Family Cuba vacation – HEAT

My name is Brandon and I was on vacation with my family. I was upset when I got in the car after getting up early to go to Cayo Coco, a beach 513 km from Havana. Having to dress well and endure a long trip with my parents and my hot sister didn’t help in my mood. But I tried to do my best and spend time looking at my older sister sitting next to me in the back seat. I would never admit to anyone else that I thought Jennifer, 24, was hot, especially to Jennifer herself. Over the past few months I’ve started to see her differently, like a hot woman living in the same house with me. So I sat next to her in the car and whenever I could get away, I checked her long legs and beautiful breasts in her dress. I was trying to see more of her body around the house, but so far I hadn’t seen her naked, or anything nearly naked, yet. I watched to see if she ever left the bedroom door ajar when she changed, or the bathroom door when she showered, but she was very careful not to be seen by me. And it was very embarrassing the time she caught me trying to look down from her nightgown, and she called me a “pervert.”
Maybe I was a “perv” for jerking off while envisioning fucking my own sister, but she really did have a sexy body. A natural brunet, Jennifer had full tits, B cups depending on the bra, a great firm ass, a pretty face, blue eyes, and long legs. Jennifer was still taller than me.
But Jennifer wasn’t as tall as Mom yet. Mom was 5’5 ” tall. And around the same time I started to get to know Jennifer, I started to notice Mom in a sexual way too. In fact, it wasn’t until I caught some of my friends staring at her tits. I really noticed for the first time how she was piled up, and how beautiful and well made she was for a woman in her early forties She had her flaws, but those long white legs, still attractive face, short black hair and the tits made me think of her as more than a mother. Patricia and I had our disagreements, many of them actually, but at night, when I was in bed alone, I could untie our family relationship, and think of her only as one. as with Jennifer, I was not lucky to see my mother naked. The best I could do was to see her from time to time in a bra-free nightgown and see her big tits swing freely under the thin fabric. cleavage saind that of her bra when she leaned in to something a little lower.
My father Alan drove when we took the highway out of Havana city. Mom was in the front passenger seat, directly in front of me, so I couldn’t see much of her body, unfortunately. After two hours running down Via Blanca, we stopped for gas in the rural village of Coliseo. While Dad was pumping gas, Mom and Jennifer went to the gas station to use the bathroom or something. I was still tired and stayed in the car. I didn’t know exactly where we were, but it didn’t look like a very good neighborhood. It was mostly minorities around us. There were no other cars at the gas station. I noticed two men leaning against the wall smoking cigarettes, one tall Cuban black and one of Latin appearance. The Latino was a strong, younger guy, one with a two-day beard, a yellow shirt from the Brazilian soccer team. The black man was very big and really scary, quite tall and burly, with tattoos on his muscular arms, in a dirty white T-shirt. They both looked at Jennifer as she strolled in her thin sleeveless cotton dress. No surprise a pair of latin guys would check out a hot white girl, I think. I could not blame them. I was checking her out on my own. And I had to admit it was hot watching these dirty older guys lust after my sister.
And then when Mom walked by them, they checked her out real good. Again, I could understand why. Patricia had been wearing an outfit I’ve seen before, a fairly tight light-blue skirt with a two-piece coral-colored sweater outfit. During the long car ride, mom had removed the outer button-down sweater, and was now out in just the matching sleeveless sweater, and it sure was tight on her! The thin fabric clung to her torso and bra like a latex glove, showing off every seam of her bra, even underneath her cups. Her big heavy breasts swayed as she walked in her high heels, and the eyes of the bad dirty guys were coming out. As she passed them, their eyes dropped to her ass and followed her as she walked. The black big man looked at the little one and held out his hands, palms inward, moving his palms up in front of his chest, clearly imitating Mama’s large, agitated breasts. The shorter one with the Brazilian team shirt smiled and nodded. The double vision of the good-looking mom and the strangers looking at her really gave my prick a tingle.
After Mom walked into the station, the two guys whispered to each other. Then they looked over at our car, and Dad pumping gas. Alan had his back to the station, so he didn’t notice the two men ogling his wife and daughter.
Jennifer left the station and returned to the driver’s seat as the two strangers watched her. Then, when her mother left the station, the two men straightened, dropped their cigarettes and started walking after her. The younger one made a comment to Mom that I couldn’t hear. She looked at the smiling stranger, but instead of recognizing him, she turned and kept walking over to the car.
As Mom approached the front passenger door, the two men parted. The older black man followed his mother to the door and the younger one went to his father. He asked his father to lend him a dollar or something. Dad tried to push him away and get in the car, but the man took a bat and hit his head once. Dad fell into the car, his glasses flying away from his head. The man got in the car and pushed his father.
At the same time, the larger black man pulled out a gun and grabbed his mother in front of her sweater. “Get in the back!” He ordered. He opened my passenger-side back door, and pushed Mom in, practically on top of me. He slammed the door shut on mom, jumped into the front seat next to the slumping dad, and closed the door.
The Latino behind the wheel hit the gas and raced out of the gas station as he locked the door locks. Mom and Jennifer shouted, Dad seemed to be completely freaked out, and I sat between Jennifer and Mom in stunned silence.
“Shut up! Or I’ll hit him again!” Shouted the big guy in the passenger seat, pointing his pistol at Dad.
Mom shut up, but Jennifer kept screaming. “Jennifer, be quiet,” said Mom. Finally, when the guy point his pistol in her direction, she gasped and then closed her mouth.
“Alan? Alan?” Mom called daddy. Dad shifted a little, but he was basically a useless one.
“Don’t worry about him, I didn’t hit him so hard,” said the Latin driver with a very heavy accent. In the rearview mirror, I saw him smile mischievously.
We were driving through some urban streets, with businesses on either side, but few pedestrians or cars around us. “Give me your bags here,” ordered the largest. Mom and Jennifer handed him the bags. “And you, your wallet,” he said to me. I obediently handed it to him. He took it, and found Dad’s wallet in his pocket, but didn’t immediately start to look through his loot. Instead, he settled into the front seat, practically on top of Alan, leaning against the door and watching us. He said something in Spanish to the driver, and then looked over at Jennifer. Her skirt had ridden up in the excitement, above her mid-thigh point.
“Hey, white girl, you have beautiful legs!” He paused and stared at them for a minute, admiring my sister’s bare legs. “Show us some more. Pull the skirt up.”
Instead, Jennifer pulled her hem down to her knees, whimpering.
“Do you want me to hit this worm again?” he said, raising the gun.
“Not!” Said the mother in a faltering voice. “Please leave him alone. Leave my husband alone.”
The big guy instead pointed his gun at me. “You don’t open your mouth again, Mama. You do and I shoot your son, ‘comprendes’?”
Mom didn’t respond, but the passenger turned to Jennifer again, and repeated, “Pull your skirt up.”
“Mom?” Jennifer whimpered.
“Honey, just do what he says; that’s fine,” replied the mother.
Jennifer’s trembling hands grabbed her skirt hem, and slowly slid it up her legs. My cock stirred as I watched her long legs exposed. When she stopped near her crotch, the big guy said, “All the way up. Show me everything.”
Jennifer had a frightened look in her eyes. She whimpered again but lifted her skirt to her hips, exposing her white thighs and pink cotton panties. I immensely enjoyed seeing her bare legs and transparent panties revealing the bush over her pussy. But I also enjoyed seeing the big Cuban guy staring at her panties, and the driver adjusting the rearview mirror for a better view. “Spread your legs wider,” he ordered, and Jennifer reluctantly spread her legs wider.
We were still in a little traffic, and the big guy kept looking around, apparently making sure we were a little discreet. But mostly he admired Jennifer’s white legs and the hair covering her young pussy. My sister’s eyes filled with tears. She didn’t know where to look while her intimacy was being shared by strangers and her entire family.
Finally the driver said something in Spanish. I thought I caught the word, “Mamacita.”
“Si, Jotha,” said the passenger. He turned to Mom. “He wants you to show your legs now. Go ahead.”
Mom glanced over at Jennifer and me. There was genuine fear in her eyes. Her jaw actually dropped. She looked like she was going to say something, but stopped herself.
