My sister was always one of my least favorite people.

Dani was a year older than me, but you would never guess it by looking at the two of us. I took after Dad, heavy set with broad shoulders and a narrow waist, strong but not ripped by any means with dark hair and blue eyes and a soft thick growth of beard that I had cultivated proudly from the age of thirteen. I was always big for my age until I hit eighteen, when I suppose that was shortened to just plain big.

Dani took after Mom, and was a good foot shorter than me at an inch shy of five feet, and never once more than ninety pounds. Her jet black hair fell like a straight curtain down to her shoulder blades and her green eyes would flash whenever we fought. And we fought a lot.

She would want something, or say something, or just be in the same room and we would be off, arguing and badgering each other, teasing, being mean, whatever. She would hit the buttons that she knew worked, and I would push hers until she crossed her arms under her very small breasts, cocked her hip to the side and huffed in annoyance or rage and stormed away.

It was just how our relationship worked.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my sister, and always have. The only person allowed to piss her off and push her buttons is me, and I have put more than one person in their place for trying pushing her too far. We have our problems, but she’s my sister.

The fact that we fought almost constantly never made me love her any less, but it did make me wonder if our parents were masochists the year they decided we were going to drive to Orlando, Florida. We live in Montana, rather far north in Montana, in fact, and Mom and Dad decided that, the summer after I graduated high school, we were going to take a family vacation.

Three days in the car, a week in Orlando, and three days back. The week in Orlando would be no problem, most likely. They could leave us more or less alone, which would mean I’d be wandering around by myself most of the time while Dani fucked off and did whatever a nineteen year old girl does in Orlando. My guess was meet boys.

The three days in the car, though, made me question the folks’ sanity. Dani and I fought a lot when we were confined in a three bedroom house. I had trouble imagining what three days in the back of our family minivan would be like.

Dani and I both argued that it would be both more cost effective and infinitely safer for everyone involved if we just flew. Actually, I suggested that Mom, Dad and I fly, and we put Dani in a suitcase and just check her with rest of the bags.

After that fight was quelled by Mom, our sentence was passed with finality. We were driving, and there would be no further argument.

When the day came, I packed everything I needed into one bag. Two weeks’ worth of my clothes, a swimsuit and toiletries fit into a small duffel bag. Dad taught me to pack for convenience, and I learned well. I tossed my bag into the back of the van next to Dad’s equally small bag and grinned. Part of the reason Dad and I pack light is sheer necessity.

Dani and Mom pack the same way: Like they’re leaving forever and there are no stores where they’re going. I’m not saying all women do this, in fact I know all women don’t, but Mom and my sister never go anywhere with less than four bags. Add to that the fact that Mom loaded a cooler with soda and food, and forced Dad to bring all of our camping gear in case she got a wild hair and decided to have him pull off at a campground, and most of the space in the minivan was suddenly, non-negotiably occupied.

The back gate was full, and the overspill had been packed and jammed on the short seat and against the front seats. The only available space for Dani and I was the long bench seat in the back. I took one look and groaned. There was going to be a whole lot of fighting on this trip.

Dad and I shared a look and shook our heads as Mom and Dani bounced out of the house. It was six o’clock in the morning, and both of them were full of energy. I knew that the energy would last for exactly as long as it took to hit the interstate, then they would both pass out. I probably would too, leaving Dad to navigate by himself for at least a few hours.

Dani climbed into the van ahead of me, a tactical mistake on my part, but also a necessity as she would whine and bitch until she got the side of the van with the crackable rear window anyway. She had dressed in a huge, baggy t-shirt that she had stolen from my room at some point in the past and a pair of loose shorts that would have been short before she rolled the waistband. As it was, her ass cheeks were just barely covered and had it been any situation that didn’t involve her having zero contact with the outside world until we hit our first hotel, Dad would have exploded.

I climbed into the van after her and nearly ran face first into her ass. She was “arranging her space”. That meant spreading her crap (iPod, water bottle, book, etc.) around a good two thirds of the seat.

“Move it, Jumbo,” I said, and slapped her lightly across the ass. I’m not sure why I did that, really. I never had before.

Dani yelped in shock, spun around and plopped into the seat. She looked surprised and taken aback, and something else I couldn’t really place.

“Fucker,” she whispered as I crammed myself into the little available space.

“Dickweed,” I whispered back. “Worked, didn’t it?”

She gave me the finger.

Twenty minutes later, we were on the interstate. Mom crashed first, and her gentle snoring could be barely heard at the back of the van.

“Scoot over, I want to lay down.” Dani was looking at me with a perfectly straight face, I was looking at her with incredulity.

“Seriously, Jumbo? My ass is already pushed against the wall.”

“Yeah, seriously. I don’t want to get a leg cramp or something.” With that, Dani pulled her feet up, pressed them against my hip, and started pushing.

“Oh, like hell,” I whispered, and grabbed one of her feet. I pulled it up off my hip and dragged my fingers lightly across the sole.

“Fuck you!” Dani whispered, and tried to pull her foot back. I just pulled harder and dragged it into my lap, continuing to tickle her foot.

“Fuck you fuck you fuck you,” she whispered, just quiet enough that Dad wouldn’t hear.

“What was that?” I asked. I let go of her foot with my left hand and grabbed her side, wiggling my fingers into the soft flesh there.

“You bastard,” she laughed, arching her back and scooting away from my hand. The move brought her ass closer, her knees bent up, and I took the opportunity to use my right hand to tickle the back of her thigh while moving my left up to her armpit. I was a little intrigued and a lot surprised to discover that my sister wasn’t wearing a bra.

