I imagine you clad in black dress, sleeveless, black bra and black panties inside. Then I hold your hand and take you out for dinner, we have wine and cheese with something light. Then we go back to the room, I lock the door and caress your back as you smile sexily at me. I say are you ready for this, and you laugh and say I am always ready, are you? this is your first time . I take a deep breathe and look at you and say once we start don’t stop me, you smile and say, I would love to do that. I grab you by your hips and hold you closer to me, I rub my fingers on your lips as you turn your face away as I kiss you turning your face back , I put my hand down and gently smack your ass> I take your hand and put it down my pants as I kiss you and you grab my cock as it gets hard in your mouth . I take my hand and put it in your panties and slowly finger your pussy and clit. I get so hard then I push you a bit back and then throw you on the bed as you lay down there excited and wet . I jump on top of you , use my mouth to remove your black bra and slowly kiss your neck as you moan. Then I squeeze your boobs and lick your nipples as I lightly pinch your hips. I am so hard by now I pin you down and pull your panties down , I spread your legs and finger you getting you more wet as you moan and shake I hold you rubbing your clit and you scream fuck yeah. At this point I pull my hard cock out , I sit on top of you start rubbing it from your face , now your lips, you kiss my cock crazy , now down I rub it on your neck then your boobs and nipples, now on your hips and now on your clit for some time , moan yeah moan like that. Then rubbing it crazy on your pussy , lil bit on your thighs and now back on top. Putting my cock in between your breasts and fucking you, as I keep pinching your nipples and twisting them as they get hard. Now I get you on your knees , grab your head hold your hair as I push it back and forth on my cock as you look me in the eye sucking it deep, you keep sucking and caressing my balls . I ask you to suck my balls and you lick and suck them jerking me off. I again hold your head and push it on my cock , I pop it off both your cheeks a few times and rub it all over your face. I push you down on bed pull your legs and slowly insert my cock in your pussy and I fuck you as I pull your legs and bang you as you lay down there excited. Then I make you go on all fours, pull your hair and fuck you from behind doggy style. of course each time I get soft , directly put my cock in your mouth with your juices as you lick them and make me hard in your mouth as I hold your head by your ears tightly , now banging you from behind. Spanking that ass, now I pull my cock out and you are surprised as I lift you upside down and hold you as you suck my cock and I press your head lightly. Then I put you back on bed, now you sit on my cock facing me and jump on it fucking yourself all wet on me. Now I again pin you down and start rubbing my cock on your clit so much that you beg me to stop . Then I fuck you again and then I pull out after you cum and squirt then I make you go on your knees again face fuck you . Hold your head tight as I cum in your mouth. Then you lick my cock to clean me and I say lets go to the shower. We both are in shower naked rubbing our hands all over each other as I hold you facing the shower behind you I hold you tight and finger you as you try to escape to no avail and you start cumming and squirting again , as you moan I push your head down and you suck my cock again and I cum too all over your face the first time as shower cleans you up and I continue for the second one on your boobs and keep rubbing my cock all over you and then clean up, wow that was good damn thanks

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