Just do what he says; it’ll be OK, I thought, recalling what Mom said to her daughter faced with the same dilemma. But I kept my thoughts to myself, and waited with anticipation. The passenger sighed and lifted his gun up. That made Mom move.
Mom’s skirt was tight, and it took some effort to hike it up her thighs, tugging at one side at a time. She too paused when her skirt was up to her crotch, but with the big guy’s insistence, she bunched her skirt up nearly to her waist.
Mom was wearing white panties, no surprise since she was wearing a white skirt. But she was wearing pantyhose over them. The triangle of stitching blocked my view of her panty crotch. Still, there was something very erotic about seeing Mom’s panties through the thin pantyhose, with her skirt bunched up at her waist, and two strangers looking at her panties.
“Oh, good, Mom,” complimented the passenger. The driver made a laughing comment in Spanish that I didn’t understand. Mom tried to be stoic, with a firm jaw, but her eyes gave away the fear, humiliation, and helplessness that she no doubt felt. I should have been gallant and averted my eyes, but presented with a sight I’ve dreamed about, I stared unabashedly at Mom’s and my sister’s legs and panties. I should have been gallant and avoided my eyes, but presented with a vision that I dreamed, I blatantly looked at my mother and sister’s legs and panties as the pervert I am.
The passenger looked back at Jennifer. “Hey Snow White, I see you’re a natural woman. I want to see if you have hair from your cunt or get shaved!”
“Yeah, I have a hairy cunt,” Ashley whimpered.
“Show me the hair under your panties. Let’s see this hairy, natural pussy.” Jennifer whimpered, and shook her head no.
He pointed the gun at me. “OK, so brother, do that. Pull the panties aside, or I’ll hit that worm again.” He poked Daddy to make his point.
“C’mon. Just pull her underwear aside. NOW!
I bent down. My own left hand was shaking. He had no way of knowing how much I wanted to see what was under my sister’s panties. Jennifer cringed as my hand touched her bare thigh. But she said nothing when I put my hand on her panties. I swear I could feel the heat coming out of his groin. As ordered, I cautiously grabbed the side of her panties, and grabbed the fabric. I don’t know why I thought I would need some work, like a steel chastity belt, but the thin cotton easily pulled aside revealing my object of pleasure to the delight of two strange men.
My hand brushed my sister’s pubic hair. She was, as I imagined, had a good pussy covered with delicate and naturally uncut hair, although her mouth hair looked a little thicker than the hair on her head. But pubic hair was more abundant on the slit of the pussy. I rested my hand on her thigh, keeping the fabric pulled aside so that the two strangers could admire Jennifer’s cunt as I was. It was the first naked pussy I ever saw in real life, and it didn’t matter that it was my sister’s. In fact, I think this has improved for some reason.
We drove through some traffic, the three of us men admiring my sister’s hairy pussy, the two strangers discussing this.
“Ah ha. Do you think Mamacita has a shaved pussy or is it hairy like her daughter?” Jotha asked the passenger.
The Cuban black smiled, looked into Mom’s eyes and replied, “I don’t know, but I want to find out. Take off your pantyhose and panties too, we want to see this shabby pussy,” she ordered. Mom inhaled, gave her a look of indignation, looked down, and paused. Then she sighed, lifted her butt off the seat, grabbed the waistband of her pantyhose and panties, and began to wiggle them down.
I couldn’t believe it. I was going to see Mom’s pussy, too!
Mom kept her thighs together as she pulled her pantyhose past her knees, and at the big guy’s orders, down her calves and off of her feet, removing her shoes. I could see a big patch of black pubic hair protruding from between her clenched thighs.
“Spread your legs, give us a good view of this hairy cat!”
As ordered, Mom spread her legs wide, pressing her left thigh against my right thigh.
“Wider fat bitch!”
Mom lifted her knee and threw it over my knee, spreading her legs as wide as she could. Now the three of us could admire the wide triangle of long, untrimmed pubic hair Mom was exposing, as well as the bright pink lips in the middle of the jungle. Mom boasted her big hairy pussy
Jotha the driver wheezed out a chuckle, looking at his rear view mirror at my mom’s naked pussy. He and the driver, whom he called Roberto, traded a few comments about it in Spanish. I wished I’d paid attention better in Spanish class in school.
Roberto looked back at Jennifer. I was still holding her panties sideways to him, and putting a little massage on his pubis with the back of my fingers. “You spread more too, like the fat bitch. Take off those panties!
I let go of Jennifer’s panties, and she lifted her butt off the seat, and slide them down and off. She threw her right knee over my left knee as ordered. I now had my mother’s and my sister’s knees over mine, and was looking at both bare hairy pussies. With nowhere else to put my hands, I rested my hands on her thighs. I had to admit to myself that I was enjoying this. I had a throbbing hard on hidden in my pants. I unabashedly stared at both of their pussies. I also liked the humiliated expressions on their faces. Mom’s nipples were protruding through her tight sweater. Jennifer’s dress was tight enough over her breasts that I could see her nipples protruding. I wondered what it was that made her nipples hard. Embarrassment? Eroticism? Or was it the pleasure of feeling my hand on her young hairy pussy?
Now we were entering a rural area with some small, poor houses with no cars on the road.
Roberto said something to Jotha, the driver, and Jotha nodded. “Okay, Snow White,” said Roberto. “Let’s see your breasts.”
Startled Jennifer whimpered again. My cock jumped again.
“You, brother, unzip her dress.” Jennifer’s dress was closed at the back. “Come on, Snow White, let your brother unzip you.” Jennifer turned her back to me a little. I reached out both hands and pulled the zipper around her neck. It began to descend. That’s the sexiest I’d ever heard a zipper sound. I slowly zipped it down, until I could see her maroon-colored bra in the back. I kept going, slowly, until the zipper was nearly down to her waist. There was no slip or camisole under Jennifer’s dress, just the thin bra strap.
“Lower the dress,” ordered Roberto. With a defeated expression on her face, Jennifer pulled her dress forward off of her chest, exposing her smooth molded maroon-colored bra cups. Her tits appeared to be pushed together, the cups lifting them up like a shelf. Her pale breasts poked just a little out of the tops. From my side view, her bra gapped away from her tits a little, and I could see into the left cup enough to see her tit sloping away from her body.
“Unhook your sister’s bra, brother.”
As ordered, I reached up again, and fumbled mightily with Jennifer’s bra clasp, my hands shaking, knowing I was about to see her tits, wondering if they were as wonderful as I’d imagined them. When I finally unclasped it, Jennifer lowered her bra straps, and allowed her bra to fall off of her chest, and lay in a heap on her lap along with her dress.
She tried to cover them, but Roberto said, “Hands, down, let us see them.” Jennifer clasped her hands on her lap and obediently stood up straight with her shoulders back, like she does in church.
They were more wonderful than I imagined. They were a pair of hearts B or better, round and sitting tall. Her flesh was as pale as she could, allowing her pink halos to contrast sharply with her white breasts. Their areolas were ruffled. Her nipples were hard, taut. I didn’t know how breasts could be more perfect.
“Yes, Snow White, beautiful breasts, huh?” Jotha agreed, looking through the rearview mirror at my sister’s bare breasts. Mom sat quietly, head in hand, pussy still exposed, as the three conscious men stared at her daughter’s exposed breasts.
Jotha noticed the peasants as we approached a warehouse, and Roberto told Jennifer to duck. She obeyed and leaned back, keeping her head almost above the windows. Jennifer started pulling her dress to cover her breasts, but Roberto said, “No, I still want to see those pink nipples.” As Jotha watched Jennifer through the rearview mirror, Roberto uncovered the mirror on the other side of the passenger seat sun visor and adjusted it so that he could also look at my sister’s bare chest as he sat forward.
“Young lady, shake your breasts.” He showed him what he meant by shrugging his shoulders back and forth. Jennifer copied it, moving her shoulders so that her breasts moved back and forth. I almost died watching them bounce back and forth, and then, just as quickly, returned to the spot.
“Hey brother, what’s your name?” said Roberto.
My name is Brandon sir.
“Ok Brandon,” said Roberto. “Shake them for me. Pick them up and jiggle them.” I couldn’t believe my luck. I was being made to fondle my sister’s tits! It’s like he read my mind. I reached over with my right hand, and cupped Jennifer’s left tit. She flinched at first, giving me a dirty look. But she quickly looked straight ahead, her eyes red, holding back tears, while I squeezed her tit.
