a story written for me by Mars2000 from bdsmlr

this image was his inspiration!

Face Time
FaceTime (part 1)
Hi, let me introduce myself, I’m a 50 something male that had lived his whole life in a closet. No, I’m not gay but I can relate to how they feel. You see, all my life since I was about 5, I have been infatuated with bondage. Over time it developed from self-bondage and dreaming of being ****d by older girls since I did not have any girls interested in me when I was young, to wanting to tie girls up and control them. Now I’m not into violent assault it’s more like the damsel in distress themes. Probably an easy way to describe it in two words is “sensual assault”. Why do I need to control women, I’m not a 100% sure why, I love women, I actually think they’re better human beings than men are. Maybe I have felt like women have controlled me most of my life and I just want to get some control back. But thanks to the advent of the internet there are now sites, blogs where people can come together with mutual interests. I found such a site, a bondage site. You don’t know how wonderful it feels to find there are other people out there with the same hidden desires. I’m not alone! One day while skimming through the site with one hand looking for bound and gagged women in precarious situations (you can guess what the other hand was up too) I found a blog that I really liked so I followed it and contacted the beautiful looking woman that it belonged too. Thankfully she was kind enough to entertain my persistent questions about what she liked and sharing what I liked. She mentioned that she had 3 teenage daughters and had dark naughty fantasies about them. I told her not only would I love to tie her up, but it would feel like the ultimate in control to tie up her daughters as well.

FaceTime (part 2)
Eventually we discovered we lived in the same town, and after a lot of prodding I convinced her to get coffee at a nearby Starbucks. When I arrived I was quite struck with how beautiful she was and wished I could get her to my car, where I kept ropes and a gag ready for the day when the stars would finally align and I could act on my fantasies. But today wouldn’t be that day, I couldn’t do that, she trusted me enough to actually meet me in person and I valued having her to share my wicked taboo thoughts with. So we sat and talked for several hours at a quiet table outside, when I suggested an idea. She was very hesitant about it at first, but as I described my plan, I noticed she was squeezing her legs together and playing with her hair. She was getting hooked. The day came, I arrived at her house with my stuff, and she looked like she was going to back out, especially when she saw my gun stuffed in my pants. I told her this was a way we both could act out our life long fantasies. If we just did it this one time, the next time will be easier.

FaceTime (part 3)
She left me alone at the house to prepare, I only had a short time before her youngest daughter would be home from school, her other two daughters were going to friends’ houses that night, and her husband would be home at 6. I went to the family room, there I opened a window and slightly damaged the window frame so it would look like a break in in case our plan doesn’t work, then closed the window so the daughter wouldn’t notice when she walked in. I stripped off my clothes and put a ski mask on, fuck that thing is uncomfortable! I took my clothes, ropes, and tape, and hid them under the sofa. I’m almost out of time but one last important step, I FaceTime you, I asked where you are? You said you pulled into a nearby wooded park and found a secluded parking spot. I said I’ll hide the phone with a view of the sofa and coffee table, then doubled checked with you to make sure the view was good. You said you think you couldn’t go through with it and begged me to stop. I snapped back and said, you bitch, I’ve come this far I’m going through with it, but I’ll cutoff the FaceTime feed and you’ll miss out on your twisted fantasy! And another thing, I won’t keep my promise I made to you! That last threat sent a chill down your spine, you said sorry, you’re just freaking out about what we’re about to do. As you try to calm your nerves down you get out of the driver’s seat and get into the back seat. As the butterflies change to boiling over anticipation, you want to get every bit of excitement out of this, so you strip off your clothes and lie down on the back seat, placing one foot up on a front seat and the other foot up on a back seat, spreading your legs wide. You have an exciting rush nostalgia, you’ve not been in a back seat with your legs spread wide since high school. With one hand you hold the phone up over your face watching and the other is roaming around your body as you here over your phone the front door open and your youngest daughter comes home.

FaceTime (part 4)
As I hear the front door open I dash to one of the bedrooms, peeking around the door to watch what she is doing, waiting for just the right time to pounce. I see her, she is absolutely beautiful, petite but developing well for a 15 year old. That thought, a 15 year old, makes my cock rock hard, I may not be able to control myself, and I’m having serious doubts about keeping my end of our agreement. I watch as she comes into the family room, dropping her backpack on the floor then proceeding to flop onto the sofa. She begins flipping through her phone, from my vantage point I can somewhat see what she is looking at. Fuck! She’s looking at porn! The little sluts watching multiple girls fucking and sucking some guy. I wonder if her mom has any idea. Then I see her take her free hand and work her shorts down. OMG! I hope her mom is seeing this! Now she is sliding her hand under her panties, working her pussy with circular motions. This is perfect! Even better than we planned! I make sure my gun is ready, and I’ll pounce just when I think she’s about to cum.

FaceTime (part 5)
You see your daughter walk into view and flop onto the sofa. As you watch her looking at her phone, you admire the young hot woman that she is developing into, when your blown away seeing her working her shorts down, then sliding her hand into her panties! Oh how you have always wanted to see this, when late at night you have walked past your daughter’s rooms and you’ve heard their labored breathing, you know what they’re doing in there, but were too afraid to peek. You begin firmly groping your tits and pinching on your erect nipples at the site of your daughter’s growing arousal.

