This fantasy follows directly on from episode 124, in which Justine posts the video of Molly squirting on Sam and examines how much friends are willing to share

Sam’s House
Sam was furious – how dare that little redhead bitch squirt on him?

Molly was thrown onto the floor, collapsing in fits of giggles, as her Dom stormed off to the bathroom to get cleaned up


Then the video started to arrive at the Submissives WhatsApp group.

Suzy and Anita sat up in bed, wakened by the simultaneous ping from their phones: “look at that – she’s cum all over his face”.

SUZZ: go girl – that was amazing
ANI: fantastic pet – you really did it

Emma was a fully paid up member of the Submissives WhatsApp group (it was Ellie was only an honorary member who only liked to catch up with her D/s friends’ exploits).

Emma was having a quiet bath when her phone started going wild, dried her hands and picked it up, nearly dropping it when she saw the naked video of her young lover.

EMM: awesome you gorgeous girl

Paddy stopped fucking Ellie long enough to let her show him the conversation and respond.

ELL: you really pulled a switcheroo you nasty sub

Rachael had fallen asleep in Mikey’s arms after a long evening of submission, then burst out laughing: “you’ve got to see this love – your stepdad dominated by Molly”.

RACH. OMG babe he is going to be so cross – your butt is toast – first step to becoming a Domme

Justine picked her exhausted daughter from the floor, wiping off the splashes with Sam’s discarded black tee shirt: “come on love – I think we’d better go before He gets back”.

Molly was still trembling from the aftershocks of her tremendous climax – once her squirts start they never stop.

Justy quickly dressed them both and helped the giggling barefoot teenager out to the car.

Once they were safely heading home, Molly had a chance to read the reactions to her video soaking her Dom.

MOLL: thanks girls – that was awesome
MOLL: once I’d started I just couldn’t stop
MOLL: every time he rubbed my clit I squirted some more
MOLL: the sub switched!

Even Amy, Annie’s k⬍d sister, joined in from somewhere in France.

AMY: love your orgasm babe – you really stuck it to him.
AMY: must catch up with you guys soon for a proper fuck session when I’m back in UK

RACH: Im sure your enjoying all that french cock

JUSTY: sorry couldnt reply – was driving
JUSTY:. wasnt she amazing???
JUSTY: my little girl pissing all over Sam

RACH: give us all the first details, dirty girl
EMM:. Don’t leave anything out – how did he make you squirt?
SUZZ:. had you been drinking?

MOLL: ok ok yes we had been drinking all evening
MOLL:. But I was on fizzy water – its a school night – you know how it goes straight through you

ELL:. Get on with in – tell us the sex
MOLL:. For a start he held my wrists above my head and had two fingers inside me
EMM: found your G-spot?
JUSTY: certainly did – she was writhing
MOLL: thank you Mum – this is my story

MOLL: then he let go of my hands and stuck his thumb up my arse.
RACH: found your H-spot? Haha
MOLL: very funny – I just started cumming and couldnt stop.
JUSTY: and thats when I started filming

EMM: Suzy do your male clients have an H-spot?
ANI: I think they call it a prostate
SUZZ: yuk – theyre not paying me enough to massage that

RACH:: think I just found Mikeys – new game – gotta go
ELL: Paddy likes this butt plug a bit too much – just cum all over my tits
EMM: lucky girl – wish I was there to clean you up
MOLL: you lot are shameless – party on Saturday?

ELL alfie loved your video btw
MOLL wtf?
JUSTY: you showed her squirting on Sam to your son??!
ELL: he was in bed with us when it arrived

SUZZ. tell us your joking!!!
ELL: no straight up – he knows where babies come from and wanted to see how they got in there

EMM funny – Charlie was asking the same question yesterday – seems they were given a project to find out where and when they were conceived

RACH: I could lend him my dads swingers 2002 video
MOLL: you lot are disgusting – doubt the school still has a VCR

ELL: hi girls – paddy here
JUSTY hi love – what have you done with ell?

ANI: tied her hands together again??

ELL (paddy): no no shes taken Alfie back to his bed

SUZZ: alone I hope

ELL (paddy): no actually he brought home that hot blue sexbot from school

EMM: Sophie – shes gorgeous

MOLL: what – shes real ??
JUSTY: I thought that was just one of Davids bizarre fantasies

ELL (paddy): oh no she’s real enough – gorgeous little arse and tits to goto jail for

SUZZ: you need a good slap – p**o
MOLL: I agree, but I think it has an A in it – paedo
ANI: happy to oblige – paedophile
ELL (paddy):. but I thought you were all subs except Ellie

EMM: me first.
EMM: before you ask – yes charlie had sophie last week – I couldn’t get him out of the shower

MOLL: did he make her squirt too??
EMM: says he made her drink a whole bottle of fizzy water

RACH: wait a minute – is he in the bath with you now?
EMM: he likes to wash my back

SUZZ: and your front too I expect
JUSTY: those nipple rings are mouthwatering

AMY: I was thinking of getting mine pierced too
MOLL: what to match your silver clit ring?
RACH: too much information
AMY: does it hurt?
EMM: only when he chews on them – haha only joking – hes fast asleep in bed

ANI: you lot are disgusting – I’m going to sleep – come on suzz put that phone down

Ellie returned to the bedroom licking the blue girlcum off her fingers.

ELL: that little girl tastes so sweet – sorry – I need to fuck Paddy again – goodnight

RACH: yeah goodnight all – it’s a school day tomorrow and Mikeys still got a woody

MOLL: goodnight all
JUSTY: nighty night
SUZZ: dont let the bedbugs bite

ANI: can we borrow Sophie – ive always fancied a threesome with a robot
ELL: its always the quiet ones

JUSTY: apparently theres a junior male version too – we can all have a complete orgy on Saturday

MOLL: mummy stop it – you know how sensitive my clit is after…..
EMM: go on – give her one from me
SUZZ: and me
RACH: Hi its mike here – make the bitch cream
SUZZ: hi son – what have you done with rach?
RACH: oh shes a bit busy right now…
ANI: cleaning your sperm off her tits i guess
AMY: im so glad you invited me to this submissives group
AMY: dont forget the blue princess plug i gave moll
RACH: hi folks back again – fingers still a bit sticky
RACH: she should be able to take the big red one now
MOLL: im not just everyones fucktoy
ANI: yes you are babe – were all fuckbunnies
EMM: so whos got the next video?

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