That tits was great. I was a steady handful and I love to play with him. I lifted it like it was weighing a tomato and jumped up and down. Then I rocked back and forth quickly, squeezing it. Not caring about the peasants walking the road, probably unable to see anything we were doing in the back seat at this speed, I played with both of Jennifer’s breasts, bravely manipulating them as if I owned them. Jennifer glanced up at me, and I couldn’t help but give her a little smirk, remembering all the times she treated me bad, and calling me a “perv” just for trying to glance at her tits. For this one moment, I owned my big sister, and had her right where I wanted her. Mom and Dad were right there with us, and could do nothing to me.
We were in the middle of nowhere, apparently surrounded by farmland. Roberto turned again and watched us. Jotha said, “Now, Mamacita. Look at Mamacita’s big breasts!”
“OK, Mom, he wants to see your big breasts,” Roberto interpreted. “Your turn. Take off your top. Or should I ask Brandon to do that?”
“What’s your name Mamacita?” Asked the Cuban.
My name is Patricia, said my resigned mother
I was willing, but Mom slowly crossed her arms and grabbed the hem of her sweater around her waist. Suppressing a sob, she lifted her sweater until her large coral bra was exposed. She pulled the sweater over her head through her brown hair, and dropped it on her lap.
Her mother’s molded bra had a few lace between the cups, but it was soft and unadorned. Her cleavage was spreading over them and joined. Caesar moaned and laughed with a big lewd smile.
“Unhook it, son,” ordered Roberto. I leaned to my right, and Mom turned her back to me, refusing to look at me, as I fumbled with her bra. Hers had three clasps holding the wide back together. Clearly this bra was designed to support a lot of weight. Finally, in a little less time it took me to unclasp Ashley’s, the bra was open in back.
“Lean back, Patricia,” ordered Roberto. “Brandon, pull Patricia’s bra off.” Mom leaned back against the seat, placing her trembling hands on her lap. I could see her lips quivering as I pulled down her right bra strap, then her left. I pulled down on the tops of the two cups, and peeled her bra off.
Mom’s two giant breasts spilled and hung freely. I was inches from those huge, heavy breasts as two strange men smiled and greeted Mom’s breasts. If Jennifer’s teen breasts were perfect, Mom had huge breasts with pink veins and nipples. I wouldn’t say they gave in, just leaned a little from my side view – but not bad considering her age and the fact that she had breastfed two c***dren. They were still fine, their nipples hard. Some may think their halos were too big and pink. I liked the size and the wide nipples. In a way, they were not perfect. Maybe they were beyond perfection because I wanted to touch them more than Jennifer’s.
As with Jennifer, Roberto ordered Mom to do a little show for him and his partner in crime. Mom, now naked from the waist up except for her pearl necklace, was forced to sit up straight and shake her tits back and forth. They were shaking differently than Jennifer’s. As my sister’s young breasts trembled rapidly, Mom staggered more slowly. Sometimes when she shrugged or bounced up and down in her seat, her breasts were moving in the opposite direction she was. “Yes Yes!” Cheering Jotha, “Big tits, si!”
“Feel her tits, Brandon,” Roberto ordered. “Make them rock for me. Shake them hard.” I reached out my left hand and held Mom’s big right. Mom lifted her head and moaned as I squeezed her breasts. They felt different from Jennifer’s. They were softer. The flesh tightened my fingers more. And it felt heavier when I lifted them. It was such a good feeling to have them in my hands. Her nipples are hard and thick. I pulled and played with the index finger.
Both men laughed watching me feel up my mom. “Hey, Brandon, kiss her,” said Jotha, puckering his lips to show what he meant.
“Yeah, Yes, have fun with your mother,” seconded Roberto.
I looked at Mom. For the first time since she took off her sweater, she looked at me. Our faces were inches apart. have fun with your own mother? I studied her face for a brief minute. She had some lines around her eyes. Lines were starting to form on her upper lip. Her mascara was running. But she was really pretty. She had very kissable lips, not something I’d really noticed much before. Her perfume seemed to be calling me. As ordered, I slowly moved closer to her, and pressed my lips against hers.
Mom flinched once, but when I persisted, she pressed back. I opened my mouth wide, and made out with her. She was reluctant initially, but soon her lips moved with mine.
“Use your tongue, Brandon. You too, Patricia.” I stuck my tongue out, and licked Mom’s lips. She tried to close her mouth, but surrendered and parted her lips. I slid my tongue into Mom’s mouth and licked around inside of her. Finally, after I poked her tongue with mine a few times, she straightened her tongue and allowed me to circle my tongue around hers. Then she started circling her tongue, and we were into a full-blown French kissing session. While still feeling her tits!
“Let me see your tongues. Open your mouth.” I backed up a little, but kept my tongue on Mom’s. Our tongues were outside our mouths; sword fighting with each other so our captors could see them.
“Well, son, now kiss your neck. Go to her big breasts.” I didn’t need to be told twice. I kissed and licked my way to Mom’s chin, then neck, over the pearl necklace, then down the middle of her chest, until I found her cleavage. I pushed her tits together and stuck my tongue between her tits, and buried my face in her huge breasts.
After surrounding my flesh-and-bone face a little, my lips went to Mom’s left chest. I held your aureolas are much bigger than Jennifer’s. I licked your nipples and even bit once. I sucked as I imagined I did as a baby, as if giving me nutrition. I wondered if she was having a similar flashback. Mom was panting, her chest heaving as I nibbled on it.
“Hey, Brandon, your sister’s lonely over there. Give her some attention.” I looked up from Mom’s chest, not sure what he was “ordering” me to do. “Play with her pussy.”
I glanced at Jennifer, who was slumped in her seat but still topless, and still had her dress pulled to her waist. She gave me a startled look but didn’t stop me from placing my left hand on her right thigh. Without giving her a chance to object, I slid my palm over her pussy mound. Jennifer stepped back involuntarily once, but under Roberto’s orders she threw her knee over mine again, spreading her legs. I could feel the moisture where my palm rubbed its slit. I could see the pink color shining. I played with the flesh of her pussy, ran my fingers through her thick lock of hair and slid my index finger along its slit.
“Come on, Brandon, finger fuck her.” As ordered, I slid my middle finger inside my sister’s pussy. Jennifer groaned as I slowly worked my way past the second joint. Wow, what a nice feeling! Wet and slippery and hot!
“Brandon you have to do the same to your mother,” said Jotha. I looked at Mom, who was also lying down, shirtless, and with her skirt up to her waist. I put my right hand on his left knee and slid his smooth thigh. She shuddered as I combed my fingers through her long pubic hair, whimpered as I squeezed and rubbed her pussy mound, and then emitted an audible scream as my middle finger started working on her pussy. Its large slit was also well lubricated and only slightly more spacious than Jennifer’s.
We rolled down the road, my mother and sister on both sides, shirtless and bottomless, while I touched their cunt, with two Latin guys watching us. Both were breathing heavier and reacting to my fingers. While working a second finger on each, the two spread their legs wider and arched the pelvis.
“Do well, Brandon. Wiggle your fingers around. Go fast.” I did as Roberto said, and quickly slid my fingers in and out as quickly as I could, swinging them around. I could hear a sloppy “shika shika” sound coming out of both of her pussies. Both were pushing their hips in and out and swaying their hips from side to side. The difference was that Jennifer, with a frightened wide-eyed expression, spread her legs wider as she squeezed my hand, while Mom turned to me and closed her fleshy thighs around my hand, eyes half closed, mouth wide open.
She was ecstatic!
“Frig your clits. That button above your slit,” Roberto pointed out. I wasn’t sure where a clitoris was, but when I found them, both Mom and Jennifer squealed and started shaking. I opened them as fast as I could, circling the little buttons.
“Ha haaa! They’re cumming! Oh, I don’t believe it!” Laughed Jotha. He and Roberto laughed out loud when Mom squeezed her thighs tightly around my hand. She buried her head in my shoulder. Jennifer put her hand on my thigh and squeezed it as she shuddered and shivered. Were both Latinos right? Would they really have orgasms for making me do this?
Finally, the two began to relax and rest their heads. They both pushed my hands from their trembling groins, as if it were too much for them. I pulled my fingers from her pussy and rested on her thighs.
“Shit Brandon, I bet you got pretty horny now. I think girls should take care of you now. Patricia don’t be shy, suck Brandon’s dick, he deserves it.”