FaceTime (part 6)
I see she’s now rotating her hips in addition to picking up the pace with her fingers and I can hear faint sighs, now’s the time! I spring from bedroom and grab her by the hair yanking her head back over the edge of the sofa. Her phone flies from her hand to who knows where, as I shove the gun right into her forehead and I say in as dangerous sounding voice as I can, one fucking sound you little dirty slut I’ll blow your fucking brains out, then I yank harder still on her hair. She instantly is hysterical, I pull her up off the sofa by her hair, her shorts fall down around her feet, and I take the muzzle of the gun and slide it upward along her wet panties. I then bring the muzzle of the gun up to her face and wipe it under her nose. I ask, do you smell that? That’s the smell of a dirty little girl. She begs, pleads with me not to hurt her and let her go. I ask do you know what else dirty little girls do. Please let me go, she repeatedly pleads. I shout, I asked you a fucking question cunt, do you know what else dirty little girls do? She sobs and says no. Well you stupid cunt, they do the things you were watching on your phone. I let go of her hair and tell her I want her to take her clothes off. She takes her T-shirt off then tries to modestly take her bra off, I get pissed and yank it from her and yell let me see your titties! Very, very nice… I want you to massage them for me like you do at night when you’re alone. Do it!!! OMG I’ve never seen anyone blush like that as she takes her hands and begins needing them. What about your nipples I demand? She begins to pinch and twist them. You are one dirty little girl aren’t you! My cock is ready to explode, I want to grab her and bend her over the back of the sofa fuck her pussy so deep and hard until her cervix is black-n-blue. What about the panties I ask? She slides them over her hips and lets them fall to floor. Another shocker, her kitty is shaved! I wonder if her mom knows that either?

FaceTime (part 7)
You see by how fast your daughter’s hand is now going she’s almost there, then you realize your own hand is now moving up and down your abdomen each time getting closer and closer to your pussy but you are delaying satisfying yourself until later. Then you freeze in shock as I pounce on your daughter, violently pulling her hair and head back and shoving the gun into her face. All your hesitation about doing this comes flooding back, but you try to tell yourself it’s too late, trust him, you have no other choice now. When you see your daughter begin to undress and then made to massage her own breasts you feel the hesitation ebb and the tingling of excitement return. Once again you stop the caressing of your own body when you see her panties slide down to reveal a bald pussy! You resume touching yourself thinking she is a dirty little girl…

FaceTime (part 8)
I tell her to lay face down on the coffee table, she hesitates, I yell fucking do it as loud as I can! Put your hands together behind your back! I reach under the sofa and pull the ropes and other things out that I hid earlier. I lay the gun down away from her and start binding her wrists really, really tightly together, she cried that it’s tight and hurts, I say it’s supposed too. I tell her to arch her back then take a long piece of rope and wrap it above and below her tits. She has no idea that every time my hands brush against her tits I just melt! I then bind her ankles side by side really tight. I take a final piece of rope and bind her ankles and wrists together hogtying her, keeping her back arched. She is crying, pleading with me that the ropes hurt and please let her go. I’m sick of hearing your complaining bitch, I say. I reach over and pick her wet panties up off the floor and standing right in front of her face I take and rub her panties on my dick head rubbing my pre-cum all over them. I then shove them into her mouth. She looks revolted and has tears streaming down her face. I then take and duct tape the panties in, silencing her pleas. I can’t stand it any longer I have to get release, I stand by her feet and place my dick between her bound feet. I hold her feet together and move them up and down my shaft. After a dozen or so strokes I have one of the biggest orgasms that I could remember, my balls shooting my hot warm gooey cum onto her bound body.

FaceTime (part 9)
As I catch my breath I think to myself, I did it. I become aware that I’m running out of time before her husband gets home. I kneel down beside her and begin caressing her beautiful young bound body, softly running my hands along this girls sexy curves, rubbing my cum into her skin as if it were lotion. She closes her eyes as I begin to roll one of her nipples between my fingers and thumb and glided my other hand along the curve of her arched back over her ass down between her legs. I noticed as my hand moved between her legs she very hesitantly moved her legs slightly apart allowing me to gently finger her soft wet folds. I noticed it’s almost 6, I say I’m sorry I have to go. I sensed she is having conflicting feelings, a few minutes ago I was a savage monster to fear and now sensual and soft, something to crave. Reluctantly I get up and put my clothes on, I walk over to retrieve my hidden phone but change my mind, I have a feeling our plan may have worked, so I’m going to give you one additional gift. I hear the garage door opening, as I crawl out the window I look back seeing the most beautiful creature I have ever seen, and will forever remember her longing stare she gave me.

FaceTime (part 10)
You are mesmerized seeing your daughter being hogtied, you can no longer stand it and your hand is now working your pussy. You love seeing her squirming and hearing her pleading makes your pussy dripping wet. You almost cum when you see her panties being rubbed on my dick then gagging her with them. You begin grinding your hips as if you’re with some invisible lover while you rub your clit faster and faster while watching your daughters lovely bound feet work my cock. You explode into a leg clenching together orgasm that lifts your ass off the back seat when you see me shoot my load onto your youngest daughter’s hogtied body. After you momentarily lay your phone down to catch your breath you return to watching and notice the dynamic between me and your daughter had changed and becomes softer. You become aware it’s almost 6, and are concerned I’ve forgotten what time it is as you watch me gently edge your daughter. With a sigh of relief, you see me get up and get dressed, thinking this is really getting close on time. You watch as I walk toward the phone but not take it and hear me leave out the window. You’re confused, did I forget my phone? You have one more thing you have to do, it’s 6, you text your husband two words, “she’s ready”, he replies “what?”. As you watch, you see your husband walk in, he leans over and gently brushes your daughter’s hair from her face. You can tell from the look on your daughters face she wants release and know it’s not from her bonds. You see him begin to drop his pants. You now know why I left the phone behind, one additional gift, another fantasy for you. So what was the promise that was so hard for me to keep? To leave your youngest daughter’s three virgin holes for your husband. ❤️

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