lovers ask, or tell you to do
  10. You must understand that if for any reason what-so-ever I feel you can not handle this, I will void this agreement, and you must promise to never ask me to do anything like this again.

I agree to all of the above and anything that you may want to add later to the list. Your loving husband.


* * * * *

“I know this seems much more extreme than you would have expected,” She said. “But for this to work in reality, I have to know up front what I can and can’t do. It would be devastating if you suddenly stopped me while making love to someone.

It’ll take a lot of discipline on your part.” She said. “I want to be sure you can handle it, so you’ll have to prove yourself to me.”

“If you pass my tests then we will continue. If you don’t pass any of my tests…well, you probably wouldn’t have been able to handle what came next anyway.

I had not counted on this cuckold attitude from her. This was such a definite attitude from her, though her talking to me like this, her being in control her sex like this, was turning me on.

“Are we in agreement?” She asked. “Or do you want to just keep it all a fantasy?”

“May I think about it overnight?” I asked.

“No! I need to know right now! By tomorrow I may change my mind.” She said.

The room seemed to be in a whirl. I looked at her. “It is now or never!” She said. I looked at the list, my cock was hard in my pants.

I took the pen, looked up at her and signed it, sliding it back across the table to her.

“Is this turning you on as much as me?” I asked.

Looking at me, she lowered one hand below the table and very sensuously slipped it between her legs. When it returned, her index finger was glazed with her sexy juices.

“I almost feel like it’s my idea. I guess I should sign our agreement too, shouldn’t I?” She said, pressing her finger to the contract, leaving a damp imprint of her finger next to my signature

“Does that answer your question?” She asked.

Then she raised her finger to my lips for me to lick clean.

As she pulled it out across my lips I said. “I think I need a shot! Want to do a shot with me?” I asked.

“Sort of a shot to toast our agreement?” She asked.

She smiled. “I think I’d like ‘Sex on the Beach’!” She said with a giggle. “Tonya told me that I was going to love this.”

Dinner and a Dance

Chapter 3

We stayed and had a nice romantic dinner. I asked her what had brought on this change of mind.

I found out later that she and Tonya had become very close, sharing very private matters. Tonya’s husband was much like me, and while living in Colorado he had wanted her to make love to his best friend. She was like Karin and was not for it, at all.

Then, one unplanned night, she ended up in bed, between her husband and his friend, and she found out that she loved it.

Karin said. “Tonya said she loved having two cocks competing for her attention and trying to out please the other.

“Tonya thinks most of us wives have had it all wrong.” Karin said. “Our husbands want us to be sexy. Our husbands want us to be kinky. You want us to enjoy sex, sometimes with another man or maybe another woman.”

“She said the nastier she gets in front of her husband, the more he likes it and the sweeter he treats her. She thinks he is like a lot of men, that he is a latent cuckold. So now she plays with his mind a lot, teasing him about other cocks she wants. She thinks you may be the same way and that I should play with you a little.” She said.

“Like Tonya says; ‘we women love sex too. A lot of us just don’t admit it. So, why not, especially if we can do in right in front of our husbands an don’t have to cheat’.”

Tonya didn’t seem anything like that at all. She was cute, and seemed conservative on the outside. You would never guess that was going on in her mind. ‘Lucky husband’, I thought.

After dinner I suggested that we do something to seal the night.

She loved to dance more than anything and there was a trendy new dance club a few doors down the street and so I challenged her to show me she was serious: a first act of her new womanhood.

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