Mom moaned her displeasure, but slowly sat up, and started unsnapping and unzipping my pants. I lifted my butt off the seat as she tugged down my slacks and boxers. My cock sprang out. Roberto was correct; I did have a “real boner”. I couldn’t help it if I wanted. As Mom pulled my pants and shoes off as ordered, Jennifer, as instructed, put her right hand on my cock shaft, which caused an involuntary flinch on my part. I was just a little embarrassed at first, having my cock out in front of my mom, my sister, and two strange men. But somehow it seem sort of erotic being exposed that way. My cock stayed firm, red, and throbbing.
The black Cuban gave Mom and Jennifer instructions on what he wanted to do. Soon Jennifer was masturbating me, and Mom was holding my balls and massaging them gently. My hands were around my mother’s and my sister’s waist so that I could slip under her arms and feel her breasts and caress her nipples.
“Hey Brandon, kiss your sister. The way you did Mama. Stick out your tongues.” As ordered, I leaned into Jennifer’s face. His green eyes looked at me. She was very beautiful, smooth skin and full red lips. His expression was one of fear and revulsion, but I didn’t care. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. I kissed her still caressing her breasts with one hand.
We licked each other’s tongues for a minute, and then started a hot, wet kiss. Our mouths and chins were wet, and our lips smacked, as our tongues met inside of our mouths. I turned to Mom and we kissed this time more naturally and instinctively.
“Patricia, now it’s your turn. Kiss your daughter,” ordered Roberto. Mom and Jennifer were forced to lean right in front of my face, and the French kiss. I could hear their lips smacking and watched my mom’s and sister’s tongues entwine, their eyes closed, their faces moving from side to side. My mother licked my saliva that was still on my sister’s chin and returned it inside mouth Jennifer’s.
“Feel each other’s breasts.” Mom and Jenifer caressed each other’s breasts, leaving my cock without their affection for a moment. They squeeze the chest and rub the breasts back and forth, leaving the nipples protruding and hard. My sister’s nipples were hard and my mother’s nipples were swollen in her big pink aureolas.
Because they were sitting for a while, and as the latins insisted that I keep playing with the women, I reached down and grabbed their asses. Jennifer had her mother hit this with her hands. Her ass was perfect, firm, round and smooth. Mom’s was definitely bigger and softer, but still round and still fun to squeeze. For some reason I had the urge to run my finger up and down her ass crack. I enjoyed it so much that I did the same to Jennifer. She squeezed her hips to suggest she was annoyed by it, but when Roberto saw it, he said to me, “Brandon, put your finger on your sister’s ass. She’ll love it.” I got the idea to go down to Jennifer’s pussy and get my middle finger lubricated with her juice. Then I slowly worked it in her crack, found her asshole, and took my time working my finger deeper.
I really liked the idea of goosing my older sister with my finger, knowing it was annoying and humiliating her and she couldn’t stop me.
” Girl, don’t be shy. Time to return the cuddles to your brother. Give him a good cock suck.” Jennifer lowered her head to my lap, her long brown hair tickling my thighs. She reluctantly put her lips over the head of my cock, and was swallowing inches by inch. It was so good I thought it might explode in your mouth. Mom had to play with my balls some more, but she was also forced to plant her lips on my cock and suck me. Mom and Jennifer took turns sucking my dick, the other licking my dick and balls while I bent down and played with her hanging breasts. Eventually my mom stuck her tongue in Jennifer’s mouth and exchanged saliva with the pre cum of my cock This was paradise! At that moment I realized that my mother was doing this feverishly and horny.
“Okay, ladies, sit down. Stop, Mom.” They both sat, waiting for further instructions, leaving me with an unrealized stick. “Snow white, sit on your lap.” Jennifer lifted her ass and started to sit on me, hard and all. “No, just one leg. Facing me,” Roberto instructed. She threw one leg over me and lowered her body into my lap. Due to the low roof of the car, his head was tilted down, his hands on either side of me. Clearly, my hard cock was in the way. And now Roberto made it clear that he wanted to see me penetrate my sister’s pussy.
“Spread your legs wide and take your brother’s cock.” Jennifer moaned and whimpered, but did as she was told. She bent down and opened her own lips, and guided her on my cock. Once she put her head down, she slowly lowered herself and slid down my shaft.
Holy shit! What an amazing feeling! That tight but slippery cunt wrapped around my cock, slowly moving up and down. I was finally fucking my sister and the best, next to my own mother! Not even in my crazy dreams would this have happened
My sister got somewhat comfortable on my lap, her back to me, her legs spread wide. I grabbed her hips a little, as we got in a rhythm. Then my hands roamed, up to her tits, squeezing both of her wonderful firm bags.
“Ohh, Ohhh!” Moaned Jennifer as she used her legs to thrust up and down on my cock. It wasn’t as fast as I wanted, so I thrust up fast, and made her try to keep up the pace. She did pretty good. It was fun fucking my sister!
While I had sex with Jennifer, Roberto made me feel my mom’s big breasts a little more. Mom put her hand under Jennifer and stroked my balls. He also tilted his mouth to suck on Jennifer’s breasts. And I can bet she was enjoying doing it as much as I was.
We navigated the country road in the middle of a large cane field when I lost my virginity to my sister with my mother and two men watching. Jennifer’s eyes were closed, her moans getting louder, her thrusts faster. I was fucking faster, gritting my teeth. Mom was instructed to stroke Jennifer’s clit.
“OOHHHHH! UNNNGGG !!” Jennfer moaned as I threw a load of cum into her pussy as she genie loudly inside the car. I kept pushing, but as my thrusts slowed, so did hers. She leaned toward me, crying, and her torso shuddered with rhythmic spasms. She was cumming with my cock inside her and with my mom’s fingers stroking her clit.
Finally, a tearful Jennifer came down from me and collapsed on the bench beside me. I was panting, but my cock was still very firm, read and shiny, and slightly pulsing.
“Alright, Patricia. Now is to prepare it again.” Mom was forced to give me a hand job. She stroked quickly, her breasts shaking. Then Roberto told her to suck me again. She ran her lips over my juicy cock and sucked me hard, no doubt tasting her son’s sperm and daughter’s juices. I noticed that she sucked and licked hungry, she certainly realized that my cock was much bigger than my father’s pathetic cock, who helplessly heard everything from the trunk floor.
“Hey, Mama, give him a tittie fuck. Wrap those big jugs around his cock. That would get me stiff.” My cock was already stiff, but when Mom fell to the floor and rocked her breasts over my cock like she had experience of it, I freaked out at the feel of my cock sliding between my mom’s big tits. Mom pressed her tits together over my cock, like a hot dog in a warm smooth bun, and rubbed her chest up and down on it. It didn’t necessarily feel better than her cock sucking, but the sight and idea of any woman, much less my mom, shaking her giant tits around my cock, was extremely arousing.
“Alright Patricia, Brandon is ready for you. Let’s go now.” Powerless and following Cuban k**napper orders, Mom rode me, but this time she was facing me. She hugged me and lowered her head to hit the roof of the car. She leaned over my shoulders, her long legs spread across my body. She lowered her big hairy pussy on my cock. First, I felt her forest of pubic air touching my head and thought of finding her through all that black-haired jungle. But as soon as she slid over me, I felt the same hot, oiled friction I felt with Jennifer. Of course, Mom was a little softer and more receptive because she gave birth to two c***dren. But she knew how to fuck, and she tightened her pussy muscles around my shaft as she jumped up and down.
Mom’s hips were so much bigger than my sister’s, they went in and out of me, and I grabbed the cheeks of her big ass as they pushed me. Her big tits were pushed into my face, so I pinched a nipple with my mouth. I put my hands on them too and squeezed them as I pushed my cock as hard as I could into my mom’s pussy channel.
I caught a glimpse through the rearview mirror of Mom’s huge ass coming in and out of me. So I was aware of how slutty and sexy mom looked from the point of view of our captors.
“UNNNGGGG! HUNNNNNNGGGGGG! Oh son” Mommy growled hoarsely, in a very un-feminine way, singing sounds that I’ve never heard her make before. Jennifer was forced to act again, feeling Mom’s breasts, kissing her, and finally sticking a finger in Mom’s ass.
“URRRGH! AHHHH …. OH SON!” She jerked quickly at me, moving her hips from side to side to better rub on my cock. She also looked very excited. Her brown hair quivered on my face, her breasts swayed wildly. Her captors adored her about this big-assed mature woman being fucked by her own son.
“UNNNGGGG! GUUCCCKKK! HOOO son, my son” She bubbled as I pummeled her pussy. She twisted her hips wildly. I had to hold her hips to keep her from moving away from me. I needed to put my baby seed deep in it. His face was contorted and sweaty, makeup dripping from his eyes. “OHHHHH my son, I’m coming!”