“God damnit,” she said, and wriggled again, trying to dislodge both hands. Her shirt rode up her stomach, exposing her belly up to her ribcage, and her knees parted as she tried to my hand away by spreading her legs. I looked down to see where my hand had wound up and was greeted by the sight of my sister’s perfectly shaved and very soft looking pussy. She hadn’t worn panties either!

Her move had succeeded only in moving my hand higher, right to the place where her thigh became her ass, and as I wiggled my fingers I discovered she was even more ticklish there.

“You’re a dirty fuckbag,” she whispered as she continued to wriggle. I looked up from the increasingly intriguing sight of her pussy, my eyes traveling up her belly, past nipples that were suddenly poling through the thin t-shirt, and to her eyes.

“Dirty? I’m not the one who neglected to wear underwear, Jumbo,” I said, and wriggled my fingers in her armpit and on her thigh again.

“Fuck!” she grunted. “Staring is impolite, perv.” She smirked and wiggled again, but this time brought her ass closer again while spreading her legs even farther, exposing more of her pussy to me, but also dislodging my hand.

Without thinking, I jerked my hand back and dove back in, this putting it down between her legs and tickling the same spot on the other leg.

“Calling people names is rude,” I said mildly as I continued to tickle her thigh and her armpit. Her pussy moved around in my vision as I “punished” her for her rudeness.

“Then I guess we’re both jerks,” Dani said. My only warning was a grunt as she launched herself up and forward, her hands finding the underside of my chin and neck, tickling me back.

I reacted quickly, catching both of her wrists with my left hand while I continued to wriggle the fingers of my right, lightly digging in to the soft, warm flesh of her inner thigh and buttock. Dani’s attack had put her halfway in my lap, one leg thrown over my left thigh. She twitched her hips back and forth to try to escape my tickling without giving up her own attack, but she couldn’t get her wrists free.

I’m not sure how long I was tickling her, probably only a second or two, before I realized she had stopped struggling. Her eyes were closed, her mouth open just a little bit as her hips moved back and forth. It was another few seconds before I realized that her bare pussy was pressed against my wrist, and that my wrist was becoming coated in the slickness coming from her.

I stopped tickling.

Dani’s eyes popped open and bored into mine, glazed a bit as she breathed slowly and deeply, just staring at me. I couldn’t speak, but my cock was definitely less dazed than I was. It hardened quickly, straining inside my shorts, pressing against my wrist and trying to go past.

“Ah,” I grunted, and without thinking pulled my hand out from between us. As my hand became free, the friction pulled the leg of my gym shorts up, and my cock surged forward to plant its head directly between Dani’s hot, incredibly wet pussy lips.

I let go of her hands as I realized where I was, where my cock was. Dani sat for a second, staring into my eyes before reaching down and pulling the leg of her shorts aside. We both looked down and saw her clit resting atop my cock, just behind the crown and her lips nestled around my head. My cock pulsed lightly.

“Damn,” Dani whispered. “That’s fucking hot.”

“They’re going to kill us if we fuck in here,” I whispered. Despite my incredible arousal, I knew that much.

“I’m so fucking horny now,” she whispered. Dani leaned forward, groaning lightly as the motion moved her clit against my cock and putting her mouth right by my ear. “I have an idea.”

The wonderful warmth and wetness let my cock as Dani got up, shifted over and laid on her back with her head in my lap.

“Roll up on your hip a little,” she whispered. I did, and as I moved Dani pulled the leg of my shorts up, freeing all seven inches of my cock. “It’s thick, Fucker,” she whispered.

“Thanks, Jumbo,” I replied as my weight settled back on my left hip. Dani pulled my left hand out from between her and the seat, lifted the waistband of her shorts, and pushed it inside. As she did, she nimbly used her toes to click the window open.

“You do me,” she whispered, “and I’ll do you.” As she spoke, my fingers found her pussy. As I traced tiny circles around her clit, she moaned softly. “Being quiet is gonna be so hard,” she groaned.

Dani turned her head and scooted a little, then gripped my cock and pulled it down. I clenched my teeth to keep from groaning out loud as I felt her lips envelope the head of my cock and her tongue swirl around it.

I slipped a finger inside her, then another, curling them up, finding her g spot like I had always known where it was. She groaned on my cock and moved her head back and forth, taking as much of my shaft into her mouth as the position would allow. Her hand left my cock and she pulled the t-shirt up, exposing her small, perfect breasts and tiny, hard nipple to me before pinching them between her fingers. I felt her breath rush out of her nose and down my shaft faster and faster as my fingers worked in and out of her pussy.

I sank lower in the seat, my knees pressed against the back of the small seat and Dani rolled, rose up on all fours, plunging my cock to the back of her throat, taking the whole thing as my fingers found they could reach far deeper into her cunt. I hissed as I felt the head of my cock press into her throat, felt her swallow around it, felt her tongue flick against my balls with the whole of me buried in her mouth.

I licked the middle finger of my right hand and reached down the back of her shorts, curling my finger into her asshole as she sucked me. My sister’s eyes rolled back in her head and she moaned, soft and low, her body tensing and shaking as she came on my fingers. I grunted and pushed my cock even deeper into her mouth as I let go, gushing jet after jet of cum down her hot throat.

I softly stroked her pussy and her breasts as we came down. She continued to lightly suck my cock until it softened, then lay down again, this time on her side, facing my stomach.

“You just came in your sister’s mouth,” she whispered, smiling.

“You just came on all over your brother’s hand,” I replied. I returned the smile happily. This trip wouldn’t be so bad after all.

“Just wait ’til we get to the hotel,” she whispered. “You’ve got two more holes to cum in, Fucker.”

Not so bad at all.

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