[This one’s for Robert…he knows who he is!]

Okay, so, it’s not like I don’t ‘like’ women, because I do! I’ve been fortunate to know quite a few, and I like being around them (and have sex with them), but, if I had to choose having sex with another guy (younger, especially!), or with a woman….I’d have to say, at this stage in my life, it’s going to be another guy! (No offense intended to any women. Okay?!)

But oh my god! There’s something about a young man’s hard cock in my mouth as I’m sucking it, that just ‘does something’ to me that I’ve never felt when with a woman. (Again, sorry ladies! PLEASE don’t take what I’m saying as a denigration on your gender; because that is NOT what I’m attempting to do here!)

When I’m sucking some young guys cock there’s this incredible energy that I can feel through it. It’s sort of like a lightning rod, that’s conducting not an electric current, as a lightning rod would do, but a current of sexual energy and lust! I used to get so excited sucking cock that I’d let things quickly get out of hand, and the guy would blow his load and that was it! But now days I’m more in control of my enthusiasm (and in control, more or less, of the other guy’s enthusiasm as well)!

I’ve sucked older guys cocks, too, but, once again, that intense sexual energy that younger guys exude is what I prefer the most. If I’m not mistaken, I think that every young man I’ve ever had the pleasure of sucking their cocks had a girlfriend; or, at least that’s what they told me; and I have no reason to doubt this. However, they all generally tended to admit (of their own volition), that none of their girlfriends really liked sucking cock, and that was one of the biggest reasons they’d eventually find their way to me!

I wasn’t attempting to ‘convert’ any of these young guys into being ‘gay.’ That didn’t matter to me. What I was after, simply stated, was the chance to suck their cock, AND swallow a load of their cum! After words if they resumed seeing these girlfriends, I was fine with that. I’d had my chance to enjoy a nice, young, hard cock, as well as a nice load of cum into the bargain! Why would I have any reason to be jealous?

Nearly all these younger guys made many repeat trips to my glory hole, too, and so that was another nice thing, and I was very pleased that they wanted to come back again! Part of it was in the very nature of the glory hole experience. These young men could come by, stick their hard cocks through the hole, I’d then proceed to work it over with all the lavish attention I could muster, their eventually ‘unload’, pull up their jeans, and leave out the back door through which they had arrived! It was a ‘no-harm, no-foul’ situation!

Another thing that I really liked about my glory hole experiences with these young men, was that nearly all of them, at one time or another, would frequently return, on the very same day, for yet another ‘draining!’ I’d have to say that they were all more than capable of coming more than once; and that was to my advantage, as well as theirs!

To be perfectly honest, I think I provided a particular sort of ‘outlet’ for these young men that they could not find in any other way (except through porn perhaps and masturbation). But porn and masturbation, though very enjoyable in and of themselves, lacks one essential ingredient—the human dimension; the ‘human touch!’ To jack off is one thing, but, when there’s an actual real, flesh and blood human being interacting with you—porn and masturbation pales in comparison (at least, that’s my opinion on the subject). So, I think me sucking these young men’s cocks filled that need they couldn’t find in any other way! And I loved taking their urgent loads of cum!! The intensity of those moments were very special to us both, but it was doubly so for me! I loved having such an intimate part of them as they left! I always savored this. Besides, had they themselves not wanted me to have it, they wouldn’t have come to the glory hole in the first place!

Sadly though, each one of these young men matriculated into different life-directions—marriage, college, the military, even the seminary! My glory hole became derelict. I missed those days of fevered cock sucking a lot. I occasionally had a visitor stop by, and I gave as good as I got—but I missed my young men! Marcus. Stephen. David. Lewis. Conner. Connor perhaps most of all! Marriage, and soon after that, a baby claimed him; and though I did run into him now and then, he would be with his wife and I understood not to ‘out’ him; and so we pretended not to see each other on those occasions. Oh, but I clearly, vividly remember that beautiful cock of his in my mouth, and feeling it’s unmistakable throbbing and pulsing as I skillfully worked it (teased it!), until he was squirming to ejaculate; and, he always had such intense orgasms! Their intensity always made me smile inwardly as I took every last drop of his warm, thick (and fertile!) sperm!

Alas—those days are gone now, and I am left with many memories of it, but—memories can be bitter/sweet. Though bitter/sweet, I have absolutely NO regrets. None whatsoever. I’m grateful for what I did get to have. Some never do! So I cannot truly complain too much.

Ever Hard

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