…..end of first prte…..
I wasn’t really aware of that, but as I was fucking my mother, Roberto was giving Jotha some driving directions. When my weeping mother fell from my lap, I noticed that we were on a narrow road surrounded by fields of sugar cane. Jotha slowed and entered what was some kind of tractor-driven road. It was a dirt track, wide enough to pass a vehicle, a few feet wider than the car. The car stopped about a mile into a large cane field. That there were certainly no people miles away.
The two men got out of the car. Jotha walked in front of the passenger side. Roberto, the black Cuban, came to the driver’s side. Almost simultaneously, they opened like two rear doors. The stout black man grabbed Jennifer by the arm and pulled him out of the car. The younger man grabbed my mother by the arm and pulled her hard out of the car.
Jennifer was like a rag doll. She screamed as he hugged her. Her skirt fell and covered her legs, but she was topless, and Roberto wasted no time kissing her and feeling her breasts.
My mom could have gotten over the driver, but he seemed like a tough guy and managed to control his mom. My mother’s skirt, like Jennifer’s, was still topless, her big jugs swaying as she fought the raptor, her black hair fluttering wildly as Jotha tried to kiss her. In fact, she tried to run away, her breasts flying everywhere as she ran. But the man grabbed her next. He hugged her from behind and squeezed her two breasts. I could see the white flesh of his chest pressing between the darker fingers. He held and shook his two large jugs from behind as Mom screamed and cried.
My dad and I watched helplessly inside the car.
Jennifer was pushed against the now closed back door, her bare back locked against the crack of the open window. The Cuban’s black face was buried in her breasts when Jennifer screamed, trying to break free from her a*****or. From my angle, I could barely see the Cuban’s lips around my sister’s left nipple.
The driver dragged his mother back to the car. He threw her against the car door and continued to knead her large breasts, which were now only a meter from me on the other side of the window. The window was also open just a crack, enough that I could hear Mom’s moans and sobs, and the clatter of my feet on the ground. Jotha ripped off her skirt with a quick jerk, and Mom was naked except for her necklace and earrings. He pushed her torso against the window. Her breasts were smashed against the glass, and Dad and I could see her nipples, areolas and many of her white breasts against the windowpane. Jotha quickly dropped his pants, exposing a long penis surrounded by black pubic hair. He quickly pointed to Mom’s big hairy pussy from behind and slammed it hard. Mom shouted. I could hear the slap of flesh on flesh as he quickly pushed inside.
It was very erotic to watch that strange man fuck my mother with me and Dad watching. he was fucking the same pussy I just filled with my own cum. For a moment, I thought she must be enjoying being penetrated by that big Latin cock. He was much bigger than my dad’s little chick. Seeing my mother naked made me a hard cock, but seeing her fuck another man in front of me made me think of perverted thoughts. At some point, I wanted to put my dick that was still hard as a rail in my mom’s mouth. Let her give me a good blowjob while the Latin man stretches her pussy with a thick hairy cock.
Jennifer was already naked, and I got a good look at her ass. It was white, round, firm and perfect, but her flesh still trembled as she struggled uselessly. The Cuban man raised his left knee a little, pulled a long fat cock and tucked it into Jennifer’s pussy. Jen screamed and moaned. Roberto had a sandy smile on his face as he repeatedly pushed her pussy. I could hear his flesh beating hers as he reached out and played with her breasts.
The car was shaking when my mother and sister were being fucked against it. They were shouting and the men laughing and grunting, but the sound was drowned out by acres of sugar cane. I realized that it would be pointless to try to defend my mother and sister, Dad was still u*********s and the k**nappers still had guns. Plus, I was really enjoying seeing Mom and Jennifer naked and abused by these two weird, dirty guys.
Jotha pushed Mom’s hips away from the car. His hands were against the car that supported her as she leaned over. Her breasts hung almost straight and trembling all over her body. I could see the flesh of her ass ripple as the younger k**napper penetrated doggy style. He moved his hands around her sides and grasped her hanging breasts. Her mother’s head was hanging, her brown hair covering her face. Then she raised her head and looked into my eyes, just a meter from the window. She had a helpless, pleading look on her face. But I just stood there, still naked and with a hard cock, watching his naked body fuck.
Jennifer’s side of the car got noisier. Roberto had both of her feet off the ground and her knees up, and he was thrusting feverishly. Jennifer was wailing and hollering while her ass got slammed into the car. In a growing of noise, both of their bodies gyrated wildly, until their thrusts diminished in speed and intensity. It seemed like both of them had loud orgasms.
Beside the car, my mother was begging, “No, no, please!” The driver pulled his thick cock out of her pussy and was crushing it in her ass. With some work, he was able to slide inside her ass and fuck my mom’s ass as she cried louder, sobbing openly. With great skill, he reached her mother’s hairy pussy and played with her hard clit. For a while, it felt like Mom was spinning everywhere, her huge breasts flying wildly with every pumping the hijacker took to my mother’s ass, until Jotha stopped pushing inside her ass and released her. Mom fell to her knees in the dirt.
Mom and Jennifer lay their captors chatted over the roof of the car. Then the women were dragged to the front of the car. The k**nappers traded toys – the driver Jotha took Jennifer and the big black took mom. Jennifer was forced to her knees and was made to suck Jotha’s thick cock as he leaned against the car. Mom was also forced to kneel and forced to have oral sex, her head bobbing back and forth on the shiny cock. It occurred to me that Jotha was much older than Jennifer, probably not as old as my mother. And Roberto, though significantly older than my father, looked much younger than his mother.
Daddy watched everything inpotent and humiliated and I watched it all very horny, watching two strange men fuck my mother and sister at the same time.
Mom was then lifted and thrown back on the hood. Roberto climbed on top of her and mounted his chest with his large black body. He placed his cock between her two large white breasts, pushed them together and quickly fucked her. Both men laughed and joked in Spanish.
Jennifer was thrown backwards into the hood of the car. Her white legs were open, hanging on the driver’s side of the hood. Jotha got between her legs and pushed the thick cock into her open pussy. She cried as she was taken by the third man of the day. Jotha rested her shoulders on the hood as her head shook, her hair getting messy. He bent down and toyed with her pink nipples, which I noticed were sitting high on his chest. I could see her flesh on her thigh each time she was hit.
Roberto descended from his mother’s huge breasts. He grabbed her ankles and slid it down until her torso was on the edge of the car on the passenger’s side. He stood between her legs and lifted his feet over his head. He thrust his big cock inside her, pulling her comfortably against him. Her mother’s legs were still on his shoulders, pushed over his body as she was fucked on the hood. Her big white breasts danced wildly in her chest – I noticed she was moaning with some satisfaction at being fucked by that big black dick.
Both women were moaning loudly and crying again when the car was pushed. They were close enough, though upside down, that their respective attackers could reach out and play with each other’s breasts. One moment, Mom, while being fucked by Roberto, was feeling her two breasts sitting by Roberto and Jotha. And the next moment, Jennifer felt her breasts caressing both men as Jotha sank his cock into her teen pussy. It seemed like an hour they were fucked and they felt. But slowly they came to a tall crescendo. Apparently, seconds after each other, the two shattered and screamed in apparent climax before the laughing hijackers pulled their dripping roosters from their used pussies.
When I thought it was over for mom and Jennifer, the huge black man came to the car and pulled his father out of the trunk and told me to get out of the vehicle too. He made my father lie on the floor and put my mother sitting on his face, and said to my father, “Old man, eat my cum in your wife’s pussy, Brandon my boy, I know you enjoyed fucking your mom’s big pussy, but now I want you to put your cock in her mouth”. It was humiliating to see my father as he was, eating a stranger’s sperm that dripped from my mother’s pussy, but I didn’t care, I really wanted to penetrate my mother’s soft mouth with my already hard cock.
Then Jotha threw Jennifer to her knees on the other side of my mother so she could suck Mommy’s big pink nipples, and as soon as Jennifer’s young mouth began to suck on mom’s nipple I felt an electric current enveloping our bodies. Oblivious to the hijackers mamae was ecstatic feeling my dad licking her pussy while Jennifer sucked her breasts and with my dick fucking her hot mouth. I realized my mom was rubbing her open pussy in my dad’s mouth so he could eat as much sperm as possible.
After a while, Mom let several strings of saliva and drool run down her chin that covered her large white breasts, my sister, who was busy sucking her nipples, was collecting Mom’s drool with her young mouth, while my dad was still feeding on Cuban sperm that ran down the swollen lips of Mom’s cunt. The sight of all this was so breathtaking that it wasn’t long before I discharged a large amount of cum into my mother’s mouth. and I could feel that part of my cum she swallowed, but still had a good amount in her mouth, was when Jotha lifted Jennifer and spoke to my mother. “Ok mommy, don’t be selfish and share your son’s sperm with his little sister, let her swallow some of Brandon’s cum too.”
Reluctantly, Jennifer opened her mouth and let Mom’s hot tongue enter her young mouth, loaded with my white cum, and instinctively Mom kisses Jennifer caressing her own nipples. I could feel that, despite all the embarrassment of the situation, Mom was doing all this with a little bit of a hard-on.
The two men got dressed, talked to each other, stole our money and our car, and disappeared into the car down the narrow road. Mom and Jennifer were still naked and stunned by everything that had happened and they searched for their clothes on the grass to compose themselves. Mother still crying went to her father, hugged him tenderly and kissed him, in a soft and slightly erotic kiss, and for a moment I thought I still wanted to feel some sperms coming out of that big black penis in his father’s mouth.
The two men dressed, talked to each other, stole our money and our car, and disappeared into the narrow road. Mom and Jennifer were still naked and stunned by everything that had happened and they searched for their clothes on the grass to compose themselves. The mother, still crying, went to her father, hugged him tenderly and kissed him in a soft, slightly erotic kiss, and for a moment I thought I still wanted to feel the rest of the cum from that big black penis in his dad’s mouth.
“Bye, Mom,” I heard Jennifer say from the foyer by our house’s front door.
“Hey, where ya goin?” I asked my sister.
“Out with Ken,” she replied.
“But Dad’s out of town. I want you here tonight.”
“But I told Ben I was going to the movies with him! MOM?”
Mom was at the kitchen entrance. She just looked at us and shrugged.
“Fine,” I said. “But you’re home at nine.”
“Ah ok!” She grunted.
“Watch your attitude. And tonight I want you to do a strip dance, like Mom did last week.”

Jennifer sighed. “What do you want me to wear?”

“Anything sexy little sister. You know what I like.”

After Jennifer left home, I looked at Mom. “Nine o’clock, your room.”

“Alright Brandon, it will be as you wish”

She knew she had no choice. After the two hijackers broke up with my mother and sister, they ran away with our car and our money. The mother’s shirt fell out of the car near my father, stunned women gathered the clothes that were s**ttered on the grass. Jennifer instinctively turned her back on me as she pulled the dress off the floor and put it back on. Jotha and Roberto didn’t find my cell phone that I carefully hid. Since I wasn’t tied up, I ran to the road and waited for a car to call for help.

I returned to the family at the plantation to hear the end of an ongoing discussion. Dad was returning to lucid, but was not yet fully aware. As soon as Mom and Jennifer gained some composure and put on some clothes, they both insisted that they wanted to forget the whole incident. I told them we couldn’t, since we had to report our stolen car and take it to the hospital. But Jennifer vehemently stated that no one could know that she had sex with her younger brother, even if it was with a gun. She’d never have a normal life if this story came up. Mom was in total agreement with her. She didn’t want to become famous as the woman who was forced to have sex with her son. They didn’t want to relive the event in court or tell the police. I really didn’t want to lie about it and argue against it, but secretly I didn’t lie about it.

So the decision was made to tell the police about the car hijacking and daddy being hit in the head, but nothing about any sexual assault. When the cops finally arrived and questioned us, they received very vague descriptions from the two hijackers, since we really didn’t want them being caught to prevent them from giving testimonials and telling everything that happened. The police were not informed about any sex.

In addition to a concussion and an unpleasant headache, effect of a blow to the head. He couldn’t remember anything about this day, even if he was at the gas station beforehand. So Mom hid her truth about his wife and daughter having sex with her son.

We try to resume our lives as normally as possible. But during that time when women were being sexually abused by the hijackers, I found my cell phone, and took pictures and videos of mom and Jennifer naked and getting fucked by the two strangers. And when the phone went online again, I filed the photos and movies in my email and showed it only to Mom and Jennifer. They begged me not to show them to anyone else, and basically promised to do anything if I asked.

It did not become sexual blackmail immediately. It started with little comments to Jennifer about her beautiful white body and how she reacted when I penetrated her pink pussy. Encouraged by their silence, I began to become more confident and sassy. When my dad was at work, I crept closer to my mom in the kitchen, touching my dick in the big ass and squeezing her breasts over my shirt.

One night Mom got drunk when dad wasn’t home and made a confession that she regretted it the next day when I reminded her; she told me that, as much as she tried to tell herself that she was the victim and it was not her fault, the thing that most embarrassed and haunted her was remembering the intense physical pleasure that her body took during her multiple orgasms in the fuck with strange men. So I used this guilt against her.

Soon I was surprising Mommy in the shower slipping and lathering her naked body, squeezing her huge soft breasts, feeling the tuft of hair that adorns her pussy, entering Jennifer’s room for a quick reach on her nightgown to grope her udder – the same nightgown she once called me a “pervert” just for looking inside. I felt that Jennifer and Mom were stuck in a pact of silence with me. They would never reveal the truth of the incident to anyone, let alone my poor father. They believed it was better to be humiliated and blackmailed indoors, behind closed doors than public humiliation in the sensational news.

And then I made my mother and sister slaves to my sexual perversion. I started an i****tuous relationship with both woman, neither father nor Ken , my sister’s boyfriend, let alone our neighbors suspected anything.

It was twenty minutes to nine, so I entered Mom’s room. I chose my parents room, mainly because of the queen size bed, but also because it gives me pleasure to fuck them in the bed that my father sleeps with my mother. Mom was finishing a makeup, applying lipstick to me. She was wearing the outfit I had asked for: a black bra with a half-cup of lace, with her big teats together and the clear cleavage that spread over it like two white Belug whales; black silk bikini panties with lace along the waist and the leg, letting the pubic hair escape from the groin – frankly her belly was too round to wear those little things, causing the waistband to dip a little, but there was something of exciting and sexy; black pantyhose and garters that showed off her long sexy legs and calves but left her fleshy white top exposed; High heels with black ankle straps. She looked very sexy and dirty.

I did not buy mom clothes, I have no money for these things. I made her shop at the mall. Also, although I had no Freudian complexes with my mother or father, I found that I felt a great perverted pleasure in cheating on Daddy by having his wife buy me sexy things for his own money.

“Jennifer will be here in a few minutes,” I said. “Let’s start with a little kiss session.” I approached her where the makeup mirror was and wrapped my arms around her body, feeling her bare waist and back in my hands. I felt erotic pleasure in taking my mother’s nearly naked body, stroking her breasts inside her black bras, and her round, firm belly. I kissed her and she kissed me back. We slipped our tongues into each other’s mouths for a while. Her scent smelled good. She was great and hot.

I took it slow. I used to be everyone and things like that, and sometimes I’m just to piss Jennifer off. But now I was pacing until Jennifer joined. I ran my hands down Mom’s silk-covered ass. I massaged a little before taking some squeezes. Most of the time I kind of pinned my mom to the dressing table and stayed with her. Eventually I had to stretch and squeeze her breasts, pushing them out of their cups a little. I stroked her bare neckline, but left the globes on their shelves in their half cups. I felt my mother’s warm body shudder with bold caresses, in moments I heard her moan softly as she squeezed her large breasts, trying to feel her hard nipples inside her bra.

Jennifer returned home on time. I liked the thought that I made her leave Ken, her boyfriend, to come home and have sex with me. I heard her go to her room to change clothes. She promptly appeared in Mom’s room. She was wearing a tight yellow top with straps. I could see tangerine-colored bra straps beneath him. Her pleated white miniskirt showed almost every long, smooth thigh. Her heels were white with straps wrapped around her ankles, similar to Mom’s black ones.

“Ooh, nice clothes,” I moaned. Jennifer was beyond flushing, but the comment made her look embarrassed. “I’m a little tired tonight so I’m not going to be late. Wait, I’ll get some music.” Fuck, I almost forgot about music. I rushed to my room and grabbed my stereo. The mid-tempo pop music I chose was not something I usually listen to, but it fit the mood I wanted to set. As the song began to play, I stepped back and wrapped my left arm around Mom’s bare waist. Jennifer began to slowly sway her hips.

I only had to warn Jennifer once about the very quick removal. After that, she went into a sensual rhythm. He rocked his hips back and forth as he shifted his shoulders up and down, rubbing his hands on his hips and thighs. She was into the music and enveloped in an erotic atmosphere with her seductive and insinuating movements. I bet she’s done this kind of thing in the mirror before when no one was around. She lifted the hem of her shirt a little to show her belly button and belly button, moving the fabric back and forth. She had every movement, but facial expressions betrayed the humiliation she was feeling.

Slowly she lowered the straps of her shirt one by one as the shirt appeared. She crossed her arms, took her shirt, and pulled it over her head, gently dropping her clothes to the side. My sister’s show performance made me have a hard cock and I believe Mom’s big hairy pussy was already wet too.

Her bra pushed her breasts a little, and they were dancing in and out of cups. Jennifer grasped her breasts, pushed them a little, and even considered leaning over to show me some cleavage. Her hands slid to her skirt. She raised the bar provocatively; just enough to reveal she was wearing red panties underneath. Then she turned and shook her ass at me. She teasingly lifted her skirt on her back, and I realized that her panties were thongs! Good choice! She exposed the lower halves of her perfect naked ass, and when she leaned a little, my eyes focused on her red panty-covered crotch between her legs, where her pubic hair escaped. The women in my family keep their hair covering the pussy.

Jennifer stared at Mom and I again, sticking her thumbs in the waistband of her skirt. She pushed her hips in and out a few times before pulling down a little, bringing her skirt below the waist of her panties. I felt my mother gasp at the spectacle her daughter offered us. She alternated by pulling one side of her skirt and then the other until her little clothes slid down her panties and thighs. As she stepped out of her skirt, she pushed her panty-covered crotch toward me a little more. The sight of the hairy pussy showing through her panties was hot and provocative.

Wearing only her panties, bra, and shoes, she turned and shook her ass at me. She had a firm round white ass, with brown lines separating her cheeks from her thighs. I imagine the pleasure those two men in Cuba had when fucking my sister. As duas meias luas, por mais firmes que estivessem, balançavam quando ela balançava a bunda para trás e para a frente, lentamente a princípio, mas rapidamente. Aparentemente, ela estava jogando de verdade e colocou as mãos nos joelhos e o bumbum bateu na bunda branca. Mamãe, como eu, não conseguia tirar os olhos do espetáculo que minha irmã safada estava nos dando.

As I watched my sister undress, I kept my left arm around Mom, who was standing beside me, panting. Seeing Jennifer’s ass made me want to feel an ass, so I reached down and slid my hand into the back of Mom’s panties, and pinched her right cheek. It was much bigger than Jennifer’s, but she would do it for a moment.

Jennifer, with her back to us, follows like bra straps. She reached behind her and unbuttoned or bra with some difficulty. She danced with hands holding like cups, like bare bare backs. She turned to face us again, still holding or bra in front of her. Slowly, she grabbed like cups and lowered her bra showing off her beautiful breasts with hard hard pink nipples.

I didn’t realize my sister knew how to act so much like a bitch. And she called me “perv!”

I was after Mom now, making my dick hard for her. I reached around her and played with her exposed cleavage as I watched Jennifer’s breasts. I finally got into Mom’s bra and pinched her hard nipples inside the cups making her moan a little louder. An atmosphere of lust took over the whole environment. My sister dancing at us like a bitch in heat, my hard cock touching my mother’s bare skin and my mother with the red face and hard tits of arousal.

Jennifer stuck her thumbs inside her waist on either side of her hips. She pulled one side down, then the other, teasing me showing a little more frontal flesh each time, her pubic hair a vision of paradise. Finally she pulled the tiny garment down, arched her back and leaned forward, and slid the straps down her legs, past her knees. She had to lift her feet as she danced to take them off, and she nearly tripped and fell. Finally she was naked.

But she came back to the character when she pushed her naked pussy at me. From this proximity in good light, I could see through her black pubic hair her pink pussy.

“Yes! Go Snow White!” I screamed. She hated me for reminding her of the men who fucked her on the plantation and gave me an annoyed look before pushing back her hips.

As I watched Jennifer dance completely naked except for her white shoes and gold necklace, I rubbed my toes over my mother’s silk-covered pussy mound and slid my fingers in front of her panties. Instinctively, she was permissive and slowly spread her thighs to receive my bold caresses. I ran my fingers through the thick pubic hair, held his mound for a moment, and then found his middle finger cut through his hair. Mom was wet. Completely excited about the show Jennifer offered us and predicting what should happen next.

A new song has arrived on the blaster, this one is a little faster. “Mom, you can dance a little while you take off your clothes. Just bra and panties.” I said. “Jennifer, you keep dancing too.
Obediently, Mom stepped forward and turned to me. She was more of an old-fashioned dancer because of my influences. She put her hands in the air over her head and pushed her chest in and out, causing her cleavage to tremble and hang out of her glasses. Her legs were open, knees bent slightly as she pushed her hips in and out without looking straight at me. She shook the blacks off her shoulders, I pulled my dick out of my pants and stroked while watching Mom and Jennifer.

Mom lowered the bra straps, reached behind her and released her black clothes and slowly let it fall. Her large, heavy breasts swayed wildly everywhere. Mom turned them toward me, leaned over and swung them, and squeezed them. She did something she knows I love. She lifted her breasts, lowered her head and licked each of her own nipples. She was given to some character without any shame, she was excited about offering her show of lust to her youngest son.

“Yes, Mamacita!” I encourage her by speaking in precarious Spanish.

Mom turned and shook her ass at me a little. She has a big, not perfect ass, but it wasn’t so bad for a mature woman, and I loved the way her flesh rippled and trembled when she showed up. Mom pinned her thumbs to the sides of her waist and slowly took off her silk panties. After a few more beats and a few quick beats, Mom turned to show me that big triangle of black hair coming out of her body. She was naked except for her garter, socks and shoes. Something reported that she showed herself to me out of sheer lust and seduction!

Apparently she and my sister were already dancing for me alone. as if they were already waiting for my hard cock to fuck them. Unlike my sister, my mother was a little shy, but still very lustful. That mature body aroused in me a desperate desire. and can’t forget to be fucking that mature woman, with big, heavy breasts, with a big, receptive pussy, but was still pretty tight by the simple fact that my dad, Alan has a small, thin cock.

Jennifer was a perfect woman, with her medium and hard breasts, perfect waist, shapely thighs and beautiful sculptural body. But Mom’s big shapes aroused a much greater desire in me.
I made my mom and sister dance naked for a moment longer while I showed them my hard cock. I reached for a blaster and headed for a ballad. “Dance with each other. Really close and sexy.” Mom and Jennifer turn awkwardly and put their arms around each other. They danced slowly, basically hugging and moving their feet up and down. “Mom and Jennifer looked at each other awkwardly and hugged each other. They moved slowly, basically gluing the bodies together.

“Now kiss.” Jennifer and Mom looked at each other briefly, then turned their heads, closed their eyes and kissed slowly. I could see their tongues sticking out and licking together. Mom raised her hands and shyly grasped Jennifer’s firm breasts and stroked my sister’s nipples that were hard with horny. Jennifer did the same, unsure at first if she should return my mother’s caresses.

They massaged each other’s breasts. Knowing I liked it when their breasts touched, Mom lifted her large breasts with her hands and pressed them against Jennifer’s. She circled her large pink halos around Jennifer’s hard nipples, then crushed her breasts and rubbed her chest back and forth. Jennifer sighed. At that moment, I realized that my mother was totally surrendered to my perverted game. Her movements were erotic and she sought to pay more attention and affection to my sister, as if to make Jennifer awaken to this new secret reality of our family life. And Jennifer gradually gave in to my mother’s delicate caresses.

I was eager to begin my libertine caresses on their burning bodies.

Then I approached them both and grabbed their hands. I leaned against the dresser and pulled them close to me, Mommy on my left and Ashley on my right.

Both women wore high heels that made them sexier and more inviting. Mom was only an inch taller than Jennifer. I had my legs slightly spread, I pulled them around the waist until each one mounted on my thighs. “Run me like a dog. Slowly, though.” Mom and Jennifer, practically standing, pushed their pelvis forward and wrapped their thighs around mine until their pussy was rubbing softly on my front thigh. I grabbed her bare buttocks and pulled them in and out while each slowly rubbed her pussies up and down my thighs and hips. It was an indescribable feeling to hold my own mother’s big round ass and rub her pussy on my thigh. Both girls were panting in my ear – from their dance exercises I was thinking at first, but when their juices moistened my leg, it was clear that they were taking physical pleasure from the friction. Jennifer, like Mom, was no longer reluctant to obey my pervert commands. Mom was already completely comfortable in her rhythmic and sensual movements.

I had mom and Jennifer stroking my cock and massaging my balls. I never imagined having the opportunity to massage Jennifer’s perfect, firm ass. but I was also pleased to squeeze the heavy cheeks of my mother’s big ass. The two pairs of asses were so different, but I liked both.

The same is true of their breasts, which I now lifted and stroked; Mom’s right nipple with her left hand and Jennifer’s left with her right hand. Mom was significantly bigger and heavier and softer. Mom’s nipples were smaller and hard inside big pink halos. But Jennifer’s were firm and big enough on their own, and so high they seemed to defy gravity.

As the girls swung my legs and I felt their breasts and butts, I caught them, taking turns. I removed some lubrication from my thighs and placed my index fingers on each of her buttocks. They seemed to love and hate. They both moaned when I first touched them there. Mom was more libertine and whispered in my ear, “Whoo Brandon, what are you doing with your old mother?” Jennifer just moaned softly squeezing her own nipples as I inserted my finger into her perfect ass.

Jennifer only had one pubic hair between my leg and her cunt so I could feel her mound rubbing me harder. With Mom it was different, her thighs were much thicker than my sister’s and she had a large thicket of hair that was rubbing me. She was literally drooling through her pussy. At that moment, my mother gently squeezed the shaft of my big hard cock and my sister held my balls with one hand while squeezing Mom’s big breasts.

“Mom, I want your pussy. I want to lick you, I want to eat the cream coming out of your pussy. Lie in bed.” As instructed, my mother lay on her back on the edge of the bed, her legs bent and open. I knelt between her legs and buried my head between her thick white thighs. I used my nose and tongue to dig through her forest of hair and find her pink lips. She was hot and very wet, her juices dripping through her thick pubic hair.

Looking up for a moment, I said, “Oh Jennifer, remember when you shot me when I asked you to come home tonight? For that, can you give me a blowjob on my cock with your mouth.” It caused the sigh I was looking for, but no other objections from my older sister. She just knelt down and put my hard cock in her mouth and sucked it lovingly. I really enjoyed that a lot, it’s great to show my big sister who’s the boss from time to time.

Meanwhile, I was back licking my mother’s salty pussy. Up and down, forward and backward. “Huhh, ohhh you’re giving me an orgasm you nasty motherfucker,” she moaned. I licked faster and faster, rubbing my nose over Mom’s hard, hot clit. I climbed up and licked him clitty just for a moment when she tightened her thighs around my ears, pushed all over the bed, and moaned loudly, “Ohhh ….. aaahhh … I’m coming, …. I’m cumming! ” My mother’s thick thighs kept my mouth glued to her large pussy as I felt her body tremble in long rhythmic spasms. she was having a long and intense orgasm. I can feel her fluids flowing from her hot vagina into my mouth. It was delicious to feel my mother feeding me her warm, creamy juice.

I climbed into Mom and Dad’s bed and lay on my back. “Hey sis, come here and sit on my face, I want you.” Jennifer stunned by Mom’s detachment from having an orgasm having her pussy sucked and licked by her own son, climbed into bed and mounted my chest. With her legs spread wide, she approached my face and lowered her little black beaver into my mouth. She shook her ass to get into position, and I licked her musky pussy.

While eating my sister, I reached out and felt her breasts. She was already beginning to moan and move her pelvis over my face. “Uhh, uhhh, huh?” Her firm, smooth thighs felt large around my head, the soft lips parted and I could penetrate my sister’s pussy with my tongue. Apparently, my sister was no longer annoyed at having to obey the whims of her perverted brother, she was just giving in to the tender touches my tongue was giving her young wet pussy.

Mom stared at Jennifer’s red face in astonishment and she knew exactly what deal I was giving her daughter’s pussy. She pulled herself together enough for me to make her pull over and lower her pussy over my cock. Fuck, it only made me feel so good when my mom slid down my pole! This time I could feel, without fear, her pussy swallowing me completely. She leaned forward and leaned her large white jugs on Jennifer’s back. Mom had to hold Jennifer’s hips as she used her ankles to push up and down my cock.

Jennifer leaned back to feel better about my mother’s breasts, leaned her head against her shoulder and whispered. “Oh mom, your breasts are hot and I can feel your nipples on my back.” “I know daughter, I’m riding Brandon’s cock and my nipples are excited that I’m having a big young cock inside my old cunt.”

Between a moan and another Jennifer regaining her clarity for a moment exclaimed …. ” Mom, how can you say that so naturally!?” The answer came dry and short. “Hooo Jen, my dear daughter, just feel your perverted brother’s tongue caressing your pussy, feel how this bastard knows how to use that sassy tongue.”

After hearing a statement from Mom, there was a silence that was broken by the moans of my mother and Jennifer and the sound of my pelvis slapping against my mother’s thighs.

I reached around Jennifer and took one of Mom’s breasts. With one of Mom’s breasts and one of Jennifer’s between my fingers, I pushed harder to find Mom’s pussy and licked Jennifer’s pussy with more thrust and faster. I took Mom’s hand and placed it on Jennifer’s free chest. Mom understood my movement and felt her daughter rise, tugging on her nipple. Mom kissed Jennifer’s neck, and my sister responded by turning her head and sticking her tongue into Mom’s mouth in a long, hot French kiss. We were all three united in a delicious and forbidden i****tuous relationship.

The bed creaked with the movements of the three bodies that swayed as one body. Mom and Jennifer together moaned and spoke incomprehensible words because their mouths were stuck together and their tongues worked feverishly inside each other’s mouths “Uuugh! Oooowooo!” Hmmm. ” Jennifer was crazy to have my tongue in her pussy and now with Mom’s hands caressing her nipples she sped her ass movements all over my face, tightening her thighs around me, turning her hips and shoulders above me. Mom’s thighs were pounding against me and she also started pounding her pussy harder on my erect cock. She started making those real guttural sounds she makes when she’s fucking really out of control, just as she did when she had the thick black cock beating deep inside her pussy on that plantation in Cuba. “Hunnnnggg! Urrrrrrrgggghh! Hammmmm”

Jennifer’s moans were louder. “Ooowwuuuu! Aaaahhhgg! Huuunnnggg Raaaggghh!”

Hearing all the moans of satisfaction from both women, I could no longer hold back the burst of sperm forming inside my balls. When Jennifer squeezed my head with her thighs and began pouring her sweet pussy juice into mine mouth I started pumping my sperm load inside mom’s pussy, the two women started in a tight hug and erupted into a simultaneous, noisy orgasm. Gradually they released me and finally they got out of bed exhausted. I sat on my legs and pulled my mother’s heavy body and placed her comfortably on my lap and ordered her to spread her legs so that my sister could also lick the pussy that was filled with my cum. . Jennifer was reluctant at first, but Mom spoke to her sweetly. “Alright daughter, you can do that to mom too!”

As I watched my sister eat my cum in mommy’s hairy pussy I stroked her big, heavy breasts. Right now I wished my mom could have another orgasm, but this time with her daughter’s mouth working expertly inside her big soft pussy. Soon my mother was swinging her big white belly under the fiery thrusts of my sister’s tongue. Then she began to pant her body speaking. ” Yes daughter, eat mother’s cunt, make me come again.” When I realized that the orgasm was approaching I pulled her face towards me and stuck my tongue inside her mouth to muffle her noises. “Hunnnnggghhh!” Argggghhhh! “” I’m coming! “Don’t stop, I’m coming!” She moaned hotly as I squeezed her breasts and my sister sucked her hard, wet clit.

After a few moments of rest, I stroked Mom and Jennifer’s hair and said, “Ah, that was very good! It was very tasty! You two are the best!” They looked at each other with that. I got out of bed, grabbed my clothes and when and went to my room.

While getting dressed, my mom, still naked, stepped into my room pointing her finger in my face, she told me. “Listen here, boy, you’re lucky to have a big hot cock your pervert bastard. You can fuck us, but don’t you dare spill your cum into your sister’s pussy! ” I was startled by her reaction, and to reassure her I ensured that I would spill my cum inside her old operated pussy.

So it was the beginning of a secret family relationship.

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